My Mother Wears Army Boots

Just to be clear, she doesn’t really, but she could because my momma kicks butt!  Once again, in honor of Mother’s Day, here is just some of what I learned from her:

  • Family is important.  As is spending time together.  And not taking each other for granted.
  • Traditions are powerful, but they can change over time.
  • You are as young as you feel, act, dress, want to be.  Getting older can be redefined.
  • Be generous.  With your time, your self, your money.
  • Injuries will only slow you down as much as you let them.  Fix what you can, work with/around the rest.
  • Applesauce is best hot off the stove with big chunks of fruit and no added sugar but lots of love stirred in.
  • Great minds really do think alike:)
  • There’s nothing like a good book.  (Although ebooks are great for traveling.)
  • Do the borders of a jigsaw puzzle first.
  • Grandkids are one of parenting’s greatest rewards.
  • If you eat only half the cookie or brownie, don’t be surprised if the rest is missing when you go back for it.
  • Musicals are great entertainment for a few hours and some of the songs linger on and on and on.
  • It can be a good thing not to clean your plate.
  • It’s better to marry a man with potential and build a life together than to marry a rich man who has already gotten there alone.
  • Wear beige undergarments under white clothes.
  • The true value of family heirlooms.
  • Gray hair is not flattering on everyone.  Thinning hair is indeed hereditary.
  • Every mom will make parenting mistakes but they will be different from those her own mom made.
  • Working out with a trainer is lots of fun when you do it with a partner.
  • A spa vacation is true bliss.
  • Mother’s should not try to talk in teenager-speak.
  • Always write a thank you note.  Sometimes a phone call or email will suffice.
  • If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.
  • Use good manners; help clear the table; RSVP when asked; ask what you can bring.
  • Wear sunscreen.
  • You don’t have to do what all the other kids are doing or have what all the other kids are having.  If they jump off a cliff you don’t have to jump too.
  • If a food or household supply is running low or you use it up, put it on the shopping list or replace it.
  • Whatever it is… this too shall pass.
  • Not everyone passes their driver’s license exam on the first try.
  • Avoid booking the last flight of the day if possible.
  • Sometimes mother really does know best.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, and most especially to mine:)  I love you Mom



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43 responses to “My Mother Wears Army Boots

  1. “If they jump off a cliff you don’t have to jump too” – I can hear an echo of that statement in my memory! This was a great list, thank you for reminding me of so many things my mom taught me, too. And my mom really did wear army boots! Army-Air Corp to be exact. As a flight simulator instructor – which I didn’t even know until after she passed away. ASK QUESTIONS now, listen, and find out their history because you probably don’t know it all!

  2. Miz

    I love this. And am misty eyed now…

  3. This is beautiful, Karen. I lost my mom when I was 23 (which I’m going to write about in the next day or two), and the impact of her passing is still with me. I hope you are able to actually spend Mothers’ Day with your mom, as well as those 2 beautiful boys who are mommed by you!

    • Sorry about your mom, Leslie. I’ll have one boy home and will be having dinner with him and my mom, after I work the Mother’s Day shift.

  4. What a great post, Karen! It made me miss my mother, who’s thousands of miles away in China. When I was younger, I didn’t understand my mother very well, and dismissed many things she said, but now I realize how precious and sensible everything she said to me was. She was always a great mom – just took me time to figure that out! Thanks for a wonderful piece!

    • My mom and I joke about how I went to college and SHE got smarter. Nope, I just woke up and realized how amazing she was. Hopefully the internet has made it a bit easier for you to stay connected long distance.


    Exercise your right to VOTE every time you have an opportunity. Respect the person who is the President of the United States whether you agree with him or not. After all, the majority of people in the United States put him there.

    I’ve seen my mother shed real tears because she felt so strongly that the current president was the WRONG one and she so strongly disagreed with his position/beliefs. But I NEVER (and I do mean never) heard her say a negative thing, make a joke, call him names, or think she knew more than he did. After all, he was the President and we were to respect him.

    And I love her for teaching me that. (Technically, she taught me that about ALL people, but very specifically the President of the US)

    Happy Mother’s Day to YOU!

    • Love that, Sharon. Thanks for sharing. Funny thing is I don’t remember any political discussion in our house from my childhood. Hmmm.

  6. I love this!

    stopping by from SITS!

  7. Love it, Karen. It sounds like you have a great Momma. I do, too! I can only hope that if I ever to have kids I can be half the mom she is. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  8. Happy mother’s day to you both! Sounds like you have an amazing Mom!!

    Visiting from SITS, make it a great day!

  9. I loved this! What a nice tribute to your mother! How lucky you are to have such a wise mother!

  10. This is so sweet, I love Mother’s day!

  11. Great lessons! Thanks for sharing them! My mother hasn’t introduced me to the blissful spa vacation, but we did go to spring training last year. 🙂

  12. So many good tips, yes, always beige under white. Although I think it’d be pretty nice to marry someone rich:)

  13. Beautiful. 🙂

    And a Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  14. What a wonderful tribute to your mom. Isn’t it amazing how smart the women who raised us are? And they even were in those years when we knew everything!

  15. What a great list! And a good idea. I am thinking I will do the same for my mom…AND you just reminded me I have not even sent a card yet. ACKKKK! I am so bad with things like that.

  16. Happy Mother’s Day all!

    I can still picture my mom saying this to me: you don’t have to do what all the other kids are doing or have what all the other kids are having. If they jump off a cliff you don’t have to jump too.

    • I also remember that one girl I was close friends with was, in my mom’s opinion, a bad influence. It is interesting to reflect back on stuff like now when I have similar experiences as a mom with my own boys and a particular friend who comes to mind.

  17. Absolutely beautiful! I still miss my Mom who died at 83. You are a very good writer! – Maureen

  18. I love that picture of your mom.I guess our moms were the same era.
    And that must be you. It looks like you!
    I love this list and may copy your idea for my own list.
    Yeah, moms!

  19. Karen – I love this & I am so thrilled you have good times with your mom – as you write about…. We must appreciate because they can be gone before we think they will be…

    Happy Mom’s day to you too!!!!!

  20. Cute, cute, cute photo! Your mom sounds a lot like my mom! My mother’s famous words are “This too shall pass.” I always want to know when?

  21. Thank you for sharing about your mom Karen – what a gift we can give our kids by being present and there for them. My mom used to say “Life isn’t fair” a lot and I hated that saying but I found it was a true saying.

  22. What a lovely post! I’m so grateful that I have such a wonderful relationship with my mother, she is such a blessing and source of inspiration in my life. Happy Mothers day!!!!

  23. The manners thing? OMG…we had Sunday dinners that would rival the White House, because you never knew…you might get invited to dinner with the Queen and so you’d better know what this fork is for and where that spoon is supposed to go. Seriously, though, I am grateful because those lessons served me well.

    My Mom taught me independence…the ability to get on an airplane, train, bus and just go somewhere and deal with whatever once you’ve arrived, She put me on an airplane when I was 6, all by myself. 🙂

    • I love that she taught you independence. I guess, thinking about it, I got some of that too. I cannot get my boys to put properly set a table for the life of me!

  24. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Karen. Happy Mother’s day to you and your Mom!!!!

  25. Happy Mother’s day! Nice tribute to mom’s wisdom…

  26. I can relate to lots of these. Lovely list!

  27. What a beautiful and heart-warming post!
    Our mother’s day is in February, but this made me want to give my mom some love. 🙂

  28. You have one smart Mama, Karen. A few of those things I didn’t know. Good thing you’re spreading her knowledge around 🙂

  29. Hi Karen! Am catching up on commenting on my fav blogs after being in the UK for nearly two weeks without internet access and came to yours first! 🙂 Love this ode to your mom; my 74 year old Jewish momma kicks butt too, literally, still working out with a trainer two days a week and rocking a size two. Hope you had a wonderful mother’s day!

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