Fit Stanley Rides a Bike

It had been months since my last bike ride.  Since May, I think.  First life got in the way, then weather, then my mojo just wasn’t cooperating.  But I’m happy to report that a little helping hand arrived in the mail and was just the push I needed to get pedaling again.

Fit Stanley is the brainchild of Carla and came to me by way of Kris.  Much thanks to them both:)

My first thought upon meeting the little fellow:  “The camera really does add 10 pounds.”  Or, in this case, inches.  He was a lot smaller than I expected!  But good things come in small packages and Stanley is a very good thing.

So, how to show the little guy a good time?  What to do, what to do.  Aha!  Take him for a bike ride.  The weather was perfect, my husband was willing to document the big event, a return to the saddle was long overdue, so the plan was set.

But, first things first.

Since I’m rather food obsessed, as some of you might have already guessed, I was already thinking ahead to how hungry I’d be when my ride ended.  So, with Stanley’s approval, I cut and packed up some peppers for a post-workout snack.

Then sunscreen.  Because as a three-time skin cancer survivor, I don’t ride without first greasing up.

Shoes next.  I love riding clipped in.  And it’s been ages since I’ve fallen because I forgot to unclip or lost my balance while waiting to cross an intersection:)

Don’t forget the MyTrak!

Then I had to do a little explaining.  Stanley was not familiar with my lazy exercising philosophy that has me (and by “me” I mean my husband at my request) loading our bikes on the back of the car rather than riding them the few miles to the trail-head.  Stanley didn’t know about the very long hill I’d have to ride back at my most tired if we didn’t.  He shook his head at me in wonder, but wisely kept his mouth shut.

So there we were, ready to unload.

Stanley waited patiently while hubby and I strapped on our helmets and pulled on our gloves, loaded our drinks and cell phones.

And we’re off!

Uh oh!  Turn around.

Through woods.

Under roads.

Over bridges.

Up slow gradual hills that hardly look like hills but, trust me, they are.

More bridges.

Remembering to take a drink!

Coming down.  (Yes, Michele, I’m braking and being typically cautious.)

Just a couple more miles to go.

Almost there now.

Time to stretch.

And we’re done:)  Just over 21 miles later.

I’m happy to report that, despite a few close calls, no squirrels or photographers were injured in the making of this post.  Much thanks to my husband, who typically only has to do things like repair my flat tires, but who bravely rode with a camera in hand to document Stanley’s adventure for you all.

Now… your turn!  If you’d like to have Fit Stanley visit you next, just leave a comment telling me why or what fitventure you have planned.  You’ll be committing to writing about him on your own blog and on HIS blog, and to passing him on.  He’s a lot of fun, doesn’t eat much or make a mess, and is a great workout partner and cheerleader.

Who’s ready for a fitventure?



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55 responses to “Fit Stanley Rides a Bike

  1. **grabs you and kisses you full on the mouth**

  2. Hi Karen! Stanley is a great idea and so fun to keep connections with blogging friends. BTW, you have such nice slim legs–super!! I wear a hat or visor outside, even on cloudy days, and avoid the beach because I burn so easily.

    🙂 Marion

  3. hahahahaaaa, LOVE your adventure with “fit stanley” brilliant idea 🙂

  4. Michele T

    So glad to hear you were cautiously braking down the hills! 🙂

    A 21 mile ride for the first time out in so many months is fantastic. It’s obvious you had a wonderful time.

    I’m waiting on my brother to post — I think he’s still recovering — about his very first half marathon success from Saturday! I’m so proud and wish I had been there to participate too — next time.

  5. LOVE it! Great job on the 21 mile ride! I wonder how Fit Stanly would do in a step class? We can find out how coordinated he really is? I would love for him to come visit NC and take a step class with me!!!

    • Karen

      I miss step aerobics! I used to do that for my primary cardio several years ago until I started having foot problems, partly due to all that impact. Great workout.

  6. Wonderful post – great idea to have the little buddy along! And may I say Damn! You look good, girl. Great tight body – you look like a real athlete. Me jealous!!

  7. Looks like Stanley had a blast! Your hubby is a good sport!

  8. That Stanley gets around! Great post!

  9. I love the photo of you holding Stanley. I just love your face.
    And the photo journey is fab. Thanks to your hubby!! You make me want to ride.
    I would love Stanley at some point, but I don’t know what new adventure to go on…. maybe he’d get me to finally take a class at the gym. I need to start that for variety and to give my body some new things to do.
    It looks like a beautiful ride you go on, no wonder you love it.

    • Karen

      You are so sweet:) That photo was carefully staged to cover the huge zit on my chin! Our trail system is pretty nice; the trails follow creeks for the most part. But it gets pretty boring if we are riding often.

  10. Jan

    Gosh, Stanley had a great time getting you into the saddle – um, that did not come out like I intended.

    I would love to take Stanley hiking (walking) in Sabino Canyon but it will be a while (like another 2 months) before I’m back to exercising with any kind of gusto. So, I’ll just follow his adventures from blog to blog.

  11. Oh how I love how is piggybacking on you! And aren’t you coordinated drinking and driving like that. I would dump it. I love the idea of fit Stanley! I look forward to the next installment.

    Pretty park. No leaf change yet there?

    • Karen

      Ah, if only you knew. I have areas on my ride that my husband and I jokingly designate as “drink spots” because they are less curvy and bumpy sections of trail. And I pretty much don’t pedal. I am not very skilled at the drinking. It helps that my water bottle has a straw; my husband’s does not and he has to tip his head up. That would be too challenging for me!

      • If I had to tilt my head back I would crash. If I look back or have to swerve for my maniac dog – dump.

        On the other hand I like to go over the bumps. I pretend they are giving me an orgasm and moan. It upsets Mr Prim very muchly. If it didn’t I would studiously avoid the bumps. They give me a headache.

      • And next time you and stanley go for a bike – how about some matching red shorts. The clashing back offended my eyes.

        I need to get a life. Comment in lieu of ellipticizing.

  12. No need to send Stanley here as he already visited BUT I LOVED HIS ADVENTURE!!! Such pretty views & hope he is not too tuckered out for the next adventure! 😉

  13. Karen, you and Fit Stanley make a great team! Glad he could come along for your return to cycling, although he didn’t appear to wear as much sunscreen as you did. 🙂 If FitStanley would like to come along, I’m leaving for Canyon Ranch in Tucson for my annual girl’s trip next Wednesday and he’s invited to join us. He could spend time walking the desert trails with me, pumping up at the gym and hanging out with the 20 other cool women in our group. 🙂

  14. Well, look at YOU!! You look awesome in that (riding? biker? Bicycle?) outfit! Holy Moses.
    So much more graceful and interesting are your pictures compared to mine a couple of weeks ago! lol

    • Karen

      Oh you are too kind, dear Ellen. I was writing up above that compression shorts are a great thing – like spanx for exercise:) But actually comfortable!

  15. 21 miles that is awesome! This was a lot of fun and I must say you look so fit and trim!

  16. 21 miles for you first ride in months??? You go, girl. Looks like you and Stanley had a great time.

    BTW, I found my WP back-up … it’s in my dropbox. Yay, me.

  17. Oh what an amazing ride! I don’t like riding to the bikepath either, but this year I’ve been doing it anyway. Not because I’m daring, but I dislike loading up the bike more. 🙂

    • Karen

      I was thinking about you and how you had a video running!! Later in the season, I usually give in and ride to the path. It adds only 3 miles round trip but is the hilliest part. Lazy me.

  18. Ewa

    21 miles is great! I loved your post but I don’t think you mentioned how your butt survived that ride. I know that mine suffers terribly if I take a long biking break.

  19. happy to see Stanley taking an adventure. he look to be a great bike partner.

  20. If Fit Stanley was interested in coming to Tennessee, I’d take him on a hike in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. October would be the very best month for a first time visit to the park.

  21. Karen, do not send that little guy my way. He would become UNfit Stanley — we would walk a little and then spend way too much time watching movies — I have a copy of “Breaking Away” that I know he would love. By the time someone else requested his company, his fitness routines would have collapsed and he would have to be retrained.

    But you two look adorable together. He obviously is visiting the right person!

  22. I was just telling Tim tonight on our walk that riding a bike always looks like so much fun…until I actually get on one. But I’m glad YOU had such a good time and so did Fit Stanley…I’ve been seeing that guy everywhere! Maybe I should take him to kettlebell class. 🙂

  23. Haha that’s very cute! 🙂

  24. how cool is fit stanley. 21 mile….omg you rock

  25. So much fun! Fit Stanley is so lucky! I love your comment on the hill. I’ve tried to take pictures of the steep hills on my running route, but they just don’t look intimidating on camera.

  26. Oh, Fit Stanley! I would love for him to come and visit me! I need a swift kick in the behind and he is just the person to give it to me. I have kinda sorta intentionally fallen “off the wagon” so-to-speak.

    My husband moved to Florida this weekend and myself and the four kiddos aren’t able to go yet. So this past week it was all of his favorite foods, favorite restaurants, and intentional break from work-outs in order to spend every waking moment together before he left.

    And since then it has been one crazy mess after another-with trying to get our house ready, homeschooling our oldest 3 kids and keeping up with a nursing toddler, hubby’s only mode of transportation going kaput and my cell phone-and only way of communicating with him-dying a slow, agonzing death. I haven’t talked to him at all, I have no idea how his first day of his new job went. He doesn’t have internet access yet so I can’t even email him. It totally sucks and I am completely overwhelmed.

    That’s right-I am in “throw me a pity party” land and I need to snap out of it and get back on track. Stanley just might do the trick and hopefully the hubby won’t get too jealous that another man has replaced him so quickly.

    I don’t have any super cool places to take Stanley. He will probably bake some bread with me, push my kids on swings at the park, give me a massage and watch me embarass myself to a Jillian Michael’s DVD. But I promise he will have fun doing it!!!

  27. I’ll take Fit Stanley on an airplane ride!

    You will have to post the video, however.

  28. Fun! I’ve been considering adding the bike to my fitness reperetoire, and this post has me very much interested. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I don’t do too much “blog socialling”, not that I don’t enjoy it…just busy:)

  29. Love this post!!! The pics of you are great. You look fantastic! 🙂

  30. You can send him to Australia – he can come and teach a spin class with me 🙂

  31. So funny!

    I instantly thought of “Flat Stanley” from my son’s 1st grade(?) class. I still have him stuck up on the inside of my broom closet door.

    You are rockin’ that bike, lady!

  32. 21 miles after months of not riding – that is awesome Karen! I am getting a bike next year for absolute sure!
    I have to tell you I love Fit Stanley!
    Have a pretty day !

  33. I LOVE THIS POST! You look fantastic Karen!! Way to go on your bike ride with Stanley!

  34. Oh, I LOVED this post!! Love the bike! Love the pictures! Wow! Great trail ride! Love the fact that I can picture you riding (cautiously!!) around now. I have never clipped in. Too scared….. maybe I will try…Now, don’t let another 4 months go by, okay. Almost winter… well, first fall. And you are a SKINNY one in your biking gear!

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