Boo Who?

Happy Halloween!  And happy candy eating.  Or abstaining.  Or moderating.  Whatever your approach:)

Am I the only one who thought October flew by even faster than the months preceding?  I had a lot going on: travel, social events, unexpected life stressors, more travel.  In the blink of an eye I’ll be lamenting that it is already the end of the year!  Or maybe, given that the holiday season is so often the “eating season,” I’ll be glad to start the new year.  Time will tell.

My eating matched the weather this month:  up and down and often unpredictable.  I need to work on consistency.  I’m very consistent in my INconsistency:)  My biggest “healthy living” success this month was probably, IMO, the week leading up to a cocktail party.  Not one single pre-cheat, even the day of the event.  My biggest struggle was, ironically, the week following that same event.  I won’t bore you with the gory details, but my eating was not good both in quality and quantity.  So, ups and downs with my eating, as you would expect, translated to ups and downs on the scale.

This time last year I was sliding ever faster down the slippery slope of weight regain.  I refuse to go there again.  I have many challenges coming up:  dinner out with friends, a slew of holiday celebrations, time spent with my boys which translates to food in the house that is not now in the house and cookie baking.  But, I also have much to look forward to, including most of the list I just mentioned.  And I have a fabulous trip coming up in December that I’ll share more about as it gets closer.  But let me just say that it provides great motivation for NOT gaining weight between now and then.

Honestly, I haven’t really given much thought to how I’ll handle the whole long season of holiday eating.  Kind of unlike me, considering I seem rather food obsessed and am a self-proclaimed over-planner.  I actually feel a sense of calm, in this moment, and have no idea where that is coming from.  But I’ll take it!  And try my darndest to hang on to it.

For now, I’m just focused on getting through tonight.  Not worried, mind you.  Just… focused.  There’s no candy in my house.  We expect no trick-or-treaters to ring the bell.  So the one big obstacle I face is my neighborhood party.  Last year I went and ate nothing.  That’s the plan again this year.  I know, I know, some of you are screaming at me, “moderation!”  But sometimes it’s easier to just say no.  Or, if I can think of an excuse, just not go.  I like my neighbors, but I’m not much for small talk around the buffet table with a plethora of dogs darting between our legs, scrounging for droppings.  Call me Scrooge.  Or, call me the word that goes with the broomstick on the top of this post:)

I’ll leave you today with a little Halloween humor.  Keeping in the spirit, bad pun intended.

What did one witch say to the other when she asked for a lift?  “There’s always broom for one more.”

Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers?  “No, they eat the fingers separately.”

Why do demons and ghouls hang out together?  “Because demons are a ghouls best friend.”




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37 responses to “Boo Who?

  1. hmmm
    Why did the skeleton skip all the halloween parties?
    because he had no guts!


  2. Hi Karen!

    Q. What kind of fruit can vampires not resist?
    A. Neck-tarines
    2nd A. Blood orange.

    Q. What’s a ghost’s favorite fruit?
    A. Boo-berries

    Q. How do you fix a broken pumpkin?
    A. With a pumpkin patch

    I agree with you–moderation never worked for some of us. Know thyself. Happy Halloween!

    🙂 Marion

  3. You know my advice is to skip the party. You have a ready made excuse – you just got back from an exhausting trip halfway across the country and you are TIRED!!

    • Karen

      I went. I didn’t want to be anti-social. Never moved near the buffet table. Tried not to drool over other people’s pizza slices. Or the cupcakes walked past me. Or the bowls of Halloween candy. Glad it’s over.

  4. October did fly by! It was a good month for me with my weight loss and fitness goals. I was very focused this month. I am going to take the next few months 1 day at a time. For every good day I have, it is one less “bad” day I have. This is the time of year for me when I can fall down that slippery slope. We can do this!!!

  5. Michele T

    That party sounds slightly miserable — the kind where you have to drag yourself there, it’s somewhat uncomfortable while you’re there, and then you go home but kind of wish you had had the evening to yourself anyway.

    On the other hand, that’s the introvert screaming to get out of small talk!

    I guess in the food realm – as in the rest of life – it’s all about tradeoffs. Skip food at the party, and then you’ll feel less guilt about perhaps indulging a bit at the times you’d really want to do so later this season.

    • Karen

      I seem to be getting less social in my old age:) I do like my neighbors and I do like that we do stuff together. Mostly. When I was there I was thinking that if I had not just overindulged on a trip, I could have just eaten whatever. Sigh.

  6. Whatever you decide to do, it will be the right decision for you, Karen. This is a killer holiday season – right up to the end of December, and sometimes we have to moderate by saying ‘no’, otherwise, we’d be doing so MUCH ‘moderation’ that before we know it, we’ve gained anyway. You’ve already gotten past the biggest hurdle of keeping the candy out of the house. I haven’t bought any this year, either.

  7. KLA

    We’ll have some trick or treaters but not many. I now buy stuff that I don’t binge on (i.e. no chocolate) such as licorice to give out to the kids.

    Regarding the party that you aren’t interested in attending, here’s your excuse: you are busy that day and as Miss Manners always says, you don’t need to tell them that you are busy shopping/going to the spa/going to dinner with your hubby…

    • Karen

      LOL – I actually suggested to him that we go to a movie this year. But then I felt that was too anti-social. So, we went. For a short time:)

  8. Jan

    Why did the witch give up fortune telling ?
    There was no future in it.

    What’s a cold, evil candle called?
    The wicked wick of the north.

    What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

    Where do baby ghosts go during the day?
    Dayscare centers.

    Off to Costco to buy candy, shove in a big bowl, put on front porch, quickly shut the door behind me!

    • Karen

      We didn’t expect any trick-or-treaters. So, no candy:) But my husband almost couldn’t stand it and was thinking of doing what you did just in case.

  9. No Candy here either! I say skip the party if you don’t really want to go. Sometimes its easier to not be faced with a buffet of junk food – all that senseless small talk- I totally get it! I am not a big crowd, party person either.

  10. As an extravert, I don’t have issues with social settings. Since I’m usually yakking and don’t generally talk with my mouth full, I tend not to overeat too badly.

    My plan for the holidays is the same as previous years–mind my p’s and q’s when there’s no reason for celebrating and make sure I keep my exercise minutes up. That’s worked in past years, and I have my fingers crossed it will work this year as well.

    • Karen

      I’m always impressed with people who head out on Thanksgiving day after the meal to take a walk! I’m usually supine on the couch in a food coma.

  11. Meh, you go to the party, stay as long as you can tolerate it and then go home. There is no law saying you must eat. Moderation is achieved sometimes over the long haul. Maybe you ate more while visiting collegeboy so you skip the much unvaunted buffet table. It is about choices, no? I am not a huge fan of small talk myself. Mostly because I do not care about what some people have to say. Meow. I am going as a witch tonight myself. Getting a jump on things.

    Glad you made it home safely. I trust you emptied the shops and boosted the local economy.

    • Karen

      My biggest problem with small talk is not knowing how to extricate myself from one little conversation and move on to another. But, having just gone to see my son did give me something to talk about:)

  12. Love all the little extra jokes & I have one at my place that celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month too!

    Karen, you will make it thru! I know you will! I guess the one thing beyond my already decent sense of willpower/willingness is that I am going thru a pretty bad hormone stage right now that is effecting the bod so I don’t have any wiggle room beyond my weekend cookie treats which I will not give up! 🙂

    I usually do pretty good thru the holidays cause I think I am more aware than my normal aware but I do plan & pick things that are 10 out of 10 that I may want to eat.

    AS for the block party – hey, I am sure there will be fruit or something healthy & if not, make that your dish to bring!

    I hope next time you are out, we can meet.. AND I see a beach in December for you!

    • Karen

      I thought about you:) But, we didn’t have a minute to spare and I knew we’d be at my son’s beck and call. The traffic out there is so crazy!!

  13. Great post. I admire you for even beginning on this journey to health and fitness. I think you are doing very well. Just don’t stop trying. Remember to plan ahead.

  14. If you can’t handle the party don’t go. My work had a fun Halloween potluck and I think I did well, but I did treat myself to a piece of chocolate cake (and oh it was heaven) but breakfast and dinner were 100% on task and I’m back on track 🙂 AND NO HALLOWEEN CANDY EITHER WOO HOO!

    • Karen

      Good for you, Bee! I can actually handle going and not eating. What I can not usually do is go and try to moderate. So I applaud your success:) Anyhow, I went, I stayed for a short time, I stayed away from the food tables.

  15. Sometimes it is easier just to say “No.” No apologies. No defense. Just no.

    Looking forward to hearing where yu are off to in Dec. Someplace warm?

    PS: I have beans soaking. Thanks for the recipe. I am probably the only on in the Us without a crock pot- so I will stove top them. I bet thet will be great.

  16. Moderation is the key. And thinking ahead of a strategy of what you will do so you aren’t put on the spot. Great post. You made me realize that I should work on one eating pitfall at a time. Set a monthly goal to work on. Thanks for the thoughts!

  17. This past month has been a very difficult one for a lot of people I know. This time of the year always add pounds on my body but I will make it different this year. I have goals to focus on.

  18. Stopping by from SITS

    I begin with abstaining, move to moderation, and then go straight for bingeing. Le sigh. My main goal is to not blow up like a tick between now and New Years. I feel like if I could just live like an anti-social hermit from now until then I’ll be ok, but there’s no fun in that. Maybe I’ll put some will power on my Christmas list this year.

  19. Yes.. Here we go! Proud og you for staying strong at the party!

  20. I loved your jokes. What fun. And I empathize with the eating thing…I have a real hard time being reasonable, too. And you’re right — this is the “Eating” time of the year!

    I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you find time to do the same.

  21. this whole year has gone by way to fast and cute jokes

  22. Sorry your having a up and down eating month. Those are no fun to go through mentally. I agree October went WAY to fast!

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