Woe Is My Blog

Some days I love blogging.  Some days my blog just makes me want to rip out my hair.  Or pound on my desk in frustration.  Or throw my keyboard across the room.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration.  But you get the idea.

Lately, my blog has been causing me all sorts of problems.  Acting like an unruly two-year old who just ingested a huge amount of sugar and doesn’t want to do what Mom says.

Mom says “save draft.”  The two-year old blog digs in its heels and says “no.”

When I try to save a draft, my blog now freezes.  And stays frozen.  And then, just to frustrate me more, causes my entire internet to freeze as well.  Stuck.  Spinning and going nowhere.

And the only way to “unfreeze” seems to be to restart my computer.  But even that stopped working for me!  So I had to manually shut things down.  Not a good thing.

What’s causing it?  That is not a rhetorical question, people!  I need help!

It started when I got back from vacation.  It is intermittent but seems to be increasing.  My hosts’ very friendly technical support representative insists it is not a server issue.  It is not related to my PC since I recreated the problem on my husband’s computer.  It is not a virus.  WordPress forums and internet searches yield illogical suggestions.  Like clearing my cache and cookies and using a different browser.  Why would one browser suddenly start acting up?

So, I welcome any and all suggestions.  Yes, even the illogical ones:)

And, I’d love to know if any other WordPress users have experienced this.

But mostly I wanted to share my tale of woe because this little glitch is debilitating enough that it might just keep me from blogging on schedule.  It has certainly kept me from editing my post drafts as often as I’d like!  Ah, perfectionism must yield to technology.

I’m going to try to save this draft now.  Cross your fingers for me!

Photo credit [rafa2010]

Postscript:  I was indeed able to successfully “save” this post draft in a different browser (Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox), but now the new browser had decided to join in the tantrum and freeze!  Yikes!  If you don’t see any new posts next week, you’ll know why.  And, new development, trying to publish my post is causing the same issue.   

WordPress.org has just come out with an update which I will attempt to install this weekend or next, so my fingers and toes and eyes are all crossed that it goes successfully and maybe even resolves my issue.  Ah, technology.  So great when it works.



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39 responses to “Woe Is My Blog

  1. Oh Karen, I’m not having that problem (touch-wood, I say selfishly)… but I use Safari (on my iMac). I am still on the basic wordpress.com site, though have some domain names and am working up the courage to transfer my blog over to my ‘own’ sites… (not exactly sure what to do – am significantly more IT illiterate than you!)

    Hope the update fixes the problem.


    • I’ll be honest – sometimes I regret leaving wp.com. And now it seems you have even more features on there that in the past! I’m not very techy but if you have specific questions, feel free to email me and I might just be able to provide some answers. Maybe:)

  2. PS. Good thing you came back from the spa in such a Zen frame of mind (to cope with pesky IT problems!)

  3. Great….just when I’m returning to blogging, you scare the %*&$ out of me with that photo!! Still, it is quite apropos. I’m Blogger, not WordPress so I have no suggestions to help….sorry.

    My own computer problems in the past few weeks have been that my laptop died, and then a couple of days ago as I was about to write my latest come-back post, my desktop became infected with the worst Trojan I’ve ever experienced. It froze most of my computer and kept reproducing as I resolutely tried to wipe it out. Unfortunately, it wiped me out…finally I gave up and reformatted my hard drive and am now in the process of reinstalling all of my software and backup files. Luckily I back up fairly regularly so I didn’t lose much. Hope you get your problem fixed…it’s so frustrating when these damned programs act up, isn’t it?

    Missed you Karen. I was catching up with your’s and everyone else’s posts when the Trojan struck. Hope to post today or tomorrow.

    • Bummer! I don’t know how to do that stuff and rely on my husband for help. He tried to make back up disc for my PC not long ago and it kept freezing up midway. So if my thing dies… it really dies a painful death! At least I have an external harddrive with some backup stuff.

  4. Oh, unfortunately it is true. Months ago i had a bunch of problems with blogger and then switched from explorer to chrome. I don’t have any problems any more. Try it. IT takes 2 minutes and it will keep you sane.

  5. Hmmm, unfortunately I have no idea how to solve it. But I hope you figure it out! 😀

  6. I do not use WordPress as a blogger, but my good friend does and she’s been having all sorts of problems and tearing her hair out! Also, as a user, I have noticed in the past few weeks, that many of the wordpress blogs I read, I can’t get the page to load or it takes a long time..or flickers, and kind of “refreshes”..several times! I don’t know if it has anything to do with this or not, but thought I’d mention it. Hope it works out for you! That is some pic..LOL

    • I hope that’s not happening with mine too! A while back it seemed quite slow to even me and of course when I called the host tech people they said it was nothing on their end.

  7. As you know, I would want to say this is GoDaddy’s fault but you have already said no to that! 😉

    I am clueless since I don’t use WordPress but I still have GoDaddy issues! 😉


    • Yes – you do! Coincidentally I got an email with a special deal from Blue Host. But what a hassle to change. THAT is beyond my limited technical expertise. And I often wonder if the devil I know is better than the one I don’t.

  8. I thought Blogger was the only purveyor or blog angst and annoyance – so you actually are making many of us Blogger bloggers feel a little better:) That said – I’m sorry for your woes. It’s so frustrating, but as your first astute commenter said – thank goodness you are in such a Zen state from your recent spacation!

    Thanks for the email – I’m hanging in. I know I meant to respond, but when I’m at work I get called to situations so often that my best intentions go the way of the pony express!

  9. I know ZILCH about computers. I’ll ask my husband, my kids, even the dog before I attempt to do anything myself. I should take some computer classes, but I know I won’t.

    • Oh yes – I go to my husband pronto! He knows a lot about computers but nothing about the blogging stuff. Sigh. I would love if someone had a class in basic tech stuff for bloggers.

  10. I rushed over here just in time to offer absolutely no help at all. I kind of wonder if it’s a conflict with a plug-in and WP. It will be interesting to see if the upgrade helps.
    I’m going to upgrade this weekend, too. *fingers crossed*

  11. Roz

    Hi Karen. Wish I was a good “tech support” person, but I’m not so I’ll do what I can. I’ll GRRRRR and shake my fist at my computer on your behalf. Take care!!!

  12. So I don’t have any help on the WP issues except to say I understand your frustration.

    Hoping the upgrade will help solve the problems. It reminds me of Katy Widrick’s post from yesterday — she asked how people would feel if suddenly they lost their entire blog. After the panic goes away, what’s left? Grief? Relief? Anger? Joy?

    • Acceptance? Maybe it would be a whisper (very loud at that.)

      • *Smiling.

        Yes, it would be a very loud whisper. I had another one of those whispers today — this time, I listened immediately… and it feels good.

        When I purchased my new car, I had the misunderstanding that I wouldn’t have to pay the sales tax to the tune of about $1,200 until late January. But I awakened in the middle of the night last night in a total panic about this sales tax and registration. So this morning, I made some calls to verify things. It’s DUE next Wednesday, and I’m leaving town on Tuesday. So I had to go take care of it during lunch today. Glad I listened and didn’t just consider myself to be having bizarre panic attacks in the middle of the night. Now, I’m broke, but at least everything is paid.

  13. Have you tried going to the Start Menu, then All Programs, then System Tools or Utilities, then do a defrag and a scandisk? This will clean up your hard drive.

  14. I would try disabling all your plug in and widgets and see if you can recreate the problem. If not, then switch browsers and see what happens. I went over to Chrome from Firefox because I was having issues.

  15. Karen,

    Husband computer guru suggests trying to post in Firefox safe mode. That will disable any add-ons you have.

    First – Make sure you have the latest v of Forefox (8).
    In Firefox 8, click on “help” and then “restart with add-ons disabled” then try it again.

    Husband wants to know how long you are waiting to let the computer think before giving up. Are you drafting with pictures or video?

    He said if you have anything besides text in the draft you need to eliminate them and then retry saving the draft. Try to save just text in safe mode.

    Last ditch: Is there a chance that whatever you are posting is blocked by your firewall?

    I will check back or you can drop me a note if ya want.

    • Much thanks to Mr. M!

      I will try without add-ons.

      Tell him “a long time.”

      One post had nothing but text: the spa recap. The other, this one, had the one photo.

      Hmmm… saving in safe mode…

      I doubt the firewall is suddenly kicking up. So strange to that I can recreate the darn thing on a different computer. Will try many things today and the update this weekend.


      • So you can recreate it on another computer? It is not hanging up on husbands?

        Wait you can recreate the problem on another computer or you can recreate the post and draft it successfully?

        Can you draft successfully on your laptop (lap top right?) at another person’s house? How about on their computer? That would help narrow things down.

        Do you have a router? There may be a problem there.

        Cellular network?

        He does not think those are the problems since it just started happening, but he says he always eliminates everything even if he feels reasonable sure it is not the issue. Get those out of the way and then you can narrow things down easier and with assurance.

  16. Pam

    Karen, I’m not on WordPress, but I have similar problems sometimes (like today!) It makes me crazy. Yesterday I was writing a post, and I lost the whole thing while tryig to save it. We must really love blogging to deal with it!

  17. I think disabling all your plugins in both wordpress and firefox would be a first step. Then start adding them one by one. You can revert to the previous version of firefox and see if that helps. That’s about as far as my knowledge goes. I’m sorry that you are having problems!!

  18. Nicole

    Epic rage picture. I feel you man, there are just those days that are not for you. Thanks for the tips you have here.

  19. That photo caught me off guard! I have felt like how that child looks!

    I understand the frustration – having just gone through all of my lap top issues. I have no words of wisdom for you – hope you get it fixed over the weekend.

    I have not done the WP update – everything is working well for me and I didn’t want to ruin it!

  20. Scary photo. I think that’s how i look when my computer acts up. Sooo frustrating and I miss pen and paper when that happens. I blog with wordpress too and use Bluehost. I also have a tech guy that i can turn to when things get ugly. he’s expensive though so i try to figure out on my own. I love bluehost’s support – live chats – and recently signed up for sitelock for extra security and backups. Need to update to new wp version but not sure about the backup process on my own and having a hell of a time getting any response from said tech guy. I hope you get your bugs figured out – I’m no help except to praise bluehost.

    • I’ve heard other good comments about them; appreciate your sharing. I actually was going with them at first and got scared that they only saved manual back ups for 5 days. Since have found out they AUTO back up for bloggers daily!

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