Happy New Thumbs

Thumbs down:  My camera.  Which I dropped when I tried to take a photo for my blog to post on my Canyon Ranch wrap up.  It broke.  Hubby and I did some fast internet research and bought a new one before the holidays.  Thumbs down that we pretty much forgot to take any photos!  Thumbs up that I figured out (all by myself and with only a bit of trial and error) how to use the self-timer so I could stage my napping photo for the post-Christmas post🙂

Thumbs down:  Hostess gifts.  At least the ones I got last month.  Not one, but TWO boxes of decadent Trader Joe holiday cookies!  And a little letter for my last name that I think is meant to sit on a shelf and collect dust somewhere.  Save your money and my diet, people!

Thumbs down:  And more food gifts.  My thoughtful neighbors left a bag of holiday treats for us that included homemade granola and pumpkin bread.  My mother-in-law gave us her famous fudge.  And so on and so on.  Yes, I ate it all.  (To clarify… I ate from all of it – not ate ALL of it.)

Thumbs down:  My calf injury.  Sooooo… apparently one really does need to “rest” a muscle strain in order for it to heal.  After my exercise-filled spa trip, I was instructed to not do any cardio at all for a few weeks.  Thumbs up that absence makes the heart grow fonder even with exercise!  I really miss it.  And the calorie burn.  (Thumbs down, down, down.)  Especially the calorie burn!  Thumbs up that less time spend exercising means more time for other things.  Thumbs down that one of those things appears to be snacking.

Thumbs down:  Our electric tea kettle.  Broke.  Sort of.  But just enough that I knew it would get worse over time and the very nice manufacturer said they’d replace it if I sent it to them.  Thumbs up for great customer service from Capresso!  Thumbs down that I really missed having it around.  We don’t own any other kind of kettle so had resorted to heating water a cupful at a time in the microwave.  Thumbs down that I was drinking less as a result.  Which, like less exercise, not surprisingly leads to more snacking.

Thumbs down that everything in my life was leading to more snacking!  Including…

Thumbs up:  My boys are home.  For a couple of weeks.  I can’t decide which way to put my thumbs over the fact that both boys chose to spend a week of their winter break on campus rather than home.  Makes me a little sad.  But at the same time I’m glad that they are happy at school and with the friends they’ve made there.  And much as I’ll miss them when they leave (very soon), I won’t so much miss the trail of clothes and personal belongings and dirty dishes that follow in their wakes.

Thumbs up:  Internet shopping.  Love it!  No crowds; no parking lots choked with drivers fighting for spots; no need to change out of my pajamas.

Thumbs a blur:  2011.  Where did the year go?  Is it just me or does each year seem to pass by faster and faster?!

Thumbs up:  What SHE said!  Every once in a while I read a post that really resonates with me.  Like one that Jody wrote in which she explains how even she, who I think many would view as a role model for healthy living, is and always will be a work in progress.  I love her philosophy!

Thumbs up:  Body fat.  I forgot to tell you about this in spa recap post.  While there, I had my body fat measured, as I have every visit to Canyon Ranch.  It is a very inexact measurement with calipers; the margin of error is considered 3% either way.  My thumbs are up because my body fat was actually a tiny bit lower than the previous year.  Which was actually surprising since my belly feels much, much “fatter” and that is one of the places they measure.  Thumbs down that I have been very lazy about doing planks.  If I made resolutions, I’d resolve to work on this!

Thumbs up:  Reading.  I actually made a dent in the pile of books in my bedroom.  Amazing what you can find time for when you can’t do cardio and very few bloggers are posting:)  My favorite recent read might be Stephen King’s latest:  11/22/63.  Thumbs down that reading leads to… you guessed it… snacking.  Sigh.

Thumbs up:  And it went as mysteriously as it came.  My blog works again!  I don’t know why.  I tried all your suggestions and nothing worked.  (Special thanks to Munchberry and Mr. MunchB).  For a while.  Then… boom… suddenly everything was right with the (blog)world.  No idea why.  Fingers crossed it keeps working!  And that I didn’t jinx myself by writing about it.  And that the latest WordPress update, that I might try this weekend, doesn’t mess things up.

Thumbs up:  Life.  Because even though I can point my thumbs down time and time again for this post, overall, life is good.  Everyone is healthy.  Every negative is insignificant.



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75 responses to “Happy New Thumbs

  1. Jan

    Happy Thursday! 😉

    I could not do without our Capresso. French press coffee, broth, tea, let me count the ways it is the most used device in the kitchen.

    Wishing your calf strain (sounds a bit more significant to me) gets on the mend quicker!

    • Your comment and Karen’s post inspire me to explore this hallowed machine called the Capresso. I’ve always been a one-cup-at-a-time-in-the-microwave kind of gal. I’ve also never tried French press coffee, but I do know the people who love it prefer it over brewed.

    • Well, it IS diagnosed over the phone and via Dr. Internet:) But I’m pretty sure we got it correct. It is not painful. Annoying – yes. And clearly still there. Thus the need to “rest.”

  2. Argh! Food gifts – how annoying. Or yummy… depending on your state of mind.

    Sorry about your calf injury – so annoying cos it’s really hard NOT to use.

    And finally well done on the reading. Reading and writing are both good for me as I generally avoid snacking during either. I mostly read in the bath, or lying down – not sure why… just some strange foible. And of course when writing my hands are kinda busy!

    Like that there were more thumbs up than down!


  3. I like posts like this, thumbs up and down! 🙂 Also I wanted to thank you for supporting me so much, it’s great having people such as yourself having my back through this. 🙂 ♥

  4. Okay, I have to admit — it never occurred to me to do anything differently than heat one cup of water at a time in the microwave for tea. And after reading Jan’s comment above too, I think I need to investigate the cost on these machines. I have an issue in the winter with snacking when I’m thirsty instead of hungry — but I don’t always drink enough because I’m cold — and heating water in the microwave to drink tea is a pain — so sometimes I make more coffee, which is dehydrating but warm… and the cycle goes on.

    BTW — my Zumba class was so crowded with the January Resolutionaries last night that people were bumping into each other. Even my gym buddy who loves Zumba (I go and don’t complain so long as it’s no more than once per week) said we should do ellipticals on Saturday (YES!! I love the elliptical.). February will come, and things will be back to normal.

    • That worked out well for you! But a few weeks, you are right, things will drop off. I took yoga twice this past week and both were crowded but one was in a much bigger room so it didn’t feel so much. In the other one… well… let’s just say there was one pose where we turned sideways and stuck our butts back with our heads down that had me laughing inside.

  5. I like that phrase “a work in progress,” provided that we are “working” and are “progressing!”

  6. I always love these posts but on the move so will come back later to read it thoroughly! 🙂

  7. Yes, life IS good and made much, much better by friendships personalized and deepened in 2011. Once those boys get gone and things get back to “normal” (whatever that is) we’ve got some catching up to do!!

    As always, love these thumbs up posts!!

  8. Thumbs up? This post. Thumbs down? That you didn’t share what kind of camera you purchased. Mine is about on the brink – sticky where grips used to be, a rather bulky Olympus and slow on the uptake, so I’d love to hear what you got and how you’re liking it. Thanks and thumbs up again to you.

    • Let me know if you didn’t get my email! This comment reminds me I want to get the camera out and take it with me somewhere today.

      • I’ll check there and see. Thanks Karen. Every negative is insignificant. If we have our health and are living life – you’re absolutely correct. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Glad that you still see your life as going pretty well. Now go rest those thumbs girl!

  10. KLA

    I completely agree that healthy living is a work in progress…

    Reading is one of the best parts of commuting, I just cracked open A Dance with Dragons this morning…

    Happy New Year Karen!

  11. I always love food gifts. I like to sample everything but I have a husband and 3 kids who are more than happy to eat all of the yummy temptations before I go overboard.

    • Truthfully – I used to love them. Back when I seem to have had some amount of self control and the ability to eat treats with moderation. Ah, thumbs down that I don’t know what happened that I can’t do that anymore. Sigh.

  12. Sunnydaze

    Thumbs up for another post that made me smile. The Capresso looks cozy – I’ve never heard of this machine before.

    I agree about the food gifts. I re-gifted a few myself this year.

    Two thumbs up to your last Thumbs Up.

  13. KarenJ

    No matter how strong you are, its always difficult this time of year with all the goodies that come around. I’m always glad to see everything gone and out of sight. I injured my elbow lifting weights and it didn’t feel better for a really long time, but I had to completely stop lifting even though I didn’t want to. If your belly feels fatter, one of the culprits could be either dairy or wheat. When I gave up both, my stomach got flatter and my body fat percentage went down, even without exercise. Something to consider.

    • I think part of mine is age and hormonal, part might be from my hernia surgery last year and having to stop all ab work. I had not heard that about dairy though – and I eat a lot of cheese. Very interesting.

  14. MO

    I always love your thumbs up posts….and yes, I am saying Thumbs up – because even if you have those down moments, you do have the up moments and you will have many more Ups then downs, in all that you do!! We always look more at the negative and never the positives!! Like that you did have some really good Ups!! Wishing you a wonderful Thumbs Up January and 2012!!!!


  15. I think I’m the only person in our little section of the internets who welcomes and celebrates holiday food gifts. Maybe because the ones I received were in small quantities?

    Hope you have more thumbs up in January!

    • Ah, but you are able to tippy-toe your way through the treats, I’m guessing. And without that little bit leading to much larger bits of all sorts of other crap once your mouth starts in on the refined sugar and flour…

  16. Arg, I dropped my camera too (in a crockpot full of soaking water) and had to get a new one! Luckily, it wasn’t a nice one or I would have been REALLY mad. I swear, I pretty much give up during the holidays and just enjoy all the goodies that abound. Maybe not the smartest, but I do thoroughly enjoy myself! haha Good luck with getting back on track.

  17. I always look forward to the thumbs posts! So much this time! My husband got the Stephen King book for Christmas. I may read it after him. I am so sorry about your calf injury. Take is slow and listen to your body. I have learned things the hard way when it comes to wanting to get back to exercise. The body will talk to us. If we listen it is a gift!!! I am so glad you are happy! You deserve it!!!

    • You are wise. Ironically thought it is when my body is talking that something is wrong. I need to listen for it to shut up so that I know I’m good to go. Does that make sense? I liked the book more than I expected and much more than his past few. Very interesting. But huge!!

  18. Glad you ended with so many Thumbs Up.. I was starting to get worried! 😉

    • I used to pay attention to that and try to alternate and ensure I didn’t have too many “down.” Readers would call me out on it! Remember – I tend towards the glass being half empty:)

  19. Yeah – food gifts were among the banes of my existence over the holidays, as well as food I prepared, others prepared, and the countless baked goods I made over and over!

    Enjoy those boys – while my daughter returned to the Domincican Republic yesterday, the boys will be around for awhile. They’re like big puppies and endlessly entertaining.

    I’m going from this comment to email to touch base with you. Take care!

    • Mine are interesting – one is hardly here, very social and spending most of his waking hours with friends. (Waking is key – his hours are way off from ours!) The other spends most of his time on his computer and reading books. We’ve squeezed in a few family dinners and even some cooking competition shows that I saved since the boys used to like to watch with me. Of all things!

  20. Here’s to works in progress and I’m with Cammy…I like food gifts 🙂

    I’m going to have to look into the Capresso thing…I use an old-fashioned whistling kettle to boil my tea water!

    • Warning – no whistle on this! Which I like because I start it early in the morning when my husband is sleeping and our kitchen is pretty much below our bedroom. And, this shuts itself off so no need to run into the kitchen when the whistle blows, so to speak.

  21. Ann

    Here’s to getting back in routine. Enjoy the time with your kids though. Snacking??? Sigh…….

  22. Lots of ups and downs here. Writing this may have made you sea sick. But don;t worry, reading it did not make me sea sick.

    I’d say internet shopping deserves 2 thumbs up

  23. Finally made it back! A UCLA day – :-0. Thank you fro mentioning me! I did not even see that since I was on little sleep & on the move!!!

    Lots of thumbs down & BOO on that dang calf thing!!! Yes, absence does make us miss it like my running before Hoka shoes & all the probs I had!!!

    Thumbs up to overall good & family time for you over the holidays!!!

    I am thinking of moving to wordpress & & website vs. the crazy GoDaddy blog that causes everyone issues but am afraid of all the issues you have! YIKES!

  24. Great thumbs post! I give Internet shopping a dozen thumbs up. I think that I did about 80 percent of my shopping that way. Zero stress and fun. I dropped my camera a couple of years ago and although I was sad at the time – I love my new one much more.

  25. Karen, hope your calf strain disappears soon. That injury I had last February causing sciatia pain still exists all down the left side of my body and into my foot and has caused tremendous discomfort. I plan to push for something more drastic to cure it instead of just “rest” which is what my doctor advises. If I rested anymore, I’d turn back into a blob….

    I love reading your thumbs posts — it displays such a vivid slice of your life — helps me to see you better.

    • Bummer:( Fortunately mine is not “painful,” just “there.” If that makes sense. Tightness, some aching, not all the time. But… not healed yet:(

  26. I personally have eaten enough sugar to once again feel addicted to it. My own doing. I know way too many good bakers around here! Wishing you a speedy recovery on that leg, Karen.

  27. Roz

    Im with Cammy (and other Karen) I LOVE food gifts. BIG darn about the calf. Hope you feel 100% again soon. take care!!!

  28. Big thumbs up to you for not eating all of the cookies and baked goods people presented you with during the holiday season. Enjoy spending time with your sons and hope that calf heals soon! 🙂

    • And my youngest left today with a trail of junk food in his wake. I’ve passed it on to my other son and my husband will hopefully make quick work of the rest.

  29. I prefer to lay down when reading too it is so much more relaxing. Cool thumbs up/down posts….

  30. Ah, holiday food gifts – lovely in tiny quantities. My sister decided to perfect her toffee recipe this year, so she made (and shared) several batches. It is my drug of choice. I do believe I have it running through my veins, still.

  31. I love the thumb posts. I’m with you on the electric kettle–microwaved water just doesn’t do it for me. Glad you still have your boys home.

  32. Love those up and down thumbs. I hear you especially on the “bad for the waistline” gifts from others. I seemed to have received them in excess this year but am proud of the fact that quite a few have been left untouched. I am hosting two baby showers in the next month and guess where that peppermint bark will be making an appearance?? 🙂

  33. Oh man I’d have a hard time resisting pumpkin bread. Anything pumpkin is a weakness of mine.

    Don’t let the boys upset you, sounds like they were raised wonderfully and balanced spending time with you and their friends 🙂

  34. This is a pretty balanced thumbs up and down post! Happy healing with that calf issue. I hate it when my routine gets knocked off course because of an injury. I do so much better when I can keep my schedule and routine intact.

  35. Hi Karen! I love your “thumbs” posts, they say so much in an interesting way. My two college girls also spent much of their time away from us during Christmas vacation. I think it is just their age, and I chose not to take it personally. They like the coziness at home for a few days, but then it is more exciting to be with friends. 🙂 Marion

  36. Ups and downs. Do your freinds know you? Food gifts – sheesh. Love that kettle! Much prettier than mine. Are you kid free now? I have until the 22nd when youngest goes back. Not that she is home much!

  37. Aw. I wish he could have been of more help. He managed to put a computer together for me – dental floss, extra large glue stick and sticky tape. McGuyver! Slow McGuyver.

    You have raised independent fellas. Be happy. Eldest has only a few months more of utter freedom (yippy for him!).

    My fudge lady had the nerve to ask whether we wanted fudge. Head full of rocks that one!

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