The Best Laid Plans

I had great intentions.  Plans to exercise a lot and kick butt with my planks.  And then, Wednesday morning, my inner klutz met up with a darn chair just lurking, ominously, in my path in the dark basement.  The path I safely navigate countless times a day on the way to and from my computer.  But not this time.

This time my toes reached out and connected with the chair and… ouch.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.  The verdict is still out as to whether or not my toe is actually broken, but it doesn’t really matter.  It hurts.  And it threw a wrench in my plans.  I hate when that happens!  Seems Mr. Murphy and I are very well acquainted.  You know Mr. Murphy, don’t you?  The guy who gave us the law that suggests that everything that can go wrong will go wrong.  Oh yes, he and I are pretty darn tight.  Unfortunately.

But lest I forget that I intend my blogging voice to be one of optimism, my glass might actually be half full.  Because unlike the last time I broke a toe, the same toe by the way (stubbed during a nocturnal potty trip), this time I managed to put on my workout shoes with minimal discomfort.  Woo hoo for that!  Because it meant that post-stupid-stubbing-incident (and several sessions of icing) I got through Wednesday’s strength training workout (with my mom and trainer) with a bit of modification.  (One legged squats instead of lunges, anyone?)  I then proceeded to put in a leisurely 45 minutes on the elliptical which was all I had time for that day.  And more good news:  it was my husband, not I, hopping on a plane to accompany our son to college orientation.  I was staying home alone and planned to make good use of the time to kick my own butt.  Or so I thought.  Which of course leads me back to my best laid plans of planks and cardio.

Clearly any exercise that put pressure on my toe was out.  Darn and tarnation.  No afternoon treadmill workouts for sure.  Walking period… ouch.  And since my toe actually hurt more the second day, my inner “not trying to find an excuse to not exercise but trying to be smart about not compounding an injury” voice wondered if I should just take the day off.  Not this warrior!  I taped my toes (which in hindsight I should have done the day before), gingerly slid on my shoes, and not-so-gracefully mounted the elliptical, careful to not put any pressure on my toe.  Could I do it?  Yes.  I could.  And what do you know – the elliptical didn’t aggravate my toe at all!  I’d have done a happy dance but that seemed like a guaranteed toe tingler.

So I wondered what else I was capable of that I assumed I was not.  Like the aforementioned planks.  Since I do them propped up on my toes I had assumed they were out of the question or, at a minimum, had to be modified.  Maybe not?  I dropped carefully lowered myself to the floor and assumed plank position, and lo and behold I could hold myself up by resting on the part of my foot that was not bruised and swollen!  Take that, broken (or not) toe!

So why, you might be wondering, is my glass only half full?  Here we are in the middle of a heat wave and sandals are out.  Ouch.  And to my dismay it actually seems best to keep my workout shoes on all day rather than going barefoot which is my preferred state of being while at home.  I like my tootsies to be free:)  And then there is my aching leg.  Clearly I was compensating for my toe when I was walking around the first day because on day two my outer shin hurt almost more than the actually injury!  And then there is that now aborted trip that I had planned to the shoe store to finally replace my “running” shoes.  Won’t be doing that any time soon.

Anyhoo, in the scheme of things it seems that I’m not derailed nearly as badly as I thought I would be.  (On a scale of 1 to 10 this ranks way below my bone break and shoulder rehab of last year and hernia surgery this past winter.)  I will put in more time on the elliptical and less on the treadmill.  I can give up lunges and sandals and wear laced up, supportive shoes for a while.  I can keep on carefully planking:)  What do ya know?  My glass might just be three-quarters full.  Stubbed toe and all.

Now I just need to do something about that nail polish that got chewed off by the chair!  Toot, toot, tootsie goodbye.





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56 responses to “The Best Laid Plans

  1. Poor toe! I feel your pain. I had surgery on my pinky toes several years ago, and who knew the toes were so critical to the day. 🙂 Have you tried reverse planks? ) Or stability ball roll-outs from your knees? ( ) Those are actually two of my favorite exercises, even without broken or sutured toes. 🙂

    • Karen

      You are just a wealth of knowledge:) I was hoping to do the true planks because I joined that darn challenge. For a while I figured I had jinxed myself! So far, so good. Planking just fine:) And I totally forgot about my hula hoop!

  2. YOU HAVE THE BEST ATTITUDE EVER and today Im stealing a bit of your 3/4 full mojo and slathering it on my pirifomris 🙂
    hope thats ok…

  3. Vanessa

    I hope your toe feels better over the weekend Karen. I like your nail color.

    • Karen

      Thank you. And this is the first polish I’ve had on there in ages. Really. Over a year, I think. So this purple is new and I’m still undecided about it.

  4. Love the color of your toes! Love the humor and self depreciating stance, too. Sorry about your toe. I know you broke another one, me too, as I age I find that my once broken toe nags at me. So, humor aside, take tippy-toe a bit to rest it up. Okay? Have a great weekend!

    • Karen

      I am thinking that since this is the same toe as two summers ago it was weaker? Who knows. Anyhoo, I actually broke a different toe walking down stairs in college. And of course no one believed me when I said I was totally sober at the time.

  5. OUCH! Broken toes…like Cammy Who knew they were SO important…and THANKS for the reminder about how full is the cup……

  6. Ow, ow, ow!!! Maybe some Pilates could be done!

    I agree that pistol squats will fry the quad of the supporting leg. It’s always a good reminder to do single leg exercises periodically for that extra challenge LOL

    • Karen

      I love doing single body part anything. I think I am too prone to use the strong side as support. Okay, maybe LOVE is too strong a word. I could almost say I love pilates. Haven’t done that in ages and ages and it really works!

  7. J

    Man, broken toes! ouch! Two years ago I broke 2 toes and a bone in my foot…needless to say, I thought up so many excuses NOT to exercise, but it really hurt!

    Get well soon!

    ***BTW, love your polish color! 🙂

    • Karen

      Ouch! I am inclined to think mine might only be very jammed or bruised since it only hurts if I walk or touch it. But just sitting around with no pressure on my foot is fine. I feel like a break would be throbbing. I’ve broken toes twice before and broke a bone in my foot years ago teaching my son to ride a two-wheeler.

  8. Hope you heal quickly! Few things are more acutely painful than really jamming a toe into something.

  9. Aww, your poor toe! I’m a total klutz and can’t tell you how many times I’ve injured myself on something like that. Love your attitude to keep trying to find a way to exercise! Keep it up!

    • Karen

      I really felt like a klutz at the time! And the worst part was that the offending chair, which does not even belong to us but we are storing for a family member, had been rolled closer and closer to my path by teens in the basement over time and I kept thinking “I really should move that.” Wish I’d moved that.

  10. MO

    Wonderful to read that you are finding the positive in a negative situation. Good luck with the healing!!!


  11. Why, what pretty tootsies you have!

    • Karen

      I’m thinking I’ve shared on here how some family members, who shall remain nameless, think I have funny toes. Hmph.

  12. MB

    OUCH! I’m sorry my good friend Mr. Murphy has latched onto you too. He can be such a pest, huh? Glad you were able to work around your injury and get a workout in. I’ve been dealing with some knee pain but have been able to get on the elliptical without pain so it’s all good, or half full anyway.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Karen

      So my husband and I seemed to fall prey to Murphy’s Law so often that I renamed it with our own last name. Hubby did not appreciate that:( Glad to hear your knee is not totally derailing you. Knees are tricky.

  13. Ouch. Second bone break in about a year. Have you had your bone density checked recently? It might be a good idea.

    I had my shin and lower leg hurt a lot more for my toe break of last winter. I could walk OK, but wasn’t going on any hikes. I did glare at my husband more. He walks way too fast on a normal day. When I was limping my mantra was “slow down, slow down, slow down”. And when he told me to run for the bus, I’d tell him I was happy to wait for the next one.

    • Karen

      Last spring after my skiing incident I asked my doctor about that at someone’s suggestion and was told not to worry about it. I guess I’ll bring it up again at my next physical. I’m thinking this was weaker because it is the same toe as last time? My immediate thought was, of course, that it didn’t happen right before the spa vacation!!!!

  14. How many times have I done the same thing!?!?! Good for you for not letting it stop you completely. I probably would be laying on the couch, snapping my fingers at 65MD to bring me something cold to drink, and NOT exercising.

    BTW, your little pigges are cute.

    • Karen

      I did have a moment of panic since my husband and son were leaving town that same day! I will admit that I am carefully planning my trips through the house to walk as little as possible. I keep telling myself “walk normally.”

  15. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    You have such a great attitude!! 🙂 Of course it had to happen during a heat wave though 😦 Uuuuggh.

    • Karen

      Honestly, my sandals are usually my most comfortable shoes so I love summer for that reason. I suspect it will be a while until I wear them again.

  16. So to heck with Mr. Murphy – you broke his law by managing to exercise around the injury. 🙂 Glad your glass keeps filling up with all that you CAN do. And I like the purple nail polish too. 🙂

  17. Ewa

    Well, you are obviously not me. I would use this as a perfect excuse for bailing out of a workout. Where did you get your attitude and how come I did not get any of it?
    Heal fast, OK?

  18. Karen, your toes are so cute! I’m jealous of your feet and your pretty purple polish. I like your attitude and are still getting things done despite the toe problem. I hope it’s not broken!

    • Karen

      Aw, thanks. I wrote in a reply up above that certain family members have said I have funny toes. Made me self-conscious about them and I used to think they were just fine.

  19. Hey, at least your toes were nicely painted at the time! That color matches your blog, on my screen anyway. Fancy.
    I hope it gets better quickly, and great job working out injured.
    I love the elliptical.

    • Karen

      Yep, I’m a purple fan. I wonder how it looks to you though since on one monitor my background is almost pink to me. It was actually a challenge to get my designer to understand the color I was going for… and now I’m kinda tired of it.

  20. Do you know that I am jealous of your feet! You have beautiful feet! I have the ugliest feet in the world _ and I am not just saying that – wide & flat & BAD bunions. I never wear any shoes that show my feet!

    OK, back to you Karen – LOVE that you overcame!!! GREAT new Karen attitude!!!

    • Karen

      Ah but you have all those other FABULOUS parts:) Feet are easy to hide. So… once when I saw the podiatrist for foot pain I commented that at least I don’t have bunions yet. He replied, “Yes, you do.”

  21. Yowza! You are tough… I wouldn’t have even tried! Sooooo glad you discovered a couple of lovely little moves – great you have stuff in your “toolbox” to keep you moving! xoxo

  22. Jan

    Buddy taping is the way to go. And, don’t minimize toe pain! Makes your entire body feel off when your feet hurt.

    • Karen

      Kinda pails in comparison to post-surgery pain:) Sorry about that. And I learned last summer time I had a broken to that there is not point to see a doctor. (You are one who could appreciate that just recently my insurance company was still trying to find out if the toe incident almost 2 years ago was covered by worker’s comp or other insurance. Really?!)

      • Jan

        I had cervical spine surgery in 1994 – my insurance company harassed me for months to prove that the damage was NOT due to an accident! After filling out all of their paperwork twice and still getting nasty phone calls, I resorted to calling the Texas Insurance Board and reporting them for fraud – ROFL. Then I called the highest person I could reach at the insurance company, told them what I had done, gave them the record number, my physician license number, and advised them that I had recommend the entire University of Texas system cease doing “bidness” with them. Gosh, things were resolved quickly and politely. I hate/loathe/abhor/ medical insurance as it stands today in the U.S.

  23. Ow! Ow! I hope that that little tootsie heals up quickly… No fun at all!

    Sarah @

  24. Ann

    Ouch! I hate that! Why does something so small like a little toe hurt so bad. Hope it’s better soon.

  25. I admire your tenacity. I would have plunked my foot up on my desk, covered it with ice and soothed myself in some unhealthy unmentionable way. That toe sure does look pissed. Even if it is “just a jam” , it is going to be smarting for a while. Too bad it was not the third, more sheltered toe. Your aim needs improving on the self injury front!

    • Karen

      And this is the same one I broke two summers ago! Clearly I have some aim problem when I walk in the dark:) Actually, I assume it was bad this time since it WAS the same toe.

  26. RE your comment on my blog: LOL, Karen! Maybe we’re bad for each other! 🙂 Nice to know it’s not just me…I’m finding out A LOT about myself! EEK!

    • Karen

      But just think how great it is to know you aren’t the only one:) I can only imagine the list we could compare of our little perfectionistic quirks.

  27. Hi Karen!

    I hope you toe gets better soon. At least you had a fabulous pedicure so it’s not so bad! Lol!

    Good for you for not letting a possible broken toe sidetrack you.

  28. Ouch! I hate that when I do those things. Your toe nails are pretty! I have that same color on. 🙂

  29. Poor little tootsie, hope it’s feeling better. I am your twin about going barefoot. That is my preferred state of being. Hate shoes. Even when I sleep I want my feet poking out from under the covers.

  30. Roz

    Owch!!! Love the glass still being half full! Have a great weekend Karen!!!

  31. Way to go on finding a plan b… and even doing the planks!!! BTW – even though your toes may be in pain, they’re adorably manicured!!!

  32. anne h

    You are so cool – even this looks good on ya!
    Get better soon!

  33. I stopped by to thank you for stopping by my blog, but now I just have to say, “Ouch!” I’ve done that before and it’s not fun. Like you said, it doesn’t matter if it’s actually broken or not when it hurts so bad it might as well be. Hope it heals quickly and that you’re able to continue a modified workout.

  34. love this that you manage to find the positive in a negative and work it to your advantage..way to girl

    Everyday Life

  35. Poor you! I’ve broken my pinky toe before and I didn’t have as good an attitude as you do!

  36. MB

    I thought of you in the middle of the night last night when I got up to go the bathroom and stubbed my toes on the door. I don’t think I broke any but damn it hurt. Hope yours are feeling better by now.

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