Thumb Like It Hot

Thumbs down: Heat waves.  We’ve been in a “heat warning” again.  Temps for the next few days predicted in the triple digits.  The weather is wreaking havoc with my biking since, yes I admit it, I am a wimp.  Thumbs up for my climate-controlled basement “gym.”

Thumbs up: Winning.  giveaways.  Two in one day!  A Target gift card thanks to Girly Girl and a huge package of Stevia items thanks to Jody and NuNaturals.  (Yes, I am still ingesting a ridiculous amount of artificial sweeteners.)  So… I bought a lottery ticket that day, just in case my luck held.  Thumbs down that I didn’t win any money and need to put my daydreams of life as a millionaire on hold.

Thumbs undecided: Freebies.  I was recently offered a prize package for myself and a second one for my readers but, after much consideration, graciously declined.  I don’t get offered freebies very often, so it was hard to say “no.”  But I felt that it would have obligated me to write about something I would probably not otherwise write about… so… I’m not writing any more about it than this.  But trust me, if it had been something awesome to offer to you, I’d have gone all thumbs up over it.

Thumbs step up: Huge step.  Literally.  At my recent visit to the internist I kept my sandals on when I stepped on the scale.  Thumbs up because I didn’t care (much) that I would weigh a couple of pounds more thanks to those shoes.  Thumbs down for the reason I kept them on – germophobia.  Yes, I am a bit of a germ freak.  Didn’t want to put my bare feet where other bare feet might have gone before me.

Thumbs every which way: Teen stuff.  Thumbs up that my son had a good time on his trip with friends camping and canoeing in the wilderness.  (He inherited that from his dad, NOT me.)  Thumbs down that it took us days and lots of patience to pry any details out of him.  Thumbs up that I enjoyed my week-long empty nest preview:)  Thumbs both up and down that I’ll be waving goodbye to my baby in less than a month.  Thumbs down that one of us is a procrastinator (which he also inherits from his dad) and no dorm room shopping has yet taken place.  Thumbs down that he has somehow somewhere sometime lost his glasses, which he only wears on rare occasion when he takes out his contacts, but if he can’t find them we’ll have to get a new pair.

Thumbs down: Teeth.  I’ve been having some issues with mine for a while and the bad news is that the dentist can’t pinpoint which tooth or teeth are the culprits.  His suggested course of action is to replace the most likely (in his opinion) crown and hope we get it right on the first try.  Ouch.  Both for me and my bank account.  No thanks, Doc.  I’ll go with your plan B:  wait until it’s unbearable.  Thumbs down that on Monday the teen got his wisdom teeth out.  Poor baby.  Thumbs up that he’s feeling well enough to see the new Harry Potter movie with friends, albeit after popping a prescription pain pill.

Thumbs down: Blog technology.  Yes, again.  Or still.  So is it just me or does it seem like WordPress requires a new update more and more often!?  For those of you not using, every time I have to update, I cross my fingers and hope that my blog doesn’t vanish when I push the button.  The latest update took almost a whole day, and I waited, holding my breath, for a very long time.  So far, I am not impressed with the new and improved version.  What I most dislike is that typing in my editor now doesn’t keep up with my fingers.  Also major dislike that lots of my little bells and whistles (aka plugins) are apparently incompatible with this latest version.  Sigh.

Thumbs still down:  Blog technology.  So my past email issue seems to have improved, maybe, but not resolved.  Thumbs down that I had to disable the feature that emails you a reply to comments.  I’m still replying to most of them but now you have to check back if you want to read what I said.  And it is no longer a different color; had to disable that feature too.  I hope to try a new version of the auto-email-reply feature someday.  More finger crossing will ensue.

Thumbs down. Whipped cream.  Not long ago my husband bought a huge amount from Costco.  Get your minds out of the gutter, people!  My thumbs are down because once I started adding whipped cream to the equation, my former nightly cup of sugar-free pudding morphed into a small binge.  Three cups in one day – not normal.  Pudding stays; whipped cream goes.

Thumbs up: Winner, winner, strawberry dinner.  My favorite summer go-to meal when we’re not eating a family dinner:  strawberries and cottage cheese.  Major yum.  And no cooking – bonus!  And, low-cal, low-fat, high fiber.  Winner.  I’ll be so sad when berry season ends and it’s back to a long, boring winter of apples.

Thumbs down: Gum.  Yep, I’m chomping away a bit more than I’d like again.  I’m going to stop buying so much; can’t chew what I don’t have:)  Maybe I need to go back to chewing pen caps like I did when I was in school.  Maybe all this chewing isn’t helping my teeth issues any!

Thumbs “coming about”:  Sailing away.  We got invited to spend the day with my BIL and his new girlfriend on her boat.  I was not eager to go and for days my glass was half full of muddy lake water in anticipation.  Heat warnings, sun, swimsuit, food out of my control, sailing, small talk… not my kind of day.  Thumbs up that the day was not nearly as horrible as I imagined in my overactive pessimist’s mind.  Except for the heat – that was still pretty bad.  And the water – which was not only muddy but also filled with dangerous algae (which we knew about thanks to posted warnings not to swim).  But otherwise, the day passed quickly and relatively painlessly and not a sunburn in sight.

Thumbs up: My weight.  I’m just putting this one on here because I know some of you would be wondering.  I did start this as a weight loss blog, after all.  I actually have lots of things to say about eating still, but that’s for another day.  Basically though, except for a little blip thanks to the sailing day (with two meals and afternoon snacks away from home), I’m maintaining.







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51 responses to “Thumb Like It Hot

  1. Thumbs up for another fun post! Thumbs down for the dentist. I’m with you on that one and I totally agree with plan B.

    • Karen

      Fingers crossed that I don’t suddenly go from bearable to NOT. Especially sometime when I’m traveling. Remember, Mr. Murphy and I are very well acquainted. Sigh.

  2. Love the fact that you kept your sandals on at the docs. You could ask for a sheet of that butcher paper to put on the scale or wear your socks. But glad you used your sandals. I will stick with an image that the number was not as important.

    You a gum chewer, too!?! Didn’t now that.

    Empty nester is a great gig. You will enjoy it, even more when they get through collage.

    • Karen

      Just tried a new gum last night. Have you had any of the Extra Dessert Delights? Now they have an apple pie flavor! Yummy. But the texture was kind of tough.

  3. Very interesting post! Cottage cheese tastes a *little bit* like cheesecake when paired with fruit, so I bet the strawberries with it is good.

    Kids are so much drama, aren’t they! Your teen’s issues remind me of my kids’ (ages 22, 19, 14, 13) issues. 2nd daughter is moving into her first apartment. 2 youngest got a Mr. Coffee Frappe machine from 2nd sister and are making frappes like crazy. Oldest daughter brought me heirloom tomato plants. Well, they certainly never are boring!

    🙂 Marion

    • Karen

      I bet your family is a lot of fun:) I think the strawberries are even better with the cottage cheese, kinda like if you added whipped cream, which is what my husband does. It’s great on melon and peaches/nectarines too.

  4. Oh don’t I understand that teeth stuff – UGH!!!!!!! I have one tooth that is up in the air too but at least they know which tooth – what to do with it is another story! I have had your prob in the past though – what is with that – all this technology & they can’t figure it out! Hmmmmmm!

    Glad you enjoyed the empty nest preview – I think you are going to like it! 🙂

    Love these posts!

    • Karen

      One more part of aging for us to complain about:) Sure do wish I’d taken better care of mine when I was younger and they had all the advances they do now. My main issue is that my old dentist did several crowns and he did a poor job and eventually they all WILL need to be replaced. Thus why I switched dentists several years ago. Sigh.

  5. 2 Thumbs Up- this post!
    Tonight I will be having strawberries and cottage cheese for dinner. Sounds DIVINE and SINFUL!!! 🙂
    Tell me more about your gum chewing. I am a gum addict. Sometimes I feel like a smoker trying to rip off the packaging while still in the car after buying a pack and not chewing for a few days. So sad!
    HUGE congrats for keeping your shoes on for a weigh in.

    • Karen

      I like flavorful gums, not the traditional mints. I clearly have a need for something sweet or a need to chew. And I have a very bad habit of putting in a piece, chewing a while, taking it out and putting in another. If I just chewed one for a long time it would not be so bad! But, I only chew in private. Hate being with people who are chomping away. Major pet peeve.

  6. Mmmm – strawberries and cottage cheese. Why have I never tried this? Also, thumbs up for having the willpower to kiss the whipped cream goodbye! I think some of the stuff they sell at Costco is pure evil – have you seen the size of their muffins???? Yikes!
    Hope your teeth feel better soon!

    • Karen

      Oh I hate when I go in there and you can smell the freshly baked stuff. Torture! My husband usually does our Costco shopping. He loves that place. But he often brings home stuff that I wish he wouldn’t. Mostly though, he does a great job for us:)

  7. I hope your tooth situation resolves soon. In my dental woes, I learned that tooth pain sometimes ‘radiates’ and travels around the mouth, so that it makes it difficult for the dentist to isolate the problem tooth. Ouch!

    I’ve had that keystroke/timing problem for some time now. I just compose in googledocs or word and copy over, but I shouldn’t have to.

    • Karen

      Exactly! Which makes it darn frustrating. But eventually all the old crowns that my previous dentist did WILL have to be replaced. Dread. Glad to hear you have that timing issue too and it’s not just me. Drives me crazy! Someone suggested Windows Live Writer. I also may be having feed issues now that I disabled those plugins too. I sure never expected to have all this updating or issues. Might never have switched if I’d known. I wish there was a class I could take that did the “beyond basics” and explained things like PHP and mySQL and stuff. BTW – I did find a WP group here after you mentioned it but have not been brave enough to join. They all seem like very serious techies.

  8. Do you have sinus trouble, sometimes that can cause a tooth to hurt. The sinuses swell and press on the nerves of the teeth. It might be a good idea to check that out before you spend a lot of money on a new crown.

    Congratulations on the maintenance. I need hope that it can be done, once I get there.

    • Karen

      Not that I know of, but thanks for the tip. I have pretty clear tooth symptoms it is just impossible to pinpoint which tooth. I have sensitivity to temps, particularly cold. (I eat all my fruit at room temp now.) I sometimes get some pain when I bite down, but again, seems to vary or move or be hard to pin point. Xrays show nothing. In that area I have two crowns on the bottom and two fillings on top. I am sure that eventually all will need to be replaced.

  9. Thumbs up – Karen’s Thumbs posts! I love them. Let’s see…yes on the dental stuff. My recently described tooth hasn’t hurt since I wrote that post – so am putting off the appointment and flossing 3-4 times/day.

    Having grown up sailing my very own pram, I love the “coming about”. Nothing like sailing. Congrats on your good weight. And I know how nicely whipped cream fluffs up sugar free pudding. At least it’s Atkins friendly, if that helps!

    • Karen

      Ah, floss. I have it all over the house. My former dentist was a very, very nice guy but I realize now that he was not a great dentist. Thanks to him all my old crowns will eventually need replacing (and many are chipped or fit poorly) and the contacts between them catch food all the darn time. Sigh.

      The problem with that whipped cream is that it really wasn’t “off plan” so I ate it. And the pudding was so much more tempting with it. Alone, I never overate the stuff. But once I topped it, look out!

  10. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    I was a gum addict for a loooong time! What finally ended it was when I looked at how much I spent on gum per week and then did the math (ie: okay, if I saved this $10 in a jar instead of spending it on gum every week how much would I have for a special treat at the end of the year? ohhh..nearly $600. Well then.)

    • Karen

      Oh great idea! I need to do some math. It feels a bit like an addiction: when I let myself run out this week I kept craving it!

  11. Hurray for maintaining!!! Enjoy this. you’ve earned it. I hope you find some peace here.
    Love that you won’t do freebies if you don’t feel inspired. I knew that was who you were anyway.
    I’d probably be a feebie whore right now jsut because I’d love to be noticed. I’m sure I’d have some boundaries…
    Have fun on that boat!!!

    • Karen

      Sad to say that so far, not really finding that elusive peace. I suspect I will write a lot about this. I’m torn about giveaways. I’d love to be offered more… kind of validating in some way or something. But then I feel that obligation. Not sure how readers feel anyways… some I like on other blogs, some I have no interest in, even ones that are “valuable.”

  12. Michele

    On blogging — if you’re a PC user, then you should download Windows Live Writer — it will revolutionize your blogging process. No need to mess with creating posts inside WP. Though I understand you can run it on a Mac too through a virtual Windows operation, but I don’t know anyone who’s done it. I don’t have a Mac yet, but I’m getting one soon!!! 🙂

    And as for pudding, perhaps three in one day isn’t so bad — it’s better than all four in a pack at one sitting.

    • Karen

      I just gave it a cursory glance so far. Looks like it somehow is connected to my blogging platform and that scares me! Wish there was a way to demo it without downloading it and setting it up. I may have to email you someday for more information. I’d love to be able to adjust fonts in my post too and with my current theme all I can change are bold, color and italics.

  13. Jan

    Thumbs up for your posts and you maintaining!

  14. Roz

    Hi Karen, BIG thumbs up to another fun thumb post!!!!! Hope your teeth and your techie issues resolve themselves, and WOO HOO for the maintenance on the scale. Have a great day!!

  15. Thumbs up for maintenance!! Yay! You’re doing it. 🙂

    • Karen

      Well, not to be a downer, but there is “doing it” and there is “doing it.” And I still have a long way to go before I feel like I have peace with food or normalcy or whatever else it is I am looking for.

  16. Cackle. THAT is what you get for going to the doctor in the summer during a heatwave. No socks to wear on the scale! Meanwhile I have to wear long sleeves today. That last little statement would have been bragging, but I swear I said it in my head with a little frowny face. My beans aren’t growing.

    And I refuse to not go to the gutter re the whip cream. Sorry lady, anyone who buys that much of the stuff is not buying it for the puddin’! OR IS HE????? Sickos!

    • Karen

      LOL. He puts it on HIS strawberries. And, I love wearing sandals. For many reasons. My feet like to be as free as possible. Never wear shoes at home. And my feet issued mean supportive shoes and my sandals are actually more comfy than my closed shoes. So I extend that season as long as I can, no heat wave needed.

      • Right. Now I know hubby reads this from time to time. Strawberries are code for??? Oh Pssshhhht! I know. You two with your freewheeling sandals and bi-cycles.

        You fool no one.



        We will discuss your sandal fetish at another date. I suspect it is the straps. Comfy me Arse!

        Karen Karen… Karen : )

  17. All in all a pretty fabulous thumbs up post! I too can enjoy that cottage cheese and berry dinner!

    Oh the heat in the Midwest has been dreadful. I surely hope it cools down before we travel there next month!

    • Karen

      I’m thinking that July is usually our worst month. I wonder if you will be in the Midwest when I am in California!

  18. definite thumbs up on anything free and congrats on winning

  19. I won the NuNaturals Stevia stuff too and have used the baking mix to make “vegan amond joy cookie bars” (did you also get like, thousands of recipes too?) In the meantime, I’m also with you…I don’t think I’ll ever do a review/giveaway on my blog, but I am not above entering someone else’s 🙂

    On another note, I’d be really happy to not make dinner and just have something light…hmmmm

    • Karen

      OMG yes! I could not imagine what was in that big box when it came. I haven’t tried that mix yet. I did giveaway a scale once. I thought that was a good fit and the winner got to choose a kitchen or bathroom version. I actually sent an email to the people that gave me my free MyTrak to see if they’d give one away to a reader when I eventually post about it. I think it is pretty cool.

      I love not cooking dinner. I used to eat a lot of apples with peanut butter for my “go to meal.” When my nest empties I’ll have to commit to at least cooking now and again.

  20. Boo…lots of thumbs down! But you’re surviving in spite of it all!

    • Karen

      But at least nothing is major. I used to count and make sure I didn’t have too many “downs” when I wrote these posts. Now I don’t really pay attention.

  21. Thumbs down cuz I’m a germaphobe – ha!
    And – would have sold my soul to the PR Devil if it has been AWESOME!

    • Karen

      I have actually twice reached out to companies to see if they’d offer up their products as giveaways. Both were things I like and use and planned to post about. One said no and the other I have not heard back from. Wish I knew how to go about that in the best way.

  22. Miz


    thumbs decidedly UP UP UP.

  23. I like this idea of thumbs up and down. That’s cool. Sorry about the dentist. Dentist scare me so bad it’s not funny. I avoid them as much as possible.
    Yeah for the scale. I have to go get my DOT physical so will be stepping on the scale again in about 6 weeks or less.
    Take care and have a great weekend. Blessings my friend.

    • Karen

      I did the first post like this about a year or so ago and got a great response and have been doing one every few weeks or so since. It’s an easy way to share what’s going on in my life. Poor dentists. No one likes them:(

  24. Throw the whip cream in the trash and prove to yourself that you are in control! And tell your husband that if he ever does that again, it’s a big trash can!

    • Karen

      As for my poor husband, I try to walk that fine line of marital compromise between my obvious eating issues and his right to eat what he’d like. He actually asked me if he should buy more, once it ran out. I said “no,” of course:)

  25. Sorry about your woes with WP. Yes, there are constant updates. Why do they insist that you update and then turn around 2 days later with an X.1 update? Grr.
    Two big Fonzie Thumbs Up that you’re maintaining!! AAAAYY! lol

  26. Bob

    I really love how you’ve categorized all the life stuff into different thumbs. It’s cute!

    Also, serious thumbs down about the heat. We can add mine in too.

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