When Life Gives You Lemons, Blog About Lemonade

I’m playing catch up today.  Which is actually a good thing, because this past week was unusually crazy and stressful and as a result I haven’t had the time or creativity to write a more thoughtful or thought-provoking or thought-requiring blog post.  (That typing post was drafted ages ago and I’m actually in the midst of one based on my week’s events, but, not surprisingly, it’s not finished yet.)

So, today I am doubly thankful to Ann at Dr. Fatty Finds Fitness for “tagging” me and to Erica at afoodaddict for giving me the Versatile Bloggers Award:)  In theory I’d need to tell you 18 random things about myself, but I’m going to cheat and do less because I’m having a hard time of coming up with things for both that I haven’t already shared!

Here we go… more random facts about Karen:

1.  I only had two wisdom teeth.  I had no problems with them until a decade or so ago when my dentist put a crown on a molar back there.  I ended up having both wisdom teeth pulled.  (I also eventually ended up changing dentists!)  I ate a lot of chocolate ice cream and mac & cheese while I was healing.

2.  One of my favorite books is Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  I read it right before I visited Savannah and had a lot of fun seeing the places that I read about.  I even went to a drag show while there because Lady Chablis, a character from the book, was performing.  Very fun.

3.  I can do a cartwheel but it isn’t pretty.  I can’t do a back bend.  Okay, I don’t think I can do a back bend; I haven’t attempted it since I was a kid and I’m pretty sure I’d hurt myself if I tried.  I’d probably hurt myself doing the cartwheel too, now that I think about it:(

4.  I never tried sweet potatoes until about two years ago.  I love them!  My mom never made them when I was growing up.  She also never made meatloaf or tuna noodle casserole.  If she reads this I suspect she’ll jokingly say, “You were so deprived.”

5.  I got a perm when I was a kid that made me feel like Orphan Annie.  I swore I’d never get another.  I thought my hair was straight until I grew it out in my 20s and discovered that it curls in some places and waves in others.  Very uncooperative.  I have grown to really dislike washing my hair every day and whenever I can, go without.  It’s not the washing as much as the blowing dry and straight.  And that my color lasts longer if I wash less often.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

6.  I am really enjoying doing crossword puzzles on our tablet.  I’ve also gotten addicted to Solitaire which is quite surprising to me because, while I have often done “pen(cil) and paper” crosswords, I’ve NEVER played Solitaire on the computer and it’s been years and years since I did it “old school” with a deck of cards.  Confession: the app on my tablet lets me choose to play a “winning” game.

7.  My favorite part of yoga just might be the head rolls we do at the beginning of class.  My neck feels so happy:)  I wish we spent longer on it.  I wish I thought to do them at home!  I think I’ll do some right now!  Be right back…

8.  I don’t wear shoes unless I have to.  But I don’t walk outside barefoot except at the beach or to get the morning paper.  And I never walk on our deck shoeless because I got a huge splinter a decade ago (from the dock at the lake house) that festered in my foot for months!

9.  I desperately need a new desk chair.  Mine is so old it tilts to one side and my back aches.  I’ve shopped and shopped and can’t find anything I like.  I bought one and returned it.  I bought another and hated it and it sits unused in the basement.  It’s too hard to tell in the store if a chair will be comfortable for a long time sitting at home!  I’m thinking of getting a stand for my exercise ball instead so I can work my core while I’m at the computer:)  I need the stand to make it high enough for me to reach the keyboard comfortably!

10.  Sometimes I actually research grammar rules when I’m writing a blog post.  My biggest problem seems to be remembering which words to capitalize in titles.  Yes, my inner perfectionist is at play.  And I still hear my teachers’ voices in my head when I end a sentence with a preposition, but my boys tell me it’s considered acceptable now.  I’m going with them on this one:)

And now I’ll answer the questions from Ann:~~~

1. What was the last meal you ate out? Was it as good as you thought it would be?  We went to dinner with friends a week or so ago.  I don’t know what I expected but I liked the appetizers more than my entree.  I don’t drink alcohol very often but was in the mood that night and my grapefruit martini was rather tasty.~~

2. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Was it good?  On our anniversary in August, my husband and I saw the last Harry Potter movie.  I’m pretty cheap so that was a splurge for me; we usually wait for the DVDs and then just get them for free from the library.  But we did save money with a matinee:)  And, yes, it was good.  Not great, but good.~~

3.  What radio station do you listen to most?  I don’t listen; I love quiet.  In the car on road trips my husband will tune in oldies or an 80s station on Sirius radio and I’m fine with that.~~

4.  Which would you want to be a Vampire or Werewolf? Why? Okay, I’m totally stumped with this one.  I’m going with Werewolf because I’m not a night person.  Wait – do they only come out at night too?~~

5.  What is one of your most vivid memories from grade school?  In third grade I won a prize for being the girl who read the most books in our class that year.  I can even tell you who won the boy’s prize.  Not surprisingly I had a little crush on him:)~~

6.  What was your favorite vacation?  This is like asking me to pick a favorite flavor of ice cream!  Impossible.  But I’ll go with one I’d like to do again… One summer as a college student I went to Europe on a group tour.  We visited something like 20 countries in 20 minutes.  That kind of thing.  I saw some amazing sights.  I’d so love to go back and do it more slowly.  And I’d blog the whole thing for you!~~

7.  Where would you go if money and time were no consideration?  Why?  I’d travel around the world, first class all the way:)~~

8.  What is your one pet peeve?  The one thing that drives you nuts.  Really?!  Just one?  I have so many.  Okay… let’s go with hearing people eat.  It’s like fingers on a chalkboard to me.~~

9.  Which is worse…..a complete physical exam(pap for women, rectal for men) OR a trip to the dentist? Why?  Okay, this one really did have me laughing out loud.  I mean, really.  Cold metal things in my mouth or cold metal things in my… ahem…  Need I say more?~~

10.  Do you like summer or winter best? Why?  Summer.  Because I don’t need a coat.  Because I can go to yoga class at the gym in sandals.  Because of the yummy seasonal fruits.  Because it doesn’t drag on and on for months on end when I think it should be over already!  Because there’s a chance my boys will be home for longer than a quick “hi” and “bye.”~~

11.  What is one thing you wish people knew about you?  I’m really very shy.  When I was in high school one of my friends told me that before she knew me she thought I was a snob.  Not!  Just afraid to say “hi” first.

I know I’m supposed to pass these on now.  But I’ve passed both on before and have no idea anymore who has and has not been tagged or given the blog award.  So… please forgive me for not fulfilling my blogger’s obligation.  I am hanging my (fried-brain- filled) head in shame.  I’m going to buckle down now, instead, and work on that other blog post!  And wait for inspiration to strike.



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50 responses to “When Life Gives You Lemons, Blog About Lemonade

  1. Jan

    So, what is your favorite reference for grammar? I gravitate to “Strunk and White” because answers are found quickly, and I have a bunch of copies on hand. (I passed them out to docs and graduate students I was mentoring.) There is a “Chicago Manual of Style” lying around somewhere for complex questions. Oh, it even has a FB page, but you have to pay for online access to real content.

    The generic Internet as a reference, sigh, I just am not very trusting.

    • Oh the resource evaluator in me just loves this comment: The generic Internet as a reference, sigh, I just am not very trusting.

    • I have that book on the top of my closet shelf and have actually pulled it out but not in ages. I know what you mean about the internet, BUT, some rules seem to have legitimately changed over time. Like that “ending a sentence with a preposition” thing. I tend to google search with the word I’m thinking about and go with the site that is easiest to understand and most direct in the information. I do like Grammar Girl.

  2. I always enjoy finding more out about bloggers so quite like these and the random facts one gleams from them!


  3. I love these things too. People share things we otherwise wouldn’t have learned, and I love that. 😀

  4. Love the one about the sweet potatoes. We always had them, but i thought they grew full of brown sugar with marshmallows on top. LOL! Didn’t know until an adult that they really were potatoes and were delicious just baked. It’s only been in recent years that I’ve also discovered yummy winter squashes like Acorn and Butternut that are equally as good.

    • Well that reminds me that we did have acorn squash back then and it definitely had butter and brown sugar on top and that was the only part I liked! I actually still put brown sugar on my spaghetti squash, another food I only tried in recent years. I’ll eat it other ways too, but if it is just alone as a side I like it sweetened.

  5. I frequently do the opposite of proper grammar on my blog. I often *know* what I should do with grammar, but I enjoy being creative with it.

    For example, the ending exclamation of “?!” should have been proper a long time ago.

    Also, I *love!* putting exclamation points in the middle of a sentence. I definitely know better, but that doesn’t stop me.

    🙂 Marion

    • I use “?!” a LOT!!! I also seem to have a habit of using semi-colons. I took a grammar refresher at my job years ago and was retaught rules about punctuation and semi-colons stand out. Love them.

  6. Tish

    Fun facts. I had a traumatizing perm when I was 8. It was a Toni–a home perm my mom gave me.

  7. Barbara

    I know I’ve told you this before, but I just LOVE your blog. I find you very smart and refreshing. 🙂

    #4 – So do you now eat those foods even though you didn’t grow up with them? My dad is deathly allergic to shellfish. So growing up, we not only didn’t cook it in our home, we didn’t go to restaurants that served it. (The steam wafting from another table can cause a reaction. Also, there’s usually shrimp and lobster remnants on chairs, door handles, menus, etc. and that really gets to him.) So I don’t like any seafood as an adult because I never acquired a taste for it as a child. Which is a little unfortunate because I live in Charleston where there’s lot of fresh seafood.

    #6 – I love to play Scrabble on my iPhone. I love Scrabble, but my husband never wants to play (because I beat him and he’s a sore loser). So it’s nice to be able to play against the computer anytime I want!

    #9 – If you can splurge on a chair, look into the brand Herman Miller. I work for a company that takes really really good care of their employees. Each of us has one of these fancy chairs AND they do an ergonomic evaluation on each person to make sure the settings on the chair are perfect. I’ve been sitting in one of these chairs for over 5 years and love it!

    • What a nice comment — smart and refreshing! Well-stated.

    • Thanks, Barbara. That makes me smile:)

      Sweet potatoes – yes. Sometimes that’s my whole dinner! I actually have a great meatloaf recipe from my Weight Watchers days but can’t remember the last time I made it; my boys wouldn’t go near it! Tuna casserole – my husband taught me his version and I LOVE it but I don’t eat pasta casserole dishes anymore. That is one meal that I will overeat every time.

      My husband told me about those chairs once and they are super expensive! But the big deterrent is no one sells them retail locally so I wouldn’t be able to try one out. Except Costco has a few of the lower end versions. I need to go check those; thanks for the reminder.

      I love Charleston!

  8. Sorry you have had such a stressful past week Karen. Hope all is well soon and you can relax and be at peace.

    Hubby and I have enjoyed playing scrabble on our iPads. He also likes to play some games on his but I am not inclined to do that!

    LOL about the perm. I had a similar experience when I was 16, it ended up being these tight little curls and it took forever for it to grow out. My mom advised me not to do it but I didn’t listen. 🙂

  9. Holy crap – we are twin daughters of different mothers!

    First – right now I’m reading Midnight In The Garden… I never read it back when it was wildly popular, but my son’s girlfriend told me she just read it and that it was great. I am not lying – right now reading it. What are the odds?

    Also 2 wisdom teeth!!!! And never had trouble ’til 2 years ago. Had one out Sept. 2010, the second Sept. 2011.

    I’m a crossword freak – do at least 2 online a day. Any suggestions for good sites? Also had the OA perm in my 20s – it looked like a big ole ‘fro! I won’t go on an on more, but lots of similarities. I probly should have emailed this!

    • Well, heck, Leslie, didn’t we already know that:) Let me know if you like the book. Have you seen the movie? I don’t think it’s nearly as good.

      Okay, got to the teeth part and now I am LOL-ing!

      I’ve never done online crosswords. Hmmm. I get the Dell books most of the time and do a variety of puzzles. Not word search though – hate those. My favorite are called “Double Trouble.” I order whole books of them from this site, which happens to have online puzzles, BTW. https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/free_puzzles/default.aspx

  10. Hmm, I’ve got to disagree a wee bit with your boys on the preposition issue. It may be acceptable in speaking, but there are many many professors who will cringe when grading papers and graduate/professional school admissions committee members who take notice when reading personal statements and for example, LSAT essays. It matters.

    Sweet potatoes! Oh my! I’ve loved them my whole life.

    And you saw Lady Chablis in Savannah! Love it! The only drag shows I’ve attended were in NYC and Atlantic City.

    I was just thinking about perms yesterday, recalling with joy when I had longer, wavy hair thanks to the perm. It was always a good thing for me — I wish they were in style now. I’d love to have wavy hair again!!

    And hearing people eat — NASTY!!!

    • I suppose if I ever went back to school I’d try not to end sentences this way:) But for now, I’m sticking with the easy approach and my “oh so trustworthy” internet sources are backing me up:) I bet that makes you cringe!

  11. I read Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil while in Tybee Island. It was great to read the book then.

    I am very shy too, and have gotten the snob comment too. I was also quite stunned to hear that.

    • This is one area that I have changed a lot over the years through much intentional effort on my part. I wouldn’t say I’m less shy… but I have learned to say “hi” first and do it all the time. Like at the gym:) I am soooo bad at small talk and hate it.

  12. You and I must have had the same typing teacher. A tall women with braids wrapped around her head and a relentless style of teacher. I also learned on a manual, and the electric typewriter was a miracle to me. She taught my fingers to fly, and I will always be grateful.

    As for grammar, I learned a bit more structured form than is commonly in use today, and I struggle. Knowing what to capitalize and not to capitalize in a title is a challenge, as well. Loved both posts.

  13. Two things – from a high school English teacher – it really isn’t okay to end a sentence in a preposition – but who cares – really? Except your high school English teacher. In the blogging world – we’re just having conversations and breaking the rules is fine. I think. It is good to know the rules before breaking the rules – but again – who cares here?
    And your need for a new chair? I used my chair with a couple pillows under my butt and another strapped around the back to support my lower back. I JUST got an Aeron – Herman Miller chair. OMG – love it. I researched, I looked on Craigslist, I shopped all over on line – and a few days ago my new wonder of wonders arrived. It’s a size B, cream colored, all the bells and whistles refurbished model. It’s like new. So ergonomically perfect. They’re expensive but this route saved a lot of money.
    Ooops – ramble. ramble. (see how grammatically incorrect that was? Did you mind?

    • I’d love to try one of those chairs and never thought to look on Craig’s List. No stores sell them to retail clients in my area and no way am I spending that money if I can’t sit in it first! I’m envious! (Notice that I used “envy” and not “jealous.” I learned that one!)

      As for the prepositions, don’t burst my blogger’s bubble:( I’m going with my online sources, as wrong as they may be:)

  14. I loved that book too. It was so eloquently written and even though I’d never been to Savannah, I felt like I could SEE it! The movie was good too.

    • I saw the movie twice, which I rarely do. The first time was before I read the book and the movie disappointed me. It has two of my favorite actors in it, after all. But I tried again after I read the book and enjoyed it more.

  15. I look up grammar stuff too, but get this: I capitalize every first letter in my blog titles.

    Next time you do a head roll, also straighten your arms down by your sides, make a fist and push your arms back…it gives a nice extra stretch.

    And if I had all the money and time, forget first class, I’d have a private luxury jet and pilot at my disposal, and someone to schlep all my stuff.

  16. I hope my office chair never wears out because I’m sure I’d never find one I like as well. Once in a while I sit on the exercise ball … usually when I’m talking to someone who is sitting in the only chair in the room. 🙂 I still have my Strunk and White, as well as the Chicago style book, but only pull them out when forced to by a question from a grandkid.

    • I have the Chicago book and one called “Good Grief, Good Grammar” that I got when I took a refresher on my job decades ago. I learned a lot about semi-colons from the latter. Love using semi-colons:)

  17. OMG I can’t believe you did this again! I was tagged by you & Jack Sh*t & still putting this off cause I am friggin boring & will bore people with my post…. You are amazing!

    Having curly/frizzy hair, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever want a perm or curly hair! 😉

    • Don’t feel you need to even do it, Jody. But… in my experience and from reading others, I think people really enjoy the little tidbits regardless of what they are. Your life CAN’T be more boring than mine!

  18. How nice to do this again. Plus we get all the extra info! I like your grammarian exactitude and am pleased to hear that you too read the most books for the year! When I was in 4th (I think) I got what I called the grand slam – spelling bee, books read and highest level SRA reader for my grade. Yep. Still braggin.

    I loathe wearing shoes. Always have. And sock wearing to bed is also unnatural.

    Thank you for shouting at me. I ate slower today at lunch!

    May stressless loving kindness invade your life via desk chair.

    • Socks to bed – can’t do it! Unless I’m freezing. Ugh. Some days I even have to take the socks off in the house to let my feet be free, despite the cold!

  19. Always love posts like this, Karen. You are a very interesting person!
    I can’t do a backbend, either. I’m not sure I want to, anyway. They look very tricky.
    Get that new desk chair. It will make your neck even happier 🙂

  20. I loved learning more about you!!! I have NO wisdom teeth. Never got them- never will. I never wore shoes- inside or out- until last year and my surgery. Now I am forced to wear them! YUCK! But it is better than being in pain!!! Do you have any photos you would like to share from the perm days??? 🙂

    • NO! Okay… maybe. I’ll have to go look at old albums at my mom’s house:)

      My husband had no wisdom teeth either. Yet both our boys had all 4 and have since had them removed. Not fun and very expensive.

      When I was diagnosed with foot issues I was so glad that my kind did NOT require me to wear shoes. That would KILL me! Actually, my feet rarely bother me barefoot and, instead, it is hard to find shoes that don’t cause problems. My boys don’t wear shoes either. My husband puts them on all day.

  21. Rest assured, if I win the Powerball Saturday night, you and hubby will be going around the world. First class. 🙂

    Also, have made note to eat more quietly at next meet up.

  22. I loved learning more about you. I love sweet potatoes so much.

    I would travel the world in a heartbeat too given the time and $$$$$!

  23. I am so relieved sweet potatoes are in your life now. I use a good old fashioned Dictionary because I don’t know how to use spell check. Can you believe I can even blog?

    I had a few perms growing up and I actually want one again. My hair is so straight & I covet wavy hair. I too only wash my hair about 2x a week. I like it dirty.

  24. Miz

    Id go with you around the world first class BUTBUT stop in Bali to read for ….six months straight.
    loll and read.

  25. 4. Which would you want to be a Vampire or Werewolf? Why? Okay, I’m totally stumped with this one. I’m going with Werewolf because I’m not a night person. Wait – do they only come out at night too?~~

    Perhaps you could consider being a Twilight vampire. They sparkle in the sun, so the sun doesn’t actually kill them. Mind you, they don’t sleep at all, so I suppose that isn’t an option either….

  26. Ann

    Thanks for sharing. I loved reading your answers. I used to love being barefoot too until I got plantar fasciitis and now I don’t go barefoot anymore and my feet don’t hurt anymore. Oh well. I used to NEVER eat sweet potatoes. I hated them because the only way my family made them was with marshmallows on top which I hated. now I like them baked with butter and cinnamon and they are great. Weird how tastes change, eh?

    • My husband had that and had to wear shoes which is not a big deal since he wears them all the time. But then I had foot issued and worried I’d be told to wear them too! But my feet actually feel better without shoes than with, even thought I only buy very (expensive) supportive shoes. I think sweet potatoes are best roasted or as “fries.” Yummmmmm.

  27. lol on the sweet potato comments, I too haven’t had them until the past few years. And my mother also never made meatloaf or tuna noodle casserole! Though I am not a huge fan of meatloaf (my husband LOVES mine though- surprisingly).

    On the hair washing- I never wash my hair daily, not good for you!

  28. Congrats on another well deserved blog award. I always love learning more random facts about you!

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