Cereal Killer

Cereal.  Yum.

You might guess where this is going.

One more food to add to my red-light list.  One more food that should never again hitch a ride home from the store with me.  One more food that I ought not take on road trips.  One more food that, no matter how healthy it might be, is not my friend.  One more food that joins in the siren’s call from my pantry.  One more food I am inclined to overeat.

In past posts, I have shared how once upon a time I used to eat many foods like a normal person.  Cereal was one of them.  I ate cereal for breakfast every day for years and years.  Happily.  Healthy versions.  Usually looking for a fiber boost.  Mornings are the time of day when I have the most willpower.  And when I like to eat the same thing, giving no thought to my meal.  But cereal never filled me up long enough to make it through to lunch without a snack.  So a couple of years ago I gave up that particular breakfast in favor of something with more protein.  On a quest for “staying power.”

But I also loved to snack on dry cereal.  It gave me a lot of little nibbles per serving.  I loved the whole hand-to-mouth action.  Which probably should have been a red flag.  And, as with bagels and peanut butter, somewhere along the line I got a bit too heavy-handed with the snacking.  I started craving cereal more and more.  I nibbled too much and too often.  So, smart gal that I rarely sometimes am, I stopped buying it.

And life was good.

Until I made a mistake.  Or two or three or eight.

I bought a box to take with me on my college road trip in August.  I wanted something healthy for breakfast on the road that didn’t require a refrigerator.  High fiber, low-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat.  What’s not to like about that?!

  1. My first mistake was buying the box too far in advance of my trip.  It sat at home in the pantry; I sat in the next room and obsessed about it.
  2. My second mistake was buying a brand that I’d never tried before.  What if I didn’t like it?
  3. My third mistake was buying a second box of something I knew from experience that I’d like, just in case.
  4. My fourth mistake was doing a taste test.  Hey, Mickey, I liked it.  Too much.  Now I had two full boxes of tasty temptation that I knew was wayyyy more than I needed for the road.
  5. So my fifth mistake was indulging in a carefully measured single-portion pre-trip snack.
  6. My sixth mistake was snacking more.  And more.  That same day and the next.
  7. My seventh mistake was bringing more cereal on the trip than I could possible have needed for breakfast.
  8. My eighth mistake was telling myself that cereal was clearly now a problem for me and I’d have to go without it again from the moment I walked back in the door at home so I’d darn well indulge in every single yummy bite before my trip was finished!  And I did.

And as I drove down the road with one hand on the steering wheel and the other in a Ziploc baggy filled with Fiber One, the title of this post immediately jumped into my head.

So, there you have it.  Why I am now a cereal killer.  Cue ominous music and ear-piercing screams.

What’s your favorite kind of cereal?  Do you like scary books and movies?



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83 responses to “Cereal Killer

  1. Hi Karen! Haven’t stopped by here in a while, but just had to tell you how much this post made me smile, including the image!

    I really feel for people who can’t walk past cereal. It’s one of the things which make me INFINITELY grateful that I’m gluten intolerant, so the temptation is taken care of without me having to worry about it. Now, if only I could feel the same about chocolate! *sigh* I’m working on it.

    So, I honestly don’t have a favourite cereal, but as far as serial killers go, I’m madly in love with Dexter! =)

    Oh, and good luck with your new career as cereal killer … It’s all about simplifying life, isn’t it? (Come to think of it, that’s probably how serial killers feel, too, eh?)

    • Karen

      Oh, Dexter! We started watching this past winter by going back to the first shows and working our way forward. Now we are halfway thru the last season and just waiting for more DVDs from Netflix to catch up before the new one starts! Fun.

  2. Ewa

    No cereals for me, never really liked them, maybe because I did not grow up on cereals. Now, that I am eating practically grain free (that stuff is very addictive), I would not even consider eating them.
    Good job on kicking your cereal addiction. It takes a very strong will.

    • Karen

      Oh, the cereals of my youth. I can still picture the cabinet where they were kept. In theory, I eat pretty limited grains. So… maybe therein lies the problem. When I eat the cereals it is such a treat and departure that I go a bit crazy.

  3. It was amazing to me when I first started personal training back in … 1994 (!) when I learned for 99% of my clients cereal was a NONONO RED LIGHT FOOD!! (I only trained women)
    After I read the book the Zone (again back in the ages of the dark :)) and studied the glycemic index it made more sense—but NOT more sense why men dont seem to struggle with this, uh, LOOOVE as we do!

    • Karen

      Well that’s interesting. My husband has no issues with it. But then again, he has no issues with many of my red-light foods. I wonder why that gender difference is there and if it is due to something in our bodies or minds. Maybe comes from all the years of condition by society for us to “diet.” Men don’t seem to have that pressure.

  4. Cereal is a redlighter for me, too. I don’t keep it in the house.

    Miz’ comment is very interesting about men not having a ”
    list”. Hmmm.

  5. Cereal isn’t, nor has it ever been, a red light food for me, but then, I don’t think I’ve ever considered eating it straight out of the box. I make my own granola (no one likes it but me) and eat it every morning for breakfast. Never tempted for seconds. It is what it is and that’s the end of it. Funny how we are all so different, yet so alike.

    No, I absolutely do NOT like scary books or movies at any time. EVER!

    • Karen

      The thought of homemade granola makes me drool. They make some yummy, healthier granola at Canyon Ranch. They will put a little serving in a plastic container with a lid – to go. One serving is so tiny:(

  6. Cereal is a HUGE trigger food for me. It is probably #1 on the list of never eat, never have in the house and erase from my mind that it even exists!!! I wish I could even tell you that I had a favorite. I don’t. I over eat on them all. They cause my binges 95% of the time. I truly relate to this. We go through long periods of time with no cereal in the house- and then I “test” the waters…. we still can’t have cereal in the house. 😦

    Peanut butter used to be a trigger food for me- and I seem to have that under control- so maybe there is hope for us and cereal?!?!?!?!

    • Karen

      Well, I guess my problem is that I brought cereal back in the house. Honestly, once I got my taste-buds and hands on the healthy version, when that was gone I did get into my husband’s less-than-healthy cereal, which I would usually never do. Sigh.

  7. I love cereal too – big HEAPING bowls of it. I eat it until I can practically feel the fiber expanding in my belly – which hello, really is quite disgusting. And I don’t think I need to tell you, by the time I’m feeling THAT way, I know I have eaten WAY. TOO. MUCH. CEREAL.
    I was eating it every day – I think it’s the mentality that I have to have carbs in the AM or life isn’t worth living – but I agree, all it takes is one little bit to get you hooked, and then, well….see your list of “mistakes” above and you know what I’m talking about.
    More and more I recognize foods that “should” be on my do not eat list….but sometimes I feel like if I truly restricted myself from ALL of my triggers, I’d be eating grass and cardboard, with little else allowed.

    • Karen

      One thing I thought I had figured out a while back was that cereal for breakfast did not set me on track for the day as well as no cereal for breakfast. I hated giving it up. I liked it. Especially in the summer with fresh berries on top:) I know I feel better when I cut out certain foods. But then the question always becomes whether I can ever eat them again in moderation.

  8. Hi Karen! Cereal killer–hehehe! But cereal is insidious. Sneaky and conniving, acting like it is so healthy, when it is also a trap for me too. If I don’t have a low carb/high protein breakfast, my food choices go straight down the tube for the entire day. I stay away from the stuff.

    🙂 Marion

    • Karen

      I think I am the same way now, Marion. Which is why I go for my beans at breakfast. Although they do have a lot of carbs, but also the protein and fiber.

  9. This whole thing about triggering foods and “Things I cannot eat because I will eat it ALL” seems to be quite complicated… and in some cases may be a sign of onsetting orthorexia. Of course it may be reasonable to put some foods “off limits” for a while, but still the idea… is a bit disturbing.

    (It seems I am a lucky girl – my “binges” are purely related to my emotional state, and I would never dream of forbidding myself from any food. Mostly because then I would start obsessing about it.)

    • Karen

      I do think the notion is quite controversial. Some believe it sets one up for failure to label foods as “bad” or “off limits.” Others thing that abstinence works and is a powerful tool. My guess for me personally, and I do think we each need to find what works for ourselves, is that some foods are best just left alone. Eventually, maybe, moderation with them will work. But maybe not with everything.

    • Julie

      IMO people seem to deal with some food in a similar way to the way people deal with alcohol – some can monitor their intake easily, binge sometimes or overeat occasionally then stop, much like a normal or heavy drinker. For others, and I am one, certain things just set off a train of consequences that turn really ugly, really fast – much like the alcoholic who just can’t deal with any amount of alcohol. If I do not eat sugar or wheat I do not have cravings or binges. I do not feel this is disturbing as I do not believe either of this things add any significant nutritional value. I mainly eat vegetables, protein of all sorts including meat, cheese and greek yogurt. Others may see orthorexia, I see a balanced way of life without binges, self-loathing or secret eating. Personally, I do not obsess about things I don’t eat as they just don’t enter my mind. If I were to say it was just for a period of time I would be thinking about when time was up and what I was going to eat then. To each his own and the REAL key is knowing how YOU work and what works for YOU 🙂

      • Karen

        I follow some bloggers who absolutely subscribe to the theory of abstinence, typically because they are doing or have done a 12 step program, which makes your analogy to drinking quite apropos. I do feel the same way when I don’t eat them. I just have not yet decided if I at the same point as an alcoholic – where I should never touch a drink again. Or is this a tool that will lead me to self-control. Not sure yet. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

  10. OH how I can relate – AGAIN!!!! Nope, no cereal in this house! I am like you. I like to snack on it dry, not eat it like cereal people do!

    I used to buy the Kashi high protein one & their high protein granola one too. Too good. Banned from the house like you wrote about!

    I like a lot of cereals dry – like crackers to me so none of that is in the house.

    Have a good one!

    • Karen

      Oh, I bought all sorts of Kashi cereals! All yummy. All good dry as snacks. Sigh. And you are right – for me it is a lot like crackers.

  11. Scary books and movies — used to like them, but not so much since I live alone now.

    Cereal! Karen, it’s right up there on the list with peanut butter — things I can’t stay out of. There was a time when I’d come home from the store with my box of Kashi Heart 2 Heart Honey Toasted (oh so better version of Honey Nut Cheerios from Kashi) and package out single serving sizes in baggies. This was when I was actively counting calories and writing down everything I ate. I ate one baggy with blueberries and rice milk for breakfast (sometimes for dinner) and did very well with it.

    But there was a day in 2009 that I bought a jar of Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Peanut Butter, and I’ve been struggling with weight ever since. I’ve not been able to stop buying PB for more than two weeks at a time, and I’ve lost and regained the same 20 pounds over and over again. It all started with a little jar of PB.

    But I gave up PB last week for other reasons (nickel content) and think I might be able to truly get back on the losing path now.

    • Karen

      Isn’t it amazing how we can often pinpoint the exact thing we ate that starts us spiraling!? Or the exact social event. Sigh.

  12. We seem to have the same problem foods. I keep trying to master the jar of peanut butter with limited success. Cereal is a problem but only three kinds. My favorite is raisin bran which I enjoyed twice this weekend while visiting with my daughter in Texas. I never buy it but enjoy it at the hotels when we travel. I also cannot buy the Reese’s peanut butter cereal without eating the whole box in a few days. The third one is granola and I have a box of it in the house right now which I’m using a tablespoon at a time on my Greek yogurt. So far, so good. 🙂

    • Karen

      I am so impressed with your granola control! I am fine with Uncle Sam’s cereal; that’s what I keep around for the rare times I have granola. I think it is too tiny for me to snack on:)

  13. Cereal is a huge trigger for me, too – between that and the peanut butter, we seem to be food twins, haha. I go through phases of being better with cereal, I’ll scoop it into individual serving sandwich bags. As soon as I get anxious or stressed, though, that’s what I reach for. Any kind, too – not just “sugar cereal.” I think it’s something to do with the texture more than the flavor.

    • Karen

      Funny how many of us I know realize have these foods in common. Haven’t found as many who struggle with bread, though, like I do. And for me, it absolutely is a texture thing! I know that about bread too. Funny.

      • Julie

        bread, butter, peanut butter – match made in heaven – or the `other place’ for me – just do not go there now cos there is no moderation in it for me and it leads to many, many other variations and additions on that trinity!

  14. I mostly use cereal as a snacking food, but occasionally I’ll have a bowl with milk for a meal. I usually buy Cheerios, but I recently found a box of Kashi Cinnamon something on the clearance shelf at Kroger so I’ve been eating that. At the rate I’m going (3 or 4 “puffs” at a time), this box is going to last forEVER. 🙂

  15. Cereal used to be an issue for me but no longer is (except every once in a while…like every three or four months, I have a hankering, but it’s not like I binge on it). But I used to…a long time ago I’d go for Captain Crunch peanut butter cereal or even “healthy” versions of cereal and I could eat the whole box!

    That said, I eat yogurt pretty much every morning for breakfast and sometimes I sprinkle on a couple of tablespoons of Bare Naked Vanilla Almond Crunch Granola (VERY low sugar). That’s about the extent of my cereal desire. At one point Kashi had a chocolate granola product out and that was quite tempting…

    • Karen

      Granola is a big problem for me. Oh yum. And I used to eat and overeat many Kashi cereals. When my son was home from college in August he had Captain Crunch with Crunchberries. That one is not tempting but that PB one might have been:) I do keep Uncle Sam’s Cereal in the house for the rare times I have yogurt and that is not one I snack on at all, probably because the pieces are too tiny.

  16. I used to eat cereal too. But then I discovered I had a milk allergy. So, it was just easier to give up milk and cereal. I still haven’t gotten back into the cereal mode even though I do consume soy milk. I either have a protein drink or, on rare occasions, oatmeal.

    You bet I love scary movies! It’s a passion.

  17. Jan

    Kashi cereals are oh-so-seductive with all those healthy grains. Guess what? My brain is easily seduced by those delightfully tasty crunchy carbs + the insulin response to eat more and more. This is why (besides the fact there are no good reasons for humans to consume cereals or even grains) that I eliminated all grains from my diet.

    Fiber – fruits and veggies. Vitamins – fruits and veggies. And, just because the USDA recommends grains as a big part of the new “food plate” is an even better reason not to eat them. Since when does the USDA use scientific evidence to base dietary recommendation when its first mission is “expanding markets for agricultural products”?

    • Karen

      I was talking with my husband the other day, trying to remember the science of this. I know there is a reason. Interesting that you eat no grains at all. When I was on track this summer for so long, I was eating maybe on whole grain flatbread a day. But I sure did look forward to that! I think the sweetness of fruit can set me off sometimes too, unfortunately.

      • Jan

        There are a lot of data in the biochemical literature (that I couldn’t begin to read in depth), some in nutrition, very little in medicine that suggest a link between lectin – a protein found in grains that binds to carbohydrates – and leptin resistance. Leptin resistance is associated with obesity. Leptin is another protein, produced by fat, which helps to regulate metabolism and energy intake (appetite). The problem is all of our bodies are different. Some of us – especially fat folks, former fat folks, and genetically programmed – have difficulty with leptin. This is one reason why there is such a strong movement toward primal or primarian eating.

        Bottom line: I know that my leptin mechanism is screwed up (calories in do not = calories out and appetite control). Eating grains just screws it up more. Some would argue so does dairy, but I haven’t given up Greek yogurt yet. Oh, then there is the whole lectin, leptin pathway leads to inflammation, but that is so beyond my grasp of human nutrition – so far. If cereal drives you to eat more and there are other foods with better vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals then perhaps…

  18. Cereal is a big NO NO for me no matter what it contains on the label. Mainly because it has sugar and lots of it.

    I love the Fiber One cereal and I ate the whole 1 out of 2 bags in 2 days! Yes it has great fiber and protein, but the sugar will cause the craving immediately.

    Yep, cereals are done in my world. Can’t handle them.

    • Karen

      Isn’t it funny how sweet something like fiber one tastes when you don’t have much sugar in your diet!? I found it so yummmmmmmy.

  19. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    Cereal is tricky for me too. It’s just not very satisfying, but VERY very tasty…bad combination!! haha.

    That FiberOne cereal — I think you’re talking about the new 80 calorie per serving kind? — is pretty darn tasty. Not good for my digestive system though O_O

    • Karen

      Nope – I ate the old school original kind, the “twigs.” I find that tasty too:) The new version has artificial sweeteners, I think, so maybe that’s what got to your system.

  20. Roz@weightingfor50

    Hi Karen. LOVE the cereal killer cartoon!!! My husband had cereal pretty much every morning. I’m ok with it being in the house, but if I ever have it…game over, I have two bowls…..and even then, it doesn’t seem to “stick with me” and I’m hungry again before lunch.
    Hope your Monday is a good one.

  21. I love raisin bran- I rarely eat cereal now because if I do I’ll 1- eat a HUGE bowl, and 2- eat it daily till it’s done.

  22. I can only do that with really sugary cereals. Even the “natural” kind. And I won’t tell Pippa how good the gluten free ones are. My daughter has some peanut butter puffs that are pretty snackable.
    I can resist cereal though. My problem is chips.
    And I do not like scary books and movies. No way.
    And how the heck did you fnd that insane picture?


      Love M

    • Karen

      If you click on the photo you see where it originally comes from. (I don’t know how to add “source” as a link underneath.) But I found it on bing or google. I have been making an effort to add more images to my posts since “they” say it is a mistake not to have any. “They” also say posts should be short, and I can’t seem to do that! But I often spend too much time searching for images so sometimes there will be one, sometimes not.

  23. I love cereal. It doesn’t love me back…too much sugar in the ones I love. Raisin Bran Crunch, Ohs, Granola, all yummy, but all bad for me. I have learned to stay away.

    Your eighth mistake is something I do often. If I make a mistake and bring something in the house that I know I should not be eating, I tell myself that I won’t do it again and since this is going to be the last time I eat it, then I must finish it off quickly. Arrrgh.

    • Karen

      Oh yes… that is part of my whole “all or nothing” thinking syndrome. Or… I ate that cereal so now I am going to get fro-yo because the diet starts again tomorrow. Sigh. (That did happen not so long ago.)

  24. LOL! This was a lot of fun to read and the title was awesome.

    I like dry crunchy cereal for a snack or mixed in with my yogurt and fruit. Sometimes I can over do it! Carbs are my enemy on many fronts!

    • Karen

      I keep Uncle Sam’s cereal around for the rare times I eat yogurt. Must add crunch! But that cereal is not one I snack on, I think because the flakes are tiny!

  25. Funny. And I didn’t even get the clever word play until half way through the post! I’m okay with cereal. I eat spoon size shredded wheat. If it’s a fancy kind (with sugar) I do have problems, though, so it’s plain old shredded wheat for me. I usually dress it up with fresh fruit in the summer. In the winter I often go with oatmeal.

    • Karen

      Oh I used to like the Frosted Mini Wheats! I could probably have the other kind, with no sugar, around. That is just not snackable to me:) I am fine with hot cereals because they don’t have that snack factor either. But if I eat them now, I prefer to do it later in the day since they don’t fill me up enough for breakfast.

  26. I never have been a fan of cereal. I’ve tried to eat it as a healthy choice a few times, but never really got in to it.

    I do like a suspense movie or novel every now and then. I don’t know if that counts as scary or not.

    • Karen

      I like suspense movies and books too. Especially the ones with a twist you don’t see coming! Much more enjoyable than bad guys jumping out at you with knives.

  27. Oh, this could be me! You could be me! Scary how similar our struggles have been! Honestly, I think your 8th mistake was the biggest one, but I feel the same way when I am pigging out and decide that I might as well finish it off and never replenish the supply again. Seriously, one day last year I decided that mindless munching was not the worst possible way to cope with uncomfortable feelings (be it stress or boredom), and the most unhealthy part of it was the mental lashing I gave myself afterwards. It took curtailing the latter before I could really curtail the former — by treating myself nicely instead of making my stomach hurt with too much Honey Bunches of Oats ….

    • Karen

      Oh we have those in the house now! Husband got them from Costco. I have been dipping in and feeling huger regret. But for so long I went without even thinking of them. Once I start with cereal… sigh. The good thing about us being similar is it gives me hope:)

  28. Karen

    Cereal isn’t currently a ‘danger’ food for me but I’m always surprised by what is. Once upon a time I couldn’t keep flour or sugar… because if I had both (and milk and an egg) I could make biscuit batter – which I used to binge on. Eventually I bought sugar cubes because… HELLO, WHO DOESN’T HAVE SUGAR FOR GUESTS?! but found I’d try to squash them to use anyway!

    I like to think I’m saner now (ie. I think I have both and haven’t been tempted to binge on biscuit batter).

    Meanwhile, back to the cereal issue (LOVE the title of the post by the way!)… I was diagnosed as coeliac a few years ago and so cereal options are limited for me now as I have to rely on GF rice/corn flakes – high in cals and not particularly filling. Having said that I do like to eat a bowl mixed with yoghurt!


    • Karen

      I think I have convinced my husband to go gluten-free for a couple of weeks to see if that is causing a symptom that he has. If he finds out gluten is an issue, that might be a good thing for me since the only cereal in the house right now is his:)

  29. I have been seriously cereal obsessed all my life. I practically lived on Post Raisin Bran as a kid. I wouldpick the raisins out while I waited for the milk to glop up the flakes then I would shovel giant heaps of the gloppy bran into my mouth. Oh sweet heaven. That came to a close when we moved to FL and my dad decided he had to have Skinners Raisin Bran. The flakes refused to wilt. Blah.

    I could eat a whole box of Captain Crunch with Crunchberries and then curse myself because they tear up the roof of my mouth. I separate those out too. Peanut butter gold nuggets go down first then heaps of berry joy.

    See? Unhealthy. Not sure I would have the same zeal over Fiber One. The draw must be strong!

    I mostly avoid cereal now. I have tried portioning it and saying only a half cup. But not too long ago I found myself in front of a bowl of mini wheats and banana scooping and “mmm”ing with milk dribbling down my chin. I am a spectacle.

    • Karen

      Raisin Bran as a kid!? I ate the sugary stuff. But my mom drew the line at buying things with marshmallows. We had those here when my boys ate them and one time my nephews were visiting. They only get healthy cereal at home. They demolished the box fast! As for fiber one, it is amazing how yummy things taste when you are not eating much sugar in your diet:)

      • So no Lucky Charms? But they melt in your mouth while watching cartoons!

        Pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, and green clovers!

        Your mom! Travesty!

        • Karen

          How embarrassing to admit that while my Mom did not buy them, THIS mom did:) And, if I snacked on it, and yes I did, I ate the cereal first, leaving the marshmallow goodness for last.

  30. There are other foods (CAKE!!!! and COOKIES!!!!) that I would much rather overdo on, than cereal. I used to have fiber one with yogurt for an afternoon snack and found one serving filled me up. It is one of the easier grain-sourced foods for me to avoid. Hopefully, once you quit it, you’ll be writing a post like your peanut butter one in a year from now.

    • Karen

      Ah, but see, for me, therein lies the rub. Cereal is “healthy.” So I often am just in control enough to not go crazy with “off plan” foods. But a little high fiber cereal… I was the same with “healthy” bread. I should just do that – commit to abstaining. Sigh.

  31. i love cereal it’s my go to snack when i want something sweet and crunchy

  32. I’ve been known to snack a little too much on cereals now and then, too. It’s not my worst temptation, but once I start munching … well, you know!

    Funny thing is, I don’t actually enjoy cereal for breakfast, just as a snack.

    Anyways, you post made me smile! 🙂

  33. Karen, cereal has long been on my “can’t eat just one” list. I grew up eating the awful stuff like fruity pebbles and captain crunch and loved every cavity-inducing moment of it. The last time I flirted with cereal it was the Quaker Oat squares, which quickly became as addictive as candy. so now I have to keep it all at arms length and just dig into a bowl of hot oatmeal each day. 🙂

  34. I once bought a box of that Special K Chocolate cereal. It was the regular plain cereal but with chunks of chocolate in it. Holy cow! I mowed through that box in one weekend. I was so angry with myself that I gave in like that. I will never buy that cereal again. It was basically a big box of candy!

    • Karen

      That reminds me of a bran cereal, generic, with dried strawberries in it that was all the rage when I did Weight Watchers years ago. Low points. But I quickly discovered it was just too tasty for me. I’m pretty sure the don’t make that one any more. Never saw that special K.

  35. KLA

    Thankfully my favorite cereal is no longer readily available in Canada – cracklin’ oat bran. Yummy. I think the last box I had lasted less than 48 hours.

    • KLA

      Speaking of fiber one cereal, I could easily eat a box of fiber one bars. Also yummy!

      • Karen

        I remember that cereal! I liked it. I also remember it was very calorie dense. Funny, how I know that. I’m not sure if they still have it here in the States or not. As for Fiber One bars… I had a free sample once. I would not dare to buy a whole box!

  36. Cereal is a trigger for me – Crunchola and the granola types in particular.

  37. Yep; I have the most willpower in the mornings, also, It’s around the bewitching hour of 3 pm where I start to wobble a bit.
    I’m sorry your experience with the cereal didn’t work out, Karen. I’m sure it sounded like a good plan at the time, though. Still, I can hear myself saying at times, ‘Why can’t I just eat _____ like a normal person?!’ I’m right there with you.
    Incidentally, my favorite cereal is Count Chocula. When I was young, I used to pick out the marshmallow bits and eat just a bowl of those. Mmm.

    • Karen

      We had a box of that this summer when we were babysitting my young nephews. It is one I never binged on:) But the little guys don’t get sugary cereal at their house and they ate bowl after bowl until it was gone! And, yes, I say that same thing to myself!

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