I'm All Thumbs

Thumbs down:  Food samples.  Note to self:  just because I am, in theory, maintaining, does not give me free license to ingest every food sample I can get my hands on.

Thumbs down:  Cracker crack.  So… once upon a time I discovered that crackers, even the healthiest ones, are not my friends.  If I kept them in the house, I’d choose to snack on them over veggies or protein, my preferred healthy choices, every time.  And, often overeat those darn yummy squares.  I was asked to bring some, with hummus, to a friend’s house recently.  Which would have been fine if I had not stupidly, or maybe subconsciously, bought them a few days in advance.  You guessed it!  I ate them all and had to go buy more.  Thumbs up that I waited until “the day of” and then left the box at my friend’s.

Thumbs up:  Gluten-free experimentation.  I convinced my husband to try going gluten-free for two weeks to see if it helped with some little issues he has; they are often listed as possible gluten intolerance symptoms.  He got through the two weeks and, thankfully, seems to have no issues with gluten.  So I can go back to cooking with no more struggling to decipher ingredient lists that are often so tiny I have to use a magnifying glass to read them.  Thumbs down that he found no relief for, or cause of, the symptoms.  Thumbs up that the experiment lead to several new yummy recipes.

Thumbs down:  Tootsie Rolls.  Which, apparently are gluten-free.  So my dear husband got a huge (huge) bag and I found myself sticking my hand in.  Thumbs down even further that (I discovered that) Tootsie Rolls have trans fats!  Thumbs up that hubby bought a new huge bag of candy this week but it’s one that I can easily resist.  Okay, if I’m being honest, thumbs down that he is buying candy at all.  Sorry, honey.  Just keeping it real.

Thumbs down:  Metabolism.  Dr. Oz had an interesting show not long ago with his “7 Day Miracle Plan to Boost Metabolism.”  Check out his site if you want to know all the details.  But the part that has my thumbs pointing down is that he shared a calculator for us to check our metabolic rate and, as I suspected, mine is discouragingly low.  Thumbs down that, according to Oz, our metabolism slows by 5% every decade after 40.

Thumbs up:  Gum.  My new crown is comfortably in place and I am back to chewing gum!  Thumbs up, also, for the new dentist.

Thumbs up:  Making a pact.  I had been struggling for a while with my eating.  A blog friend was struggling too.  She and I had been emailing each other and somehow came upon the idea to have a challenge/pact for a week.  We both chose what we were going to work on and I spent the whole week, sticking to my commitment, and singing Michael Jackson:  “You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back…”  Sometimes we need a little help from our friends.  I know I have often commented on other blogs that I’m here if the blogger needs me or if I can help in any way.  I mean that sincerely.  Just let me know.  My hand is outstretched.

Thumbs uncomfortable:  “You look thinner.”  Recently I had two people comment on my weight, a few days apart.  I don’t remember exactly what they said, but something along the lines of me having lost weight or being thinner.  For me, I don’t take it as a compliment.  And, honestly, I think they were intended more as statements of fact.  But my point is that if someone notices I’m thinner, it means they noticed when I was heavier as well.  Never having been obese, I like to pretend that maybe no one has paid attention to my size changes over the years.  Having a comment made just proves that I’ve been deluding myself.

Thumbs still out:  My blog name.  First, a huge thumbs up for all your amazing support and great comments when I asked for input about changing my blog’s name.  My current thinking is to keep things as they are unless/until inspiration strikes.  But feel free to suggest names for me if they ever occur to you!   Or a new phrase for my tagline.

Thumbs up:  Wifi.  Finally – a thumbs up about technology!  It was so easy on my recent blog meet-up trip to get online and quickly clear out my emails and google reader, to map out locations, to start my post for when I got home.  And, for the first time ever, I even got online during a pit stop on my drive home, just because I could.  (Okay, I admit it was also because I had found out while driving home that there would be a gathering of in-laws at my house when I walked in the door and I was in no rush to join them, weary from the road trip.)  Gotta love truck stops for wifi and their great candy selection – I picked up some banana Laffy Taffy for my teen’s Halloween care package:)

Thumbs up:  Arctic Freeze.  Jody reviewed this product and I have since tried out several flavors.  It’s full of some rather nebulous ingredients, but if you are looking for a “diet” alternative to ice cream that tastes just good enough to feed your need for a fix, check it out yourself.  Thumbs down that my Whole Foods store only carries a few flavors and not the one that Jody says is best.  Thumbs up that I found a new flavor on my trip to Little Rock and it made it home still frozen.  Thumbs up that it is still sitting, uneaten, in my freezer.  Moderation!

Thumbs that could have gone the other way:  Free candy.  At the drugstore recently, I was randomly chosen for a customer service survey.  To entice encourage me to participate, the clerk handed me a Take 5 candy bar, to emphasize that the survey would only “take five” minutes to complete.  My immediate thought was “oh no – temptation.”  My next thought was to toss it in the trash on the way to my car.  Then I thought it would be something to add to my son’s care package.  And wondered if I could have it at home, waiting until I sealed it in a mailing box, without giving in and eating it myself.  I could and I did, so my thumbs are up.  I admit I “hid” it under some other things waiting to be packed so maybe I wouldn’t remember it was there to taunt me:)







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60 responses to “I'm All Thumbs

  1. Wouldn’t it be more depressing if no none noticed you were changing and getting healthier? I mean, of course we are doing this most of all for ourselves, but still… it’s nice to have others see the results as well.

    • Karen

      But for me, if they noticed I’m changing for the better, than they also noticed when I was “not changed.” And I guess I liked to think no one paid attention to my weight or ups and downs. Other than my mom and husband, of course, who see everything:)

  2. Hi Karen! Just yesterday, I found myself trying to mentally convince myself that crackers are nutritional–they are not! Most of them are just thin cookies or fat chips–depending upon how you view them–with un-sweet seasonings! I gained many pounds last year on crackers–which was a REAL pain to lose again–if anyone needs a pudgy reminder about crackers.

    🙂 Marion

    • Karen

      I changed to Triscuits when I was working on this “lifestyle not a diet but my last diet ever” thing. Wheat and, unfortunately, salt. But still, pretty healthy overall. I was surprised when I posted about them here and on my “diet” forum how many people have trouble with Triscuits, of all foods!

  3. Thumbs up that you just successfully completed your longest solo road trip and are ready to go again! Believe me, it grows on you and my favorite solo road trip is the one with friends waiting at the end of it!!

    • Karen

      And I’d never have done it without you:) The drive was actually easier than I expected. But I did miss the second person to navigate and look out for places to stop. Not so safe to be working that Garmin while I’m driving:( Wonder where I’ll wander next!

  4. Oh I love your “thumbs” posts!
    Sorry the gluten-free experiment didn’t help your DH – for me I noticed results in 3 days (I went wheat-free for my skin and my belly got better waaaay quicker)…What about trying wheat-free for longer? Sometimes it’s the wheat – which is really in almost everything from icecream to yogurt, soups, and the obvious stuff like bread and muffins etc. I want to read this book called “Wheat Belly” that I heard about recently…
    I know what you mean about hiding stuff from yourself – for me I find if I tell someone that I have it and I promise that I won’t eat it or whatever – make a pledge, I WILL be true to my word and it helps me. Sometimes I even just blog it – like my failed fudge last week, I blogged that I would not eat another spoonful! It helped!
    I like your blog name & yo-yo lady! 🙂 I’ve gone through wanting to change my blog name – seems that others always have more clever ones, but hey, it is what it is! And mine right now means a lot to me.

    • Karen

      I think that’s what counts most, Dawn – that the name has meaning for you! Mine may not anymore for me, but it does seem to have some amount of “branding” now and there isn’t anything else that means something… yet. My memory is bad enough that sometimes in the past I hid candy and found it months and months later, forgotten! Anyhow, I got my boys’ boxes packed and sealed yesterday with nary a nibble:)

  5. Michele T

    So many topics from which to choose this morning. How do I write a comment?

    1. Gum – does it help you not snack? What kind do you like? I’ll never forget the day a few months ago when I was gleefully chewing a piece of Trident Layers thinking I’d found a great snack-prevention solution when I read the label — it has TRANS FAT in it too!!!! I haven’t chewed any gum since.

    2. People noticing weight loss — Okay, this is a big one, and I find it interesting that people have so many different feelings on this one (such as Diandra’s comment above). It makes me horrifically uncomfortable when people start telling me they’ve noticed I’ve lost weight. When they say, “You look really good,” I think, “Why didn’t you tell me when I looked really bad?” And I do look better, but that’s not the point. I’ve still such a long way to go. There are few people I want to hear “comments of notice” from. If I don’t hear it from just a couple of people (the ones I feel comfortable talking about weight and food with), then my feelings are hurt. But hearing it from others just makes me CRINGE!!! Ooh, shuddering now just thinking about it.

    3. Your Outstretched Hand — A public thank you for asking me how WW is going this week yesterday. Your asking about it means more than you know.

    4. Blog Names — Yes, you never know when inspiration will strike. And as I travel through life, I’ll keep you and your blog in mind in case any possibilities jump out at me.

    • Karen

      I just checked my gum for trans fat!! None. Phew. Tough question though. I tend to “use” it for a chewing addiction-like obsession or a sweet taste after a meal, or, to keep awake in front of the TV at night! But I do know other people who find it a good thing to have in their mouths to keep them from snacking or nibbling as they cook. That said, I don’t chew in public; I hate that look and hearing it. I like the Extra dessert gums, chocolate mint best, and their watermelon flavor.

      It is always hard to know what to do when someone has lost weight. Do you say something and risk offending them or having them feel as I do? Do you not say something and risk offending them when they think you don’t notice. So I guess we need tough skins and to not care either way.

      Glad to hear that you appreciated me asking. I thought you would, but like the weight comments, on never knows.

      It would be a hoot if someday my new name popped into YOUR head!

      • Michele T

        I loved the chocolate mint Extra Desserts gum too until I went into yet another “Avoid Sucralose and Other Artificial Sweeteners At All Costs” phase. The strawberry shortcake flavor was disgusting to me, but the key lime is really good too. 🙂

  6. I am so like you with crackers or anything like that – NONE in my house. I do keep my healthy breads but made them part of my daily food program.

    Gum – can’t do. The sorbitol in sugar free gum bloats me big time!

    At almost 54, I can say that the bod does hold onto weight as we age & I do just about all they say you should do to slow it down BUT I am still having issues. It is the most frustrating time in my life – honestly!.

    I still am in love with coffee Arctic Freeze – love it! The strawberry is pretty darn good too & on the look out for the fall pumpkin flavor that I have not seen yet. Yes, be careful eating too much at once. It does have fiber additives that can cause some people to bloat & others to go the other way! 😉

    • Karen

      Gum bloat – me too. And, ahem, sometimes other side effects come with the bloat. So I am selective about when I chew:)

      I actually have liked the vanilla maple best so far. I know you didn’t. And am not usually a vanilla fan so was surprised. The one I found in Little Rock is cookies and cream, I think. We have another Whole Foods further from my house; I may check there some day.

  7. I’m sure I had a useful comment or two, but I suddenly can think of nothing but Take5 candy bars. Wonder if they have those in Halloween sizes. 🙂

    Oh, the Dr. Oz article. It’s a crying shame that he (or his writers) gave what’s a fairly good article such a stupid name. I’m offended by articles or products with the word ‘miracle’ anywhere in them. So offended I’m going to zen-out by taking a walk and visualizing the salty-sweet “miracle” that is the Take5 candy bar.

    • Karen

      They do! But I saw them in a bag of mixed candy, not sure they have them alone. I got my sons’ candy all purchased yesterday and the boxes are sealed and ready to send and I didn’t eat any! That Take 5 looked pretty darn yummy, I must say. I’d never seen one before.

      Seems to me that Oz is doing a whole lot more related to weight loss this season. Hmm.

  8. Oh my God – you resisted a Take 5??? You must have willpower of steel! I love your thumbs up and down lists…such a neat glimpse into the way you think.
    BTW – I wouldn’t get too upset over someone noticing weight loss – just embrace it. I don’t think people say things like that unless it complementary. Better to have someone point out that you lost weight versus gained it, I say!

    • Karen

      Actually, I think most of the discussion regarding my weight, there was one other person who commented on me being thin but she didn’t know me before, has been connected to conversations about cholesterol. I think it surprises people to learn that someone my size can have cholesterol issues.

      I had never seen one of those bars before and when I read the package – wow – they pack a lot of yummy stuff in there!

  9. I can’t have crackers around either including saltines. If I open the package, I eat until the package is gone.

    I always chew gum (Extra peppermint) when we go to Sam’s. When offered a yummy sample I just say “No thanks, I have gum.” That may sound silly, but it works for me. My skinny daughter, on the other hand, happily makes a free meal from the samples. Sigh.

    • Karen

      That is a great idea! I should try that since I usually have gum in the car. Saltines are yummy. I used to eat them with peanut butter on top.

  10. I love these posts! My favorite is making a pact. I too reached out to a blogger friend and we have entered into a friendly competition. We both are trying to get rid of our stubborn last 10 pounds. The first one there has to send the other a care package. We really are doing this to root the other one on and I honestly hope for a tie- but the point is- we have so much support with our blog friends. It is a beautiful thing!
    Oh- yay on the gum too! I love gum!!!

  11. I saw that Dr Oz show too but didn’t take that test so now I am off to see how I score.

    I missed Jody’s post about the Artic Ice dessert but I am going to look for that at Whole Foods or Sprouts. Thanks for the link.

    It’s so much easier to have a friend who is going through the same thing so you can talk about it and work through the challenges together. What would we do without our internet friends and connections?

    Crackers or carby stuff is so addictive for me too. Some days I can eat a reasonable portion and other times not. Why is that?

    • Karen

      I didn’t like his calculator so googled some others. My husband was doing it too. His BMR is much higher than mine:( I think the ice cream was on sale at Sprouts, per Jody, recently. Maybe it still is. It’s pretty expensive.

      I wish I knew why some days we can do that moderation thing and some days not. But it certainly is harder with certain foods for me than others. Like the crackers. And bread.

  12. You’ve got me singing that song now. 😉

    That takes a lot of determination to bring home a chocolate bar and pack it up for someone else. Good for you!!

  13. Mac bought two HUGE (Costco-size) bags of Halloween candy … both are still unopened, though, and I’ll be fine as long as they stay that way since I will be in another country on Halloween.

    Tootsie rolls are one of my downfalls, so I don’t ever want to even see them, much less have them in the house.

    • Karen

      Men and Costco-sized bags of candy! I was thinking Tootsie Rolls used to bill themselves as a low fat food. And, while they are, that trans fat thing is the one we are most supposed to avoid! Must be what gives them the chewiness.

  14. As an Texas A&M Aggie, I love any post that involves thumbs! Gig em’ Aggies! Aside from the thumbs, I really enjoyed your style of writing and of course the topic!

  15. Thumbs way down for Tootsie Rolls because they don’t even taste all that great and I would snack on them anyway. 🙂

    • Karen

      My husband has always loved them which I think got me onto them. I used to think they were a good alternative to chocolate that was less “healthy” because it had more fat. Before I saw those trans fats!

  16. Karen B Sharin? Yo.yo.yo I gots a tale – sometimes it’s small – sometimes it’s tall?

    I feel rappery. Tootsy roll king feels wrappery.

    I wonder if it is time to bleach the cutting boards. Whenever I have symptoms of anything I ditch the sponges and bleach my boards. And in your case, maybe no beans for your fella. I like to imagine the symptoms. I zeroed in on the two which delighted my imagination the most. Apologies to hubby if he happens onto this comment… and wash your hands.

    I think I know who you made the pact with. And a good one it was because she is doing AWESOME. A good friend in deed. Hey – that might be a name for your blog! OK maybe not, but it is true.

    • Karen

      Ah, you can stop thinking such things… his symptoms were at the other end of the body from where I think your mind was going!!

  17. Ann

    Oh crackers…….how I love you…..They are devil spawn. I could live off them, but of course…..I can’t. Especially the EVIL that are gold fish…….

    I love your thumbs posts. Good one!

    • Karen

      And what I love, or USED to love, about goldfish is how many little crackers you get for one serving! And a lovely saltiness. Sigh.

  18. Oooh I must try that ice cream! I found a few stores in my area that carry it woo hoo! Pumpkin flavor here I COME! 😀

    Good for you for putting the candy bar away 🙂

  19. Well, I can sure vouch for your outstreched hand!! thanks for all the extra support!
    Love the thumbs.
    Tootsie rolls! Oh boy. Good thing I’m all OUT for candy. I love those little stinkers. Even the stale ones. Although I saw a really gross “kids dessert” thing once and they used tootsie rolls to be poop… somehow. See it still haunts me though I don’t totally remember it. It was awful and a terrible idea. On a talk show I think. Why would you want to feed your kids “fake poo”? Yuk.
    Clearly I digress….
    The candy survey cracks me up! What are the odds? Really. You had to do it.

    • Karen

      I have a definite preference for my tootsie roll size and shape. How crazy is that!? I like the thinnest ones, either very small or the ones an inch or so long. Don’t like the chunky fat ones. My husband used to get a lot of tootsie POPS.

  20. Crackers are so easy for me to eat too many of. Just five have about 70 calories – and when you eat them, you almost forget you just ate them! At least I do.

    Love these types of posts Karen!

    • Karen

      I can’t tell you how many packages I have read over the years looking for the crackers with the most per serving. Even with Triscuits, I prefer the “thins” since, despite the ounces being the exact same, it feels like I got more since the number in a serving was twice that of regular tricuits! And goldfish… tons per serving.

  21. I can not keep any candy in the house….

    I was at target a couple of days ago and spied all that Halloween candy. I found myself thinking, hum I should get some…but, thankfully I kept those thoughts at bay…otherwise I would have sampled a piece and another piece until I had eaten it all!

    • Karen

      When I was buying for my boys yesterday, I at one point had a back of 3 Musketeers in my hand. For them. But I put it back because, while it might not be my favorite candy, I suspected I’d be more likely to “sample” a few since it is a relatively less-caloric and less-fat candy. Oh the mind games I play.

  22. I could SO relate to your ‘eating the crackers’ comment. I’m like that… can’t keep anything in the house in preparation as they will be gone by the time they are needed.

    I also laughed at the gluten-free trial. I got diagnosed as coeliac (Oz spelling!) a few years ago and had to change my diet. It took a while but I’m finally used to it. I guess I must feel / be better but sometimes it’s still a hassle.

    I also like the pact you’ve made and it sounds like it’s been working. I probably needed something like that recently… though hopefully am over that hump!


    • Karen

      I actually did a nutritionist supervised elimination diet about a decade ago to check for food intolerance and it was very hard to cut out gluten. It is in so many things. And back then we didn’t have all the products like now. I actually had the official medical test for celiac disease so knew definitively that I don’t have it.

  23. Yes, I tried fooling myself with “whole grain” crackers this week. Two whole gms of fibre per serving. Really?

    They’re just floury, carby goodness that needs to stay out of my house!

  24. HI
    my name is MizFit and TOOTSIE ROLLS are my albatross as well.


  25. crackers are a stomach-trap for me. I can eat a whole sleeve of crackers in eaaasily. And now in honor of your new crown, I have just pulled out a stick gum to chew.

  26. I agree that there are some things, no matter how healthy they are, that cause overindulgence. I am that way with my whole grain breads. I now put it in the freezer out in the garage so it is not in easy reach when I am feeling weak.

    I dn’t buy the halloween candy until close to the day and always buy something I won’t eat. Although I did buy the seasonal M&Ms to make cookies to send the kids and they have been in an unopened package for a couple of weeks – thimbs up for me!

    I am going to check out the Dr. Oz link – I suspect mine will be bad on his index as it was on my doc’s testing many years ago…sigh.

    • Karen

      Kudos to you on those M&Ms! I don’t even keep bread in the house anymore. I get it sometimes at restaurants when my portion is controlled for me:) I wonder if the freezer trick would work for me. Hmmm.

  27. I agree wholeheartedly – thanks for the chuckle this morning. I needed it. I’ve bee struggling lately trying to figure out where to kick myself to get moving again in the right direction. Finally decided maybe I needed to stop kicking and simply embrace the good.

  28. free samples always get me i do try to resist but i’mnot always good at it

  29. Ok yours is the second blog I’ve read about Arctic Freeze… must seek this out! Also, crackers are my nemesis.

  30. Lisa

    I think it was alright that people commented on you losing some weight. At least you know that you are making progress and you are doing well on the pack. Often, People do notice a lot about our changes but I wouldn’t worry about the negative part since they rarely share it. It is good to have someone who is honest and will always tell you what they notice like your husband.

    • Karen

      Ah, my husband would never DARE comment! But I know he sees all:) And, of course, he hears all, since he tracks our weights on a spreadsheet. So, he knows every little pound of up and down:(

  31. I’m so with you on the not wanting people to comment on your weight thing! For me, it just reminds me that I had (and still have) weight to loose. I know it is meant as a compliment when people say I’ve lost weight, but I’d really they just kept off the subject alltogether…

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