My Declaration of Independence

(Apologies to Thomas Jefferson for this little bit of plagiarism today.)

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one person to dissolve the mental and emotional bands which have controlled her and to assume among the powers she possesses, the ability to vacation at her family’s lake house with a sense of normalcy.

She holds these truths to be self-evident, that all dieters are created equal, that they are endowed by their own strength with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty from the stranglehold of food, and the pursuit of happiness.

And so on, and so forth.

And much as I’d love to send up the fireworks, I’ll be settling for some sparklers today.  To commemorate my weekend eating.  It was “okay.”  Not as great as I had hoped; but not as horrible as I had dreaded.  I did pretty well two out of three days.  The other day, the only full-day at the lake, I spent what felt like almost every waking hour thinking about the food that I didn’t want to be eating, but really WANTED to be eating, especially the darn bagels.  So instead of eating the abundant “crap,” I over-ate “on plan” food.  Call it weak-willed – or call it a compromise.  But at least you can’t call it a crazy-ass binge! (And I did, in theory at least, meet my goals that I set in my last post.  So, I’m giving myself credit for that.)  No bagels passed my lips.  No cookies either.  Or chips.  Or cinnamon rolls hot from the oven.  So, overall, I did okay.  Baby steps of progress on what is clearly still a long road.  And a huge thank you for all your kind words of support and encouragement and confidence:)

So… in my future… I hope to declare independence from crazy thinking about food!

Declare your own independence today, from whatever it is that controls you.  (And feel free to share what that is in a comment below.)  In honor of the holiday and to celebrate everyone on this journey with me, I leave you with a little inspiration from Katy Perry…



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42 responses to “My Declaration of Independence

  1. Overeating on healthy (or less catastrophic) food is a perfect solution – reducing the damage. ^^

  2. I think you deserve fireworks! And I love your revisions to the Declaration of Independence. Mine is linked below.

  3. Sometimes I dislike looking at things this way, but at least it’s over. You survived something that has been a real problem in the past and you did it relatively unscathed. Knowing what a “trigger” this event has often been, I think that is room for a real celebration and a sigh of relief. Now enjoy your day with your family!

  4. Great job, Karen – even if you believe you overdid it a bit, you stayed within your plan, and that’s progress over the last time – imagine how strong you’ll be next year! Today, enjoy life as a person in control, the liberty to make your own healthy decisions, and the pursuit of your own happiness. 🙂

  5. I really like your personal Declaration of Independence. I have been thinking for a long time of developing a personal daily pledge for myself–a positive thing to tell myself each day to keep my perspective straight about my weight.

    Great post! And I’ve read others of yours that I really liked too.

    🙂 Marion

  6. My hubby LOVES Katy Perry!

    OK, you did good!!! Yes, you qualified it but you done good! CONGRATS! Me, I most likely would have had bagel!;-)

    I wish I could declare independence from this aging crap that bothers me so – coming up in a post. I don’t think any one can understand till they go thru it. I wish I had known this & shown my mom more compassion – honestly!

    OK, enough downer – you are too funny with this post. Have a wonderful one Karen!

    • Karen

      Well, I don’t listen to the radio but it is amazing what I can pick up from watching Glee:) So, about the bagel, I’m still running an internal debate with myself. Should I have eaten that instead of all the other stuff, albeit healthy? Or would the bagel have sent me over the edge into a binge. Some day, some time, I think I need to have a bagel experiment:)

  7. Ewa

    Give yourself a big pat on the back. There is nothing more deadly to a healthy eating plan than social events that center around food.

  8. I love your personal declaration! It was great and I’m sure Tom would be OK with it.

  9. I’d call it a compromise!! And I’d suggest that holidays are the days when it really and truly is okay to indulge a little bit. It’s not what we do on occasion that determines our success (whether it be on the scale or otherwise); it’s what we do routinely. Sounds to me like you did just great!!! And welcome back to Blog Land (or Bloggywood!). I kind of like Bloggywood – lol.

    • Karen

      My long-term vision sees me eating well at home on a consistent basis but then being able to indulge, a little, with social stuff. My problem with the lake is probably that it is not one meal but several days (and I can do a lot of damage in several days) and that in the past it really did derail me. But I knew that whatever happened food-wise, I was NOT going to be derailed again, after I got back from there!

  10. Great job Karen! I call that a great choice! Eating more of on planned food is much better than eating off. Less calories and better for you.

  11. Roz

    Love your declaration Karen!!! You are an inspiration! Have a wonderful 4th!!!

  12. I love that song! I’m giving you a pat on the back for accomplishing your goal, even if you did it in a way that you don’t feel completely happy about. It’s still an accomplishment, still progress. Happy 4th, Karen!

  13. I love Fireworks both the song and the real up in the sky stuff and Karen too me you lived with your glass full..

  14. Hi Karen – As usual, your clever self hit another home run. Yes – independence…as in freedom from bondage with food. A noble desire and endeavor, and one that is absolutely achievable.

    Congratulations on minimizing the potential damage this weekend – sounds like a resounding success to me. Not blowing it or succumbing to the love call of bewitching binge food is victory in my book. And as Sharon said, it’s over. We’re just never going to be able to achieve perfection in this world and with this issue. Sounds to me like you negotiated it very well.

    And thank you so much for your very kind and supportive comment yesterday:) I really appreciate it, and know that it’s true. You’re a good lady!

    • Karen

      I think people who meet me would have no idea. They’d see a “normal” person and never imagine that I have such issues with food. And that has been part of why I have not talked about my “numbers” on here – because I know that it is so much more for me, that I need to work on, and because I know that what I experience is, unfortunately, something that some people will relate to regardless of how much we each weigh:(

  15. Nicole

    Great job Karen. I think you did a great job. I bet you feel better too!! One step at a time. I love all of your posts. 🙂

  16. My biggest wish for you (for all of us, really, but this IS your blog) is that you find peace and freedom in daily living. It’s the only way to fly! 🙂

    Glad you had a great weekend!

  17. Oh teeheehaw. That was ever so clever of you. I notice no amendments.

    I guess non did not make popovers. Whew. Or is that awe?

    Better to overeat on the good things Karen. If you ate the off plan stuff, you would have felt like crap (later) and you might have redeveloped an uncontrollable yen.

    I hope you overate on broccoli salad. That is what I will be imagining anyway. I live vicariously.

    I am having a red white and blue salad tonight. Surprisingly few things in nature worth eating are blue. I am dying an egg. Egg. Beets (from the garden) and onion (also from the garden). My victory garden!!

    Happy Indy day!

    • Karen

      Oh no – she made them! And I ate them. With relish. Sooo yummy. BUT, that was something I allowed myself when I set my goals. No broccoli salad but I did actually bring some asparagus that I roasted at home:) Lots of fruit. Cheese. More fruit.

      • LOL. Notice that out of all that I gleaned no information on the most important item “the popover”. Lord have MERCY! Thank you for letting me know lest the tension of “did she didn’t she eat a popover” become more than I could stand!

  18. my weekend eating could have been way better but i hold hope that i did ok and i made sure i got in my exercise each day so with luck i will weigh in this holding at the same weight but no gain. happy fourth and hers to getting back on plan

    Everyday Life

    • Karen

      Well, I did see a little gain, which I expected. And hopefully it will come off fast, since no way did I eat THAT many calories!

  19. I can’t listen to katy Perry just yet. If my mini-me hears music she’ll be out here in a flash and “me time” will be over.
    Sounds like you did great!!! My own declaration of independence… hmmm….I guess I’ve started it. It’s sort of independence from too much clothing in the summer. I’m enjoying letting my skin breathe a bit. Who knew?

  20. DANG! That’s quite a success! I’m VERY impressed 🙂

  21. Why IS that? Why, when I know that I’m not hungry, does my mind still go to food and I think about eating anyway? I don’t get it. I, too, wish I could “declare independence” from food! 🙂

  22. Congratulations on a great job! Travelling, treats, and food triggers are never a good combo but you obviously rocked it!

    Love the clever post too!

  23. Totally loved this post…I can relate in so many ways. Changing my thoughts and my attitude towards food has been a journey. I’m not totally independent yet, but so much better than I used to be.

  24. Miz

    I join in
    in declaring independence from allll kind of crazy thinking.


  25. Glad to see you did okay. I like the way you are thinking about the food you did eat as a compromise. I ate really well yesterday. But, while at the table felt I was in a land mind full of chips, burgers, hot dogs, salsa, etc. Not one of those items passed my lips either. It is plain hard to go the healthy way when there are so many other options at holiday feasts.

  26. But what if it’s the dern kids that try to control me?? Grrr! I shall retaliate buy getting them NO snacks on next shopping day. mauawhwhwhaahaaaa! (yeah, riiight)

  27. I always find it hard to stay on track during holidays like these that are centered around food. Way to go on staying away from the bagels and cookies.

  28. Sounds like you did an awesome job … I would be wondering about the bagel too … what if I’d just had that would I have stayed away from everything else. Best of all, though, is that you walked away relatively unscathed and back to life as normal!

  29. I would definitely call it a compromise, Karen. In fact – if you didn’t touch cinnamon buns that came directly from the oven and chose ANYTHING else, I consider that a complete and utter success!
    My independence this year is my freedom from sleeves. I have always been too embarrassed to wear sleeveless tops because of the loose skin I carry between elbow and shoulder. But this year, I am having the most glorious time not caring. It’ s silly, but it feels wonderful!

  30. KLA

    Love your post Karen!

    I just returned from a week long vacation-induced binge. I’m treating the whole week as an oops moment and moving on. It happened and now it’s over.

    You did very well at the cottage; I think even normal eaters eat more, eat things they don’t normally eat while on vacation…

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