Shop Til You… Get Home From Vacation

I’m off to Los Angeles again.  This time for Parent’s Weekend at my teen’s university.  Top on our “quality time spent with Mom and Dad” agenda?  Shopping.  Lots and lots of shopping.

It’s a pretty unexciting list, including the cell phone store, Costco, and several as yet undetermined stops for items like: flip flops, thumbtacks, shoes, dorm room food, and a new lighter-weight blanket.  This trip, it’s all about my son.  And his needs.  Which seemingly also include a visit to Chinatown for some “real” Chinese food.  But, I digress.

This shopping will be a far cry from the usual shopping that we might do while on vacation.  The fun kind.  The “destination” shopping.  Which might include souvenir shops or the quest to find a local ornament for our Christmas tree.  Or, it might include shopping that targets retailers we don’t have at home, and that we’ve searched out or happened upon on other trips.  This is a biggy for us.

Like REI, purveyors of outdoor gear and clothing.  My husband’s top pick wherever we go.  He, sometimes alone and sometimes with one or more traveling family members in tow, has been to their stores in Colorado, Minnesota, Las Vegas, and most recently, he did indeed find one while taking my son to college orientation in LA.

And then there was Trader Joe’s.  I say “was” because the chain finally came to my town a few months ago.  But prior to that, we’d stopped in to check out the buzz while on the East Coast on more than one occasion, in more than one city, most recently during a blizzard in Washington, DC when TJs was open while even the National Monuments were closed!

A new one on our list is Wegmans, “food market” extraordinaire.  Which is just a fancy way to say “awesome grocery store with products I’ve never seen at any stores near me.”  There was one quite close to my older son’s campus, and my husband and I had fun shopping there and then sampling our purchases in our hotel room a couple of years ago.  And while meeting with my blog friends last month, somehow there was a moment of excitement when we thought we saw a Wegmans nearby.   We were wrong.  But the two bloggers from towns with no Whole Foods did makes stops there while in Little Rock:)

So, over-planner that I am, I’ve plotted out a variety of stores that we might visit with our son this weekend.  Four Costco locations, Bed Bath & Beyond, multiple Target stores, an outlet mall, two dry cleaners near campus, the nearest Sprint retailer that does repairs, and yes, I’ve come up with a short list of recommended restaurants for that meal in Chinatown:)  By the time you read this I’ll be either on my way to the airport (because we are NOT driving this time) or in LA, shopping, hanging out with my son.

Any stores you seek out?  Do you like to shop on vacation?





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20 responses to “Shop Til You… Get Home From Vacation

  1. Have fun on your quality family time (with shopping) vacation! 😀

    I LOVE to shop in the US, you guys have so much more fun stuff than we do, and now that I’m going there I have a long list of things to bring back home! 🙂

  2. Enjoy your family time together!
    I like to seek out the Starbucks when we are out of town! I hate hotel coffee!! 🙂

  3. No, we are not shoppers, but we do always seek out a locally owned coffee shop and the best farmer’s market.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

  4. Have an awesome trip! I’ll just sit here trying not to be envious! (not working so far)

    I don’t think LR has a TJs. I did stop at WF to see if they had a better selection than the Memphis WF (they didn’t, but the store was larger and more pleasant to shop in). I *love* Wegman’s. I hope to retire there someday.

  5. You are close again! Too bad not next weekend when the blogger conference is in LA & I am hoping to meet MizFit Carla – depends on her schedule. Sounds like you have a packed one BUT the weather is going to be amazing!!!!!

  6. KLA

    I love shopping in the states like when I visit my parents in Florida; such good deals. But I only go every other year.

    Now my friend and I drive down to Buffalo every quarter for the day. It’s such a nice break.

    I love going to Target. I’m delighted that Target is coming to Canada, I just hope it has the same stuff as the ones south of the border!

    Have fun on your trip!

  7. Have fun! Shopping, checking out the LA sunshine, and loving on the son. I’ll be thinking about you during the game, but I’m still rooting for STANFORD!!

  8. Jan

    Going to the game? I enjoy the pageantry of college football. USC will get whipped, but it should be great fun. The weather is great on the left coast today. Tell your hubbie Tucson has hit the big time – we now have a REI!

    We always go to Costco first thing when we land on the Big Island in Hawaii. Stock up on coffee and cream, see if there is anything else worth buying in bulk. Make one trip to Walmart to buy cheap, er, inexpensive Hawaiian shirts (OK, they are cheap) for gifts. In NYC, I try not to go shopping because it might lead to divorce…

  9. 4 Costcos? Gasp.

    Godda agree with Jan about the outcome of the game.

    My neck of the woods in REI country.

    Remember to put enjoying yourself in leisure activities on your list. Hope the weather holds.

  10. Hope you have a wonderful time in LA! I’ve got family in Sherman Oaks and used to visit the city often for work, but haven’t been there for the past few years. Used to really like a place called the Zen Cafe on Wilshire not too far from Beverly Hills. Yo answer your question, I usually buy one item while on vacation to remind me about the trip. AT CR this year, it was one of those decorative tiles they sell outside of the program advising dept and a few years ago, during a trip to Florence, Italy, I splurged on a red leather jacket that in retrospect looks like something out of a 80’s Michael Jackson video. 🙂

  11. Love LA, but, don’t want to live there anymore. But a great place to travel to. One of my favorite malls is the West Side Pavilion in West LA. It is an outdoor type mall. I also love the Santa Monica 3rd street mall. It is more the outdoors venue of these malls rather than the shopping that I enjoy.

    Me: sure I do shopping when I am traveling. But mostly some memorabilia that is useful. In England last month, I bought a polka dot teapot with three great cups and saucers. All of the cups/saucers are in a different pattern which makes for FUN teatime!

    I adore some of the items at TJs. Great that your town has one! I love the greek yogurt with honey. I only eat half. It is sinfully delicious.

    Enjoy LA and of course seeing your son.

  12. I love to shop at Lululemon and being from Australia, I tend to seek out Gap, Athleta and Larabars if I go to the USA 🙂

  13. Im not a shopper
    unless its on the internet.

    bad but true 🙂

  14. Shopper here! Love it, but try to reign it in in this economy. Saver now.

  15. First, I hope you’re having a great time in sunny LA with your son!
    And yes, there are lots of stores that I seek out. There is nothing exciting where I live, but thank goodness I’m able to travel a short distance to get to my favorites like Lucky Brand, Moosejaw, TJ’s and Whole Foods.

  16. hope you are having fun and don’t max out the credit card to

  17. Roz

    Hi Karen, have a great and safe trip. Whenever we are visiting somewhere, we always hit a grocery store or two to see/buy products we can’t get at home. It’s fun! Take care.

  18. Doesn’t sound like a Zen trip, but you get to see your son so that is good! Enjoy!

  19. I love your comments about being an over-planner Karen, cos I’m like that.

    I have to admit, when I go to my hometown (small regional centre) I often do some shopping there as it’s logistically easier than doing it in the capital city in which I live – but it makes no real sense at all… other than the fact that I HATE shopping and everything’s easier in a small town.

    Look forward to hearing how you go with your shopping list!


  20. Hope you’re having a wonderful time in LA-LA Land! 🙂

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