I Jinxed Myself

Woe is me my blog.

Apparently I jinxed myself with my last post title: “… and the blogging is easy.”  I stupidly unintentionally threw it out there into the universe and had a big brick come flying back and hit me upside the head.  Seems I fell victim to another blogging meltdown.  Which has me hanging my (aching) head, abashed, as I come here to both apologize and explain.  Please read on.

First, some background.

I respond to probably 90% of the comments you leave on my posts.  I love comments:)  I love my readers.  I love conversations and the exchange of words.  Love it all.  So I had a feature on my blog that was supposed to send an email to a commenter whenever I (or anyone) posted a reply.  The operative words here are “supposed to.”  Because apparently any email from my blog might end up temporarily lost in cyberspace.  So, lo and behold, it turns out that some of you have been getting those emails some of the time and some of you, not so much.  There I was, responding to your thoughtful comments and there you were, maybe with no idea.

And then, bam!  The floodgates mysteriously unleashed (a few days ago) and for some of you the missing emails showed up en masse in your inbox.  Those emails were written and generated as long ago as last Spring!

Second, my confession.

As to why I am red-faced and abashed…  I knew this might happen one day.  I hoped not, and I chose to hide my head in the proverbial sand and cross my fingers and pretend all was well with my blog world.  But I should have known better because several months ago something similar happened (which I hope you will read about here) and I never did figure out why.  I am not a techy person and unfortunately there is no helpful “expert” sitting on the other end of a phone-line to answer my many questions about WordPress.   And the tech support for my host (GoDaddy, boo hiss) mostly leaves me wanting to pull out my hair (or rant on Twitter).  So I crossed my fingers (and my toes and my eyes) and just hoped that the “Waisting Time Mass Email Debacle” was a one time deal.  Clearly it was not.  And I am truly sorry for the inconvenience and bewilderment I caused many of you:(

Third, the resolution.

I have spent hours trying to figure this out.  Why it happened.  How to fix it.  What will keep it from happening again.  All to no avail.

So I am going to take some steps I would prefer not to take, so that, if nothing else, I can at least hopefully prevent you from getting another email avalanche thanks to yours truly.

I have started disabling several features of my blog in hopes that one of them is causing all this and that shutting it off will make the problem disappear.  Magically.  The first thing to go was the option for you to subscribe to follow up comments at the end of each post.  (However, if you do want to subscribe to comments, there is a link to the RSS feed under the admin stuff on my sidebar.)  I’m also no longer using my favorite feature that will automatically send you an email reply to comments you leave.  Which makes me very sad.  Because, as I explained above, I love the conversation that comes with blogging and I love your comments.  But I will still be responding so you can always check back here to see what I said:)  And, my goal is to send a manual email as well, but I started trying that already and it requires multiple steps in multiple places and I’m pretty sure that negates my “summertime and the blogging is easy” paradigm.

Unless I see an immediate improvement (which I hopefully should be able to tell by counting the emails I personally get from my blog), I will also eventually have to remove the threaded comments feature, sob, and all the other bells and whistles.  It will be a work in progress, much like me, so I hope you will be patient and hang in here with me.

And please, please don’t stop commenting!

And don’t worry, it’s not contagious.

And if anyone has any ideas for me as to what happens to the missing WordPress emails and how I can fix this, I’m all ears!  Throw all the light on the subject you can!

Gotta love technology… when it works.





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61 responses to “I Jinxed Myself

  1. I wondered what had happened, as there was a follow up comment from March! ha…

    I hate it that you feel you have to disable this “feature”. I, for one, am not complaining about the strangeness – other than it must be sort of frustrating for YOU – as you sent out these responses and got nothing back from time to time. Was it just one post or for one day or did it seem to be totally random?

    And was it really a debacle? Or just “unfun”? Just don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater is all I’m saying. No harm, no foul from here.

    • Karen

      Oh it was totally random! Most were from the last few months but in the 250 or so I got myself, some I noticed from last fall and at least one from LAST spring.

      Debacle? Well, I do like to use fun words and AM prone to literary license and occasional exaggeration:) It just frustrates me so much that I can’t get support for this and can’t figure it out myself and can’t seemingly fix it. If it only inconvenience me, that would be different. Which is why I turned off the features I did first.

  2. Ewa

    It gets really scary when technology stops working and nobody knows how to fix it.
    Hope you get the comment issues resolved with minimum frustration.

    • Karen

      And then this morning my printer/scanner decided to join in the fun. It is only a few months old but the error message is telling me it needs service. Insert cursing here.

  3. I was guessing something was up, again. I have not had any problems with your blog this time, but I think you know I did the last time. I hope the changes you made help to eliminate the problem.

    I find it actually very easy to reply to comments with blogger. I receive an email when comments are posted if the comment-or has an email. I love comments, too, however I do not respond to all~but do try to respond to many as time allows

    • Karen

      For me to reply I need to go into one screen to see who has commented since I can’t trust wordpress to send me an email, then go into something else to get to my blog’s gmail account (since I am usually signed into my personal gmail), then copy the email address, then post a reply on my blog, then copy that comment into the email… I have lots of tabs and windows open right now!

      I actually like when I get emails if another blogger responds to comments. I just don’t have time to go back to them all to check and most bloggers don’t reply. But I also don’t mind if a blogger doesn’t reply to comments at all. Usually.

  4. I hate it when something goes wrong and it’s hard to pinpoint what is causing it!

  5. I’m sorry for your computer woes, Karen. You are the best comment-responder out there. I usually just check back here to read your responses to comments–I like seeing the others, as well as my own. I only got one late e-mail the other day. Not a problem. And it wouldn’t have been a problem if there had been many more, either.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Tish. It’s part and parcel of the whole blogging experience for me; I enjoy it:) I remember before I had the email feature once asking readers if they ever check back to read my replies and I was surprised at how few even knew that I wrote them replies!

  6. Karen, as you know from my emails to you, it did not bother me & I was all over the “It has to be GoDaddy doing this”. They drive me crazy! Always something going wrong on their end.. always! Lately they have been letting thru tons of obvious spam to my email… craziness!

    I feel your pain! 😉

    • Karen

      Ah yes, my sister in GoDaddy frustration:) So yesterday I had a rep tell me he was getting “miffed.” That shocked me. My response was that I was getting miffed myself! Unfortunately I understand it is not simple to change hosts AND they may actually be correct in that it could be caused by something other than them.

  7. I feel your pain! I love WordPress but sometimes I can’t get it to do what I know it must be able to do. Before the current version, I used to get email whenever someone commented on my blog and then I could just hit reply and an email would go right back to them. It took me awhile to figure out a solution and I’m not absolutely sure it works!

    • Karen

      Okay… so what solution did you come up with?! Maybe it will work for me:)

      • JourneyBeyondSurvival

        I think the problem is that WordPress is constantly updating. We’re supposed to turn our plug-ins off when we update. I suppose that the real issue is that then all of the developers of our plug-ins have to then do an update to their plug-in.

        I’m starting to think I’m supposed to leave the plug-in off until an update comes. Or, maybe I’ll just wait to update wordpress until my most crucial plug-ins have an update as well?

        Sounds like a lot of problems.

        It also sounds eerily similar to iphone app problems…

  8. I know how frustrating this is/was for you. I got several and immediately knew what it was as I remembered it from the one other time it happened. I just laughed it off and decided you must’ve been really bored yesterday morning….LOL! Bottom line for me – it didn’t bother me in the least, but like I said, now that I know you in person, I can only imagine how you’d like to pull your hair out and GET IT FIXED NOW!

    • Karen

      What is so frustrating is that I don’t know who to turn to for help. GoDaddy says it must be WordPress; WP says it must be GD. Aaaargh. Love blogging, hate the technical parts.

  9. So sorry for your woes. As you know, I tend to keep things super simple. I usually reply to any comments that need replies via the gmail notification, and if a comment shouldn’t come through for me, then I do the copy/paste thing. I’ve always presumed that people were too busy to come back to the blog to check for responses. But that may be just me, projecting. 🙂

    I’m part of a local WordPress group, and I’ll ask the gurus there if they have any issues/ideas at our next meeting.

  10. I’m going to check this weekend on what plugins we use. Never had this e-mail response problem. It is terribly frustrating when things just don’t go well… in blogging and in life.

  11. Yes..the woes of just knowing “enough”. As you know, I stopped receiving my email notifications for comments a few months back. All things seem to be in line. I just check my blog admin for comments now. I don’t use the email feature on the comment side..

    • Karen

      I did not remember that you had that happen. I also go to the admin section for comments, which is fine since I always need to check my spam because you never know when a real comment will get caught in there:) BUT, still doesn’t solve some other email issues. Like me not getting my emailed daily database backup. And readers not getting my email replies:( Sigh.

  12. Well, at least for a little while you made me feel popular because I had so many emails in my inbox. 🙂 Sorry you are having all these problems (along with the toe thing … ouch). I hope you don’t have to delete the reply function to the individual message … I really like that to be able to follow a specific conversation. WP will make a geek out of you yet.

    • Karen

      I was thinking about you today! Because I am pretty sure I have suggested to you in the past that you add one of those plugins that email replies to commenters. Maybe it’s a good thing you haven’t! BTW – your blog is one of the few I know to check back to see if you’ve replied. I am not off to manually send this too you too…

  13. LMAO! I trip in public every day and I count on people not holding it against me. I figured it was a grand digital experiment and I was giddy to see all those comments! xoxo

  14. Oh how funny.I didn’t notice, probably because I haven’t been commenting since last spring. 😀 But I DO love how you always respond back. It’s something that I actually thought of switching to wordpress over. GL with working it out!!!

    • Karen

      That is one of my fav things about WP. And I loveeee when other bloggers do it. I used to go back to previous posts on blogs I follow to see if there was a comment but gave that up because it took too much time and so few bloggers reply. I think there is actually a way to do it with blogger and will try to pay attention the next time I run across one who has that feature.

  15. JourneyBeyondSurvival


    You’re doing fine. I hope it all works out.

    Have you looked at the plug-in web site page? There are often question answer places there. Also, if the developer has just moved on to something else and isn’t updating that plug-in anymore, it’s just time to move on too.

    Okay. I’m shutting up now.

    • Karen

      Interesting idea about the plugsins. I am pretty consistent about deactivating all of mine when I do an update but then I activate them and assume they are fine since things seem to work. Other than this issue, of course. Ironically what many say is the biggest advantage of WP.org is the plugins! Thanks for your input.

  16. My conversationw ith people normally occur with me commentsing on their blog, them commenting on mine bac, etc… A little more cumbersome but it works! I hope for your patience’s sake the resolution works.

    • Karen

      I’ve had others do that with me before. And I’ve actually had some great conversations behind the scenes via email. So far today things have looked pretty good. Oh, I hope that was not another jinx!

  17. Jan

    No worries, Karen. I always come back to your web site sine my blogging e-mail is not my primary one.

    Did you disable the Comment Luv feature also? I enjoy seeing others’ latest post titles.

    • Karen

      Yes, sorry. That was one that I knew did not impact the function for me which I guess was rather selfish on my part:) I suspect I will activate it again soon since it is used by lots of other bloggers without causing problems.

  18. Oh I hate the jinx! I DID actually get a couple old emails from you(but not all) if that bit of information helps with the puzzle. If I had known you were having troubles, I’d have saved them (sorry!).

    Meanwhile no stomping your right foot in frustration. Only the left.

    I am going to have to go have a lie down myself after reading about the tech guy saying HE was miffed.

    • Karen

      No problem, not sure it would have helped. I did find it interesting to see the ones that came to ME and how far back some dated! I’m gonna admit I ranted on both facebook and twitter after he said that. Seemed wayyyyy off base to me. Miffed. Really?! Hello – which one of us has a right to be miffed.

  19. I got 2 emails where you had responded to comments I had made back in May. I am kinda glad I did get them since I had not been back to check. Now I got to see the comments others had done as well! It is annoying to have it happen though.

  20. Karen, I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this yet again. I’m happy to report that as of today, I’ve received no emails from the Great Beyond. Hope you figure it out and can begin re-introducing plugins as you see fit.

    • Karen

      Yes, the onslaught seems to run its course in a day or so. For now. So far today I have gotten almost all of the emails from my blog. Almost. Sigh. I guess I will need to deactivate more stuff.

  21. I won’t stop commenting! I did get quite a few old email responses and was happy to see them all, although I was never bothered that I didn’t get a reply before they arrived. Sorry you’ve been having so much trouble with this!

  22. I’ve had some computer problems myself lately, and I know how frustrating it is! I wish I could help you but it’s beyond my capabilities… And I always love the nested comment feature so it would be sad to let that go!

  23. Oh wow! Just so you know, no strange e-mails for me. Also, even if I did get a flood of emails from your blog, it wouldn’t really bother me. It’s not hat hard to delete a few e-mails. I do really love that feature that e-mails you when your comment gets a reply. Out of curiosity, what plug-in did you use? I just recently enabled a feature on my blog that e-mails people when I respond to their comments.

    • Karen

      I love that too – from both ends, my blog and when I comment on others. The one I was using was replymail. I few bloggers have told me they use comment reply notification. Which did you install?

  24. Techno stuff is so frustrating because some of it is just impossible to use! I find blogger to be really easy now, but I’m trying to set up a new website on webs.com and, oh my, it feels clunky to me! The things I could do with a simple click, I’m spending hours on. Makes me wonder: does it look unprofessional to set up a website on a blog page?…

    • Karen

      I have no idea what the difference is between setting up a blog vs. a webpage. I don’t envy you that experience! My family has a webpage for a charitable foundation and my brother set it up and maintains it; lucky us:) But in real life he is a computer engineer of some sort.

  25. Just wanted to lend another note of support.
    Do what you have to do and it’ll all come around.

  26. I’m finding some of the blog world issues very frustrating…blog comments going missing and post comments not working.
    I’m looking into moving to a webpage but I’m not so techie either so its a bit of a learning curve.
    I imagine all of your readers are more than understanding of these problems, we have a fair few of our own too….but your blog and your comments are more than worth it

    • Karen

      Thanks, Dawn. I will admit that as a reader who often comments, blogger is frustrating. Very often I try to comment and can’t. Seems to be a problem that is not just me or one blog either. You might look at wordpress.com. It is not the same platform I use; does not require a host and people seem happy with it. You can input all your posts and comments from Blogger.

  27. My mama and I blame the computer, when things do stupid we just blame it. It’s okay and I am sure all of us understand.
    I just love getting comments and answers to e-mails…even if they come from ways back. :o)
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

    • Karen

      My MAMA and I seem to have technology issues that must be hereditary! My brother once joked she must emit some signal that puts things on the fritz:) Phones, computers, video recorders… the list goes on.

  28. Karen, this kind of thing gets me spun up because I never know how to go about fixing it! UGH!!!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  29. Sorry your having so much trouble. I have not gotten emails from you except when you reply to my comments. I do like that feature and had always wished my blog was capable of doing it, but its not.

    Try reinstalling WordPress or to see if there’s an upgrade your missing or a new add-on. I know when I used WordPress it was “quarky” that is why I went to Google Blogger. Good Luck!

    • Karen

      It is a great feature:) I shudder at the notion of reinstalling WP. But I do keep up on the upgrades. One suggestion I got is that one of my plugins might be incompatible with one of the upgrades. Sigh.

  30. I have been fortunate to have had no problems with Blogger. I also have not had any mas e-mails from you so I had no idea of this could even happen until the last time you posted about it. A real glitch in the system there – hope it is resolved before you tear all your pretty hair out!

  31. Hmm. I was just thinking of going from wordpress.com to my own site through GoDaddy, but perhaps not. The basic wordpress.com works well for me. If it ain’t broke ….

    • Karen

      My initial reaction to this was “OMG yes!” Seems to me that wp.com has added lots of features that, if they’d had last year, might have kept me from making the switch. And the bells and whistles that I personally like about wp.org seem to be what might be making things not work right:( If you are happy with your current blog, I’d suggest you stay. Yep, if it ain’t broke:) Not to mention you have to pay for hosting with wp.org! And figure out all sorts of annoying techy stuff. Oh, I could go on.

  32. haha sorry i don’t mean to laugh but i’m so happy i’m not the only one to encounter tech troubles i swear some days i think i’m truly drowning here in blog world.

    Everyday Life

  33. I don’t mind returning to your posts to see if you’ve left a reply to any comments I make… not at all.

    The email thing was nice, but not worth worry or stress due to potential debacles.

    As long as you write posts and sometimes reply to comments, you are tops in my book!

  34. Blog tech..the bane of our existence. 🙂 Hope you can figure out what’s wrong! for what it’s worth, I think I’ve been receiving comment emails at the right time/right post.

  35. I didn’t get the avalanche of emails – but do (or did) get the email showing me you had responded. I too am not very technical and worry that something bad will happen to my blog!

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