On the Road Again; I Just Hate to Get on the Road Again

One week from today, my husband and I will load our teen and his worldly possessions into our minivan and hit the road.

Oh the dread.  Twelve hours in a car for two days.

Then, after a day and a half hanging out on campus for move-in and related activities, hubby and I turn around and drive 24 more boring hours back home.

With travel, as with pretty much everything in my life, I am an over-planner and an over-thinker.  So…

  • Our route options are mapped out and programmed into our GPS.
  • I’ve put together a long list of reasonably priced, bed-bug-free hotels plotted out various distances from home.
  • We’ve compiled every conceivable item that my teen might (or might not) need in the coming year.
  • Our 11-year-old van has been in for a tune-up and brake repair.
  • The neighbors know we are leaving and our older son has been prepped to house-sit.
  • The paper is cancelled and the video recorders are set so we don’t miss any favorite TV shows while we’re gone.

Now for the most important challenging part, yet to plan.  The food.  Because if you’ve learned anything about me by now, it’s that I have a little bitty issue with food.  Which is only exacerbated by travel!

Road trip challenge 1:  The nibble and nosh.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m sitting in the car for hours on end, I want to eat.  Seemingly constantly.  Much as I will try to not give in to this overwhelming compulsion, car snacking on such a long trip is inevitable.  The plan:  Pack and load.  Figuring out my healthiest options that can survive the drive and bringing them with me.  Yes, we’ll have a cooler.  Two, probably.  But this is a longgg drive during an unusually hot summer so the ice won’t last long.  I’m thinking fruit and string cheese and sliced raw veggies and grape tomatoes and nuts.  My husband is probably thinking candy and cookies and that I’M nuts!  The teen is probably just thinking about finally getting out of the house and couldn’t care less about food!

Road trip challenge 2:  Road food.  Which, with our approach to “get there as fast as we can” also might be known as, drum roll please, fast food.  During past road trips, I’ve either been “dieting” or “not dieting.”  The latter was easier.  So many options for food if you don’t care about what you’re ingesting.  But the former was difficult.  And tasteless.  I ate lots of wilted salads with little dressing and when there was no salad, I ate burgers without the bun.  This trip, rather than “dieting,” I’m now in the daily struggle adventure to maintain and to make a healthy lifestyle a permanent lifestyle.  Not so easy on the road.  The plan:  Pack and pick.  For the first day, when the cooler will be at its iciest, I think I’ll pack my own meals.  Something healthy and tasty.  The rest of the time, I’ll just suck it up and do my best with the limited options presented and steer clear of foods that might trigger a binge for the rest of the trip.

Road trip challenge 3:  Timing is everything.  Once we travel far enough down the road, heading west, the time difference will come into play.  Meal time becomes two hours later than when I’d usually eat.  Then when I’ll WANT to eat.  I don’t do well when I get overly hungry.  My husband can attest to that!  The plan:  Pack in snackin’.  My pockets and/or purse will be stocked with the healthiest alternatives I can find for a quick food fix to tide me over until meals.  Like protein bars (which I don’t keep at home because sometimes I like them a little too much).  I’ll go for the best combination of high fiber, high protein, low sugar, and low-calorie.  Also, low on flavors that might tempt me to nibble when I’m not really hungry.  Like, hmm, chocolate maybe.

Road trip challenge 4:  Breakfast of champions.  When I’m home, it’s the same healthy bowlful, day in and day out.  Beans.  My great combination of protein, fiber and carbs.  But, that only works for travel if I can keep them cold and then get them hot!  Probably not gonna happen over the 5 or 6 days spent between a car and low-budget hotels.  The plan:  Pack and pick, part two.  Yes, I’ll throw some beans into the cooler, just in case the planets align to have my favorite breakfast.  But I’ll also pack a backup of high fiber, low sugar cereal, which can be easily eaten out of a bag, no milk or bowl needed.  What I won’t do is partake of any proffered continental breakfast foods like donuts or danish or… much as I’d love to…. bagels.  Eggs, okay.  Fruit, yep.  Yogurt, great on my cereal.  Still undecided, what I’ll do the morning we have a family pancake breakfast on campus.  Pancakes, like most refined carbs, are not my friend.

Road trip challenge 5:  Calories in vs. calories out.  There’s just no getting around this one – spending every waking hour in a car does not burn a lot of calories.  There will be pretty much no opportunity on this trip for exercise.  Wake up, hit the road.  Hit the hotel, hit the bed.  Wake up, spend the day on campus with my son.  And so on.  The plan:  Pack and walk.  I will bring workout clothes just in case the opportunity to move my butt presents itself.  And, if I can get my hubby, who is not as early a riser as I, out of bed the days we are staying near campus, I will drag him along as my bodyguard workout partner for a morning stroll.  Other than that, maybe I can burn a few calories fidgeting in my car seat.  Or walking up several flights of dorm stairs carrying loads of teen “stuff” instead of taking the elevator.

I know that I will gain weight on this trip.  I am not being a pessimist here; just a realist.  I didn’t even add in the related challenges of eating less fiber and not drinking enough while on the road.  I’m just going to do the best I can and focus on my son.  This trip is all about him.  Go west, young man.  Go west, old van.

Do you like road trips?  How do you handle eating when you travel?  Any suggestions for me?




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73 responses to “On the Road Again; I Just Hate to Get on the Road Again

  1. You have really thought this challenge through, so I’m sure you’ll do the best you can. Even though this will be a trying time weight wise, you have plenty of time to make up for it later on. 🙂 And so long as you stay as healthy as you can, you’ll be fine, I’m sure. 🙂

    • Karen

      Thanks for the words of support:) In the past, not only might I have eaten all sorts of crazy off plan stuff while traveling, but once I got home my binge might have gone on and on. I know that if I can get back to how I was eating once I walk in the door, I’ll get back on track eventually.

  2. coco

    My advice would be not to over think it! It’s just one week. Do the best you can and accept that the best choice you can make on the road may not be very good by usual standards. I don’t usually chew gum or have hard candy, but both can be good to combat “mouth boredom” on a long trip.

    • Karen

      Ah, gum chewing is out now thanks to some teeth issues that will get a brief mention in my next “thumbs” post. Otherwise that might be a good one for me! I did buy some sugar free mints the other day, that are supposed to “freshen my breath” for hours, thinking that would keep me from eating other stuff. But I tried one and it was so strong I’m not sure I can suck on that!

  3. It sounds heavenly to me. 🙂 Just try to roll with it and enjoy the experience of family and scenery. And while you’re rolling: Wendy’s (Apple Pecan Chicken Salad) and Chick-fil-A (Grilled Chicken salad) are good bets. Also, a lot of the Mexi-fast food places have decent options. And of course there’s Subway. You can get any sub as a salad. Plus, there are a lot of good local options along the way. And all that scenery! 🙂

    • Karen

      Thanks for the food ideas, Cammy. It will be easier on the way home without the picky teen with us. But he’ll actually go to any you mentioned. I have never actually gotten a salad at Subway. We used to go and I got horribly unhealthy subs. BMT. Yum.

  4. Well, my very favorite thing for road trips was my Aunt’s icy mint water she made with fresh mint leaves.

    Just have lots of fun and enjoy getting away from your life for a while. I love getting out of town.

    🙂 Marion

    • Karen

      Sounds refreshing. I am sure I will enjoy it once the driving part is over and we are in LA. Palm trees make me smile:)

  5. Travel always throws my eating for a loop. Subway is often the best fast food option on the road, and fortunately, there seems to be one at every large gas station along the interstates these days — a good thing.

    This is a major moment in your life and in the life of your family. Maybe you should just try to approach it like this — do the best you can food wise and do the best you can exercise wise. It won’t be as strict or regimented as what you can do at home, but that’s okay. It’s temporary. Enjoy this moment in time, and get back to the strict routine when you get back.

    It’s often easier said than done, but the best advice I receive on this type topic is to just make the best decisions you can in the moment.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Michele. That’s my hope. I mean – plan. Cammy mentioned Subway too and I replied that I have not been in years (stopped going because I loved the very unhealthy meat subs) and never tried anything healthy there. But my teen and husband will both be on board with that for a meal.

  6. I think you have a good plan. I would say drink lots of water but if your hubby is like mine, potty breaks are not on the agenda!

    There are calorie counting books at the library and Barnes and noble. they give you the calories, fat…of each menu item at fats food places. Maybe good to arm yourself for those dinners on the go.

    We keep low sodium beef jerky in the car. Good luck!

    • Karen

      Oh no – in our house my hubby would drink tons and stop more to pee, as a result. I hate stopping and just want to be there already! Of course, public restrooms are not nearly as bad for men, IMO. And that is part of it for me. Last year on the road trip where I ate well, we had actually brought homemade beef jerky. Maybe I need to get some made again. Thanks for the reminder. Not a great fit with my need to cut saturated fat but that will have to wait until after this trip anyways.

  7. Travel and eating…. I understand the *ugh* feeling! With that said- you really have thought this through and planned as much as you possibly could. BRAVO for that. Think back to how you would have handled this kind of trip in the past. I think that life will always present us “food issue people” with situations that will make it more difficult. We do the best we can and then keep on going. These words sound so easy to live by… but I know they are not in those moments when we must make the decision. You can do this. For every good choice you make it is 1 less “bad” choice you made!!! Focus on the time with your family and try not to let the stress of “dieting” get in the way of being together.

    • Karen

      Good reminder – each thing I eat is a choice. Maybe I need to stop thinking about the whole trip and just think about each bite.

  8. Nope, not a fan of road trips & not having food I want because like you, I need certain stuff for the bod to run right without getting TMI here! 😉 And the way my bod works, if I drink water & can’t fins a restroom I like, not pretty!

    I would probably make ton of my homemade protein bars, muffins & cookies for the road cause at least I know they have fiber & protein… almonds would come with me too! You can always stop in supermarkets & look for fresh stuff to eat…

    You sound busy while you are here. Not sure I will be in LA then but keep me posted!

    • Karen

      Ah, the fiber conundrum. I will certainly try to find ways to eat it while I travel but without water, not sure it does much good… if you know what I mean. I have that problem whenever/wherever I travel. I actually get a lot of fiber daily. Way more than the average.

  9. There is nothing I can say that you don’t already know!! And although you know I love road trips, it’s not THIS kind of road trip!! So I understand your dread.

    But I also know how much you love being at goal weight. Your plans sound great. You’ve made the plan, now WORK the plan. It can be done and although I know you are a realist, I also firmly believe you do not HAVE to gain any weight on this trip.

    Hang tough, my friend!

  10. Oh can I relate to this post! Something about countless hours in the car – even if we’re listening to a great book, great music, etc…I am itchy and bored and eating is always a distraction. But food only works while it’s going in and down, and then more hours of the above!

    You have planned well which is very smart – you know the saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail”. There is no failure here for you because you have your head on straight and are in a good place with food and eating. If you put on a couple lbs, they’ll disappear before you know it. And college campuses usually offer LOTS of walking ops!

    • Karen

      This line cracked me up: “food only works while it’s going in and down…” I am already planning to wear my super ugly running shoes the days I am on campus instead of my sandals which would look much nicer:) Ah, the sacrifices I make for fitness.

  11. Roz@weightingfor50

    Sounds like you are armed to do your best on your upcoming trip Karen!!! And if you do gain, you’ll quickly drop the lbs once you are back in your old routine. Have a great Monday!

  12. KLA

    I think you’ve got a good plan of attack for your trip. Follow your plan as best as possible. You may be surprised, it’s not a given that you will gain weight.

    On my recent trip to Newfoundland (the land of potatoes, limited greenery and fruit) I ate loads of French fries, panfried fish, baked goods and desserts. We arrived home on Wednesday and I weighed in a quarter pound down on the following Monday.

    Just don’t sweat about it – too much. Have fun!

  13. Traveling the 300+ miles to Idaho a couple of times a year always meant loading the car with red licorice, Rice Krispie treats, M&Ms, pepperoni stick and whatever other junk food sounded good at the time. Plus we might have stopped for a Zips burger half way there. All that food for a 5-6 hour trip to a place where I knew that I would be overeating once I had arrived was just adding insult to injury. Now, we only bring water and diet soda and possibly stop for a small lunch or breakfast depending on the time of day.

    You have thought your trip out well Karen and I know any gain will not stick around long once you’re home again. Enjoy the company and scenery as this may be one of the last road trips you take with your son for quite some time.

    Have fun.

    • Karen

      Oh I shudder when I remember stopping at some gas stations and the variety of things we bought and then nibbled. Sigh. I found a great snack that I will mention in my next thumbs post that you might like – turkey pepperoni stix. Actually very low-cal and low-fat. Yummy. They will be going with me in the car:)

  14. You seem to have an excellent plan in place – but two rounds of 24 hour driving trips would be enough to send even the strictest dieter over the edge. I positively stink when it comes to road trips. It DOES take planning if you want to avoid those traps like fast food places and the like. I have never taken such a long trip as the one you are embarking on so I can’t say for sure what I’d do – but you seem to have your bases covered. Good luck and safe travels!

    • Karen

      This is the longest ever, I think. I’ve done 18 hours to and from my older son’s school. Overate on that trip. And years ago I did 24 hours one way. We drove straight through and I will never do that again!

  15. Your plan seems very well thought out – you’ll do just fine, I’m sure! As someone who moved in and out of dorms a lot, I know that’s a surprisingly good workout! 🙂

  16. Karen you have given this a lot of thought! I wrote a post about how to travel without coming home with “extra baggage” you can read it here http://nutmegnotebook.com/2010/06/fitness-friday-how-to-vacation-without-extra-baggage/

    I have made the 2 day road trip (one way),between California and Nebraska at least 18 times! It is a challenge but I have done it a number of times without gaining weight!

    We have a Koolmate cooler that plugs into the car power so no ice is needed! We take it into our hotel room at night and plug it in. It allows me to take healthy food and stay on my eating plan. It is well worth the investment and it comes in different sizes.

    I have found that stopping at a grocery store / or health food store can be a better option sometimes than a fast food joint. You can get yogurt, fruit, veggies, salad bars and so on. Use your GPS or I Phone if you have one to locate the healthiest place to ear where ever you are.

    Also I don’t hesitate to ask for something that isn’t on a menu to be made for me even at a roadside diner.Sometimes it’s combining an appetizer with a salad.

    I have the healthy choices figured out in advance for the fast food places we have to eat at when there is no other choice.

    Take one of those resistance bands (sold at Target, Walmart or a Sports Store)you can use it in the hotel or even in the van. I have been known to exercise in the van while traveling down the road as all the sitting makes me sleepy! Go for a walk around the hotel parking lot, jog in place in your room, take small hand weights and use them for an upper body work out.

    You can do this!

    My challenge this next trip even though we are flying to NE is that I am on a limited food diet after my oral surgery. It’s going to be a little tricky finding healthy soft foods to eat! Wish me luck.

    • Karen

      Great tips! I own those bands so can easily throw them in. And on the way home, without the picky teen, I love the idea of looking for health food stores. You remind me that we used to have one of those cooler things years and years ago and it is long since broken. Hmmm. Good luck!!

  17. Rent a truck or van and fly back.

    • Karen

      That is a great idea and we looked into it, partially because our oldest son will be home for two weeks and we’ll be gone for one of them! But the cost for a one-way rental was astronomical. Sigh.

  18. I’ve found packing and planning is KEY. Fruits,crunchy veggies,nuts and cheese plus tons of water. Also, there are always times when eating out just happens. It helps to scout out the area and restaurants online ahead of time. So many restaurants have nutrition information online now, again planning ahead.

    Enjoy your trip!

    • Karen

      My teen and husband both get internet on their phones so I will have to see how easy it is to pull up restaurant info that way. I can scout out in advance for our destination, LA. But it’s too hard on the road because we never know timing.

  19. Road trips are hard for the diet. It’s easy to eat convenience food. I always pack healthy snacks like fruit for the road and *try* to make good choices at restaurants…

  20. Jan

    You will not gain fat on this trip. You might gain water weight from being sedentary, but that will, um, pass. Don’t step on the scale when you get home.

    Enjoy the process of starting your son on his big adventure. Make the best choices you can at fast food places.

    Dr. J’s idea is a good one. I hate driving just for the sake of a quick trip. Invest the money in your sanity, rent something comfy that will hold several disposable coolers and let your teen stretch out, then fly home.

    • Karen

      It was a good idea, Jan, but when we researched it the cost was just unbelievable. I’m going to remind myself of your comment… it is just water, it is just water, it is just water.

  21. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine 🙂 We just finished moving cross-country, which as you know took a full 5 days of driving & did not spend more than $70 on a hotel ANY night (mostly stayed in Super 8s and Motel 6es, which both come with in-room minifridges if you ask). As long as you keep the coolers in the cabin of the vehicle and use a good amount of ice packs you’ll be fine — I made ahead 5 days worth of protein pancakes and kept them in the cooler, and on day 5 they were still cold. Also brought hard-boiled eggs and they were fine for 5 days, too — we just refroze the ice packs every night & kept the food in the fridge, then re-packed the next morning.

    Another good option that doesn’t have to be kept cold is those little packets of tuna — starkist has all different flavors. The hickory smoked one is pretty awesome and low-fat.

    • Karen

      I’m laughing a bit as I imagine my teen and husband if I fill the car with the smell of tuna and eggs from my snacking:) My husband also came up with the idea to get dry ice. He says it will keep longer. We’ve already started freezing water bottles, too.

      • Hmm. Trojans. Glad I did not go to UCLA. I would feel obliged to say something snarky. Big culture shock I suspect. You’re gonna leave your baby… there? LOL

      • Woops. Ah well. I wanted to say something here too. NOBODY would be laughing from the smell of tuna and egg after you made them all gone.

        Yes. Of course I went there. Frz. water bottles are the way to go. Although – dry ice can keep things frozen for a long time if you do not sneak peaks. I trust you are not bringing ice cream or a frozen turkey.

  22. Well, you’ve really thought it through! It sounds like you have a good plan.
    Even low budget hotels often have microwaves in the common areas now. Maybe yours will too. Then you can have your breakfast.
    And just aim for protein in the restaurants or fast food places. I don’t thnk those little nothing salads give enough sustenance.
    And enjoy yourself!!! This is a grueling but lovely adventure for the three of you. Don’t make it about food too much.
    Good luck!!

    • Karen

      I am with you on the salads. Ugh. Of course this would hit just when I am trying to cut back on animal fat for my cholesterol! But in my mind I am thinking that will just have to be suspended for the trip.

  23. Oh I am so with you on long car rides…I just want to snack snack snack…on things like M&Ms or Goldfish crackers. And I never seem to get full!!

    Sounds like you’ve got it all covered, but let me offer you a suggestion on a healthy snack: GNU Bars. Read more about them here: http://gnufoods.com/ One of these and some plain Greek yogurt = perfect!

    • Karen

      Thanks for the tip – I will check them out. I think I had them at my SILs once. BTW – I recommended your blog to someone recently. She was posting about her resistance issues.

  24. On our roadtrip I just made the best choices I could and didn’t mind stopping at places that were pricier if it meant getting a better meal than fast food. 🙂

    Good luck!

  25. seeems you have things well planned which mean you will be successful and a little tip for fast food places order their grilled chicken sandwhich with no mayo and pair it with a side salad and apple slices. this way you get bulk without lots of calories. have a safe trip.

    • Karen

      Sounds good if I don’t eat the bun, unless it is whole grain which seems unlikely. White bread is not my friend:)

  26. I so SO want to tell you my favorite road food devils. NOPE.

    But instead – I will say I like the cooler full of crunchies. I made hummus with only a half tea of sesame oil for our little jaunt this weekend. Ate on it all weekend. So happy to have it. And the powdered peanut butter. Mini sandwich breads, powdered peanut butter and a smile (after being cranky from hunger). When I traveled I would get those precooked chicken pieces and bring my own salad dressing. Then you can get a pretty salad somewhere and plop on the goods.

    Also, why not stop at a big grocery instead of fast food? It may take a few seconds more, but you can pick up supplies you need for morning or night and be able to get a decent, low calorie meal of your own creation. AND you can power walk in air conditioning as you hunt for your supplies. I’d put my foot down to every stop being fast food.

    Bring piles of magazines and puzzles. Busy hands cannot EASILY shove food down the gullet.

    Happy send off to your son. I went to college in CA. My curiosity is all aflutter.

    • Karen

      Speaking of devils… you probably never read my older post about Devil Dogs on my road trip for the other son’s college! We may do the grocery thing on the way home when we don’t have our teen with us. Going out it really will be about just getting there fast and that means the easiest stops near the highways. When I was growing up my mom used to do needlepoint in the car. As for me, I get too easily car sick to do anything:( I wish I could read blogs then!! He’s going to USC. Which we now know is referred by those in the know as SC.

  27. Well I can see many people have weighed in, so hopefully you have some good suggestions as you mentally and physically prepare for this trip.

    Me: I like road trips, but, I always take my own food, now that I am trying to get healthy. My hubby is a health freak so there is no way we stop for any fast foods (except In and Out: which I hope you will have). I also like to read in the car and usually save some magazines or have a good book.

    You: Enjoy this trip with your son. I hope you stop at least one destination place along the way~there are so many. It is a special pleasure of life to do these things. Yes, a long drive. But, you are driving him into his emerging adulthood and all the promise that will bring for him and to you as a parent. Enjoy the moment, despite the long drive.

    • Karen

      I’m trying to remember if In and Out is where we ate in LA last time. I think so! I don’t mind the fast part of fast food… just wish there were more healthy, hearty, tasty options. Can’t read in the car – makes me motion sick. We may listen to books on tape but they lull me to sleep no matter how interesting! Thank you for bringing the focus back to my son. Yes… this trip is really about him.

  28. It looks like you have a great plan! But I guess sticking to it is the hardest part… if you figure it out let me know because I suck at road trips! I just eat whatever, whenever. It’s just so hard to control!

    • Karen

      I KNOW! Glad they don’t happen all that often. But I suspect there are more in my future with my nest emptying and a husband who likes them.

  29. I would definitely suggest Fiber One bars, they have 9 grams of fiber and taste good. I would probably do a protein shake and celery and carrots for munchies.

    As far as stopping for food, a lot of grocery stores now sell sushi, or I would look for Tropical Smoothies if they are on the way.

    • Karen

      So… I have never actually HAD sushi! I will check out those bars. Sometimes I like the bars too much and tend to overeat them:( But fiber is good and I do like their cereals.

  30. I actually just did a road trip move myself and food is a pain, especially with my fast food loving dad as the driver. I had made overnight oats, had tuna with mustard/spices on rice cakes and greek yogurt and pretzel snacks!

    It’s no ideal… but you can do it!

    • Karen

      Sounds very healthy! I had a bag of pretzels in my hand at the store yesterday but put it back because I knew I’d have portion control issues:(

  31. I didn’t read through all of the comments so don’t know if this is something you’d consider, but what about lollipops? I buy Yummy Earth, which are really low in calories, and are all natural/organic. Just having something to work on can curb my desire to do the mindless eating thing. Plus, it takes a while to eat just one, and there are three in a serving at 22 calories each. Good luck with the journey. Road trips like that can be a real challenge, but you’ll do fine (we planners are always thinking of ways to make things go more smoothly, so I have complete faith in you!)

    • Karen

      I try to avoid real sugar products. I do have some sf candies I like, but, TMI alert coming, the artificial stuff they add can make me a bit gassy… of the kind that my car-mates might not appreciate. Ah, if only I could happily nosh on little pieces of cut cauliflower:)

  32. Biz

    I don’t mind road trips at all, but I do tend to just go with the flow and not pay too much attention to what I eat – I typically splurge on one meal a day, and hope to get some walking in to even it out.

    So exciting!!

  33. Nothing to add to all the comments – you seem to be well prepared. I know this is not your first one to send off to school, but I wish you well. It is an exciting time and I hope you enjoy the experience. Our move-in day is 8/17 – but we only have an hour drive.

    • Karen

      That’s our day too:) Hope all goes well with yours. I’m excited for my son. But suspect he is maybe a bit more nervous than he’s let on.

  34. js

    There’s always the option of getting a 12 volt inverter for your car and then run an appliance like a crock pot to warm up food from cans… 🙂

    I have an inverter for my car but haven’t tried cooking. I use the inverter to power the heating pad I sit on when driving long trips. One problem I now have since I lost a lot of weight is that I don’t have a lot of meat on my butt so sitting any extended amount of time hurts.

  35. I’m pretty lackadaisical about planning for trips. We leave tomorrow evening and I’ve got nothing except some carrots, one serving of cantaloupe, and nuts, lots and lots and nuts. OTOH, we tend not to eat when we travel either … probably because there is nothing to eat. Good luck with your trip and hugs on sending your baby off to college.

  36. How exciting! Enjoy your trip to Cali. We’re awfully nice here 🙂

    DH and I do reasonably well on road trips now. Like you, we pack a cooler and only fill it with good stuff. The harder part is when we fly somewhere. If there’s a fridge in our room we do pretty well. If not, it’s more a struggle. We’re leaving for Europe in a few weeks and I’m dreading the food situation a little. We’re taking protein bars and mixed nuts with craisins with us so we have snacking food while we’re out walking. And I’ll certainly do the very best I can to eat right. We’ll be walking fools so I’m going to try not to beat myself up too badly.

    Have a great trip!!

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