Thumb Like It Hot

Thumbs down: Oops.  I didn’t mean to publish this today.  Eek… Still a work in progress.  Brain fart.  Sigh.

Thumbs up:  My job.  I’ve got two blog post drafted about this, one to share how it’s going since several of you have asked (thanks for the emails, comments and tweets) and one from the perspective of my blog’s theme – the impact of my new job on my “diet.”

Thumbs down:  Commenting on blogs.  I’ve been unable to comment, intermittently, on several blogs lately.  So, if you have one, I’m still reading, even if I don’t comment.  Because… I DO comment but darned if those words don’t get eaten by the wordpress goblin!

Thumbs up:  Eating out.  While my teen was home on spring break, we went out to dinner at a new Mongolian grill style restaurant.  It was a great choice because we could all make our own bowls of food based on what we like or don’t like and, in the case of hubby and myself, what is currently “on” or “off” our eating plans.  My son got pretty much protein with five different spicy sauces and white rice.  My husband had tofu instead of any animal products, also with rice.  As for myself, I had a very tasty bowl of veggies with some chicken, shrimp and beef, no rice.  My bowl looked pathetically empty in comparison but I was happy and satisfied and was pleased to eat out with no regrets.

Thumbs up:  Lemon water.  I’ve started adding a slice of lemon to my morning glass of water.  Recently I had heard about it from a couple different sources, both touting the potential benefits.  What could it hurt?  And I was surprised to find I actually like it better than without:)  Thumbs down that you are never supposed to get lemon in your water in a restaurant.  Did you know that?  Studies show the lemons are horribly germy and then they transfer that to your drink:(

Thumbs up:  Green tea.  Lately it seems that I’ve recommended green tea to several other bloggers, who, like me, struggled to find one they liked.  So I thought I’d share with everyone the two that I drink on a regular basis.  Every morning I drink two mugs of Lipton Decaf Green Tea with Honey and Lemon.  It’s perfectly palatable and pretty inexpensive.  I can find it at some but not all of my local grocery stores.  Later in the day I might indulge in the much more expensive, surprisingly yummy Republic of Tea’s Plantain Coconut Raw Green Bush Tea, also decaf.  My Whole Foods carries this and I have also purchased it online.  Hot tea is a great alternative to snacking for me, and I’ll be sad to see the warmer temps stick around because it means less of this healthy habit.  Yes, some like it hot, and I’m one of them:)

Thumbs down:  Let them eat cake.  So… my book club gals came and went and at the most the gals ate ONE bar of the baked goodies I slaved over made just for them.  That’s one bar total, not one bar each!  I  chose a recipe with lots of walnuts (which I don’t like) but it was still tasty enough that I, unlike my gal pals, managed to ingest several over the course of the day.  But a big thumbs up that I didn’t eat even one crumb once book club was over.  Thumbs up that a lesson has been learned – stop trying to please them with the food I serve and start pleasing myself!

Thumbs down:  Wrist owie.  A few times a year for the past several years my right wrist has hurt.  It typically comes on in a matter of hours and lasts for a few days.  I wear a brace for the duration which seems to help with the healing.  I have no idea what it is and often no idea what causes a particular flare up.  But I do know a few things that have set it off in the past:  “playing drums” on my teen’s Rockband video game (which was the first trigger), full body push-up with my palms flat (so instead I do them with my hands on weights or push up grip thing-a-ma-bobs), tricep dips (which I have given up since I can’t find a way to do them without putting my full body weight on my flat hands).  Last week it flared up again and has taken longer than usual to abate.  I actually had to wear my brace to work a few times and I’ve avoided yoga since so many of the poses require wrist support.  And, yes, thumbs down, it hurts to type unless I wear the brace in which case it’s hard to type:(

Thumb down:  My darn calf.  Still not healed.  I “rested” for two weeks and can’t really sense an improvement.  It doesn’t “hurt,” but is just still not right, tight sometimes, nothing horrible but something is still going on.  I can’t decide if I should try resting longer or just give up and go back to my full activity and put up with it.  Sigh.

Thumbs up:  Time change.  I have to say that I have really appreciated the time change this go round.  Typically I’d be trying to keep my eyes open in the evenings but now I am (almost) easily staying up until a reasonable bedtime.  And, since I have no kids to wake up for school and always wake up early, I don’t mind having lost the hour in the morning.  And I’ve also taken advantage to shift my dinner time later which has helped with cutting back on evening snacking.  Thumbs up that I figured out how to change the time on my (seldom used except for travel and now for work) digital watch all by myself!  My teen always used to do it for me.

Thumbs up:  Evening snacking.  Funny how all of a sudden something that was so difficult for me in the past is now so easy.  For the past couple of weeks I’ve not struggled at all with evening eating.  Really.  Just like that.  Easy peasy.  Don’t ask me why and how.  I don’t know.  Let’s put it down to a new found determination and not look a gift horse in the (empty) mouth.  Thumbs down that my my afternoons are still more of a willpower battle.  But right now I’m winning:)  Thumbs way up.

Thumbs down:  Helicopter mom.  Yep – me.  Yes, my boys are both halfway across the country.  Yes, both are legal adults.  But some habits are hard to break.  I’m trying to let go.  Really, I am.  Baby steps.  (“Baby?”  – How ironic.)  The latest:  my husband and I are planning a trip to help our oldest find his first apartment (for his first job, after graduation in May).  Husband to me:  “Did you look for your first apartment on your own?”  “Yes, but this is different.”  And son number two is having some struggles with school and hubby and I are trying to figure out how best to help him and what he really wants from us.  I think I’m doing pretty well with listening, asking questions, only offering advice when asked, and letting him make his own decisions.  Thumbs down at how hard it is when your child is hurting, regardless of how old he is.

Thumbs up:  Blog award.  Thank you muchly to KC@TheOccasionalAdventuresofaHermit who gave me the Versatile Blogger award.  And apologies to her for taking so long to acknowledge it here.  Since I’ve gotten this one before I’m going to forgo passing it on.  As for the requirement to tell you seven random things about myself, I think this post has that covered:)

Thumbs up:  Eating.  Mine has been stellar since the morning after book club.  100% on track.  I feel great, physically and emotionally.  Funny how that happens:)












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50 responses to “Thumb Like It Hot

  1. so many great things going on Karen! and you haven’t even told us all the details of your new job yet…. it sounds like the change in scenery has really put a new bounce in your step and resolve in your eating. keep up the fantastic work!!! xx

  2. ditto ditto ditto! yay for the time change (but uh – I’m eating dinner way too late!). yay for finding a place to eat out where it works for HIM and YOU. Geesh… I gotta figure out this co-eating thing now that I’m shacking up. And, well, along those lines, I’ve taken up the evening snacking – so don’t fret – ha!
    Can’t wait to hear about the new chapter 🙂

    • Last night I made a new recipe that I had actually cut out of an unknown magazine years ago. It fit both hubby’s eating plan and mine and, lo and behold, yummy:) AND easy! I’ll have to look for more.

  3. Michele @ Within Reach

    These update posts are always nice, even if posted unfinished and early like this one. And I always love when you write about some aspects of parenting. It gives me insight into how my mom feels about being asked for advice. And it always makes me think about how I hope I will have the opportunity to be a parent too.

    • Actually, had this been published for tomorrow as intended, I might have already edited that parenting part or even deleted it. It was an interesting exercise in letting go of my perfectionism to have accidentally published this when it wasn’t “done.” I wish WP didn’t have the save and publish buttons so near each other! I’ve done this at least once before. And here I was, intending to publish on my “old” days again next week. Oh well.

  4. I was just thinking about you and your job this morning while trying to peel myself out of bed. Looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

    • Guess what!? Seems I’m always thinking about myself and my job when trying to peel MYSELF out of bed too:) Really. Mine are things like… I need to go read more about the different bras we carry…

  5. I loved all the good news you shared! I have not been able to find that tea my Whole Foods does not carry it, guess I will have to order it on line. I can’t wait to hear about your job.

    Great job on the night time snacking. It feels awesome when things fall into place like that.

    • You might also check specialty food stores in your area, Tami. We have a few here, the kind that sell fancy cheeses and other assorted stuff, that carry the brand.

  6. Sounds like there are a lot of good things going on for you, makes me happy for you 🙂

  7. I laughed at your ‘oops’, because when I saw a thumb post on Saturday, I was surprised, puzzled and delighted! A happy mis-publish.

    I can always relate to so much of your stuff – the helicopter parenting thing resonates a lot. All 3 of my kids are “suddenly” in serious relationships, and it’s driving me crazy to not KNOW all the dets.!

    I’ve been thinking of you a lot and wondering about the job, so look forward to the upcoming posts. And so glad your eating is A-one for now!

    • And the worst part was it all came about because I was trying to come up with a title and just threw that one on there for now and didn’t like it! Aaack. My oldest is “in a relationship” per facebook:) We’ve only asked a few questions… trying to respect his privacy.

  8. Someone’s in a very positive place right now, and that makes me very happy!

    • Thanks, Cammy, it makes me happy too. Part of it really does come from the job, I think, and having a focus that I can turn my obsessive over-thinking mind to instead of my eating:)

  9. What terrific news about the snack control. I envy your thumb direction on that account. Maybe the job is forcing focus and determination!

    Hope your son’s get things squared away. Good news no matter what: They do for themselves and even if they stumble, they grow and learn!

    I would have started sweating with cookie bars in the house. High five for not gobbling down the remains. ONE BAR? What the deuce?

    • I know, right!? Here is ingested all these calories and went through a great mental debate and spent time and money baking… for nothing! They hardly ate the hummus either, but DH enjoyed the leftovers. (I quickly dumped the pita bread though.) What did get eaten, you may wonder? Sliced colored peppers. Turns out one gal loves those.

  10. Also, I was just thinking about you when I was folding my laundry. You sound happy.


  11. Karen, I have a lot of trouble with wordpress blogs as well – strange given I have two of the damned things. I usually tweet the blogger to say my comments ‘may’ have gone into spam.

    Lately though I’ve had some problems with blogger accounts just requiring ‘Open id’. I keep getting messages to say my account can’t be verified – so have to give up!

    Sorry that your wrist and calf are problematic and hope they improve soon.

    And, by the way, I think the helicopter mother thing isn’t necessarily a thumbs down – I think it’s good you are still there for your boys and though I’m not a mother, I know mine is always still there for me. And that’s a comfort (even at my ripe old age!!!). Am pretty sure they’d tell you to butt out if you were hovering too much!


    • The ones I can’t comment on are and mine (and I suspect yours) is so there are differences. I haven’t had that problem with blogger but have had others many, many times in the past. Sometimes I send an email or I might tweet if they are on there, but mostly it just takes too much time right now.

      You are right – they actually reach out on both the things I wrote about. BUT, maybe if I’d helicoptered less they’d just handle things on their own? Oh well, I’m forever second-guessing myself. And we have given my oldest an assignment to call apartment complexes tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how that goes.

  12. I could comment on each thumb, but alas… must sleep.
    Still… my favorite is knowing you play rockband. THat’s an image I’ll enjoy.

    • LOL – it is a thing of the past now that the boys are gone and have taken their games with them. You should have seem me try Dance, Dance Revolution years ago. THAT was funny! So uncoordinated.

  13. I love your thumbie posts! My favorite this time was the book club bars. I thought about copying and saving that one to shoot back at you next time you start worrying about rereshments for an upcoming book club event! I do confess, though, that it reminded me of some sinful little bars that I had 2 of and then sent away with hubby to nibble on while he refereed yesterday. Unfortunately, he happened to mention that he only ate one and therefore there’s a baggie with 5 or 6 of them still in his car. I actually got up and headed for the garage before I stopped myself! 🙂

    • Good for you! And next year, which is when I’ll next host, please remind me:) I would have thrown the whole pan of leftovers in the trash but my husband had warned me ahead of time NOT to do that.

  14. I am thrilled that you are having good things come your way & having success with some of those things that used to plague you! And I say YES to not worrying about pleasing the book club!

    Very hard when kids have issues – tough to know how much or how little to do.. I a, not good at this but I am sure you are doing great!

    I am also having trouble commenting on certain blogs with a certain WP theme – drives me crazy!!!!

    So glad you are liking the job! A good thing! 🙂

    • Yep:) More than anything I think I like “having a job” as a new focus in my life. If that makes sense. And get this… today our son’s phone was stolen! Poor guy:(

  15. As always, a fun “thumbs” post!

  16. I love your thumb posts!

    I also like green tea, but can’t drink it when it’s hot out. My mom drinks tea even if it’s +30C!!!

    Looking forward to hearing how the new job is going.

    • I think I can drink hot tea in the morning when I get up regardless of the time of year. But it is getting too warm here for hot tea later in the day:( I’ll miss it because it’s a great alternative to snacking for me.

  17. I am so sorry that your calf is still not healed. I am sure that is frustrating for you especially with the biking season just starting. Kudos for evening snacking and eating out. No small accomplishments. Look forward to reading about your new job and how you are managing your food consumption. Have a great week!

  18. With those wordpress blogs I’ve been using a different email address. Then it works fine. So incredibly frustrating! I hope that your leg starts to feel better Karen.

  19. We help our adult children when they ask, and keep our mouths shut the rest of the time. 🙂

    Sorry you are still having trouble with your leg. I hyper-extended a tendon in my hand (by my thumb) a year ago and it still hurts at times. I do like you do and adjust for it.

  20. I hear you on the WP blogs, nightmare, I can now comment after signing in to WP but really I am not sure what else I did, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

    I have to admit I am a helicopter mom as well, yikes, I am sure I’ll only get worse.

    Can’t wait to hear more about your job.

    • Yes – I think it gets worse when they get older because we should be helicpotering less! I’m happy to report that my oldest son did call apartment complexes today:) Now I’m nagging him to visit with a friend rather than waiting for us to get out there.

  21. Nicole

    Aw, Karen I am so glad you are not snacking in the evening. Do you think its because you are eating dinner a little later? I can’t wait to hear about your new job. I will be 50 this year and I feel so fortunate to be able to stay home with my younger son. He will be in 9th grade and I feel blessed (like you were) to be home. I hope I NEVER have to go back to work. I know it was your choice and how do you like getting up and ready early mornings? Have a great week.

    • Maybe in part. And maybe in part because I just told myself I wasn’t going to snack. So it sort of shut of the voice that would say, “hmmm, maybe now I want an apple.”

      I don’t have to get up early:) The earliest I’d have to be at work is 10am. BUT, the older I get the harder it is to sleep in the mornings and I typically wake up between 5 and 6:30 regardless of what my day holds:(

  22. I had no idea about the lemon/restaurant issue. Of course, now that I think of it …. Rats! I hope you finish those posts about the new job soon! 😉

  23. OMG I always order water with lemon *dies*

  24. From one helicopter parent to another…. I GET IT!!! Also- I am going to be 42 and I still need my mommy! So no matter how old we get- we will always need our parents!!!

  25. “Thumbs up that a lesson has been learned – stop trying to please them with the food I serve and start pleasing myself!” – Yes! Yes! Yes!!

    BTW: I would have eaten one, perhaps two or three of your bars, I love walnuts!

  26. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Karen. LOVE your thumbs up/thumbs down post. And can’t wait to hear about the job!!! Hope its going well.

  27. Karen – I give this entire post a THUMBS UP! GREAT post! You are doing so well!!! You inspire me each and every time I come here! THANK YOU!
    Have a pretty day!

  28. Have you tried cucumber water – man, it is delish! And I swear by Republic of Tea’s daily green tree, apple blossom. Fresh apple flavor. Been drinking it since 1999 – YUM. Then again, their strawberry chocolate is decadent enough to be a dessert! LOVE it & it’s rooibos – another “good for you” tea.

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