Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Thumber

Thumbs up: Summer.  Which brings yummy seasonal fruits.  And longer days.  And, thumbs down, a teen who goes out every night and sleeps until afternoon.  And almost nightly thunderstorms.  And mosquitoes.  And yes, lazy hazy crazy days.

Thumbs down: Those aforementioned yummy seasonal fruits.  I never cease to amaze myself at how I can overeat the most healthy things!  Of course I guess it doesn’t help that we buy our berries at Costco which means lots to eat before they spoil.

Thumbs down deja vu: Blog technology.  Just in case you missed my recent mini-crisis, lucky you here is the explanation.  As for an update, what I can tell you is that things seem to be working better since I’ve deactivated some features, but not 100% as they should.  I still have not reinstalled any plugin that sends you emails when I reply to comments.  And my auto-backup plugin isn’t sending me emails like it should.  So, I’m still flummoxed.

Thumbs up one day and down the next: Family reunion.  It was fun; my husband has very nice relatives, some I hadn’t met before.  Thumbs up for what I ate from the huge pot-luck dinner buffet.  Thumbs up, I think, that during the hours following dinner, while we sat around visiting, I ate with moderation from the desserts.  (I do love me some apple pie.)  Thumbs down that breakfast the next day was provided by a lovely cousin who clearly didn’t consider that anyone might want a healthy morning meal (although I suspect our definitions of “healthy” might not be the same).  Thumbs down that eating said off-plan breakfast led to a day-long binge-fest of the most amazingly crappy foods imaginable.  Thumbs up… you guessed it… back on track the next morning and every day since.

Thumbs back in my ears: We unexpected had my three little nephews as “house-guests” again.  There was laughter and fighting and running in circles around the house and boo boos and wetting the bed and pool time and lots of macaroni and cheese.  Thumbs up that my own boys are well past most of that!  Thumbs up to my amazing husband who postponed his Father’s Day so we could help with the kiddos. 

Thumbs up: Routine.  I like it.  Thumbs down when it gets interrupted.  Thumbs up that I’m trying to be more flexible and able to “go with the flow.”  Thumbs up when I can still manage to squeeze in some exercise on days when life gets in the way.  Life’s gotten in the way a lot lately.

Thumbs up: Planks.  I’m meeting my plank challenge goal.  Do you hear me, stomach muscles?  As of this weekend I was holding my three planks for one minute and 45 shaky seconds each.  But I have read that some other plankers are approaching this differently, holding one plank for as long as they can.  So, I’m thinking about changing my goal.  Maybe.  Anyhoo, the challenge is over soon, if not already, but I have every intention of keeping it up on my own.

Thumbs up: Sunscreen.  Double thumbs up when it’s free:)  Thanks to Eucerin for providing me with two products to sample.  My thoughts?  They were perfectly adequate but nothing I’d run out to buy since I’m pretty happy with what I’m already using and have quite a stockpile.  I tried their “Everyday Protection” face lotion and body lotion.  Both are fragrance free, which I appreciate.  They felt just a bit like, well, sunscreen.  I’d be more inclined to use the body lotion again since it might be a bit lighter feeling than the stuff I’d otherwise slather on, but I wish it was a higher SPF.  If you want free samples, you can get them here.

Thumbs up: Blog awards.  Thanks to BnE’s Mommy for gracing me with the Adorable Blog award.  Since I not too long ago came up with a list of things about myself, I hope she, and you, don’t mind if I just refer anyone who missed it to that post here.  Thanks for the blog love:)

Toes up: This little piggy probably was not broken.  The bruising and pain have faded away.  I still get a bit of numbness when I elliptical, but otherwise things seem almost back to normal.  Thumbs up that I haven’t had anymore klutzy incidents lately.

Thumbs mostly up: Social eating.  The bane of my dieting existence.  There have been so many occasions on my calendar lately.  The great news is that for the most part I have, in my opinion, handled myself pretty darn well.  Certainly much better than in the past.  I have eaten reasonably and dare I say it – almost like a normal person!  And no pre-cheating.  None!  So, you may (or may not) wonder, why don’t I give this a resounding thumbs up?  Well, there is the aforementioned family reunion post-cheating binge, of course.  And then there is the thinking.  My eating might have been “normal” but my mindset… not quite there yet.  Still, progress.

Thumbs up: Blogger meet up part two.  Sharon and her husband passed back through town on their long drive home from vacation.  Hubby and I met them for a yummy barbecue lunch and took them on a quick driving tour of some local sites.  Thumbs up for internet friends who become real friends:)

Thumbs up: Biking.  Back in the saddle again.  Life and weather conspired against us and it had been a month since hubby and I had ridden, but last week we rode three days in a row.  Thumbs down for being saddle sore.  Ouch.  Thumbs down that my bike “computer,” which measures distance, speed, time, etc., isn’t working and we have yet to figure out how to fix it.  I miss having my stats in front of my when I ride.  Thumbs up that my husband’s gadget isn’t on the fritz at the same time.



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47 responses to “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Thumber

  1. Miz

    I adore your thumbs up and down posts!!
    and Ive gots me TWO thumbs down with the technology too.
    Im thisclose to getting a new laptop.
    a MAC.

    Im scared of new technology and macs 🙂


    • Karen

      Oh I’d suffer the pains of technology issues for a new laptop:) Assuming my husband would get it up and running for me! I hear macs are more “intuitive” – whatever that means. Good luck!

  2. KLA

    Social eating is so difficult and hard to plan for; I think you’ve done well. I totally believe that our mindset is the key to becoming a permanent normal eater.

    Plank challenge, I heard that the plank is good for reducing c-sectioned mommy pouches… I might have to start my own plank challenge. Have you tried to see how long you can hold your plank?

    • Karen

      But changing the mindset is the hardest part. It is easier to change my actions and habits. Honestly, I’m not sure when/if my thinking will come around to “normal.” Nope, haven’t tried. Maybe this week.

  3. Big thumbs up to you!!!! No matter a couple blips – you rocked!!! Love it & yes, planks rule! Such a kick out of thumbs in ears! We have crazy kids visiting mid July & with the 4 that are already back here in CA – well, you can guess! 😉

    • Karen

      How nice to just have them for a little while then send them back with the parents:) So fitblog is doing a different core challenge starting July 1 but I think I’ll stick with the planks. Yep, I finally feel more consistently stable with my eating, if that makes sense.

  4. Great post! love it!
    I am finding that these cookout thanks the great weather are killer. I spent a good 15 minutes at the grochery store studing food labels. Burgers are 380 calories but a turkey burger is 240 (of course less fat too) but for the extra 140 calories i can ditch the bun for a burger. Then the sausage patties are the lowest calories wise but thats because they are so much thinner. Ugh its so easy to fall off the wagon and not realize it. Major kudos to you for picking yourself up and moving on!
    Dont you love people’s idea of “healthy food” Yeah i love the “Oh its fat free so you can eat as much as you want people!” yeah its fat free but it has just as many calories!!

    • Karen

      Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I ate a bun with my burger. We grill salmon more than anything else which is great nutritionally, but SOOO expensive. Shrimp would never work here – my teen would eat so much!

  5. I love thumbs up/down! What a great way to do a round up.
    Teresa over at “Today is a Good Day to Diet” had a recent post about pre-eating. Totally relate. And I too have resentments about having social obligation eating. it is hard to count those calories and I have to look at that food that I cannot eat.

    What I am wondering is what of those kiddo things your boys are still doing! Pray it is not the bed wetting.

    Let us know if you can manage to mold yourself into “go with the flow”. I would dearly love to learn how. Instead I resent it and resent it and then I go and have a good time.

    Glad the piggy is feeling better.

    • Karen

      I’ve written a lot about social eating. I definitely have had my share of resentment about going and that triggers eating. Or, did in the past. There are so many issues with social eating, no wonder it is hard for so many of us. Fortunately the bed wetting days are over:) But the noise… sometimes. And the mac and cheese – well let’s say I stock up when my oldest is home from college.

  6. It’s SO AWESOME that you are doing well with the social eating! I think that’s a huge hurdle to jump for any dieter or anyone who watches what they eat!

    • Karen

      I’m getting there. Honestly though, I’d rather just avoid it. Not the healthiest of attitudes. Big challenge with this coming up…

  7. Ditto on the Miz’s loving of the thumb nail glimpses into all that is Karen!

    I can relate to the off-plan breakfast ushering in a day of OFF PLAN eating. WHY OH WHY!? Glad you got it back together, and not a bit surprised that you did!

    • Karen

      Breakfast is usually my easiest eating time of day! Same food, no cravings, easy peasy. Funny how something early can set me off. I’ve learned that certain foods I can handle if I have them late in the day. When there is less time to binge afterwards:)

  8. Jan

    I always enjoying hitching a ride on your thumb posts.

    Great job eating like a “normal” person! 😉

  9. I admire your perseverance with the planks. It’s certainly no joke to hold those!!!

    • Karen

      This is one time that participating in a challenge was a very good thing for me:) They have a new one starting July 1 with different ab exercises but I think I’ll stick with planks.

  10. Toes up for your piggy! Glad to hear it’s on the mend.

  11. Just the cute titles you come up with amazes me. I love these posts. Your thumbs sure do get plenty of exercise!

    • Karen

      I do have a list of post titles for someday, but this one came to me with the summer thing. BUT, I keep thinking one day I will need to ask my readers for thumb post title ideas!

  12. Love the thumbsies! Big thumbs up that we got to visit again. Thumbs down that it couldn’t last longer. Bet it won’t be the last time!

  13. I vary my planks–sometimes I’ll do a hold-until-I’m-nearly-dead-from-it, and other times I’ll do multiple 1-minute planks. Or I’ll do moving planks, where I hold different positions (leg up/leg down/alternate/then arms) for a specific (read: brief) length of time. It’s all good. 🙂

    Overall, a good month!

    • Karen

      I like that approach, Cammy, and may try that now that the official challenge is over and I don’t need a specific method to measure my progress. It would be less boring too. Yep, it was a good month. But, boy, those family reunions and food! As you well know.

  14. I agree with thumbs down for family cookouts… We just met some of hubby’s extended family and of course I had no choice of what we ate and then the next day BAM I’m 3 lbs heavier!

  15. Roz

    Hi Karen, LOVE your thumbs up/thumbs down post!!!! And a big toes up to your foot getting better. Hope the rest of your week has more upward thumbs than those pointing down.

  16. 1:45 for a plank! That’s impressive. I think the longest I’ve done is 1 minute? Hmm. Must work on this. 🙂

  17. It sounds like a great summer so far Karen. Even with the family reunion, I would give you a thumbs up for doing so well with all the events. I would love to by strawberries at Costco, but I am the only one that eats them and I know I couldn’t do them justice before they expired…or could I? Planks? You rock!

    • Karen

      Therein lies the fruit dilemma! I do get help, sometimes, but never know when my husband or son will eat them or not. But I can decimate the blueberries very fast.

  18. Love, Love, LOVE your “thumbs up, thumbs down” posts! Great idea! Your writing is great too.

  19. I do love my bike computers. I have one on each of my three bikes. I can feel when I am going a certain speed, now, especially on my road bike. But so cool to see the number 17MPH!! or 7MPH (uphill!).

    Being more flexible: thumbs up from me to you. Go with the flow.

    Seeing Sharon: nice. nice. nice. Good for you two!

  20. I love summer! Good for you for all the thumbs up Karen! You have come a long way since I have been following your blog!

    Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you yet about all the blog questions you asked me. My life has been hectic around here to say the least and I am hoping to have some down time soon where I can take a look at you email again and reply! 🙂

    • Karen

      I am sighing thinking at how very far I HAVE come but all the twists and backslides I took on the way. Oh well, such is life. No problem about that blog stuff… my guess is it won’t tell me anything… unless your smart, techy son can figure out something. Now that would be awesome:)

  21. i love when you do these post keeps us informed on how things are going with you

    Everyday Life

    • Karen

      Thanks, Becca. Sometimes I start them and then it takes me weeks to get around to posting them so I delete and add stuff as it becomes outdated.

  22. These are some of my favorite posts. Right now I’m thumbs up to my new iphone!

  23. LOL Young ones are fun – but yes – glad our spawn dump the trash and schlep their own luggage.
    Sounds like you are having a lovely summer!
    Will you hold me too? hehehe

  24. Always enjoy reading your thumb positions on various things going on in your life! Thanks!

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