Hey Yo. Sup.

I’m NOT going insane today over at Michele’s blog.  Please come join me… and my pal, Albert.

And if you are not already familiar with her blog, Healthy Cultivations, be sure to check it out when Michele is again at the helm.  Her intelligence shines through her writing as she takes a very pragmatic approach to a balanced and fulfilling “healthy” life.  Rather than focus on weight or numbers, Michele writes about the bigger picture of living as she shares her insights and observations.  And she’s an Oprah fan like me:)





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9 responses to “Hey Yo. Sup.

  1. I popped over to Healthy Cultivations and it was a great blog, just like you said!

    🙂 Marion

  2. Great post over there Karen & oh so true!

  3. I already love her blog and your Einstein post today is great too.

  4. I will check it out and you can count me in as an Oprah fan too!

  5. Thanks for the recommendation on Healthy Cultivations. It looks good so far! I will go back for sure! I really like the approach of the “big picture”!

  6. Another great blog recommendation… and a nice guest post, to boot! 🙂

  7. clicky clicky – off I go!

  8. Roz

    Great guest post Karen!!!!

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