A Bike By Any Other Name

I’ve noticed a trend in the blogworld to name one’s bike.  Giving mine a moniker or ascribing some personality to it never occurred to me before.  But one day as I was pedaling along, I thought about it, which is no surprise because biking seems to lead to mind wandering.  Immediately the name came to me.  There was no thinking cap needed (although I was wearing a bike helmet at the time); no internal debate or vacillation.  My bike’s name, if she had one, would be Hope.

As in:

I hope I don’t fall again.

I hope I get up that hill without having to walk part way or having my chain come off.

I hope it doesn’t rain.

I hope this pedaling is doing great things for my butt.

I hope my butt won’t be sore tomorrow.

I hope I can remember the blog post I am writing in my head by the time I get somewhere to write it down.

I hope that no bugs fly into my mouth and no grit lands in my eyes.

I hope I don’t run into or over a snake.

I hope the deer and bobcats and squirrels stay off the path.

I hope the wind isn’t too strong today and I chose the right route to keep it at my back for the last part of the ride.

I hope I didn’t forget to put sunscreen on my ears again.

I hope I don’t get a flat tire.

I hope I don’t have to stop to use a porta-potty.

I hope my husband can figure out how to fix my bike gadget that tells me my time, distance and rate stats; I miss it:(

I hope I can conjure up some of the childhood joy that somewhere got lost when biking became exercise.

Have you named any of the inanimate objects in your life?




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64 responses to “A Bike By Any Other Name

  1. I had to replace my battery on my bike computer this year. Unfortunately, I lost my previous ride info. 😦

    I name all my little figurines, but I haven’t really named my modes of transportation. If I did, I think I’d call my bike ‘Lucky’. 🙂

    • Karen

      I like that name:) We just replaced the battery in both the computer and the part on the wheel and hopefully (no pun intended, truly) it will be that simple a fix. Haven’t had weather and life cooperate in ages again so no riding. Not a good biking season for me:(

  2. Hi Karen! People always tell me that I should name my guitar. It is a reddish-black slim Ovation guitar that is definitely a girl guitar. Because she is slender around the neck, I can hold the bar chords down more easily. She’s an electric acoustic. But I lack imagination to name her anything that is not obvious like–Melody, Harmony, etc….
    Maybe I should give her a name that sounds like the little sister of a famous guitar player.

    🙂 Marion

    • Marion,

      How about Dreamboat Annie? Nancy Wilson (Heart) played an Ovation (at least for some songs) on that album.

      Melissa Etheridge also plays an ovation, but it is a 12 string.

      Van Halen played an Ovation – but I think only electric. But Jimmy page played a electric acoustic ovation.

      There. Some leads!

      Or you could just go with your gut.

      Or La Noitava. Ovation spelled backwards and made into the feminine.

  3. Miz

    I never have!
    Im surrounded by friends who name everything from their cars to their kettlebells.

    thus far Ive only named my pets 🙂

    oh and my child…

    • Karen

      We didn’t even name our pet! She was a rescue dog and came with her name which I’d have changed but she already knew it. But, and this is the honest truth, I always thought I’d name her Hope too! She was so hopeful for a little show of love or a treat or…

  4. Love the name Hope! I don’t have a name for my bike.. will have to think on that one!

  5. That is a great name for your bike… I should maybe try and name mine 😉

    Make it a great day!

    • Karen

      It never occurred to me to name my elliptical. That might be nicer than always referring to it as “boring.”

  6. I have not named anything – weird that I have not – did not even think about it. Hope turned out to be a great word for you & I HOPE you keep doing what you are doing! 🙂

  7. I really feel pressure to name MY bike! I can’t think of a name though, but I really like yours…you’re inspiring me…Maybe I will come up with something after all!

  8. “I hope I can remember the blog post I am writing in my head by the time I get somewhere to write it down.”

    Hahahahaha…totally relate to that one!!

    My father used to name his cars. I remember Big Red and Maxine. But I can’t specifically remember naming anything inanimate. But after reading MizFit’s comment, I am seriously considering naming my kettlebells 😉

    • Karen

      I’ll look forward to reading about those names, Karen. We had a used car when I was growing up that my parents got as an extra (long story) and I can’t for the life of me remember it’s name, but it was the only car ever named in our house. Gray Ghost, maybe? We DID, however, name our first lake house, I remember that. And our boats.

  9. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    What a perfect name for your bike!! I love it!

    I named my car (a 2001 Toyota Camry) because that’s how my family rolls haha — I named her “Ellie” because she’s a Camry LE…and because when people are trying to figure out how to spell my name they tend to say “Is it L-E?” which sounds like “Is it Ellie?” hehe.

    • Karen

      Cute! We have one of those same cars! Actually, I am assuming ours is an LE too but maybe not. Hmm. Right now my teen drives it but we will reclaim it when he heads to college, a bit worse for the wear.

  10. Hope is a good name! I love it.

    My bike was named last year when I got it (Marley–after Bob Marley because of the colors of the bike). But I rarely call it that. LOL

  11. I admit it — I named something in the not to distant past. When I purchased my Nook from B&N, I named him Nigel Nook. I referred to it as Nigel for a while.

    • Karen

      Love that- sounds perfect. I am still a “real” book person and will be as long as my book supplier, my mom, keeps buying them. When the day comes that she switches to e-books I’ll have to follow.

  12. I tried to name my first car, but it just didn’t work. I’ve heard of women naming their purses, but I haven’t done it myself.

    I don’t have a bike. The last time I got on one 65MD made me get off immediately. He was in no mood to go to the ER!!!

  13. I love that Hope list!!
    I tried naming my scale, but it didn’t work for me. I suppose I still call it “Beast” more often than not. Look at that… a name.

  14. My bike is “Desperado!” It had that name on the frame when I got it and it fit. I’ve written about our adventures on my website. That bike has been a good friend.

  15. Nope, can’t say that I’ve named anything recently, but I will confess that I’ve called several things names!! Some not repeatable! LOL!

  16. Roz

    Love the Bike’s name!!! My husband named my last car the “Roz Royce” (it was a toyota) So fun. (and lovely looking bike too!) Have a great day Karen!

  17. what a perfect name for your bike and i’m pretty sure i’ve said all those same lines

    Everyday Life

  18. My bike’s name is Dusty.

    Karen, in order for you to recapture that childhood feeling you need to:
    Construct a ramp and fly off it over and over
    Pop Wheelies
    Make sure the butt never rests on the seat
    Ride “no hands”
    Be racing somewhere – like toward the music of the ice cream truck

    No worries. You will burn off the calories.

    • Karen

      NO WAY! Funny thing is that on my last ride on a nice flat stretch just after we had turned at the halfway point and had the wind at our backs, finally, I thought for just a moment about letting go of the handlebars. Wisely, I did not, figuring I could not balance like I had as a kid. And we sure did not wear helmets back then!

      • Next time you must let go. You have a few jaunts under your belt. Just keep the hands close to the bars and keep your eyes open and relax.

        Or do the wheelie. One thing or the other.

  19. I’ve never named an inanimate object. I do want to buy a bike though. When the weather in Florida cools down I’m definitely going to get one!

    • Karen

      I got this one when I turned 30. Which is now almost 2 decades ago! She’s held up well; wish I could say the same for me:)

  20. I am terrible at naming things that are alive, like pets. I put way to much effort into it and can never make a decision, which is why my fish are still called, ‘hey there, fishies!’
    I did name a birdhouse that I have, which was created by an artist to look like a gargoyle/garden gnome’s head. I named him Nob. No idea where that name came from, but there it is. I also have a wood sculpture in the yard named Madeline. See? If it isn’t alive, I can name things all day long!

  21. Thanks for checking in on me! If I don’t read anyone else’s blog, I will be reading yours! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  22. Yes, I think you know I have named all three of my bikes with names that all begin with “M.”

    Merel: my great Dutch bike

    Millie: My fabulous road bike

    Myrtle: My workhorse bike that tows a Burley.

    I “hope” my Merel, Millie or Myrtle get to ride with Hope someday! Michele

  23. I’ve never named an inanimate object that I can think of…but I love your reasoning for naming Hope. LOL

  24. Oh, My goodness! All of those hopes were so right on with the bike riding experience! What an adorable post. I hope you can conjure up some of the childhood fun as well. I get really close to it when coasting downhill in some farmland area beyond the city….. 🙂

    • Karen

      Oh yes, coasting would come close! If only I didn’t remember that coasting down means working my way back up on the return:)

  25. Hope is a clever name – does she float too? (ha,ha couldn’t resist). when i was a kid, I named my bike Lucy and these days, my red car is called Scarlett – even though she doesn’t have a southern accent. 🙂

  26. lol my car’s name is Fred the Gay Car because all cars are supposed to be girls but he’s a boy so he’s gay. Yeah one day of my sister and I being silly. Her car is Lucy btw and I call hubby’s GTO Christine because I swear he loves that car more than me! lol 😉

    • Karen

      My brother’s car has a male name. Hmm. I guess I never thought about gender but now that you mention it why is it cars are female?

  27. I named my bike Dr. Huxtable. I have NO clue why. It was totally random and the first thing that popped into my head.

  28. Great name Karen. Sounds like a super companion to help you get where you’re going. Happy travels.

  29. HOPE. I love it Karen!!!!!
    Now… I need to get me a bike so i can name it!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  30. I want to name my house “The Pumpkin House” because I think it looks like a jack-o-latern – but my husband just looks at my like I’m nuts.

    I think your bike name is so perfect!!! If I had a bike, I’d need to name it that, too!

  31. Karen

    Oh, now I’m curious to see it! My house looks like every other house in my neighborhood.

  32. LOVE YOU! I hope I planned the route right so the wind is at my back.
    I am totally with you!
    I have all those same hopes and dreams.
    I hope I don’t crash.
    I hope I don’t cry.
    I hope….
    that said, the BF+ (aka VERY patient bike coach) said that I look a lot more comfortable and that I’m screetching less.
    that’s good, right?

  33. C

    when I was about 11, I named my bike the Avocado Aardvark. I was fascinated with aardvarks after a school project. I don’t think I’ve named something since. I think I made a label with the label maker (remember those?)and tried to affix it to the bike fender….yeah, the Aardvark was not a racing bike and had fenders. Subsequent bikes were light weight- no fenders.

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