When I Was a Kid…

I saw this on Roni’s Weigh and immediately started playing along in my head.  Care to join in the fun?

1.  My parents told me…“if your friends jump off a cliff would you jump too?”

2.  I wanted to grow up to be a… a teacher.  I got over that idea by the time I was applying to colleges.

3.  I refused to eat… liver.  Or, at least, I tried to refuse.  My dad loved it so my mom would cook it for the whole family and make us sit at the table and eat it.  “If you don’t finish, you’ll have it for breakfast.”

4.  My favorite thing to do outside was… ride my bike, maybe.  Or play tag with the neighbors.  I wasn’t much of an outdoorsy kid.

5.  I broke my… leg when I was one.  I fell off my parents’ bed.  As the story goes, my older brother and I were on there “watching TV.”  So I jokingly say he must have pushed me.

6.  I liked to wear… clothes that, looking back, were pretty unflattering.  I had no sense of what colors or styles looked good on me.

7.  My parents always… made us write thank you notes, something I hated as a child.  But I’m glad they instilled that discipline in me and I have done my best to do the same with my boys.  Although in this day and age I tell them they can email, text, or call, instead of putting pen to paper.

8.  I thought that Santa was… not real.  Guess that comes from being Jewish.

9.  My favorite cartoon was… Bugs Bunny or Tweety and Sylvester. 

10. I was the… classic teenage daughter who didn’t get along with her mother.  My mom used to say, “If you dad said the grass was purple and I said the grass was green, you’d say the grass was purple.”  I’m so glad I outgrew this; my mom and I have a great relationship now.

11.  I got in trouble when… my parents were putting out the fire in the fireplace at our lake house and I said, “We don’t want this one to burn down like the last one did.” 

12.  My bedroom was… spacious.  And I had a fabulous shelf that ran the width of the room.  When I went to college, my younger brother got my room and I got his tiny bedroom in exchange. 

13.  My favorite food was… maybe ice cream.  Or Devil Dogs.  I remember that I’d get on a kick with a certain food and want it over and over and my mom would get frustrated because she’d stock up and then one day, boom, I didn’t want it anymore.

14.  My parents always made me… finish my food.  (See #3.)  This is the reason that I NEVER made my boys eat things they didn’t want to eat and now I regret how finicky they are.  Sigh.

15.  My first crush was… on a boy named Michael, maybe in third grade.  He won the prize for most books read by a boy; I won for most read by a girl.

16.  My favorite toy was… NOT a Barbie doll.  I wanted one so badly!  I don’t know why my parents wouldn’t get me one. 

17.  I thought school was… a place where I was living under the shadow of my brilliant older brother.  And tough socially.

18.  My biggest fear was… of some unknown scary thing that might live under my bed.  I’d turn out the light by the door and make a running leap so that I could jump on the bed without risking my legs getting grabbed.

19.  My favorite story was… Dr. Seuss’ ABCs.

20.  My favorite memories… are of summers spent at the lake. 

Your turn!  On your own blog or in the comments, answer some or all. 




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48 responses to “When I Was a Kid…

  1. Jan

    I am so stealing this as inspiration!

    Thanks yet again for sharing yourself in a different light!

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  3. I love this – saw it yesterday on another blog and am going to do it myself.

    OMG – what an adorable, heartbreakingly cute kid you were!
    I laughed at your Devil Dogs – whenever I see a box in the grocery store, I think of you!! Have a great week, working woman!

    • Tee hee! I am soooo not buying any when I head your way later this week! But a trip to Wegman’s might be in order; there is one quite near our hotel.

  4. So fun!!! And what a precious photo! Now I have a topic for my own blog for this week, but I think all of my childhood photos are at my mom’s house. I don’t know if I have any here… hmm, will have to investigate. And I know just the one I want to use.

    • I had two that I must have scanned into my computer for some reason; most of the rest are with my mom too but I do have some in a box somewhere.

  5. That photo is adorable! Love this post too! To answer a few:

    1. My parents told me…“if you eat a watermelon seed, one will grow in your tummy. Yup, they were wrong!

    2. I wanted to grow up to be a… a space engineer, which I thought was a cross between being an astronaut and designing spaceships. Then my lack of math aptitude intervened….

    3. I refused to eat… mayonnaise. Decided I hated it with a passion by age 10 and have stuck to my guns on this fact my whole life. Being the daughter of a deli owner, this was distressing to them at first since I never ate the coleslaw or potato salad again. 🙂

    • There was an old “ghost story” I remember from back then that had to do with mayonnaise. It turned me off of it for a while. Ick. But I’ll be using it today in my “better than tuna salad!”

  6. Ewa

    Loved learning about you!
    I am stealing this idea as soon as I motivate myself to write again.

  7. How freaking cute were you? And you still are!!

    Favorite cartoon: Pink Panther or Road Runner 🙂
    I refused to eat: liver, lima beans, mashed potatoes.
    I wanted to grow up to be a ballerina, then a writer.

  8. Awww, such a cute picture, I can totally tell that’s you. I loved Bugs Bunny too & the Smurfs. Cartoons these days are so lame. My kids rarely watch T.V. but when I let them it’s fun that you can still get the oldies on certain stations.

  9. KarenJ

    I think we grew up around the same time. Yes, you are right about the kids. I never insisted they eat something if they didn’t like it, and they are picky eaters today, with narrow tastes. Interestingly, I wanted to be a psychologist, but went to school to be a teacher. Although I went back to school to get my counseling degree, I never did become a psychologist, and to this day, it’s still what I’m most interested in. My favorite thing to eat when I was a kid – candy, candy, candy! Some things never change!

    • I actually got a psychology degree! The classes were interesting to me in college but I knew I didn’t want to go into a related field so I tried to find another, more practical major. I ended up getting a masters degree in business. And I use neither now.

  10. Yokay. I will do it.

    Man were you ever adorable with the no teeth and cutesy bootsy vest and freckles! So cute!

    Getting your boys to write thank you notes will prove more important than making them eat what they don’t like. They can learn to try new foods if they want.

    I have never heard of a devil dog. I now need to know so I will visit my friend Google for an answer!

    Loved reading about you.

  11. Roz@shaw.ca

    This is so fun Karen. And awww…you were a cutie!!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  12. Loved this Karen & more learning about you although we still have a lot in common! 😉

    That school one – so can relate!!! I always felt like the dumbest of the 4 kids. Socially – tough too – although I did have my own group of girlfriends.

    THX for sharing!!!!

    • Funny thing is that socially it was even worse than I knew based on things my mom has since told me that the teacher told her. Oh well, those days are long over:)

  13. 14. My parents always made me… finish my food. (See #3.) This is the reason that I NEVER made my boys eat things they didn’t want to eat and now I regret how finicky they are. Sigh.

    I’m trying to push my older boy to try new stuff, a bit of everything. It’s a struggle to find the balance – I’m so worried about passing on my food issues.

  14. The partners that your sons find eventually will love the fact that they write thank-you notes. I am betting there are other kind and gracious behaviors that were nurtured, too.

    That is a cutie pie picture!

  15. Love this!

    I’m with you on the liver! I still refuse to eat it.

    We had the 3-bite rule in our family. If a new food was served, we had to eat 3 bites before we decided we didn’t like it. Tricky people, my parents. 🙂

  16. Love learning these things about you.

    I also hated liver. I loved Hanna Barbera cartoons. I broke my wrist at age 8 after standing on a tricycle to look at my neighbour’s bird (hanging in a cage). I loved Barbie dolls, but not other dolls. I played outside a lot, did jazz ballet and then basketball.

    I watched a lot of night-time TV (Chips, Charlie’s Angels, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman, Starsky and Hutch), but my parents were very strict about my bed time. I was an insomniac back then and scared of still being awake when everyone else was asleep. And I was scared of dying.


  17. Oh that photo is adorable, I bet we all have one like it! To this day I still can’t sleep with my closet door open even a crack. Funny how those childhood frights stick with us.

    • Oh yes, I had to shut mine too as a kid! Now we actually took off the doors because the closet is easier to get into without them. But it opens into the bathroom so I don’t even see it from bed.

  18. You were a super cute kid! I also wanted to grow up to be a teacher, and my mom still says I should be one (can’t do it!). My bedroom was shared…I only had my own room until I was 8 (when my sister was born), and then when I went to college! My favourite cartoon was Tom & Jerry. 🙂

  19. What a cute exercise. I love the photo of you, of course.
    And the purple lawn…
    And I’m with you on the liver. With six kids in our family, mom couldn’t pay attention much. We’d all slip it into our napkins and pass it to our oldest sister under the table. She’d make it disappear. Why don’t parents get it?
    What I like most about your kid picture is that you still look like you.

  20. Miz


  21. Oh wow!! How much fun – can’t wait to do this. Who knows when it will be, but it WILL get done!

  22. Oh yess! I love stuff like this! I loved learning more about you too. Definitely doing this myself!!

  23. Will definitely play along with this one – what a clever idea. Munchberry has already played along and I loved her answers as well – and OH, that photo of you. Such a cutie. Thank you for sharing, Karen

  24. What a fun fun post! What a cute, cute kid!! The red hair that I have always dreamed of having!!! I am still laughing out loud about what you said to your parents about not wanting your house to burn down like the last one! Classic!!!!!

  25. Karen , I loved your answers! I also never made my boys finish their food .ever.
    I would loke to have my sons answer these questions just to see how they would answer them! Or maybe I wouldn’t!
    Have a pretty day!

  26. This is so fun! I may do this on my blog!

  27. Cute!

    I hated peas. My parents made me sit there with a mouthfhul of peas forever telling me to swallow. It was a battle of wills that I eventually won. 😀

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