Let me start by saying, “Hi.”  I’m alive and well.  And, well, shocked.

Shocked and dismayed. Very dismayed.

Apparently someone else has taken over my old domain name and the posts are still going out to subscribers.

Imagine my surprise when my husband got an email from Waisting Time Blog, since I haven’t done a post in over two years!  Obviously it was a mistake on my part to let my ownership of the domain expire.  Yes, I did consider that someone might eventually take over that name.  But it never (in a million years) occurred to me that their posts would go out to my readers.  Did I say “never?”

All I can do is quickly reach out via this blog and hope that no one is taken in.  If you did receive notice via email or in a reader, I caution you that I am NOT blogging at WaistingTimeBlog dot com.  Dot anything!

And I apologize to anyone who was faithful enough to still be subscribed and who is now hearing from someone else.  Who, according to my husband, doesn’t write nearly as well as I do:)

For now… farewell again, dear readers.  But for those who are now wondering about the real me, I promise to put fingers thumbs to keyboard sometime in the not too distant future to update you about myself and my life.  HERE.


The former blogger once known as Waisting Time.



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  1. So sorry!!!! I just unsubscribed to the other so will I get a post when you decide to post again?

  2. donnamacd

    I was reading my email “backwards” and was so happy to see a post from you! I AM glad you’ll be back eventually (miss you), but as I continued my unread email, came across the imposter. Good Heavens! What a crazy post! Certainly wouldn’t attribute any of that non-grammatical drivel to you, Karen. Thanks for letting us know that the REAL Karen is still around and will someday come back to us!

    Hugs, Donna


  3. ugh! what a pain! i was definitely scratching my head about those posts. glad you are ok. miss you. :~)

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