What’s in a Name?

When I decided to start a blog, I obviously had to come up with a name.  This was before I knew much, if anything about blogging.  And I certainly knew nothing about “branding” or even that such a concept existed in cyberspace.  So I had no notion that I was naming not only this online place where I would write my thoughts, but also, at the same time, naming myself.  I only thought about the blog and what to call it so that it would reflect something of me and where I was in that moment and what I hoped to accomplish through blogging.  I had no expectations about a future in blogging, so really was not thinking past that moment.  No concerns for how the name might fit me and my blog down the road.  I wanted to start a blog and I wanted to start it then!

And thus, Waisting Time was born.

But the name really had its beginnings six months earlier…

As a yo-yo dieter, I had learned a lot of things.  And one think I learned, much to my dismay, is that over time a woman’s midsection starts to spread.  I gained weight – it got bigger.  I lost weight – it got smaller.  Or so I thought.  But one day, at my goal weight for the umpteenth time, I tried on my skinny pants and was shocked to find that while they fit easily in the butt and thighs but were tight in the waist!  Wait!  I’m a pear.  I’m the woman who has always had trouble finding pants that fit because of my bootylicious backside in comparison to my little middle.  Eek!  My mother was right – as women age there seems to be an inevitable, hormone-induced widening of the middle.  (Darn, I hate when she’s right.)  I weighed what I used to weigh but a great seismic distribution of body fat had occurred.  And I wasn’t liking it.  So my waist was on my mind.

As was my waste.  As in all the time I had spent over many years monkeying around with my eating.  Dieting.  Not dieting.  Losing then gaining.  I was feeling regret and a bit of anger that I had wasted all the days of eating well with the days (and months) of eating poorly.  That I had wasted the moments of resisting temptation with little binges of less than fabulous food.  That I had wasted all my exercise efforts by not combining them with the food my body really needed.  That I had wasted hours in my closet, looking for something to wear in the spread of various sized clothes.  That I had wasted too much time regretting and too much time fixating and too much time not living life.

I had wasted time.  My waist had expanded.  I wanted to change both.  And I rather enjoy a good pun.  So, thus the name was born.  And just over a year and a half ago, I decided that it was time to stop wasting and start waisting.  I was off and blogging.  I became Waisting Time.

But a funny thing happened.  Okay, several things.  I quickly realized that while I still wanted to be an anonymous blogger (for reasons I may get into another day), I was ready to share my name.  Knowing the first name of other bloggers has made it easier for me to connect, somehow.  And as one who quickly discovered that the community is the best part of blogging, connecting was important.  I also quickly realized that I loved blogging and plan to continue with for a very long time.  Hopefully well past a time when I run out of things to say about eating and exercise and my relationship with food and all that jazz.  Maybe I will outgrow my blog’s name.  Maybe it no longer reflects who I am and where I am and where I want to go and who I want to be and what I might want to write.

OMG – should I change my blog’s name!?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  It would be a tremendous hassle.  Seems there are a multitude of online places (Feedburner, Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.) where I have registered as Waisting Time.  I’ll need to remember them all and then change them all.  Not even sure I know how to!  Technology usually baffles me and I am already feeling my brain fry a little bit just thinking about it all.  Yep, feeling overwhelmed already.  And then there is the likelihood I’ll lose historical data, if I care about that.  And the risk of losing readers who get lost in the shuffle.  Eek!

But the biggest question:  what name to choose?  What feels like it fits me and can keep fitting for a very long time?  An easy name.  Maybe with “Karen” in it.  Oh this is the tough part.  Because if I’m going to do this I only want to do this once.  And I want to love it.  Or, at least, really, really LIKE it.

So… maybe you can help.

Does the name of a blog and blogger mean anything?

Give me reasons why I should or shouldn’t change.

Name that blog; name this blogger.

All thoughts and advice are welcome.




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83 responses to “What’s in a Name?

  1. Okay well… I’ve been reading your posts for the past few weeks. When I first came across your blog I thought the name was catchy and witty, but now reading your reasoning for naming your blog-site this, it’s no longer just a “catchy/witty” name, it’s you, and now I can relate to it. If you still feel as though this name embodies you and everything you speak of on this post keep it! Like you said you’ve attached different social medias to this name and now have created some what of a brand for yourself.

    If you do chose to keep it (and I’ll continue to read either way lol) you wont lose your posts on WordPress, you can export them and re-import, wouldn’t be too bad of an issue!

    Hope this help 🙂

    • Karen

      Thanks for commenting, Yetti, and for sharing your thoughts. I always wonder who is reading and what they think. I’m off to check out your blog shortly. Curious now about YOUR name:)

  2. I’ve had much the same deliberation, especially with coming out with my name, and I’ve decided that I’m just going to keep it like this for now.

    I love the word play in your blog name, and I know you’ve built up quite a presence in the blogosphere. As a brand it works well! Because of its double meaning I can easily see that you can basically blog about *anything* under this name, not only weight-related issues. I’d keep it, and if you want, rather play around with a new header that focuses more on your future direction.

    Whatever you decide, Karen, it will be good!

    • Karen

      And I never would have assumed that Pippa wasn’t your “real” name! It seems that most of the comments I got agree with you; I’m glad I asked this question and very glad that people were willing to weigh in (no pun intended there) with their thoughts.

  3. Hi Karen! I did BIG binges on less than fabulous food.<<hating myself the whole time I was garfing it down. I spent WAY to much time trying to find an outfit that didn't make me look fat. I don't have to do that anymore.

    That mid-life fat on the waist and back totally sucks. Even 5 years ago, when I gained weight, my waist was still slim. Fat back makes me want to scream!! I hate it worse than pudgy gut!! So I am doing something about it and eating much much better. My life has gotten much happier as a result.

    I am the worst at blog names–my teen son came up with mine. Maybe ask your kids.

    🙂 Marion

    • Karen

      Eek! Not my kids! I shudder just remembering that my youngest has now read my blog. BTW – your son came up with a great one. As for back fat, I am now thinking I need to go check out mine in the mirror. Funny that I never noticed because, well, it’s on my back and I don’t see it! Maybe that is not an area where I collect fat. Maybe.

  4. I love your blog name, I always have – I think it is funny and apt. I also love your “cartoon you” in the blog header. I think you have a great brand, I wouldn’t change a thing. But then, are you gunna listen to someone who had the imagination to call his blog “Andrew’s Blog”?

    • Karen

      Well thanks, Andrew. I had that cartoon drawn for me by a designer; I’d always loved seeing them on other blogs but didn’t want to see “me” show up elsewhere from stock art. And your blog name is fitting – just says it like it is.

  5. I really like your blog name, and the header, etc. If you feel limited by the title now, maybe think about changing it, but if you are just thinking about the future, why not wait until a new focus comes to you?

    • Karen

      That seems to be the majority opinion on this one. That, and waiting until something great pops into my head. Could be forever until THAT happens! I think part of my impetus was also thinking I should change hosting for my blog and if I did that, it would be the best time to change my URL and therefore the blog name too. But, I’m mega procrastinating on the hassle of changing hosts.

  6. Lee

    I decided when I set up my blog that I didn’t want to be called “Tollhouse Cookie” or “Cookie”, so I just left my personal I.D. as my nickname and the blog name is what it is.

    RE: Mid-life weight. I have that all going on here as well. I refer to my middle section as “podge”. And if you look back a few weeks ago to my blog with photos of Marie Osmond, who is a spokesperson for Nutri-System and lost 50 pounds, is 5′ 4″ tall and says she weight 105 now….she had “podge”, too! (Hate to say this but I was so distracted by it….as I was truly amazed that here we are in our 50’s now and have weight issues, struggle, overcome them…and still don’t have a perfect body!) I’m going to be happy with whatever this body ends up looking like as long as I feel good. But that number on the scale is what matters to me most now-not the size on the clothes.

    • Karen

      And that, dear Lee, is why I would call you “one smart cookie!” Honestly, I never thought at all about the blog vs. personal ID; didn’t know enough about blogging to even have that on my radar. I was very knowledgeable.

  7. Well. Hmmm. I think changing your name depends on a lot of things. If you feel strongly that it is the vibe you are not feeling anymore – like you want to blog on subjects well outside body and mind and age… things that can reasonably be associated with your name AND if you think the name is holding you back from reaching a wider audience AND audience size is important AND/OR you freaking hate the name. Then you probably have to bite the bullet and change it. If you spend a lot of time on it and are unhappy and it is plaguing you – out it goes. People will follow you. Remember when you sort of worried that cutting down on the daily posting might peeve people? People adjust to your needs if they like you. People who read you cannot help but like you.

    As for me – I don’t care about my name and I basically write about and how I want BUT everything boils down to my basic “tenet”? and that is that I am a cranky, lazy slacker and anything that runs contrary to that is either not done or I band aid it. I think lots of people know me by my fake name more than the blog name. Fine. I have not registered it anywhere. See above as to why. Mostly I do it for support, to give support and to explore why I tend to go over the oinklette cliff. So – ahem – take my advice with a all that in mind.

    Waists and their spreading. Sucks wildly. On the bright side my legs and butt have never looked thinner in comparison.

    • Karen

      LOL – I did worry about posting less often. Silly me:)

      So, how did you come up with Munchberry? And yes, I think of you that way, not with your blog name. And this got me to thinking that the same is true for many people that I’ve connected with in the blogosphere.

      Your comment makes me think. I do tend to worry to much about what others think about me. But I’m not sure how much this is about that and how much it is about me wanting to have the name fit who I am and what I’ll write about. Maybe the little perfectionist tendencies are rearing up here… hmmm. It would have been very interesting to ask what my blog name suggests to readers or people when they first come across it.

      • Munchberry – I was looking at my picture in that pink sweater and I said “I look like a crunchberry.”. Yeah. Reality is rarely as interesting as what you might invent. I think if I were more forward thinking and less impulsive I would have thought both names out better. Maybe called myself by a real fake name like maybe Karen. But, who would believe my name is actually Karen? LOL

        When I first saw your blog name on someone else’s blog (I think it was Teresa’s I thought it meant that you needed to lose wait, but you were a procrastinator. I am apparently quite literal even though I too love a good pun. Then I got to your blog and thought “That is the cutest header ever!”

        If you feel hemmed in by what you have here and feel like does not accurately depict what you have or where you will be going or the name simply bugs you, you have to seriously consider ditching it.

        But do consider keeping the character because she looks like you, she is incredibly adorable and the purple top soothes me. Maybe the world can be at the end of your string… you propped up on a rainbow. it is quite a sweet life you have eh? Aside from the blasted yo yoing. But that is certainly not the sum of you.

        • weight.

          My word your punning has me doing it unconsciously.

          • Karen

            Oh you do crack me up:) I’m so glad I “met” you, Karen…I mean Munchberry.

            Interesting to hear what you first thought upon seeing my name. I wish I’d thought to ask readers that. It does matter, I think, if I care about bringing in new readers. I mean, how sad my day would be without you having added your wonderful humor to it:)

            I know that sometimes I see a blog name in comments or on a blog roll that says “come check me out.”


  8. If you change your name, I’ll stop reading and never speak to you again! And now, I’m sure you are terrified. LOL!

    All joking aside, I love your blog name, the header and everything associated with it including YOU! I would vote strongly against ever changing it because only the play on spelling gives a clue that it is “branded.” I think you will always be free to write about whatever is on your mind and you already do some of that on issues that are only indirectly related to weight.

    Don’t change it!!

    • Karen

      My husband got a kick out of your comment:) You know I will want to talk more about this with you and the whole notion of where we are going with our blogs. YOUR name, IMO, has such unlimited potential.

  9. Karen, again we are alike! I was thinking the same thing about changing the name of my blog… don’t know if I want the hassle as well but it has been on my mind lately.. change it & if I do, what would reflect me now..

    I love the name of your blog BUT we have to follow what we think is best for us – although all the changing it everywhere else – UGH! 😉

  10. oh gosh! I don’t even no what to say! but sigh…. I hear you about the name – because we CHANGE! We start off as one person and we shift – naturally – and what rings true to us at one point somehow doesn’t fit over time.
    So funny – I think my very first post was “what’s in a name?” – ha!
    Changing the name is a hassle – I ditched the ex’s name (finally)and there was a lot involved (just BARELY getting into the legal part of that). but it’s doable. BUT having a name that’s RIGHT is really wonderful 🙂
    We love you… we love your name… we love “waisting time” – brilliant! And we will love you still if you take the plunge somehow. xoxox

    • Karen

      The first thing I thought reading this is how much like life it is. We change. We grow. We evolve. Makes sense our blogs would do the same. I do love how your real name is such a big part of your cyber-identity. Maybe that is part of what impacts me – knowing real names makes connections easier in some way, I think. I did have a moment of thinking of another “K” word to go with Karen:) No luck.

  11. Rather than change the name of your blog — change the tagline.. from reforming to reformed….or musing on the ups and downs of my life…

    • Karen

      Funny you should say that, Jules, because when I had the designer do that header, way back when, I expected to “end” my yo-yo years and always intended to some day change it to “reformed.” Not sure when I get to say that, though. Still very much a work in progress. I’ll have to think what else I might change about it. Good idea.

  12. I completely feel what you are saying in this post. I called my blog “A new Dawn” because of an advert playing at Christmas last year using the song of the same name and I so wanted to have a new dawn, a new day, a new life, for me.
    It WAS relatively random and accidental in that it doesn’t actually refer to weight and I feel it can be mine for ever, long after I win the diet war. So i get the feeling that “waisting time” is named for a particular part of your journey. I have followed a lovely lady whose blog was about infertility and she had a child and the name needed to move on and all her followers moved easily in the acceptance of a new name…its a celebration after all. How about keeping the look and feel of your blog and the title….Time and change the word waisting to a word that celebrates the next stage?…keep the W and become Wonderful Time, Winning Time, or go for the opposite of waisting time and be Creating Time, for all the new things you will tell us about.
    Whatever you choose to do, change or stay..I will follow x

    • Karen

      I have always thought your blog name was a great one. Lucky you to have a real name that worked so well for blogging:) I’ll think about what you suggest. I follow a blogger who had a diet/running blog which she totally ended to start a pregnancy/running blog.

  13. I’ll read you under any blog name, but as for changing this one, I suspect the result would be something similar to what happened when my friend Albert converted to Islam and eventually changed his name to Ali. I found it very difficult to think of him as Ali; I’d met him and got to know him as Albert. The same with female friends and family members who change their names through marriage or divorce. I still tend to introduce them with their previous names. 🙂

    • Karen

      This makes me think of how when we know someone from their youth, we always think of them by their childhood name. Like “Joey” instead of the grown up “Joe” that everyone they met later in life uses. Good point. But, the big question is, do you think of me as “Karen” or do you think of me as “Waisting Time?”

  14. When setting up my blog and social media sites, I heard a lot about branding yourself and using your personal ID so it is easier for people to connect with you and find you online. That said, I did want something catchy also that defined who I was and what I represented. So, all my sites are set up with my name. However, my blog is title Healthynfitmom and my fb Page is also Jeannie Gilbert-Healthynfitmom. However, they are linked with my name so my to go to my blog, you use http://www.myname.com. Does that make sense? So, people can find all my site using my name and know who I am but I still have a persona per say being healthynfitmom.

    • Karen

      I wish I’d known more when I started. Or maybe that would have just scared me off! Never heard of that site and I will check it out; thanks. Seems to me that more and more bloggers have added their real names somehow. For me, I still want the anonymity of not having my last name out there.

  15. I think if you are at all wanting to brand yourself, you should keep the name, as people obviously respond to you. If you feel like it doesn’t reflect who you are, or you want to expand, use a redirect like the above poster did. I’m getting ready to start a site under my own name – maybe – because I might have some good news coming soon.

  16. I like the name. I think it’s fitting. It’s okay to change and evolve but I think branding is hard to change. It’s like you’re starting over again….

    • Karen

      Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Hard:( Not that I ever thought about myself as a brand before. But I guess that’s what happens all on its own.

  17. Michele T

    My two cents: I think it’s important to choose a blog name that can stand the test of time… one that can represent you and the blog as you both transform into whatever you’ll be in the future. When I started Healthy Cultivations, that was part of why that name worked. No matter where I was or what I was doing or what I might become, cultivating health on every level is always a good foundation… in fact, it’s the foundation upon which everything else in life should be built.

    I say just sit with the question of a new blog name… it will come to you. Don’t force it. Let it happen. Give it some time. You don’t have to do it today.

    And when you do decide to do it, all those changes won’t be too awful. Just make a list and check them off as you go.

    • Karen

      Yep, I thought about your blog name when I was writing this. You were smart. You ARE smart, so this doesn’t surprise me:) Foresight! I had not idea. My goal with blogging really was very shortsighted and narrow. Who knew!?

  18. I’m with the majority this round. You’ve been hugely successful with Waisting Time – even when I hear the term out of blogland (obviously as in “wasting time”) I think of you. It definitely has become your moniker, and over the time you’ve blogged and we’ve seen your pictures and learned more about you, it has all become a complete package. And the title, while suggestive of fitness and health, hasn’t stopped you from branching out to other topics unrelated to the middle circumference of your body!

    That said, I’ll read you no matter what you call yourself!

    • Karen

      I never think of it related to fitness and health because in my mind it started as related to “weight loss.” That was another thing that I didn’t know about – the concept of “healthy living” bloggers. Boy, was I ignorant! I always think of you as “Leslie” and if for some reason I want to pull up your blog (as opposed to reading it from my reader), I have to pause and think about the name. But then, you have the swim thing and the brilliant thing so that gives me two options for my failing memory. BTW – I thought of you yesterday when I was getting my gray covered:)

  19. I do regret wasting those years being overweight … I wish somebody had pointed out to the younger me that it wasn’t okay and I needed to do something about it because some day I’d be 60 and sorry I’d wasted those years.

    I think you need to go with your gut on the blog name change … whatever makes me you happy, makes me happy.

  20. Donna MacDonald

    I love you just the way you are! But if you feel you NEED to, how about combining them: “Waisting Karen”, e.g. No – I guess that’s pretty silly…

  21. KLA

    You are freakin’ me out with the waste spreading thing!!

    I’d stick with your blog name; you’ve spent a long time building your brand name to let it go. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your real name or tweak the theme of your blog in your blog description and in the about me section.

    At some point, I’m going to start using my real name rather than my initials, but I’m not ready for my journey to be connected with my name yet.

    One of the courses in my magazine publishing certificate program was editing content for the web, so I picked the name of my blog “Can I learn to think like a thin person” to maximize search engine optimization (SEO).

    • Karen

      Sorry! I had actually written this post a while back and it did occur to me when I got ready to publish it that I had just talked about the waist! But, I did have a reason for getting this out there already.

      I do need to go back and think about my “about me.” Thanks for the reminder.

      Interesting how you chose your blog name. I had only read like one blog before I started so SEO wasn’t even on my horizon. Even know I have read posts about why I should do it and I keep meaning to pay attention but just haven’t done a thing about it. It’s on a “to do” list of blog things.

  22. I believe I suggested you change the name of your blog around 6 months ago 🙂

    I can’t remember my suggestion, perhaps it was No More Waisting Time or No Time to Waist. With those you can have continuity and still keep your original creative concept.

    I haven’t read the other comments, but I’m guessing they are mostly, Oh no don’t change. That’s the problem, not the solution.

  23. I think you should keep an open mind and think about other names… if, by some chance, you come upon something that really truly clicks with you and that you absolutely positively love the most… then change it. You will have followers and will probably pick up new ones.
    When I started my mom blog, all the witty names I thought of were taken. I just started it anyway as tree’s mom blog. It was that until Mom Grooves came to me and I do love it. No regrets.
    Be open to change and fearless about moving forward when the time is right.

  24. I personally would keep it the same and just stay known as “Karen at Waisting time. I think you blog name is just so clever 🙂

    • Karen

      Guess what!? Thanks to this I think I just made a simple change in google so that with comments on blogger I can do what you suggest:) It took me a while to remember when you pop up in my reader that, “Oh, that’s Bee’s blog.” I think of you as Beerab rather than your blog’s name.

  25. I do think blog names are fun, and I always like to hear how people came to name their blogs. So thanks for telling us about the history of yours.

    Like clothing, if you feel you outgrow your blog name, change it….to me you will always be Karen, no matter what you call your blog. Hey! That’s what you could call it….”Karen’ About A Healthy Body” or some such take-off on “caring/Karen.”

    • Karen

      When you have not posted for a while and I want to check to see when your last one was, not that I’m cyberstalking or anything, I have to think to remember your blog name. Because, I think of you as Marsial:)

  26. i hope a name and title doesn’t make a peson because my blog title is pretty ordinary compared to others and personally I love yours but in the end it is what you decide. just let me know so i can jot it down and not forget

    • Karen

      And, honestly, I’d be hard pressed to remember your blog’s name. But that’s not a bad thing; it’s that I think of you as “becca.” Much more personal than a blog name:)

  27. Roz

    Hi Karen. I like the name, but if you change it, I’ll still keep reading. Have a great Thursday.

  28. I don’t think the name of the blog is as important as the content. And your contant is great!

  29. BTW, I still have not been able to subscribe to your blog. How do I do that?

  30. I know what you are saying – rather than changing the word “Waisting”, perhaps you can change the word Time. How about “Waisting Nothing” – sounds like the next version of “you”. Like ‘You V2.0’

  31. I think the time to change the name of your blog is when a new name really strikes you and you just have to change it! Until then, stick with what you have!

  32. I can totally relate to your desire to change the name, as I have done so myself as you know!! If you feel you have outgrown your blog name, that means it’s time to change! Im sure you can come up with something clever if you give it time and consideration. You know I will be following you wherever you go!!!

    • Karen

      Yes, you certainly have! And I’ve followed you every time. Actually, I have all the old version still in my reader just in case you change back:) I love that you’ve gone with names that meant something to you.

  33. I say follow your heart.
    It sounds…pat but I almost called my blog quite a few things friends laughed it (Sisyphit being one :)) and some days I wish I hadnt listened!!

  34. If you do happen on a name you like, you could use it as a sub-head under your main title for a few months. If the new name still works with the “Waisting Time” concept, you can replace the tag line on your yo-yo string with your new name choice.

    Maybe your designer friend can make you new art with the same character in it, but with a new title, for continuity, and also, ’cause it’s cute:)

    You’ll always be “Karen” in my <3!

    Now you have me thinking about my monicker…

    • Karen

      Good idea… kind of a way to gradually transition. If I want to comment on a 3fc blog and have to sign in, I show up as waistingtime. Not sure I can change that since that’s my logon for the forum. Hmm. And, I like your moniker:)

  35. If you feel like making a change by all means you should do it and stop “Waisting Time” thinking about it! Hmmm-perhaps that name fits you well–haha!

    Other bloggers have changed their blogs and their blog name and it seems like their followers have been able to find them with out problems.

    I think it’s awesome that you have grown, changed and this name no longer reflects who you are and how you think of yourself. It makes sense that you would now want to change it. I am excited to see what you come up with.

  36. I think your blog name is terrific. A nice play on words and to the point. I wouldn’t change it.

  37. My friend, you and I really need to sit down and discuss this one on one. You already know I have battled this demon – and lost, at least for another year until my domain name runs out again. I will give this some serious thought for you; in the meantime, these were the questions I was going to ask but will present them to you here instead, since our meeting will have to be put on the shelf of safekeeping for a bit: how do YOU feel about it? Does the name bother you to the point of going through the hassle? Do you feel disconnected with your name as time goes on? Have you experienced growth that separates you from your blog name, and if so, in what areas have you grown? I think all of these things can help mold a new and more satisfying blog name – one that not only describes who you are right now, but who you see yourself as, due to the lessons you’ve already learned. (I’m typing way past my bedtime…if none of that made sense, PLEASE let me know!)

  38. hmm, this is a toughie. You’d not only lose alot of the items you listed, but the ratings your current blog has within the world of blogsphere. You have to decide if changing the name is worth all of that, if it is you should change it.

    I am not real creative, but I like your current name and I think it fits. Good luck with your decision and just let me know so I can follow you!

  39. Well, I have just started blogging my weight loss journey, but I can see your dilemma. When one spends a lot of time and effort in building a “brand” or personality, it is somewhat limiting. I suppose that the best option is multiple blogs. Maybe keep writing weight related tips here and branch out on a new blog. Anyways, I just found your blog and am enjoying it. Stop by mine if you ever get a chance.

    • Karen

      I actually started a second blog about a year ago. Set it up, toyed with the first few post, but never went public with it. I decided it would be too much work to keep up with two.

  40. I have always loved your blog name. I think the blog title could have so much more to do with than just weight loss, but I say you should do whatever your heart leads you to do. That is the great thing about having your own blog. . . You get to create whatever you desire.

  41. Karen

    I like the name, but if you decide to change it I’ll be interested how you transition it across as I’m looking at doing something similar!


  42. I think your blog name is a little like a finger print – it is a part of you that identifies who you are, at least to the blogging community that you have spent a very long time developing a relationship with. Then again, it’s your blog and you can do as you wish, but I really like your blog name – it’s different – AND it has a story behind it that is unique to you. I’d vote to stick with it, but understand if you decide to change. Just keep us posted!

  43. I think you have to run with your heart on that one 🙂 I will like you no matter who you are 🙂

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