Tag… I’m “It”

I’ve been tagged!  Flashback to childhood when we played tag for hours on the front lawn.  Freeze Tag.  TV Tag.  Do kids even do that anymore?  But, I digress.  Thanks to Rochelle for tagging me:)

Here are the rules:
1. post these rules.
2. you must post 11 random things yourself.
3. answer the ques­tions the tag­ger set for you in their post.
4. cre­ate 11 new ques­tions for the peo­ple you tag to answer.
5. go to their blog and tell them that you’ve tagged them.
6. no stuff in the tag­ging sec­tion about ‘you are tagged if you are read­ing this.’ blah blah blah; you legit­i­mately have to tag 11 peeps!

Eleven random things about me:

  1. I won’t ever bungee jump.  Or sky dive.  Not a fan of risk or heights.
  2. I haven’t worked since becoming a stay-at-home mom just over 14 years ago.  But I’m thinking maybe it’s time to get a job.  Maybe.  But I have no idea what I’d want to do.
  3. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I’d probably choose pizza since it’s so versatile.  This week: another attempt at cauliflower pizza.
  4. I don’t like when people stereotype about redheads having fiery tempers.  WE DO NOT!!!
  5. I’ve probably had more Starbuck’s skinny decaf lattes in the last two weeks than in the previous six months combined.  At home I never drink coffee.
  6. I use two computer monitors.  One always has my email open.  I use lots of open tabs and often multiple open windows.
  7. The last time I had to rent a car for a trip, I checked back often and cancelled/re-reserved it four times before I left, for a total savings of over $100.  Over-planning meets frugality.
  8. I hate swallowing pills.  I’m gagging just typing about it.
  9. I chew a different flavor/brand of gum in the car than I do at home.  I don’t chew any in public.
  10. I prefer to eat my apples at room temperature and sliced into thin pieces.
  11. I’d like to try kettlebells.  If they ever offer a class near me I am SO going!


Here are the questions from Rochelle that I need to answer:

1.  What would the opening line of your autobiography say?  “This is a boring story.”

2.  What is your favorite alcoholic beverage – or non-alcoholic if you don’t imbibe?  I rarely drink alcohol since I don’t love the taste and prefer to eat my calories.  But every so often when we are out with friends I get a fru-fru flavored martini.

3.   What is one thing that you would never want to change about yourself?  The unconditional love I have for my boys.

4.   What is the one characteristic about other people that you simply cannot tolerate?  Dishonesty.

5.  Name a time when you felt extremely proud of yourself.  I think during graduate school.  There were lots of little reasons ranging from living on my own for the first time to my good grades to how I handled my father’s unexpected death.

6.  If you could relive (and make -over) a year of your life, what year would that be and why?  I’d go back to 2010, the year I thought I was done with yo-yo dieting forever – but clearly wasn’t.  Now I just need to think of every change I’d make that year and apply them in 2012!

7.  Is there a particular unusual ritual or routine you do in the exact same way absolutely everyday (something other than brushing your teeth, for example)? If so, what is it?  I unconsciously put my socks and shoes on one particular foot first almost all the time.  Do you?

8.  What is a talent you do not have but wish you did?  Singing.  No… dancing.  Okay, singing AND dancing.

9.  Build your ideal person. Fill in the blanks: I’d want the hair of Julianne Moore (because I’d look odd without red hair), the face of myself but infinitely prettier (because, much as I’d like to look different, I can’t imagine seeing someone else staring back at me from the mirror), the body of Halle Berrythe brains of Oprah, the sense of humor of Tina Fey, and the bank account of Bill Gates.

10.  What do you feel the worst thing is about trying to lose weight?  Oh, I could write a book about this.  Oh wait – I already have a blog:)    Maybe the worst thing is that after all these years of “dieting” and “lifestyle change,” I’m still struggling.

11.  What song best defines where you are in life right now?  A few days ago I was singing “Oops, I’ve done it again.”


And here are the questions from me for the bloggers tagged below:

  1. What is the most memorable meal you ever ate?
  2. What TV show(s) are you embarrassed to admit you watch?
  3. Would you rather hire a trainer, chef, house cleaner, or personal shopper?
  4. Share a favorite childhood memory.
  5. What destination would you love to visit?
  6. What’s one food you think you don’t like but you’ve never actually tried?
  7. What modern technology that you didn’t grow up with could you now not live without?
  8. List the 5 websites you visit most often.
  9. Who would you like to meet (living, dead, fictional character, blogger, anyone…)?
  10. What’s your favorite spot in your house and why?  Where in your house do you spend the most time?
  11. How long on average does it take you to write a blog post?


And now… Tag – you’re it:

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40 responses to “Tag… I’m “It”

  1. oh my gosh, you are so funny! the random things about you are great. I’m totally with you on the bungee dive/sky dive issue.
    What did you study in graduate school? I must have missed that info.
    Thanks for the tagging and the questions to ponder.

  2. I am in the same boat as you as #2. I would love to chat more about it with you sometime.
    Thank you for your honesty and humor in your answers! I love learning more about people I like and respect!!!

  3. Interesting how many of these things I already knew about you. I’ll take that to mean we’ve got a great friendship going on. And for that, I am thankful!!

  4. Hi Sharon! When I read a book that starts with something like, “This is a boring story,” I *know!* that I’m going to love that book! Very fun factoids about you!

    🙂 Marion

  5. I was tagged and wimped out because of working on taxes. I enjoyed your answers. I’m with you on always “struggling” with this weight loss/healthy living thing. It’s never ending. At WW we say “We’re never cured.” 🙂

  6. WOW – I learned a lot & that car rental thing – must do that!!

    OH CRAP! I am too boring…. you would pick me! 😉 I will get to doing this but it may take me a couple weeks to think up something interesting… 😉

    • I debated but then I seem to remember that you like doing stuff like this, just not having to pass it on:) Get to it whenever, or not at all. No pressure.

  7. I love pizza too– Trader Joe’s has a really good kind- Puff Pastry Margarita pizza. So good!!

  8. Okay, I love this. The pill thing — I get it. I take chewable Flinstone vitamins, and when I need an antibiotic, I have to request a liquid. I went through a period at one point during which I wouldn’t even eat alone because I was afraid of choking.

    I’ll need a week or so to pull this together. I’m so glad to have a fun, diversionary assignment. 🙂

    P.S. Thanks for tagging me even though you know how busy I am right now. My feelings might have been hurt had you not.

    • I thought it might be something fun to think about for a change:) When I remember, I take an adult chewable multivitamin. Did you know they had such a thing?

      • I did not know there were chewable vitamins specifically made for (or perhaps just marketed for) adults. The Flinstone label indicates it has 100% for adults of everything it contains. It may not contain everything it should for adults though… don’t know.

      • You know what you need? A gummy vite. I saw them in Costco the other day but did not get them because I was afraid I might OD.

  9. Thanks for playing along, Karen! And after just seeing on the news how some woman’s bungee cord failed her and she went plunging into a river from a VERY high bridge, I agree with you on your #1 response. OH – and I don’t think your autobiography would be boring – after all – your blog is fantastic!

  10. I tried a new pizza crust last night … cream cheese, eggs and mozzarella. It was actually pretty good and I liked it a LOT better than cauliflower crust.

    I’m with you on the heights thing … I always feel like I’m going to fall over when I look down.

    • You should post the recipe. I’d have to make it with low-fat or non-fat cheeses and egg substitute though and I suspect it would not be as good. The fat-free mozzarella is very disappointing in texture but I use it anyways because of my cholesterol.

  11. Sunnydaze

    What a fun and random post. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  12. Karen! Loved hearing more personal information about you. I’m doing the car rental thing right now. We’re traveling in February and I found a fantastic deal, but ol’ Clint said, “Let’s think about it a little bit” and, as you can guess, the next day the great deal was gone. I’ve reserved a not-so-great deal, but I keep checking a couple of times a day waiting for that special deal to pop up. Thanks for tagging me. I’ll never be able to write anything as interesting as you did…oh, wait. That’s right….you’re BORING!!!!! NOT!!!

    • LOL! My husband and I have no qualms about making an early reservation and often make more than one for hotels that we can cancel. You never know when the rate will go up or something will no longer be available.

  13. Love it. I can relate to so many of these. I won’t ever bungee jump either, I’d much rather get a massage. I’ve been a SAHM for 11years and now that all my kids are in school I have a feeling I should contribute monetarily. There’s just nothing I am good at besides cooking and cleaning. Plus it would cut into my workout and blogging time.

    • For me, I worked part-time until after my kids were both in school all day, and THEN quit. Because of my job, I felt very responsible to not take time off for school stuff and after missing some things, decided it wasn’t worth it. In those days I didn’t exercise as much and I’m pretty sure blogging didn’t exist yet!

  14. I’ll take being a clone of #9 as well. 🙂 haha

  15. Fun game of tag. Your #2? I’m sure you’ve worked – and I’m sure for 14 years – you just haven’t been employed. Semantics, I know, but I was a stay at home, or work at home mom when my kid were growing up and being told I didn’t work was a pet peeve. #3? You and my husband. He actually did take a dare to eat nothing but pizza for 2 weeks – and he loved it. #6? Hmmmmm – i like that idea a lot. #10 – Yes – cold fruit hurts my teeth.
    It’s always fun to stop by here.

    • You are right, of course. I “worked.” And I am one who enjoyed that particular “job.” So am now a bit at a loss with the empty nest! For much of my life I happily defined myself as a mom.

      And, it is indeed because the cold fruit hurts my teeth!

  16. Karen, I read #1 and had to shoot down here to comment. I already knew you were smart and sassy and now, after learning you won’t bungee jump, I’m glad to hear safety makes your list too. 🙂

  17. I love the random answers.

    Now to figure out what being tagged is and how to do it to others. I know it is not as dirty as it sounds which – given my empty weekend calendar is sort of a bummer.

    • I am intrigued by the gum. And given my empty weekend I will be pondering it.

      Oh wait – football. Jeesh I am braindead. OK during commercials and the two minute warning then.

      • At home I like the mint chip dessert gum and a watermelon gum, I think both are Extra brand. In the car, for some reason, I like Stride bubble gum. I never chew that at home and I never chew the others in the car. I don’t know why. Add it to my list of quirks:)

        BUT – no gum at all this week thanks to a darn canker sore! It’s good for me to detox from the chomping now and then, I think.

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  19. Karen…. I’ve now done mine and tagged others!


  20. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for your comment on my blog after reading about my yoga adventure through Marion. I will definitely be dropping by your blog from now on too.

  21. I think Danny Bonaduce ruined the red head thing for you lol 😉

    I also would never skydive or anything like that- no sir I prefer the ground thank you very much!

    Fun post- if I get tagged I have to do this 🙂

  22. That was fun Karen and I loved all the things you shared. I choose to eat my caloriest too!

    Have to agree with you about the misconeption regarding people with “red” hair and actually I think a better description of our hair color is auburn – I really don’t think my hair is “red” but anyway. I don’t believe I have a bad temper – I am known for being extremely patient and easy to get along with.

    Wishing you well with all your goals and plans for 2012. Hope you figure out what kind of job you want and I can’t wait to read all about it!

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