Thumbtimes I Have Nothing to Say

Thumbs missing:  Blogger’s block.  I haven’t had much to say lately.  Well, maybe that’s not exactly right:  I think of stuff to say but then can’t think of how to say it.  But maybe this is a thumbs up because for the most part, I just haven’t felt a “need” to spend as much time in the blog world.  Okay… maybe that’s what I’ll write about!

Thumbs up:  Blog recognition.  I’m much belated in saying how tickled I was to be included in Cranky Fitness’s list of Best Weight Loss Blogs for 2012.  Super thumbs up “thank you” to those who voted for me.  I had no idea this was even going on!

Thumbs up:  Work.  Still going well.  Thumbs down that I get nervous still with the “register.”  It’s not at all intuitive IMO and we have to manually make price adjustments for our frequent promotions.  And there are so many exceptions or unusual situations to learn.  I know I’ll eventually learn it all.  Thumbs up that I am at least now ringing my own sales.  And making sales!  Thumbs down though that I still have self-doubt creep in regarding so many aspects of the job.  I need to get over that.

Thumbs down:  Work.  So… my biggest complaint about work has to do with scheduling.  Not knowing when I’ll be working, having to ask for dates off for things like my many trips lately and a variety of appointments.  Thumbs down that it has made life rather more complicated.  Thumbs down that I cancelled my blogger meet up in April:(  Thumbs up that my boss does allow us to take time when we need it.  Phew.  Otherwise this just wouldn’t work for me.  (No pun intended.)

Thumbs up:  Zucchini pizza.  LOVE!!!  Thanks to Caron for introducing me to this delectable meal.  You can find the recipe I use here; my only change is to cut it into round slices, not horizontal ones.  My mom’s been loving it too:)  I had this for lunch every single day last week.  And I don’t even like zucchini!!!!

Thumbs down:  Heartburn.  It started one afternoon and continued for several days.  Not horrible, but consistent.  Worse when actually swallowing food or liquids.  It was very reminiscent of what I experienced when I started on an aspirin regime several years ago.  So I talked to my pharmacist (who happens to also be my friend) and switched one medicine from before bed to mornings with food and, voila, no more heartburn.  Or the burps that were accompanying it.  Thumbs down that I really struggle to remember to take it in the mornings, since all my other meds are at night.

Thumbs down:  Brain fart.  I went to my twice-weekly workout with my mom and trainer an hour early.  Twice.  Now in my own defense, we workout at different times on different days.  But still.

Thumbs up:  My calf.  Maybe?  I’m being optimistic but I think it is finally noticeably improved!  I’ve stopped wearing the calf support.  When I get back from my upcoming road trip, I hope to finally gradually start back with cardio.

Thumbs up:  Being a mom.  One son is home from college, although I don’t see him much.  But I’ve gotten some fantastic hugs.  The other son graduates this coming Saturday and I know there will be all sorts of hugging going on then:)  I believe that my greatest accomplishment in life is my boys.  And being a mom.

Thumbs up:  Eating.  I’m considering myself maintaining.  Mostly easily.  Mostly.  I’ve even done well lately with eating out and special events.

Thumbs down:  Eating.  So… this past week I had my first binge in months.  I’m not sure what set me off, but I know exactly the first thing I ate that was not what I’d typically eat.  And it was followed by a slew of “off plan” food that is in the house right now, thanks to my nest no longer being empty.  Can you say “bread?!”  It was ugly.  I had a stomach ache.  It never ceases to amaze me that when I eat crap I feel like crap, physically and mentally.  Okay, confession and bingeing are both over.  Back on plan.

Thumbs pending:  Road trip.  We leave Thursday and return the following Monday or Tuesday.  So you won’t see me around much in the coming week.  I’m not the least bit worried about my eating this time, even though eating well on the road will be complicated with the addition of my boys (and their snacks and needing to stop with them for meals when otherwise I’d just pack them) in the car.  And another road trip is planned for early June when my son officially moves east.



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51 responses to “Thumbtimes I Have Nothing to Say

  1. I always enjoy these posts.

    I hope the graduation goes well and you enjoy the time with your sons (even ON a road trip!).

    Glad work is improving and am sure you are doing great!

    PS. The zucchini pizzas look interesting, but I don’t think I could ‘go’ there.


    • You could soooo go there! I was very pleasantly surprised. Super yummmy. Really. But IMO the turkey pepperoni is what “makes it.”

  2. Even when you think you don’t have anything to say, you have lots to say and it’s always fun! The Blogger Meet-ups MUST continue – do I need to have a talk with your boss!! LOL! – just kidding!

    • LOL – I know! I started this post and was off and running and had it written fast. But then I got distracted and didn’t realize I was running out of time to eat breakfast before yoga!

      I actually had a nice chat with my boss yesterday in response to an email I sent her, asking about the June dates off. I felt so guilty asking and wanted to be sure she’d be fine with it before I booked flights. She was incredibly gracious.

  3. I love your “thumbs” post! It sounds like lots of things are going well for you. I will take a look at the zucchine pizza and give it a try. Also have a great time on your road trip. There’s nothing like a road trip to make me feel as free as a bird!!

  4. Ewa

    You call this a blogger’s block? Keep having more of them like that – I am totally enjoying this one.
    Having a flexible boss is great!
    I’ll have to try zucchini pizza. What a great idea!

    • Well, once I started writing this I had no trouble. Which was unexpected since I typically keep an ongoing list of items to include in the next thumbs post and I didn’t have very many to draw from. But, somehow, again I was long-winded.

  5. Love this post!

    I was really excited to see that zucchini recipe! Really looking forward to giving it a spin, looks delicious.

    • I hope you like it! For me, what makes it so yummy is the turkey pepperoni on top – that brings “pizza” to the zucchini more than just veggie toppings would, for me.

  6. I love reading your thumbs post 🙂

    Have a fantastic time with your family and congratulations to your son! You sound like a wonderful mom and I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend! Glad to hear your calf is feeling better among other things!

  7. Seems like things are generally thumbs up! Have a great trip!

  8. Ooh, I will have to try that pizza. I love zucchini but would have never thought to put it on a pizza. Glad to hear the job is going well and that your boss is flexible so that you’re able to take time off when needed. I’m lucky in that respect as well.

    Enjoy your road trip, I hope it is all sunny weather.

    • I still feel guilty asking for time but that’s all me, not her. The forecast through the weekend is warm and sunny. I am packing a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen for graduation since it is outside with no shade.

  9. I really like this thumbs up thumbs down thing. Many of them I could not agree with more!

  10. I’m still enjoying the pizza too. In fact I had it on Monday for dinner. 🙂 Fun post.

  11. Michele

    In total agreement about THUMBS DOWN on cancelling April Meetup!!! Soon…

  12. Congrats to your on his graduation!

    That is no small feat to be a mom. A nice perk of being a notable parent is watching your kids parent. I am sure that will not happen for a while for you, but that is a true treasure of life.

    Glad to read you are doing well in eating, well except for that binge, but that is behind you, now!

    • In the back of my mind, with my son officially relocating halfway across the country, is the sad expectation that my grandkids may someday be awfully far away:(

  13. Thumbs up and down to eating? I can relate!

  14. I wanted to say what others said – that is a block??? 😉 Karen, you are always fun to read! I am so glad you are enjoying the job & doing well! Life in the people world can be good for us blogger people…. I am thinking too much computer time for me! Need to get away!

    Glad you are enjoying the sons & life. Glad your calf is better. Glad the binge is over & moving on! 🙂

    Have a good trip!!!!!

  15. Jan

    Congratulations on your son’s graduation (It is a great parental accomplishment!)

    Blogger’s block – um, I have commenter’s block also… Once it sets in, the guilt keeps things rolling downhill.

    So glad you are feeling (or sounding) comfortable as a maintainer!

  16. Here I am the last one to the party again, and for a thumbs post, no less! You sound like you’re in such a good peaceful place. Those big ‘ole boys are wonderful, aren’t they? Congratulations on younger son graduating. Soak up those hugs.

    I relate to the brain fart! I think they come from too much content in our brains – we have full and busy lives these days, with lots going on. But occasionally, I have to stop and remember what season it is! Have a great road trip.

    • Nope – it’s the older one graduation. The younger one is trying to decide what other major he might want to try! My worst brain fart this week was work related. Sent an email to my boss regarding a little project she has me working on and later (while watching a movie) realized I had something totally wrong in it. Sigh.

  17. I love your thumbs posts Karen. Sounds like you have quite a bit to say actually…. I’m sorry about the binge but it sounds like you’re rockin’ a whole lotta other stuff. Enjoy your graduation hugs. xx

  18. I have issues with the flexible schedule thing too. I worked traditional office hours for 30 years, and while I’m loving the flexibility of freelance work, I do miss the security of a schedule.

    Wishing you safe travels!

  19. Enjoy your road trip, Karen. Am so glad to hear that your calf is feeling better and can’t wait to trip the zucchini recipe. BTW, any chance you are going to a blogging conference this year? Looks like I’m going to be a Fitbloggin and would love to meet in person. 🙂

    P.S. Yes, I voted for your blog on Cranky’s contest too.

  20. I need to try that pizza recipe! The different schedule each week drove me crazy when I did some retail work so I can relate to what you are going through.

    You have proven to yourself that you can navigate eating well on your road trips so I’m sure you will succeed once again.

    Congrats on your son’s graduation. Being a mom has been my greatest joy in life too!

  21. I am JAZZED about that zucchini pizza! I stopped mid-way through your post to make sure I printed it! My mom always grows gargantuan zucchinis in her garden so I look forward to this being a summer staple!
    Glad you are having fun at home and hanging with your boys when you can.
    Oh, and binges happen. I like your attitude that it is over and you are back on plan! No looking back!

  22. Another great thumbs post! I’ve missed your posts for a while. Great that your work’s going well. Long road trip coming up for us, too!

  23. when you were first fantasizing about finding a job, so long ago… I was right there with you, living vicariously. To be back in that world…
    But you’ve just reminded me why I would hate it. I don’t think I could give up my freedom (such as it is). When you say “my boss,” I just think “no stinking way!”
    Even for the discount.
    I’m glad you have a thumbs up about work too!
    As you know, I firmly believe you should write a book. The writing might be lonely, but then you’d travel and meet lots of people.
    And I have to thank you. Like, THANK YOU, for that picture of the Zucchinni pizza!! I am trying so hard to psych myself into a real diet mode and that photo might have single handedly turbo charged my intention. Plus I think Melody will love it and that’s zuchinni for her! Woop woop.

    • I hope you love the pizza and find that mojo! Thanks for your kind words. As a kid I read so much I thought I’d write a book someday but have no idea what it would be about! I couldn’t do this job if my boys were the age of your little one. Much nicer to let being her mom be the first priority on your time all the time, if you choose.

  24. Roz@weightingfor50

    I love your thumbs up/thumbs down posts Karen. Have a safe, hug filled graduation journey this weekend. Congrats to your son.

  25. I have really come to believe that binges are really gifts in disguise…an opportunity to say, what the heck is going on here? Anyway, overall, it sounds like your “ups” outweigh (no pun intended) your “downs.”

  26. Those zuccini pizzas look amazing. Maybe I’ll try them this weekend. Thumbbody likes your post!

  27. Thumbs up to time on the road and with family. One graduation down and one to go!

    Could the heartburn have to do with the Zuc Pizza?

    • Interesting… I don’t think so, since switching the timing of my pills did make a difference. But maybe the combination of all that pepperoni!

  28. Miz

    me? I come here for your VOICE AND HUMOR.
    Id read your writing on the back of my shampoo bottle 🙂
    it’s all about your wordweaving.

  29. I love these posts! 🙂 Bingeing isn’t good, but it happens.. When it happened before it would last for days, maybe even a week. Now it rarely happens, and it doesn’t last. So there’s progress. 🙂
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying work!!

  30. That recipe looks good! Something I might try to fix when my nest is empty. Drat. Now I need a Kleenex!

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