Liar, Liar, Elastic-Waist Pants on Fire

Over the years I have often sometimes chosen to ignore the potential caloric impact (big or small) of certain foods I was ingesting.  I suspect I am not alone in this.  Today I raise my hand and shout out loud that I am a calorie liar!  I need to find accountability because, believe you me, those little itty bitty bites can add up fast.  Or add up slowly.  Insidiously.  Over time.  No more lying to myself.  The nibbling must stop!

Here’s some examples from my lying, cheating past and that I’ve heard from others:

Calories don’t count…


In food samples at the grocery store or wholesale club.

At book club.

When you eat something standing up at the kitchen counter.

If you are just “testing” what you baked or cooked or bought.

When cleaning off your child’s plate.

If you only take half the cookie, brownie, piece of pie.  Even if you later eat the other half.  Still only half.

On your birthday.  Or someone else’s birthday!

It the pizza crust is going to be tossed or the pepperoni got left on the plate.

If you didn’t realize you ate them.

When you sample the sauce.

When the box/bag was almost empty and it was just crumbs.

If no one sees you eating.

If no evidence is left behind.

When you toss part of it into the trash.

With tasting samples of frozen yogurt, gelato, or ice cream before you choose your flavor.

With the crumbs that stick to the cake pan or fall off when frosting.

When the last bit is stuck to the serving dish before you put it in the sink to soak.

Licked off a beater or mixing spoon.  Or a finger.

If it’s the heel of the bread loaf.  Or just the crust.  Or just the insides; no crust.

What lies do you tell or choose to believe?

P.S.  The hardest one for me lately has been the first on the list.  Since I’ve made no trips to Costco in over a week, I’ve had nary a nibble.  And we all know that what happens at book club stays at book club:)      




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66 responses to “Liar, Liar, Elastic-Waist Pants on Fire

  1. Karen, I can relate to SO many of these. I suspect my meal sizes are growing somewhat… so I think I’m just having a piece of fish, or chicken, or similar, but I’m eating about two damned servings!!!

    I also taste when I cook!


  2. Yep, especially the “testing” the goods/waters part. It’s my biggest downfall!

    • My mom and I often balance out on this. With bread, her good part is NOT my good part, for example. And I’ll eat half a home-baked cookie and find she’s grabbed the other half:)

  3. Costco totally sucked me in last week!! The boyfriend and I went there on empty tummy’s after a training run and there were samples EVERYWHERE!!

    Pretty sure I had one of everything…

  4. Honestly, I do not count many of these, either. How would I go about calculating cake batter licked from my finger anyway? I usually limit myself and figure that, since I am moving and standing while baking and cooking, it won’t be too bad. ^^

  5. Jan

    Calories don’t count on vacation, right? Right!?

  6. Boy- does blogging keep me honest! I would have to say yes to all of the things on your list! EVERY one of them! And here comes some REAL embarrassing honesty. I don’t count the calories in the food that I put in the trashcan in a moment of strength and then took back out and ate in a moment of weakness! (can you see me blushing and hiding my head in shame through your monitor?)

    I follow WW and used to get 22 points a day. One day I decided to try and count points for all the BLT”S (bites, licks and tastes)that I ate in a day. It came out to be around 19 points. So I was almost doubling my daily calorie allotment in BLT’s – or the calories I didn’t count. That was pretty eye opening to me!!!

    • BLTs – cute! When I trash something I do it in such a way as to pretty much ensure that I could not imagine removing it again. Like buried in the bottom of the bag or barrel below something really nasty.

  7. I told a loooot of these lies before, but no more. Every single calorie counts. It really does.

  8. Miz

    It never was 🙂

  9. That’s why I find calorie counting so difficult. How do you count the little things. I have gone to counting food groups, and it seems to keep me away from the “little bites.”

    • I guess the theory is that we won’t eat those little things so we don’t have to figure out how to count them? I do remember reading that if you keep a food journal you are less likely to eat stuff nibbling because you really see the evidence in black and white.

  10. “Licked off a beater or mixing spoon. Or a finger.”

    This is me measuring out peanut butter. I weigh out 16 grams per tablespoon, then lick the knife or spoon of the excess. I don’t count that LOL! My hips count it, though. Can’t fool them.

    • This reminds me of a Dr. Phil episode where he called out the audience on this. And almost everyone admitted to doing it. He then went on to how many pounds a typical person would lose in one year if they just refrained from this one thing! Not a lot, of course, but then he had other similar examples.

  11. Here’s my favorite. They don’t count on WI day, right after you weigh in.

    Our Costco sample ladies don’t start until 11, if I can nip in and out before 11 I avoid temptation. Or at least if I can get past the bakery area before 11, I’m less likely to succumb to the other things

    • I haven’t figured out the timing at our Costco. But we rarely go early since it is my husband’s “thing” and he exercises about that time. The other day I was happy to have him go without me because my willpower there lately has been horrible!

  12. My daughter makes a meal off having one of each sample. I make sure to put a stick of gum in my mouth and smile and say “No thank you. I have gum.”

  13. KarenJ

    Good reminder to avoid the BLT’s (bites, licks and tastes)!
    We must go from “mindless” eating to being a “mindful” eater.

  14. KC

    Man, I’ve used nearly all of those at some point in time. I also don’t count the calories in cookie dough that I eat before I get it on the baking sheets. It’s not technically a cookie yet, so in my mind I’m eating nothing.

    • Confession – when I used to make chocolate chip cookies I would freeze some little balls of dough to eat straight from the freezer raw! I almost like the dough better than the cookies.

  15. I don’t count licks and tastes as long as that’s what they are. A tiny smear of peanut butter on the back of a spoon is a whole different ballgame from a glob. Globs count; smears don’t. (Schmears, however, do count, as do the bagels or bread they’re decorating.:))

  16. I love unsalted roasted peanuts in the shell, which Hubby always has on hand for watching sports events. I get on a kick once in awhile of having a few handfuls, and tell myself “they have no carbs” – but they ARE calorie dense; “they’re nuts, so paleo friendly” – no, they are legumes and paleo unfriendly; and “they’re all natural and have no sugar” – but they ARE calorie dense. Did I mention they have a lot of calories! Yeah – been there, done that. When do you start the job?

    • And how about “they are in the shell so I’ll eat less because it takes more time and work to get to the nut?” Or “I’m burning calories shelling?”

      I started the other day! Just a few hours and only training for a while. I’ll mention it in my next thumbs post which I guess might be a long time if I post less often:( I go in 3 days next week.

  17. Oh I’ve said so many of those things and MORE! It’s hard!

  18. Karen, you know I have written way too much about this! 😉 A lot of people don’t want to hear it or face it but calories add up fast & especially deceiving.. high calories foods.. some little tiny piece of something multiple times in a day – can be 500 calories in a day!

    I have a sort of post like this started but maybe I should just link to your post! 😉

    How goes the job?

    • Good:) I only worked a few hours this week; the schedule was already full before she hired me. Next week I work 3 short days and will still be training, I’m guessing. It hasn’t bothered my feet at all, with my supportive exercise shoes on, but my lower back is killing me by the time I leave!

  19. Oh thank you for the laugh – so true! Witchy of you to call us out! Ignoring is bliss until the pants split.

  20. Hah- I’m honest to a fault expect when it comes to calories. 🙂 I’ll lie to myself about the portion size of treats and how much chocolate trail mix really is in the little bag eaten between the grocery store and drive home. Excited about starting your new job? 🙂

  21. I’ve been going to town on Tic Tacs lately. For a long time, I’ve had them in my car so I can have one or two to freshen up if I’m going straight from a meal to a meeting. Lately, that number has crept up to 6 or 8 … and I’m just on the way home … and BAM, the sugar cravings are back in full force. It doesn’t take much.

    • Oh – I haven’t had those in years! I like the orange ones:) If I remember correctly the advertising years ago even talked about the tiny calorie count.

  22. OMG… I can’t bring myself to eat samples at a grocery store for many reasons, but chief among them is that they’re usually processed junk and because who knows who’s touched them or breathed on them?? Eeeeww.

  23. Well, you’re no fun. 😉

    I think that’s one of the reasons that nuts never work to my advantage … they are way to easy to overeat.

  24. In response to your comment on my blog, and that you mention that all you want to do is work on your blog: I really enjoy your writing style and personally think that you are one of the most skilled “writers” of the blogs I read.

    🙂 Marion

  25. Hahaha…awesome post, and so true! You never realize those little things, eh? Birthday cake, however, isn’t a calorie issue – I’m a sucker for cake.

  26. I suppose confession is good for the soul. I hope all the people that have read your past columns about how calories in versus out was wrong will read this also.

    • I think some bloggers do feel that way about confession, and others find that it helps bring them accountability. I know for me this post was on my mind when I walked past the food pushers at Costco today:) I’ll admit to sampling the smoked salmon and even buying it!

  27. I totally eat the broken cookies and chips and crackers. I’ll still do it, such denial.

  28. Hmmmm……inability to exercise and nibbling little teeny bits of food during the day are exactly what caused me to gain back a couple….many….pounds during the past year. Let me make it clear, though, fruit and nuts do not count, do they? I mean, if I eat 2 pecan halves each time I walk through the kitchen, and I do this 12 – 15 times/day, it doesn’t count, right? And if I add a TBSP of dried cherries to my cereal in the AM, and another TBSP to my salad at dinner, and maybe just have a TBSP every now and then with the pecans that I eat while walking through the kitchen, that doesn’t count…right? Oh, and anything you add to tea like cream doesn’t count, right? So a couple of extra cups of tea daily won’t matter, right? Groan…..

    • Eek – I never count the milk in my tea:( Not that I drink much and not that I actually “count” calories at all. But still – that just serves to bring it home! I love dried cherries in salad! LOVE. But I only get them when I am out or making a salad to take somewhere. If I had them around all the time I might be putting snacking on them when I should be snacking on veggies instead.

  29. You really have quite a list there!!! I thnk you got them all.

  30. Roz@weightingfor50

    HI Karen, what a great reminder to “track” the bites, licks and tastes. BLT’s. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  31. Great list Karen! And I LOVE the title! What about the calories you consume late Sunday night when you’re starting a diet on Monday morning?? Have a great weekend

  32. lol. I do this too, I try to stay away from nibbling things for the most part, but at the end of the day, counting calories are just estimates, you’ll never get the EXACT number, but getting close to it is important. Which is why I brought out my food scale, I think it’s helped me a lot when it comes to tracking what I have eaten 🙂

  33. I don’t so much as lie as I do go into complete denial. I just don’t think about what I’m doing. I completely eat in the moment, not thinking about the consequences. That’s what gets me into trouble. Good list, Karen.

  34. How funny. This past weekend I had this very same epiphany. I put my food choices into my hand-held gadget thingie and discovered that I went 500 calories over my goal even tho I ate very carefully. You just tend to forget the butter you fried the grilled cheese in or the bite (or two) of cheese, etc. I made the determination that I need to enter the choices BEFORE I eat them. It was better yesterday but boy, can I relate to almost everything on this list. I avert my eyes when walking by those bite-sized “just taste this” food-pushers.

  35. I especially hate the one I tell myself that one extra portion won’t hurt. It doesn’t in the grand scheme of things but I like to be in control and not let food control me. 98% of the time I’m great about it though.

    I really like this list!

  36. I used so many of these lies. I finally realized I was only lying to myself, which didn’t hurt anyone but myself!

  37. I have been guitly of many of those over the years! When I got my Invisalign braces the snacking, tasting, bites and licks came to a screaching hault. It was pretty funny how many times at first I started to stick something in my mouth and then remembered I couldn’t eat anything with my braces in!

    It’s a tough habit to break and since I finished my treatment with the braces and only wear my retainers at night I have once again had to resume self control. Sometimes I am good and other times -oops!

  38. YES! My lies? half and half and nuts.
    I refuse to read the label.
    It would be too depressing….

  39. Made my son a Pineapple Upside Down cake the other night and I declined a piece, but I did eat the crumbs from the dish! Yep.

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