One Thumb, Two Thumbs, Red Thumb, Blue Thumb

Thumbs up:  Dr. Seuss.  Just wanted to pay brief homage (since tomorrow is his birthday) to a man who brought me many a happy moment as a child and a then again as a mom.  One of my all time favorites books, which I can almost recite from memory, is Green Eggs and Ham.  I love the analogies and wisdom hidden in Seuss’s many wonderful, crazy rhymes.

Thumbs blue:  Job news.  I didn’t get it.  I can’t tell you why because I don’t know, having only received a canned form letter via email.  I admit it – I’m bummed.  I don’t know what it was that had me so excited about this.  And, all modesty aside, I think I’d have been good at it and they’d have been glad they hired me:)  Oh well, such is life.  Someday I’ll think through all this and the emotions involved and ask what, if anything, I learned and what, if anything, I’ll do next.  Huge thumbs up to all of you for your very kind and encouraging words when I shared the story.

Two thumbs:  New words.  I had no idea that there were actual names for the great punctuation combination of a question mark and an exclamation point.  I use that often!  But, thanks to the wonders of Twitter, I now know that !? is an “interrobang” and a “gnaborretni” is the same combination turned upside down or backwards.  (As is the word itself!)  Fun!

Thumbs red:  Yoga toes 2.0.  In my last thumbs post I told you how my toes had apparently suffered from the disinfectant I was using on the gym’s yoga mats.  Now I have new toe issues.  (Yes, it really is always something!)  On both feet, the toes next to the pinky are, well, something is wrong with them.  They are sometimes sore, as if bruised, and uncomfortable in shoes and tender to touch.  But sometimes not.  They are sometimes white with lack of circulation while the other toes are nicely pink.  But sometimes not.  And lately the tips are quite red looking!  My trainer (who I shared this with since the toes were bothering me during a recent workout) thinks it’s from pressure on those particular piggies during certain poses.  I knew I didn’t like doing barefoot planks!

Thumbs up:  Technological learning.  I’m almost impressed with myself that I was able to use HTML coding to change a font size within a post on my blog!  Some of you have the option to easily change fonts from your editing toolbar but my particular blog theme, or so I assume, doesn’t let me do that.  After an internet search, I went through a few scary steps and held my breath and… voila!   Almost makes me wonder what other blog technology stuff I could figure out if I put my mind to it!  Almost.

Thumbs missed:  The blogger meeting that wasn’t.  One morning I read on a Roni’s blog that she was going to be in my town!  Just for the day.  I commented that I wish I’d known in advance because I’d liked to have met her.  She surprised me by quickly replying that she’d have some free time at the airport if I was nearby.  I wasn’t:(  It didn’t work out that day, but maybe next time.

Thumbs up:  Social eating.  If you have been reading long, you probably know that social eating is one of my dieting downfalls.  Not only the meal itself, but also that I am prone to pre-cheat.  In the past couple of weeks I have eaten out THREE times.  That’s in capital letters because it’s more than I would usually eat out in three MONTHS.  Each time I stayed on plan with my meals, ate with moderation, enjoyed myself and the food and the company, and nary a pre-cheat in sight!

Thumbs down:  Blogger captcha verification.  Darn Google and their changes!  The new word verifications are very hard for me to read and apparently I am not alone.  Thumbs up for the bloggers who have responded by taking that requirement off their blogs:)  Hint, hint.  Thumbs up that Google seems to have gotten the message and at least modified things by taking off the circle background and making things a bit easier on the eyes.

Thumbs up:  My personal photographer.  Just wanted to publicly thank my dear husband for taking photos of me to use on previous posts.  And for his patience as I over-thought the staging for each.  I’ll take credit though for today’s photos, since I was able to manage both at arm’s length by myself.

Thumbs down:  Seaweed snacks.  I read about these online and was eager to try them.  As I stood before the display in Trader Joe’s, a woman commented to me that, as a seaweed fan, she had tried them but didn’t like them.  She said they taste “fishy.”  She was right.  Thumbs up that at least they didn’t cost very much.

Thumbs down:  Pilates.  Which would usually get a thumbs up in my book.  But I tried a new (to me) class at my gym and didn’t really like it.  Something about the instructor, how she led us, what exercises she chose, etc.  And I was not very comfortable with the Saturday morning crowd.  They don’t seem nearly as friendly as the weekday exercisers.  Anyhow, I’ve taken pilates in the past from other instructors and liked it a lot, so I’ll look for another option.  Eventually.  Thumbs down that a few of the moves aggravated my calf.  I hadn’t expected that.

Thumbs new:  Speaking of my calf.  I decided to contact the manufacture of the calf sleeve I’ve been wearing daily since early December.  (Don’t worry – I take it off to wash it!)  As I expected, it was rather past its life expectancy.  So I got a new one and found it was about an inch smaller around than the old one!  Yep, as I suspected, I’d stretched the heck out of that darn thing.  Thumbs down that I still need it.  I do have a plan to really rest my calf when my strength training partner (aka Mom) leaves town in a couple of weeks.  Not even a squat!

Thumbs up:  I’m honored.  And surprised.  And blushing.  All thanks to Carla, aka Mizfit, featuring me on her blog recently.  As I said in my comment there, words fail me.  And thumbs up that it came at the end of an unusually stressful day that had me feeling rather blue.  When, out of the blue, well… there I was!  Carla’s was one of the first blogs I read and she is the epitome of a healthy living blogger.  One of the things I most love about her is that she nurtures the “little” and “new” bloggers and Tweeters and supports everyone, all with her amazing personal style and sense of humor.  And she is unapologetically herself in everything she does.  Coincidentally, she was on my mind when I was writing this post because I know she is a huge Seuss fan:)  Thanks, Carla.  Thumbs up to ya!






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41 responses to “One Thumb, Two Thumbs, Red Thumb, Blue Thumb

  1. Grace @ Healthy Dreaming

    I loved reading your highs and sorry about the lows. Social eating is something I still have to work on so great job making it fit in with your plan. Hope the month of March is awesome for you!

  2. It’s not something just everybody talks about, but I’m beginning to believe that anyone who does a lot of physical activity be it training, yoga, hiking, jogging, etc., eventually has foot/toe issues. My toes/toenails are a complete mess, but have learned that is typical of hikers. So just consider yourself a real “athlete!” But having said that, don’t take it lightly and keep working to find out exactly why and what you need to do.

    • Well, seems to me that every ache and pain and broken bone and tear and strain and neuroma and… has come from trying to live a fit and active life. Sigh.

  3. Karen

    I can relate to SOME of your highs and lows: the new Blogger verification also drives me insane as I find them hard to read!; I bummed about your job news, but expect that good things will be around the corner.

    I’m impressed at your HTML ability as I just ignore it all completely and hope it goes away… and finally I’m stoked that Carla acknowledged you this week! Yay!


    • Now I need to figure out something, anything, about PHP and CSS. I wish someone had a beginners class for bloggers. And not an online tutorial! I can find “how” to do stuff but not the big picture to understand why or how it all goes together.

  4. Congrats on being spotlighted on Carla’s blog – I just posted a comment there on her excellent choice of subject. and, I just sent you a direct email about the job situation. BTW, love Dr. Seuss – my favorite is the Places You’ll Go book! 🙂

  5. Amazing you could use HTML coding – you have a techie living within!

    I’m not a bit surprised you were featured on Carla’s blog – you’re an excellent writer, blogger, and healthy live-er (liver? lifer?). The ups and downs and social eating stuff you deal with are definitely under the bell shaped curve of managing our minds and bodies a day at a time.

    Like you – I love words. Those you mentioned are certainly esoteric! And I hope your toes feel better – it almost has to be pressure from somewhere, along with a touch of middle aged circulatory change that happens to most of us – no matter what shape we’re in.

    • Well I was super surprised! “If I knew you were coming I’d have….”

      My toes seem to be looking a bit better since I gave up planks on them in yoga. But now I feel lazy when everyone else is propped up and I’m on my knees. I’m also wearing socks in there to see if that does anything.

  6. Bummer about the toe issue! I have had my share of foot and toe nail issues since I became an avid walker/hiker. A vist to a podiatrist proved to be very helpful for me in resolving some of those issues.

    Congrats on the success with social eating!

    I thought those TJ seeweed snacks were awful – but my hubby rather liked them.

    Sorry you didn’t get the job but you had good practice at interviewing and if you decided to apply for another position it will be less stressful.

  7. Ewa

    Thumbs up for your post.
    Big congrats on social eating. For me this used to be a start of an avalanche that would continue for days. What do they put in that food?
    Love, love, love Dr. Seuss.
    There is probably a better job waiting there for you. I am sure you will find it.

    • Well, according to what I have read, some of it from David Kessler’s book, THEY do put stuff in the food that makes it an issue for us. Lots of salt and fat and sugar in places we would not normally use them at home. Sigh.

  8. Interrobang is one of my favorite words 🙂 I also love the @ – in English, we just call it “the at symbol” or “at sign,” but in French it’s has a real name (“arobase”), though most people use the slang and call it “escargot” (snail)! I think that’s so creative! In Hebrew, the slang for it is “strudel.” Language is so wonderful!

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your thumbs posts! Hope your toes and calf get better soon – do you think there’s a connection? My foot has been sore and when that happens, it usually goes up my leg to my hips and lower back. Yup, that’s happened again. A month or so ago it was my right side – now it’s my left. Ugh. I think I overcompensated last month and put it to the other side. Ugh. Ugh. Stretch, stretch, stretch!
    PS Will have to check over @ Carla’s…I like commenting on the “little bloggers” too!

    • I did think there might be a connection at first. Until I thought about the yoga thing. And that it was predominantly the same toe on each foot. Weird.

  10. I’m sorry you didn’t get the job. There have been a few jobs that I *WANTED* so badly it hurt like hell when I didn’t get them. And even years later, I’m bummed. Hang in there!

  11. Congratulations on handling the social eating so well and especially for not precheating! And for figuring out the html code … every once in a while I venture in that direction and even occasionally come out successful.

  12. I am sorry about the job. It is disappointing when we want something and don’t get it. In the end the experience will have been something learned. It will have showed you that you do want to have a job. It helped you sharpen your interview skills for the next interview. When you do get a job that you love- you will look back at this job you didn’t get and be so glad!!! (I am really trying to make lemonade out of this- I still am sorry that you didn’t get what you want)!!!

    • LOL – I’ve had several people share stories of the jobs they didn’t get that eventually led to ones they loved. So now I just need to do something about finding THAT job.

  13. I think my favorite dr.seuss book to read is one fish two fish red fish blue fish. I love the rhythm… I refuse to read fox in socks. I just can’t handle all the tongue twisters!

    Sorry about the job, I’m sure you’ll find one that is even better.

    Congrats on the social eating, I find as another gal who rarely goes anywhere, that it is more difficult to make healthy choices. I hope your calf will heal soon…

  14. I think your toes & feet are beautiful even with that little whatever! I have about the ugliest feet ever & never show them! 😉

    YES to Carla writing about how wonderful you are – YES!

    YES to good social eating – congrats!!!

    I hate that Google captcha stuff too – really hard to read & yes, better..

    Sorry about the job thing – their loss!!!!

  15. Ann

    Yeah for Dr. Seuss! We love those books at my house. The girls school is dressing up in crazy socks and hats to celebrate tomorrow. We have been reading his books all week. Sorry about those toes. I hate it when my piggies are sore. It’s amazing how much those little body parts can hurt! Hope it’s better soone

  16. I’m sorry about your poor little toes! I hope they feel better soon.

    Congrats on doing so well with the social eating, and the pre-social-eating eating! This is always a tricky area to master!

  17. You are becoming the savvy blogger now, Karen! Battling HTML code and winning – that IS a thumbs up!

  18. I can still recite many Dr. Seuss books by heart. Go Dog, Go! is a big favorite. Now that I like to run but not in the sun, I think of the page: He loves to run in the hot, hot sun! And I always love the “Do you like my hat?” exchanges.

    • I remember that book. I think we even had that one on tape, for some reason. We have a container of books that we saved after my boys outgrew them – the “classics” or old favorites. Sometimes my little nephews read them. Someday I hope to share them with my grandkids:)

  19. I was just catching up with some early morning reading and there you were on Carla’s page. Congratulations! Well deserved accolades.

  20. So sorry on your not getting the job. That stinks for you. I hope you find something else that you are as excited about soon. I love Dr. Seuss and my kids have all grown up with him!

  21. Sorry about your toes, and the non-job. 😦

    Oh, I hate the captcha changes so much that if a new blogger I’m interested in following has it, I don’t bookmark them. 😦 Have a great weekend!

  22. I HATE WORD VERIFICATION!!!! Just don’t do it people, take it off! My daughter loves those seaweed snacks so much I buy em by the case at Costco. Personally I think they smell but whatever. And good for you for figuring out HTML. I won’t go near that challenge with a 10 foot pole.

  23. Great list, as always. Yes, that captcha thing is driving me crazy. A huge congrats on your lovely shout out from Carla! Good luck with the toes, the price you pay for being so darn sporty 🙂

  24. Roz@weightingfor50

    Oh Karen, I LOVE your thumbs up/down posts. The job? Their loss!!!! LOVE Dr. Seuss!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Take care of those toes.

  25. I bought one of those packs too, I HATED it…

  26. I enjoy your lists with thumbs up and down. 🙂 Seaweed is awful, really! Sorry you didn’t get the job!

  27. Bummer about the job. That is their loss, not yours.

    I agree on the verification thing – it drives me nuts! I have been leaving less comments on blogs because of it.

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