Take That, Groundhog!

Today is Groundhog Day, forever immortalized in the 1993 movie as the day of “do overs.”  In the movie, Bill Murray’s character gets to relive that one day over and over again.  Initially he takes advantage of the situation, but eventually he begins to reexamine his life and priorities.  And the movie ends happily ever after.

Two years ago today, I asked readers what, if anything, they’d change if they could go back to the past and do things differently.  Last year I asked readers what they’d change on their healthy lifestyle journey if they had could have a “do over.”

But this year, no looking back.

Sure, I wish I’d returned to yoga sooner.  Yes, I realize now I should have stopped my elliptical workout when I felt the first twinge in my calf.  And I’d listen to my inner voice and put that bucket of biscotti back on the store shelf!  Not to mention that there are countless days of overeating that I’d like to roll back and relive, willpower in tact only now, thanks to hindsight.  But I’ve either learned from my mistakes or I haven’t.

So, rather than imagine how I could change the past, I’m going to try to change the future!

Who’s with me!?

This year, I’m encouraging us all to look forward.  Regardless if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, the reality is that we have six more weeks of winter.  (Or summer, for those of you Down Under.)  And while they may seemingly drag by as we are living them, if you’re like me, six weeks from now you’ll look back and wonder at how fast time flew!  (What happened to January!?)

So, today I propose that you and I consider what we can change going forward, not looking back.  For the next six weeks.  One thing.  Or more, if you want:)  It can be related to healthy living or not.  It can be something you add or something you stop or something you simply change.  Add veggies to your lunch.  Pack your lunch for work.  Work out more often or longer or harder.  Try zumba.  Try running.  Try new recipes.  Write in a gratitude journal.  Journal what you eat.  Stop eating refined sugar.  Stop cursing.  Stop saying “I can’t.”  Blog more (or less) often.  Spend less (or more) time on Twitter.  Read more (or less) blogs.  Read more books.  Find balance in your life.  Improve your balance.  Balance your budget.  Budget your time better.  Add timed intervals to your cardio.  Start lifting weights.  Lift heavier weights.  Give up weighing yourself.  Give up chocolate.  Give up regrets about the past and apply what you’ve learned!

You choose.  Six weeks.  Commit here or commit on your blog or commit privately to yourself.  Whatever.  Wherever.  However.

Let’s change our past while it’s still our present.  And rewrite our future!

Ready?  Set.  Go!

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42 responses to “Take That, Groundhog!

  1. Best. Movie. Ever.

    Funny that you should post this now because I JUST posted a sample menu of what I eat on a daily basis and noticed that I’m at least one serving short of both fruits and veggies. (And at least one serving heavy of dairy shhhh). So, I vow to increase my fruit and veggie intake for the next 6 weeks. Thanks Karen!

  2. Karen, I’m going to commit to FINALLY doing something about transferring my blogs to my own domain names. I’ve had the names for almost a year now and have been contemplating the WordPress.org move and I just need to f*cking do it.

    So, within six weeks, I WILL be using: dietschmiet.me and debbish.com (obviously neither of which are active as yet).

    PS. What’s the thing you are going to do / not do over the six weeks?


    • Did you know that you can use the names and still stay on WP.com? I did this before I moved over. I have to admit that sometimes I regret making the switch; so many more hassles on WP.org. Not that I mean to scare you!!

      I’m glad you asked because I meant to go back and put that in before I published the post and forgot. And yesterday I was gone all day so had no time to either write about them or, honestly think about them. My initial thinking though was to eat only on plan foods, 100%, when I’m in my own home. (Which, fortunately, is most of my meals.) And work on my darn abs!

  3. I was just thinking last night that the start of Lent is only a few weeks away, and I need to come up with some challenges/pledges for myself. 40 days, or 6 weeks, is a good do-able challenge period.

  4. LOVE THIS POST Karen!!! You have plenty of suggestions so I think people can find one thing! I need to blog less & find balance – I love the moving forward!!!

  5. I will watch less TV. I will track on a more regular basis. I will enjoy the small moments more. I will read more. I will complain less. I will smile more. I will laugh out loud more and not care what others think about it. I will allow myself to eat ice cream and not feel guilty about it because I will plan for it! I will not binge on cereal… in fact I will not eat cereal for 6 weeks. I will hug Molly and Danny more!

  6. I loved that movie! I saw it several times in the theater. The idea of pressing pause on everyone else’s life so you could practice something until you got it right appealed to me (still does).

    For the next 6 weeks every day I will do all 25 minutes of physical therapy exercises and stretch twice a day.

  7. How appropos that your call to action to DO SOMETHING for the next six weeks or more came on the day I started something new. I gave up caffeine today. Slight headache this morning, but I know that will pass. The miracle is that my mind isn’t racing here and there about catastrophic thoughts. Instead, I’m calm and collected on the outside (as usual) as well as the inside. Ah, sweet relief!!!

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  9. Looking to the future is definately better than looking, with regret, to the past! Just this past week I made the resolve to get my eating habits back on track. And in the meantime, if today is any indication, I can look forward to Spring in the near future 🙂

  10. I’m definitely a fan of looking forward. I’d like to try at least one new recipe a week … and I’m already two weeks in!

    • I’ve more than once made personal goals in the past that had to do with cooking. Usually more about getting a “family” meal made than a new recipe, since I rather don’t like to cook or plan meals:(

  11. Getting sick over Christmas due to the junk I was eating made me commit to “no more white stuff” (sugar, flour, etc.)I love the idea of sticking to the present! I’ve been sugar free since December 26 and it’s having a great effect on my health and weight loss efforts.

    Thanks for a motivating post!

  12. Except for exercise, where I nearly always fall short, I’m always changing what I’m concentrating on because I keep forgetting one or more of the things I should be doing. Sigh. I’m trying to prepare more veggie based meals and I NEED to do more exercise. 🙂

  13. Nicole

    I love looking forward and not backwards.

    I am focusing on being present and really listening too people when they are speaking to me. Also I really think before I speak. I am working on getting less noise in my head, more meditating and gentle yoga!! 🙂
    Thank you for this post.

  14. I took some giant steps forward that began on the day after Thanksgiving with which I’ve stayed true and had success. My desire would be to continue with those building on the things I’ve learned and getting closer to my goal.

  15. Biz

    I don’t care how many times I’ve seen that movie, if I scroll through the channels and its on, I watch it until the end.

    I used to subscribe to the all or nothing. Either I had to be 100% on, and even if I was 1% off, I would throw in the towel. Now I make each day the best I can, and move on – no regrets! 😀

  16. Great post! We do need to do something. I just yesterday posted about my February goals to motivate me to get out there and do something!

  17. Jan

    I just bought a Zumba workout for my Wii. We will see if I can get through it in the next 6 weeks. More than once, of course!

    • I’ve thought about trying a class at my gym one my calf heals. It’s such a big thing now. I did it a few times at the spa and it makes a nice break from elliptical and treadmill workouts.

      • Zumba! I don’t mean to stop in to your blog (much like stopping in at someone’s home) and spread negativity, but I’ll tell you. I like zumba less and less each time I go. Sure, I sweat and burn calories. But I’m always a step behind and have trouble catching on. And the WORST part is that it prevents talking. I go to the gym for social hour (oh, and exercise), and I hate it when we go to zumba instead of do something where we can talk during it.

        Zumba at home might, however, be something more tolerable.

  18. Miz

    I LOVE THIS and thank you for making it healthy living and BEYOND.
    mine is the beyond…

  19. Great post Karen, and I remember seeing that movie over, and over, and over, and over. 🙂 I have a lot of goals and need to pick a few that I feel can get done.

  20. Nice reminder to look forward. Backward is not where we’re going so why look there. Right? And 6 weeks is a do-able chunk of time.

  21. As someone with a lot of regrets and what ifs, I really like this way of thinking. It’s pointless to look back so I am on board with you.

  22. That was a very uplifting post. Nice.

    Hmm, only one thing. I’m in just do not know what that one thing will be. Ruminations are in order!

    BTW: I was able to get out TWICE this week on my regular bike. I did ride the trainer. 30 minutes is getting easier!!

  23. What a great idea. I need a little adjustment because I have plateaued in the weight loss area. Time for a reboot!

  24. I love this idea Karen! I need to give this some thought since I already shook up my food plan with the 17 Day Diet and that in itself has been a big change moving forward.

  25. Love this idea of looking forward, rather than dwelling in the past where we can’t change anything! I am going to work on being more cognizant of the effect of my words on others. I will also try to practice moderation, rather than being all or nothing. I am also going to watch that movie tonight!

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