Thumbthing to Write Home About

Thumbing a ride:  By the time you read this, I’m on the road somewhere.  Probably trying to keep awake as the endless highway lulls me into a state of drowsiness.  Thumbs down that I’ll have very little internet access or time in the coming week, so you probably won’t see me commenting on your blog posts.  If I’m a regular follower, please let me know if anything exciting happens while I’m gone!  I don’t intend to click the magical “mark all as read” button on my reader, but you never know… that thing will fill up fast.  News flash from the road!!!!  Thumbs up that my smart husband has found a way for us to get wifi in the car!  I am typing this little edit on the laptop minutes from the Colorado border.

Thumbs down:  Technology.  Yes, this is a recurring theme for me.  This time it was our big screen TV.  We thought the light bulb blew and ordered a new one.  Turned out we were wrong.  So, instead of replacing a relatively inexpensive bulb we ended up replacing a very expensive TV.  Thumbs down that we had about a week without anything to watch during cardio.  Thumbs up that I still put in my time.  I’m patting myself on the back over this one:)  Thumbs down that the new “big” screen is smaller than the old “big” screen.  We are still trying to decide if we can live with the smaller size.

Thumbs spiraling down:  Social eating.  We kept getting invited out, at least once a week.  And at least half the time I’ve had no input as to the restaurant.  Thumbs up that for the first few meals I chose reasonably healthy options.  Thumbs down for the rest of them.  And letting social eating get the best of me, as it has so often in the past.  Dinner at a Chinese restaurant on a Friday night, followed by a visit to the nearby fro-yo place, started me on my first binge in ages, which didn’t end until after dinner out on Saturday.  Putting it in perspective it was just over 24 hours, and come Sunday morning I was back on track.  Again.  But thumbs down at my regression to past eating behaviors that I thought I had overcome.  Trust me – it wasn’t pretty.

Thumbs down.  My teeth.  Yes, again.  But different.  Last thumbs post I shared that I have issues with one side of my mouth and several old crowns that will eventually need to be replaced.  Imagine my surprise when, while flossing, a crown popped right off… but… it wasn’t one of the old crowns!  Or from the “bad” side of my mouth.  And of course it happened on the weekend.  And then the dentist office couldn’t get me in for days.  And, the darn thing needs to be replaced but they can’t get it done until late September.  And a major thumbs down that they charged me $60 to re-cement the broken crown which they put on in the first place only five years ago!  Thumbs up that I am changing dentists and getting this taken care of sooner.  Thumbs down that it will cost a LOT.  And that the “bad” side of my mouth is getting progressively “badder.”  I see many visits to the new dentist in my future.

Thumbs up:  Gum chewing.  Turns out it is amazingly easy to quit cold-turkey when you have a broken crown in your mouth.  Guess that’s my silver lining.  And all that money saved not buying gum can go into my replacement crown fund.  Look how optimistic I can be:)  Thumbs down that I won’t be chewing gum as a way to keep from snacking on my road trip.  Okay, my optimism was short-lived.

Thumbs up:  Jogging.  Interval training.  I’m trying it again.  I can’t believe I’m actually saying this but I kinda almost love really like it.  Maybe I’m doing just enough to get a little bit of the legendary runner’s high.  Not that I’m running, mind you.  This time around, unlike my last venture into adding speed, I’ve experienced no back pain.  Nor any other pain either, knock on wood.  Woo hoo for kicking it up a notch.  About time, Karen.

Thumbs down:  Commenting on blogs.  Seems there is a trend lately towards a commenting system called livefyre.  I hate it.  Can’t comment with it.  If you have it, don’t expect to hear from me.  Just saying.  And speaking of comments, thumbs down that I’m still too scared to try adding back a feature that emails you my responses.  Soon, maybe.  Or maybe not.  And while I’m whining, gotta say I much prefer when a blog is set so that the whole post shows in a reader, not just a snippet.  Hint, hint.

Thumbs up:  Snack find.  I’ve been looking for new (non-carb) snacks to replace cheese, in an attempt to lower my saturated fat intake and thus lower my bad cholesterol.  I found something I’m loving!  Hormel Turkey Pepperoni Stix.  Individually wrapped for portion control.  Each stick has only 50 calories and 1 gram of sat fat with 6 grams of protein.  Thumbs down that there is a lot of sodium and that this is a highly processed food.  So if you are a whole-food purist, steer clear.  Thumbs down that they only carry it at one store in my area and it’s neither close to my house nor one I visit regularly.  Thumbs up that I stocked up for the road trip since these babies don’t require refrigeration!

Thumbs down:  Teen drama.  There was lots of it here recently.  I’m won’t get into the details because, despite his telling me (when he read my blog recently) that I should write about him more, I’m pretty sure my son would not like me to air his many loads of dirty laundry.  But I will share just how stressed out I was when he took a bad spill while riding his long board (like a skate board but not intended for tricks).  Thumbs up that his wrist was not broken.  Thumbs up that in a few days I’ll leave him at college (yes, with his long board) and won’t know that stuff like this is happening!  Thumbs down that I’ll be leaving him:(  Thumbs up that we are both ready.  I think.

Thumbs up:  The other son.  He’s home for two weeks between his campus research job ending and the fall semester beginning.  Thumbs down that I’ll be gone for half that time taking the teen to his college.  Thumbs up that my son did great on the GRE this summer but thumbs down that he still has not decided if he wants to go to grad school next year or look for a job after graduation.   Thumbs up that he’ll have an engineering degree (and maybe a double major in computer science) and will hopefully be entering a field that is still hiring despite the (thumbs down) economy.

Thumbs missed:  Fit Stanley.  This brainchild of Carla, aka MizFit, is making the rounds of the healthy living bloggers, kicking butt and taking names as he joins in a variety of FIT’ventures.  I’ve been living vicariously, enjoying the photos and stories, reading Stanley’s blog, hoping, just hoping, he might show up on my doorstep someday.  But I missed my chance.  Because, much as I’d have loved to take Stan the Man with me to California, not only would my son be mortified, but this will be one of the least fit weeks of my year!  So, I sadly declined the offered visit (thanks, Kris) and can only hope I get another chance and that the poor guy is not too tuckered out by then.

Thumbs up:  Blog awards.  Love getting them!  Much thanks to Teresa who not only gave me the Stylish Blogger Award but who said such kind words about me and the other recipients and who had me laughing uproariously with one of the factoids she shared about herself.  I’ve gotten this award before so you can read what I had to say about just how unstylish I really am here.






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26 responses to “Thumbthing to Write Home About

  1. I’ve not seen the livefyre system… or maybe I have. What I detest is when you have to answer the little spam prevention type the word in the box thing before commenting. It’s annoying. There are few bloggers I’ll go through that for.

    Safe travels. Talk to you soon. Oh, and I had to laugh over whether you could survive with a smaller big screen tv. Of course you can. Soon, you’ll forget all about having a theater size screen.

    • Karen

      I hate those captcha phrases things too… some are very hard for me to read and I often have to try more than once. But, for blogger, that is their only option to cut spam. The TV is fine from the couch but from the exercise area, on the far side of the room, I can see the picture fine but can’t read the words much on show description etc. with the recorder. If that makes sense. The bigger one is a LOT more money! My husband figured out how to get wifi in the car!!

  2. Great recap and thumbing around Karen. Have a great adventure this week!

  3. Ewa

    That’s a lot of thumbs. 🙂
    Social eating sucks, that’s what I think.
    I could not eat pepperoni sticks – way too addictive for me. 😦
    Finding a good dentist = mission impossible.
    Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

  4. I will miss you this week! Safe travels!!!!

  5. You are one busy woman! I so understand the teeth stuff – way more than I want to! 😉 Sorry for you too!

    Social eating – glad you are back in control but you know what months we are coming in to so hopefully you will be able to tackle it!

    Hope the road trip goes well!!!


  6. Oh how I love thumb posts. What a great way to round up! Big bummer about the tooth. Nice timing. Must be all the teeth grinding.

    And hellow baby with your son (possibly) getting a double major. Yep. The timing is rotten, but the world is his oyster. Must be the parenting. : )

    Thumbs up that you will have lots of time to consider why you binged after Chinese.

    Thumbs down on having to lock your doors as you descend into the valley.

    Thumbs up that your son will be safe and happy on campus.

    Travel safely my friend.

    • Karen

      I’d love to take credit for him, but think this one is all his to claim. It all comes down to if he can fit in the few extra classes. The second major is liberal arts which has extra general ed classes to. Looking forward to my few days of LA weather. And palm trees. Palm trees make me smile:)

  7. Social eating is my downfall too. We eat out at least once a week (sometimes more when we have friends/family visiting) and I wish I could resist it but it’s hard. I go into the restaurant with the plan to be strong and everything looks so good on the menu!

    • Karen

      I have to say we eat out way less now than we used to. And I’m just as happy, if not happier, to eat at home. It’s been a rough month for this.

  8. Safe travels! I’m so envious!

    My dentist told me that gum-chewing is one of the worst things for teeth, especially for crowns. If that’s true, there’s another good reason to let that habit slide by.

  9. MO

    So many thumbs – so little time. I am sure you are well on your way to dropping off the son at college – so safe travels and hope he got everything packed up…or maybe you are still waiting for him to finish packing – LOL
    Can’t wait to see all the good, bad and excellent thumbs when you get back

    Staying MOtivated MO

    PS – thanks for the link to Fit Stanley – too cute

    • Karen

      Good news is we were mostly packed last night. Just needed to load the food, overnight bags, and ourselves this morning. Teen got up less than a half hour before we planned to leave and we were on the road on time. He’s sleeping now:)

  10. Jan

    I will miss your posts while you are on your grand adventure to an empty nest (ha, my Dad tells me that is a myth – you always worry about the chicks).

  11. You have two amazing sons!
    I’m glad you liked your award… big hug

    I hope you find yourself enjoying your social eating and juggling eating well and indulging once in a while and staying on track… Whew! how many balls is that?

  12. A parent’s job is to give their children both roots and wings! The roots are the easy part! Remind yourself of that if needed.

    As a University doc, I’ve patched up plenty of students that had too much fun far from home! It has always worked out alright! No worries 🙂

    • Karen

      My husband and I had an interesting conversation in the car today about people we know who won’t let their kids “go away” to college. It’s hard, and I know the likelihood is great that mine will both settle far from me. But I know this is best for them and my job was to get them to this point and then let them go.

  13. I am always afraid there is a binge lurking around the ornery with my name on it. Glad you made it though and are (were ) back on track so quick. Have a safe trip !

  14. Hope you have a great trip!

    Eating out is a challenge for me, too! Good work on choosing wisely the first meals, next time you’ll manage even more good choices! 🙂

  15. I use those pepperoni stix too! I found them at walmart for cheap 🙂 They are pretty good 🙂

  16. WOW! let’s virtually wog together! oh pleeeeeeeeez – I’m very slow – and I giggle a lot – it will be fun!
    You have QUITE the adventure – and Fit Stanley is getting fitter by the minute.
    No worries – he’s juicing with spabettie – so he’s refueling for his next adventure 🙂

    Have a LOVELY trip!

  17. Roz

    Love your thumbs up/thumbs down posts. Hope you are enjoying your time away!!! Take care.

  18. Two thumbs up from me for trying jogging and interval training again. Intervals make the time go by so fast!

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