My Thumby Valentine

Thumbs alert:  Google Friends Connect.  In what appears to be a continuing effort to control the (blog) world, Google has announced that, as of March 1, it will discontinue Google Friends Connect for any non-Blogger blogs.  That’s me, folks!  What does this means for YOU?  If you “follow” my blog using that feature, you will no longer be able to do so.  I encourage you to subscribe either with RSS feed or via email.  You can find both options just to the right on the sidebar.  (Click on the orange icon for RSS feed or the green envelope icon for email subscriptions.)  Alternately, you can subscribe to the feed by clicking on “Entries RSS” under “Administrative Stuff” further down the sidebar.  Please email me if you have questions or need help!  And a huge thumbs up for Ellen@FatGirlWearingThin for bringing this to my attention and sharing what she knows.  And 298 thumbs up for those of you who have honored me by “joining my site” with this little feature.

Thumbs down:  Valentine’s Day.   Call me Scrooge – I don’t like Valentine’s Day.  Society and the greeting card companies lead us to believe that we are unloved and unloving without the exchange of material gifts (not to mention highly caloric chocolate and suddenly overpriced flowers) to mark this day.  I say, “Bah Humbug.”  But I cannot resist sending treat-filled care packages to my sons.  (How’s that for perpetuating the custom of showing love with food?!)  And a valentine to my mom:)  And, because he’s not nearly as unromantic as me, will be enjoying lunch out with my husband.  Hopefully they all know how much I love them every day of the year, not just this one.  And to you, dear readers – I will break with my Scrooge-like traditions and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Every day is sweeter with you in it; no candy needed:)

Thumbs up: Jerky.  Yummy low-cal find, thanks to my mom, who saw a new product mentioned on TV.  Simply Snackin jerky comes in 3 chicken and 3 beef flavors, all very non-traditional with the addition of interesting ingredients.  And all only 50 calories.  I think my favorite is the Terikayi Chicken Breast with Papayas and Mangoes.  Thumbs down that you can only get them online from the manufacturer.  Thumbs down that when I emailed to ask for some freebies to give away here, I never heard back.  If you order, maybe you should let them know (in the note at the end of the order) that you read about them here and would love a giveaway!

Thumbs down:  Yoga toes.  I noticed recently that a few of my toes had mysterious red patches.  Then, next thing I noticed was that all 10 of my toes had dry flaking skin at the tips!  What was going on?!  Aha!  Yoga toes.  Germophobe that I am, I had been using the sanitizing wipes provided at my gym on my borrowed mat twice a week and then doing poses like a plank that pressured my little piggies against the mat  Apparently, whatever chemical is strong enough to kill germs were also strong enough to kill skin cells!  Thumbs up that the problem was easily and quickly solved by toting my own mat to class.  Thumbs up: no more yoga toes.  Thumbs still up for yoga🙂

Thumbs down:  Aches and pains.  So… just when I thought my calf injury might finally be healed, it seems I re-aggravated it.  So, still no cardio.  And now I have other various aches and pains in my leg and foot, which I think are the result of unconsciously compensating for my calf.  BTW – the calf doesn’t hurt, it just aches or is tight or is “wrong.”  If that makes sense.  Thumbs down that some days I feel like my body is falling apart.  Thumbs up that it could be soooo much worse!

Thumbs down:  Other peoples aches and pains.  In this instance, my MIL.  She’s been diagnosed with bursitis in her “good” knee.  It has been horribly painful for her to get up and down and she can’t help but gasp or whimper with the agony.  Because her other knee is her “bad,” non-replaced knee, and since she has a weak shoulder and literally no core or upper body strength, she was struggling to even get herself off the toilet.  Thumbs up that I was able to talk our way into an orthopedic appointment despite her initially being told it would be weeks to get in.  Hubby and I spent a lot of time with her last week because, thumbs down, we didn’t feel that she should be left alone in her condition.  Thumbs up that she finally seems to be improving and that this should be a temporary condition.

Thumbs up:  What she said.  (The other) Karen had a post recently that I read several times as the meaning evolved in my brain and I could see how it related to my life.  You can read it for yourself here.

Thumbs resisting:  Pinterest.  I’m seen some of you talk about it.  I’ve even visited some of your pages.  (Do you call them pages?  Maybe you call them boards or some such thing.)  I don’t get it.  I don’t want it.  One more place on the internet to spend time.  Eek!  But then I see someone else jump on the bandwagon.  And I wonder.  So far, I’m resisting.  Are you on there?  What do you think about it?  Thumbs up in gratitude to Cammy for sharing with me how to put a “pin it” button on my blog, just in case anyone wants to use it:)

Thumbs up:  Purple cup update.  Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my post about my now infamous purple cup.  I am happy to report that I have not even thought of using it once since!  But, neither have I thrown it away; Hubby reminds me it is actually HIS cup.  (Coincidentally, it was his cereal that I last put in the cup.)  If the cup plagues me in the future, I will try your great suggestions.

Thumbs down:  Technology.  Do I ever get through one of these posts without having at least some technology issue to share?!  This time it has been my email.  Twice in the past weeks there has been some issue with my internet provider – some server thing or other that no one seems able to explain.  Or fix in a timely manner.  I will get emails from a certain time frame delivered to my Outlook inbox over and over and over.  Maybe 25 or more times!  And I WON’T get any current emails.  Oddly, my husband, who has the same internet account, has not been impacted.

Thumbs unmoving:  Maintaining.  Yep, that’s me.  Despite some very inconsistent eating, (no) thanks to breaks in my routine (which I’ll blog more about another day), I’ve been pretty much maintaining my weight for months now.  This would be a thumbs up, BUT, and this is a big but, I am doing so above my “happy weight.”  Thumbs down for my holiday bingefest and the inability to do cardio.  Since I can’t burn more calories right now, if I want to move the scale downward I’ll need to suck it up and eat less.  Ah, such a novel idea!  But, I’m really not overeating (mostly) so that will take some real motivation and willpower on my part.

Thumbs up, up, up:  Exiting news.  Today (if you are reading this on Monday) I am doing something very unexpected and exciting.  And that’s all I’m going to tell you for now!  But I promise that I will blog more about it later, after the fact.  Sorry to end with that cliffhanger but I just couldn’t resist sharing a tiny bit of my excitement:)





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49 responses to “My Thumby Valentine

  1. I don’t get it. How can you be a non-blogger when you HAVE a blog. I am so un-tech savvy it’s really pathetic, but I am trying to keep up.

    I am exactly like you regarding Valentines Day, I don’t really celebrate it other than make and give away a bunch of cute treats.

    I excited for you and your exciting news that you better reveal soon…….

    • I answered this one on your blog but in case anyone else is wondering and reads this reply… Blogger (with a capital B) is a platform by Google. I use a different platform: WordPress.

  2. Miz

    I adore these posts!
    and had a long ramblerant about pinterest till I got to the end and now Im far too curious about your day!!
    will we get a midday update?!

  3. Karen, I haven’t done the Pinterest thing either. In fact, I haven’t even LOOKED at the site!

    My only V.Day card is usually from my mother, which is very sweet – though she usually sends my teenage niece one as well. (And yes, that does make me feel kind of pathetic!).

    And… I can’t wait to hear the news!!!


  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhh….I’ve finally found the thing we DON’T have in common. I LOVE Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s always the one I mention when asked what my favorite holiday is. I’m far too radical to have one of the “normal” ones as my favorite. Guess the reason I’ve always loved it so much is that it’s just my excuse to give presents to people just because I love them. I will spend most of today buying Valentine gifts and most of tomorrow delivering them. FUN!

    Nope, not involved in the Pinterest thing. And for exactly the same reason you mentioned. I simply have no more time for internet activities. My blog and BlogWorld are taking up far too much as it is. I refuse to even tempt myself with any more.

    Not fair, it it’s exciting, new and different, I want to know about it NOW!

  5. Thanks for letting me know about the Google connect. Ah, Google – can’t live with them, can’t live without them! And I can’t wait to hear what your exciting news is.

  6. I hate when companies try to be exclusive. I used to follow Facebook through my Google reader, but can’t anymore. I hate that. Now I just never use them anymore.

    I didn’t know your mom was that bad. I think she tried to downplay it to me though she did say she was having problems. My mom is having trouble too. It will be interesting on our trip. The moms might not get to do much. I keep wondering if they should postpone.

  7. Can’t wait to hear your news!

    I agree with you about valentines day!!! Not once in the 20 or so years that my hubs and I have been together has he ever bought me chocolate. He knows it’s like crack to me!!! Lol

    My mom had bursitis in her shoulder so I know how painful that can be. Hope your mil gets better soon!

  8. Luv dem thumbs! I’m with you on Pinterest – and much less tech savvy than you, so I expect I’ll remain happily in my private dark ages licking my paws andnot “pinning”, or whatever the hell it is. I visited a couple of times and don’t even know how to navigate the site. I could probably figure it out, but I’d rather burn a stack of old newspapers!

    So sorry about your MIL…that sounds really rough. She’s fortunate to have you and her son to help her, but hopefully she’ll begin recovering fast.

    Could comment on more, but for once I don’t want to be your longest comment!

  9. Very curious, like everyone else!

    My sense is that if I had a big project on tap, like renovating my kitchen, it might be helpful to use Pinterest, because my sense is that it is like an online tear book/inspiration folder. But I don’t have time for fantasy re-dos of my kitchen, and I certainly don’t need to become obsessed with 1,001 ways you can use buttercream to make cupcakes cuter, so I’m avoiding it, too.

  10. Can I please share with a thumbs down on the fact that since Google has created this huge mess, my avatar no longer appears next to my comments in blogger blogs? Instead, I am this exclamation point with a triangle around it. I have tried for hours to figure out how to change it back, but so far – no luck (I hope people don’t think I really look like that!) lol
    As for Pinterest, I compare it to using a giant corkboard that contains loads of photos and ideas that inspire me, make me laugh, things I need to remember, places I’ve been or want to go, etc. Also, you could look at it as a visual bookmark folder. Since I’m so visual, I am hooked on it. It’s a good place to organize your blog, too. For example, my readers can go to my Recipes board and see every recipe I’ve ever posted, all in one spot. I’m a sucker for organization!

    • Hmmm. I’ll watch for that when and let you know if I find the same thing. Do you have your avatar connected with a google or Blogger account? I know I do, but not sure how I set it all up.

  11. I LOVE these posts of yours! Pininterest? I find that things go from one “hot” thing to another – remember everyone needed MSN and then there was “MySpace” – whatever…unfortunately, if enough people leave places like Blogger (or blogging) or Facebook, we all need to move on in order to keep in touch…drives me crazy! I don’t mind changes and updates but I don’t need to spend anymore time online than I do already…!
    As to Valentine’s – I think, like any occasion (Christmas?) you can spend as much money and energy as you choose to – the marketers will always be happy to take our dollars! I like the mid-February-blah day of Valentine’s but we don’t get caught up in the hubbub … when the kids were little, we’d bake something up, make a fun dinner & make Valentine cards for daddy – sometimes a banner in the window to tell daddy that we loved him…it was fun and cheap!
    Have a great day!

  12. That’s so funny! I don’t get pinterest either… geesh – there are so many things I “should” be doing… I’m not sure I should add one more – ha!
    Yoga toes? ha! I will beware…
    Valentines? Soooooo funny! My sis asked us what we were doing, and we said, nothing. Then I thought maybe I was a freak. So I asked on FB. And, well…. there are MANY different schools of thought on this silly day.
    I think I’m buying us a weight bench. That shows love and affection right?

  13. I think Pinterest saves me time because I can organize my visual finds and quickly relocate them again. ❤ Pinterest!

    For the record, I don't spend time going through boards just for the sake of going through boards.

    But – searching the boards can be a time saver too. For example, at Christmas, I wanted to make some reindeer cookies using pretzels. One quick search located a cute picture and I was off and running.

  14. Oh and my gripe about Valentines is that it enables clueless guys to spend even more money on tacky gifts that we don’t want. I spend the month before V-day saying “I hate that necklace. Those pajamas look cheap. Remember how the flowers in the box came late and wilted?”

    I admit it’s entertaining to read some of the cards at the stores!

  15. Not a Valentine’s Day fan either…don’t need a holiday to show my love!

    Re aches and pains…sorry…and, at least I’ve found this to be true for me, hormonal changes at our age seem to exacerbate the aches and pains.

    OH! Thank you for linking to that post of mine…and it’s not even mine! 🙂

    I have a Pinterest account but I don’t do anything with it…maybe one of these days.

    Can’t WAIT to hear about your exciting news!

  16. I had zero interest in Pinterest. Then I started seeing tons of traffic to my blog from the site and wanted to know what people were looking at. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t something fishy. But I had to join in order to view the pages.

    I’m a member of it, but I still don’t get it. I want to get it, but….I just don’t…It seems like a lot of the same stuff.

  17. I like Valentine’s because I’m always looking for a reason to celebrate. There won’t be any treats around here though because we gave away all the chocolates Mac and I made and nobody’s going to the store to buy more. Mac and I always have a special dinner on Valentine’s now that the kids are all gone … this year it will be grilled salmon with asparagus. Yum.

  18. So far, I’ve resisted pinterest too. I’m afraid I’ll get sucked in and never come back.

  19. Well- I don’t get Pinterest… yet. I have emailed to become a member- but they have not responded. I think my feelings are hurt! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear about what you did today!!! Thanks for the cliffhanger! Love and hate em! 🙂

  20. I have no idea if the Google thing will affect me, but I’ll be sad if someone couldn’t find me and needed me. Argh, the guilt!

    I find Pinterest very helpful for tagging interesting links and ideas. With half a house left to re-do, I needed a place to house my collection of ideas. I also like that the culture doesn’t seem to be focused on how many “likes” or “followers” or whatevers like other social sites. Plus, where else could you find 400 ways to prepare oatmeal in one place? 🙂

  21. Came back to read this after sleep! 😉

    UGH on the injuries & I so know about overcompensating when I have one & will not suck it up to take care of it. 😉 My Hoka shoes came & helped me with that! I hope you & MIL are better soon. Do you stretch & foam roller your calves AND hamstrings cause hammie tightness can work down to calves.

    I love Pinterest but it is a time suck cause I like it so much… like to save quotes & sayings & good recipes & other things!

    unlike Twitter which people love & I don’t but do it for the social media pert & the need to do it for that – blog, FitFluential & other things.. but to me, still don’t get what people love about it.

    OK, I so want to know what you are doing!!!!! 🙂

    • You are sooooo rocking Twitter now:) I need to look into rolling more body parts, thanks for suggesting that. It hurts to roll over the sore spots! And is just one more thing I have to remember to do:(

  22. What a bummer! I actually follow and get your RSS feed, so I am prepared for the March 1 deadline.

    Sorry to hear about your aggravated calf injury, but glad you have fixed the yoga toes (note to self – must google, weirdly intrigued)

    I have a pintrest account to stick recipes that I want to try somewhere. Although there seems to be no time to write the blog, post on FB, tweet on Twitter and now find stuff to pin on pintrest!

    Can’t wait to read about your exciting news! Plus, I give you a thumbs up for maintaining. The holiday bingefest will come off and you will be back to cardio when your body is ready!

  23. The idea behind Valentines Day is nice, the execution of it? Not so much. Tomorrow I’m making cake for hubby and that’s all I’m adding to dinner tomorrow night- then I’m making him take the rest of the cake to work! 😉

    ONE year we tried the whole going out thing, I hated it! I felt rushed- the food was overpriced and nothing special, and it was just not worth it to me. We show each other our love everyday anyways 🙂

  24. I get it that Valentine’s Day is just another manufactured Hallmark Holiday to get people to spend money. Yet, I find myself going out and buying cards for my hubby and kids and some little treats too!

    I find that as I get older my body has so many aches and pains. In my mind I feel like I am 29 but my body says otherwise!

  25. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Karen, as always, love the thumbs up, thumbs down, thumbs doing all kinds of things posts. Can’t wait to find out what you got up to this Monday!!! Have a great week.

  26. Tish

    Loved the title of this post! I’m w you on Valentines Day. It seems a commercial holiday to me. I’m not very sentimental, I guess. I suspect that when you finally get over the leg issue and are able to cardio again, you’ll have no problem losing to your happy place. Maintaining is good.

  27. Sorry to read that that calf is still bothersome. That means no Trainer, too. Right?? I am getting better at mine. Up to 35 minutes. I plan now two off days a week to rest….Happy Valentine’s!

    Please resolve that cliff hanger soon, too!

  28. First, I hope your MIL is feeling better. We had to get one of those “Call 911” bracelets for my MIL when we went back home for Thanksgiving and saw how rickety she was.

    Are you stretching and massaging that calf post yoga? How frustrating! What say your trainer fella?

    My friend left me a gift for Valentine’s day on our front porch yesterday and it got stolen. I think this morning. I should have answered the door. Big thumbs down for Valentine giftsnatchers.

    • She wears something like that around her neck. Somehow she can call out and “they” hear her and will dispatch whatever help is needed. I think she’s used it once before. Stretching? Not as much as I should be. And not post-yoga since that is such a great stretch itself:) My trainer (who is a gal, BTW) says stretch and now I am rolling for IT band stretching. Sigh.

      • Bummer. I was so much more enjoying the picture I was developing of you going to the male trainer.

        Yep. your gonna have to dial things up on the cardio front slowly. Too bad you are not a big lazy bum like me.

  29. Also, I eagerly await news of the surprise. Blasted cliffhanging blogger!

  30. Karen, sorry to hear your calf still isn’t healing – will send you some mental chicken soup vibes and good wishes. I’m not a yoga girl, though I should be, and am glad to be aware of the yoga toes syndrome in case I ever do make it to a class. Valentine’s Day isn’t my favorite either, but this year Justin and I stayed home, enjoyed a healthy dinner and laid on the couch watching “Alcatraz” on our DVR. It was heaven. Can’t wait to hear your exciting news. You know as a PR girl, I’m hoping it involves media coverage that celebrates your accomplishments and impact. 🙂

  31. I don’t get the Pinterest thing either. All of my friends are obsessed with it and telling me I HAVE to do it. I checked it out and blah. I don’t get it. No thanks.

    Sorry to hear your calf is still giving you trouble. That’s a bummer.

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