Magical Mystery Tour

Friday morning I head out for the longest road trip I’ve made alone.  Somewhere between 6 and 7 hours to the southeast, if the online mapping tools are to be believed.  Leaving behind my mundane but comfortable-as-an-old slipper routine; heading towards fun and adventure and new friends.

I’ll be spending my weekend with three fabulous bloggers; two of whom I’ve never met before.  But, as with my last (and only) meet up, I feel I know so much about them already from their written words.  I’m not worried we’ll have nothing to talk about; quite the opposite:  I suspect we’ll have too much to say and not enough time to say it!

Would you like to join us vicariously?

I’m offering you a chance to get in on the conversation.  Just tell me what you’d ask or talk about, and I’ll do my best to bring it up this weekend.  If I can get a word in edgewise:)

And, bragging rights go to the first reader (not associated with the trip) who correctly guesses the other three bloggers!





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27 responses to “Magical Mystery Tour

  1. This should be fun! Anyone who has read your blog since May will know who one of them is!

    Have fun and be safe!!

  2. I actually remembered to stop by today & I did not forget!!! 😉 OK, your note helped!

    How fun for you Karen! I have no idea who but I am sure there will be NO lack of words!!!

  3. oh WOW! I have no idea who!
    and yes… there will be too little time – I’m sure of it!

  4. I am gonna take a stab at the meet up Sharon, Michele T and Responsibility 199…….

    But whomever it is I KNOW you will have an awesome time!

  5. Michele T

    Hmm… no guesses here. 😉

  6. Jan

    No idea – but y’all have a wonderful time! Be certain to link to their blogs when you get back so we can read the different perspectives of the meet-up 😉 Drive safely!

    • Karen

      Will do, Jan. I suspect that many of my followers also read the other blogs. And, I think the other bloggers are likely to get a post out before I do. I tend to take a long time to write and edit and my next post would be Monday but I won’t get home until Sunday night.

  7. That sounds like fun! Have a great time!

    I went on a road trip all alone one time. I drove from Portland to White Fish, Montana all by myself to stay with my best friend for a week. It was great!

    • Karen

      That’s a long trip! I have a book on tape to listen to but also had my husband teach me how to work the Sirius radio. Since I don’t usually listen to anything (except quiet and my thoughts) in the car, I needed a lesson:)

      • Michele T

        There’s a BROADWAY station — nothing but you, the open road, and enough show tunes to satisfy even the biggest Broadway fans!

  8. Have a great time- with whoever it is you are meeting with!!!

  9. OK. I know one has to be Sharon. I haven’t a clue who the others could be. Maybe Ellen? Lucky you if so.

    What would your son think? – a meet up with two more people you met off the internet? Why… those supposed women could be old, pervy men who spend day in and day out writing about weight and food and general peeves and the joys of fresh fruit and exercise JUST to lure you to a lunch hours away from your comfy old proverbial slippers. Genius! And intriguing.

    • Michele T

      This comment is hysterical — the part about meeting up with people off the Internet. I told someone about this “meetup thing” among bloggers, and she said, “Michele, that sounds a little creepy to me. Public places only, right?” Non-blog writers or readers don’t quite understand.

    • Karen

      You are so right! I hope my boys NEVER do anything so risky!! And, I’m going to be sharing a hotel room with one of them! Okay, as suite. But, still.

  10. Nice guess by BGB… I have four cats I’ll give to the first person to visit me. Not 3, but 4!!!

  11. Zero guesses, but I’m bad at things like that!

  12. Sounds so fun! I want to know all about this when your trip is done!

    🙂 Marion

  13. So, I’m trying to figure out if I’m associated with the trip, or not. Technically not, so I am going to claim those bragging rights! Will be sitting on pins and needles awaiting a post 🙂

  14. Have fun Karen & mystery bloggers! Good for you for stepping out of the comfy blog zone. There were stirrings of meeting up with some fellow bloggers a while ago, but we never got past talking about how much fun it would be:)
    Can’t wait to read your next installment!

  15. Another person getting to go off on a fun adventure….without me….sigh. I’m so envious. Take lots of photos. My guess for your companions are Sharon, Cammy, and ???? Here’s hoping all of your walking (or is it biking??) legs get more of a workout than your chatty little mouths….hahaha.

  16. How fun! One person must be Sharon and the others I just don’t know!

    I can’t wait to hear how it all goes and look forward to seeing photos!

  17. Wow! Enjoy. Many of the bloggers I’m friendly with locally (in Oz) are only blogging as part of the program we are on, rather than longer term bloggers).

    I’m keen to know what you all ‘get’ out of blogging (in a sense of fulfilment / cathartic kind of way!)


  18. Sheila

    Can’t wait for the follow up post about this! Hope you enjoy(ed) the trip!

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