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75 responses to ““NO”tes to Self

  1. At least your inner voice is way nicer than mine… not helpful, but nice. (Working out in your undies, by the way, is sure to keep you from eating anything that might get in the way of your healthier lifestyle. Nothing like seeing everything bulge and jiggle to keep you away from the bagles.)

  2. My inner voice is congratulating me for navigating successfully through this holiday season. And it is reminding me not to screw up now. I have a history of making really good decisions through the hardest part and then messing up when it’s over. This was a good reminder for me. I’m choosing to listen to the voice of reason and paying attention to the way I feel!

    • I’ve been thinking about you and how you sailed through this season. Just goes to show the rest of us that it CAN be done! I’m rooting for you, and I’m confident IN you. I “hear” something in your voice right now:)

  3. My inner voice keeps telling me that “once in a while” won’t hurt. Problem is, it’s never just once in a while..

  4. focus on the husband.
    work will always be there.

  5. Hmmm, my inner voice is telling me I’m doing pretty good and to keep it up. (It helps that she likes me a lot.)

  6. My inner voice has talked its way into laryngitis lately. I consider it a great accomplishment that the inner voice I now hear is my own voice – it used to be my mother’s.

    • Oh – interesting!! Now that you say that, I can remember hearing mine a time or two or three as well. Now if only my teen heard MINE is his head every so often!!

  7. Love this post Karen! My inner voice said a lot of those things over the holiday season, ugh. Now my inner voice and my body is saying eat light, fresh and healthy,

    • Mine is reminding me how much better I feel when I eat well. I need to hear that next time I’m reaching for or craving something I know will make me feel like crap!

  8. Boy, did this post whip me right across the forehead. Hopefully it was enough to shake loose those annoying voices of my own for a while!

  9. My inner voice says “you’ve done good this year!” Yep, I ate a little more over the holidays, but I enjoyed it all and am happy to report no significant gain. Moderation is the key. Me and my inner voice are content.

    • Yay!!! You are so great with moderation. And a steady, consistent course. BTW – read a magazine article the other day that made me think of you – it kept using the word ruminate over and over!

    • Oh, one more thing. I think you are really hitting your stride with writing. I still think this is your hidden “passion.”

  10. MO

    Boy oh boy – that last one about the mirror…really is a good idea!!! My inner voice is urging me to go to that Boot Camp class tonight and I am going to listen to it!

    Staying MOtivated MO

    • Good for you! This morning mine piped up that I intended to work on my abs right now while I can’t do cardio but I haven’t been. Maybe it will be enough to motivate me:)

  11. It appears that for the past six months, my inner voice has been a clone of your holiday inner voice. The problem is, when I push that inner voice down too far, it just builds up steam. My 2012 goal is to learn to give her some tough love. Tough, meaning control her most of the time, but love, to acknowledge and occasionally treat her. It’s the balancing act that I have to work on perfecting. 🙂

    • Sounds like a great approach if it works for you. I need to find what degree of balance works for ME still. I do best when the scale (no pun intended there) is tipped wayyyyy in the direction of control with every bite and no little treats. Sigh.

  12. Ann

    My inner voice is saying I should listen to it more.

  13. I love this. When I find myself trying to justify things, I know it’s not good. When you make a decision and you feel really good, it seems to be the right one.

  14. Mine says “you’re sick…you’re on antibiotics…there’s no way you’ll lose weight on those…just don’t worry about it and stop torturing yourself…when you feel better you’ll really put your energy into your diet”. Sneaky isn’t she…attacking when I’m weakest. Yikes

  15. We are on the same page today with posts. Too funny – or not!!! I say that the first voice is what leads you to that 2nd voice – the learning voice.

    The point to get to is that the inner voice is THE VOICE you hear all the time or most of it. I am at the 2nd voice but it took time to get there…. ya have to make yourself a priority & nsabotagingng yourself! 🙂

  16. Roz@weightingfor50

    My inner voice says “be kind to yourself” and kindness means getting healthier, happier and never regreting. Thanks so much for this, and for all your posts Karen!!!!

  17. My inner voice is actually more responsible and is telling me to get my act together!

  18. Oh my what a good post! Today my inner voice is screaming at me because I am going through sugar withdrawals. It’s not very happy today. It has been pretty happy and congratulating me for all the exercise I’ve done the past few weeks, even when I was tired and busy. It’s reminding me that January will be an extremely busy month and that I need to actively manage my stress level so that I don’t come unhinged at someone. And right now it’s upset because I have a terrible headache so I’m off to take some vicodin.

  19. Biz

    My inner voice is saying – stay the f_ck away from the Chex Mix! 😀

  20. Jan

    My inner voices are at war right now…

    (cool media, BTW)

  21. My inner voice is saying, “I’m okay…just let go.”

  22. I sent my inner voice back to school where it learned to say “Just for today … you can eat right today. Maybe you have that other stuff tomorrow.”

  23. My inner voice is saying ALL of those things…. And more!!!



  24. My inner voice must be cousins with yours!!

  25. OMG I can completely relate to all of those things that my inner voice says and that I usually go along with it.


  26. It’s interesting how you see your inner voice as the one urging unhealthy choices. I’ve always suspected most inner voices were the critical voices. Perhaps it’s actually both…

    • Truthfully, mine IS both. Often running a debate in my head. “You know you’ll regret buying those biscotti.” “The whole container is only 350 calories… even if I eat the whole thing that’s not so bad.” And on it goes.

  27. I think my inner voice and your inner voice get together at the end of the day and conspire against us. Let’s make this new year about shutting them up and only allowing kind inner voices!!!

  28. I love this post — Our inner voices can really do a number on us. It is our thoughts that lead to our feelings that lead to our actions or inaction. True change comes from understanding our thoughts….it is such a journey — thank you for sharing yours throughout the years!

  29. Mine is saying…enjoy yourself till new year…

  30. Oh Karen, this post is fantastic!!! My inner voice says all the above!!

    I will tell you though since eliminating those refined sugars and aspartame from my diet I have had NONE of that and its been a blessed quietness in my head. It can be hard, but so worth it.

    • You’ve mentioned before the positive impact for you of taking those things out of you diet. Hmmm… the first I could do… the second… hmmm.

  31. Great post, for me it’s not my inner voice, it’s my outer voice. My husband is no longer allowed to say I am eating for two. He tells me I’m barely eating anything when I need to “eat for two” and I told him eating for 2 is the LAST thing I need. I’m amazed how many people have told me I need to eat for two. I’m like NO!!! GO AWAY! :p

    • Wise woman:) I will NOT tell you what I ate thanks to morning sickness and weird cravings during my pregnancies. But, I started both pretty thin and managed to gain a very “normal” amount of weight through them both.

  32. Inner Voice, not always looking out for us. JUst can’t listen to what is said, even by yourself. Have to think about what was said before acting upon it.

    Think more, weigh less!

    Happy New Year!

    Moved my blog to>

  33. Happy New Year! Right now my inner voice is all on-board with making this the best year ever so she’s being encouraged. We’ll ignore her when she starts being a brat again (which she will).

  34. My inner voice is like I kind hearted mother who says things like, “Sugar, don’t eat that bagel, you know low quality carbs make you feel lethargic.”

  35. I love this post! My inner voice is so nasty. I wish it came with a mute button. It has a tendency to think I should reward myself with food. A quote has stuck with me for a while now “Don’t reward me with food, I’m not a dog”. Must remind my inner voice of that.

  36. My inner voice is telling me something a friend shared with me: “never give up, never give in” I AM worth it!

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