License To Lie

Do you weigh what it says on your driver’s license?

I don’t.  But almost.

When I got the renewal notice in the mail some weeks back my immediate thought was “I have to put this off as long as I can because I’m almost at my goal weight.”  Really.  Then I looked at my old license and saw that the number on there was actually lower than my current goal weight and probably a number that I will never maintain again.  (Okay, some of you are thinking I won’t maintain ANY number… but I’m going to prove you wrong.)

I remember twice before actually ‘fessing up at renewal time and telling the clerk that my weight was inaccurately reflected.  Both times it was not a significant difference and they didn’t make the change, I assume because it required more work on their part or because they didn’t care.  Okay with me, I guess.  But somewhere along the line someone clearly did make an adjustment because I distinctly remember how much I weighed when I got my new license to reflect my new married name almost 24 years ago.  Now that was a low number I will NEVER see again!

Why do we care what it says on that laminated little piece of wallet filler?  It’s not like anyone ever looks.  Although I do remember one time sitting around a table with some girlfriends and passing our licenses around to compare the unflattering photos and my thought, of course, was “I wonder how much it says I weigh on there and if I should be embarrassed.”  I’m years passed being carded.  The last time I had to show my license was to buy some controlled cold medicine at the store; the clerk gave it a cursory glance, at most.  Truth be told, I’m more concerned about that picture.  Why does it have to look so much like a mug shot?!

So, I couldn’t put it off any longer.  Had to go face the long wait in line leading up to the moment of potential embarrassment when I was asked if any of my personal information had changed.

So, you may be wondering, did I lie?  Yes, I did.  Shh, don’t tell anyone!

Ironically, when the woman processing my renewal read off my old height and weight and asked if they were still the same, it actually surprised me.  I had forgotten all about it!  I was much more concerned about almost failing the eye exam!  (Fortunately when I missed a number she told me which one to go back to and let me try again.  Yikes.)  So, truth now for you, my dear readers.  The number on my new (and old) license is just three pounds below my goal weight and that magical number is less than two pounds below what I saw on the scale when I had my ritual morning weigh in on License Renewal Day.  So when I was asked, I did tell a little lie:  I told her my goal weight, because I fully intend to be there and stick there any time now.  And her response to it being a bit higher than what she had in the system?  “Pshaw.”  And no, she didn’t change it.

Your turn.  Do you weigh what it says on your license?  Feel free to lie:)




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60 responses to “License To Lie

  1. Miz

    bear in mind it is early but Im 99% sure we Texans dont have to put our weight on our licenses!!

    I shall check and return…

  2. You’re not going to believe this but my weight is about 50 pounds lighter than it says on my drivers license. 🙂 I haven’t had to get a new one since I lost my weight, and the number’s not important enough to me to spend the extra $12 (or however much it is now.)

    You know, I should probably check to see when this one expires. I might be driving on an expired license! LOL

    Happy weekend!

  3. NY state license do not show your weigth!! seriously the only good thing about NY govt!! lol. It maybe in the system but its not typed on my card!!

    If it were on the card – I would lie.

    • Karen

      I so cannot believe how many states do not have weight on there! I’ve only had a license in two states, both with weight, so thought it was standard.

  4. Girl, you need to move out of your state, because PA doesn’t ask for weight either! However, my height has actually changed (fie on you menopause!) and is now almost a half inch less than recorded on said document. And it’s going to stay that way!

    I’ve said it before and will likely say it again…you are a clever blogger with your titles and such! Nice writing.

    • Karen

      My height has changed a bit too:( But it seems that no one (license bureau, doctor, etc.) but me likes to report each and every little quarter inch. All about rounding and I’m rounding up with height!

  5. Rae

    I am close to the weight on my license, but not quite 😉 Maybe one of these days!

  6. I used to lie about it saying I was 145. Now it pleases me to know it’s inaccurate and I’m actually lower than that number.

  7. I grew up in Connecticut and there’s no weight on the license there – so when I moved to Illinois and went to get my ID, I was a little surprised! I had just lost some weight and was down to about 300 pounds, but I said 295 – then I gained 50 over the next two years. I’m 5 pounds away from being 195, thinking that a new – and honest! – ID might be my 150 pound weight loss reward.

  8. I had to get a new license last year on my 55th birthday and was able to lower the number still telling the truth. I’m now a bit up from that number, but it’s very close.

    Funny, but my greatest concern about having to get new license (in TN, you only have to do it every 10 years, I think) was the picture. The picture on the license I’d been carrying for 10 years was actually very good and I didn’t want to let it go. I am happy to say that the new picture is even better. I must be the only person in the US who is proud of their driver’s license pic!!! What a hoot!

    • Karen

      My old pic was pretty decent too. But my hair was longer. My new photo has my head almost in close up and boy does it look big!

  9. Jan

    I’m more than 100 pounds less than my drivers license declares (and I lied at the time, so my picture is 125 pounds less). When I lived in Texas, we did not have to give a weight, probably because long ago the head of TX DOT was a woman who knew we all lied any way.

    One of my goal treats is to “lose” my license and have a new pic taken. Even a TSA agent has suggested that I need a new picture ID – why thank you, sir!

    • Karen

      Oh… I didn’t think of how we use it for airport security now. Funny how easily I forgot about that which is probably the most frequent use for many of us.

  10. MO

    My license information is NOT true to form. However, the other day I had to do some fingerprinting paperwork for my CA notary and you have to put down your weight. I looked at my license and laughed – nope, not even close – but then I smiled and proudly wrote my current true weight that I was that very day. I then smiled again and said – “by next year’s renewal I will have a much lower number to proudly tell DMV – I can do it and will be glad to tell the truth!!” Wow!! What a feeling!!!

    Staying MOtivated MO

  11. OMG you are FUNNY! And just so you know, I could care less what you put down for your weight for your license. I lie about my height – ha!

    • Karen

      Wellll, I round my height UP but my weight DOWN:) My husband couldn’t understand that my oldest son did NOT round his height up the last time he renewed since he was almost an inch taller than what it said and he’s “short.” Goes to show he doesn’t care.

  12. Just another motivation to get to your goal weight. Pretty soon it will be a lie because you will be below that number! I definitely lied about my first license but my new one is correct.

  13. actually, I’m less. BUT when I got that license, I was probably 30 or more pounds heavier. And oh Lordy, does it look it, in the photos. I think when my hair is all silvery-white, I’m gonna bite the bullet and go down and get an update. No one can hardly recognize it’s me in that photo now with the same hair color, imagine when it’s not. LOL

    Oh, and I got carded just 2 weeks ago, at an Angels game. By a smart ass 30 something year old woman. Thank God Mr. Sunny could buy my light beer. 😉

  14. Here in Connecticut we don’t put our weight on our driver’s licenses…

    I can just picture it now…Karen is pulled over for speeding or whatever and the cop asks for her license. She shows it to him and he looks at it, then looks at her, then at the license again and says, “ma’am…please step out of the car.” Karen steps out of the car and the cop pulls a scale out of his car. “Step on the scale ma’am.” And she does. And then BAM! she’s arrested because she’s a few pounds over what it says on her license. 😉

  15. When I had my license renewed about 6 years ago, I told the clerk my true weight — which was 205 at that time. He said, “We can’t put that down!” And he lowered my weight to 185! It wasn’t that I looked 185 — I think he was just so shocked that any woman would tell him that she weighed that much. I laughed all the way home. When I had my license renewed again last year, I was really 185. I just had to look at it now to see if I lied — nope! It says 185. Obviously that is an acceptable weight to the DMV clerk.

  16. North Carolina doesn’t list weight either. But I am trading it in for a New Mexico licence in a few weeks. Wonder what I will offer there if they are listing it. HMMM!?

  17. Karen – you go girl!!! Meaning that towards how close you are to your goal weight! I am so proud of you & I am sure you are proud of you!!!!

    I can’t even remember the last time I looked at that info on my license. I keep getting it in the mail automatically due to my good driving record although I did have to get a new pic last time because my other was so old.. I will have to check! I am guessing it is about what I weigh now but I have no idea! 😉

  18. There isn’t a weight listed on my DL. I pulled it out & checked just to make sure.

    Now the picture is a different story entirely!!! It is pre weight loss and looks nothing like me. I’ve had people comment on the difference and almost got in trouble at the airport because of it. My husband said I’d have to get a new one before he’d fly with me again. It is too darn expensive to get a new one just for the picture so I haven’t. It doesn’t expire until 2013, so I’ll have maintained my goal weight for a good while by then.

    • Karen

      I’ve seen your avatar or photo somewhere and thought how much it does not look like the pics at the top of your blog!

  19. Fortunately, here in PA, we don’t have on the driver’s license! Otherwise, I’d be in big trouble. There’d be gushes of tears if I had to tell them my weight.

  20. I’ll never tell! Actually we don’t have the weight on the driver’s license in VA, either. My latest run-in with this dilemma was when the triage nurse asked me my weight (instead of making me weigh on the scale) last week. I confess to trimming off a few pounds in my response . . .

    • Karen

      When I was weighed and measure before my hernia surgery, the gal had me a full inch shorter than I think I am! I told her that was wrong, not because I was vain, but because I kept imagining it would screw up my anesthesia. And you can be darn sure when I got home and could stand up straight I had my husband measure me again! She was soooo wrong.

  21. Not my license, but my dependent military ID has my weight from before I had kids on it. It’s significantly less!

  22. I don’t, but I’m closer than ever before.

  23. To tell the truth, I don’t know how much it says I weigh on my license. I’d have to get up and find my purse to look. That would just take too much effort.

  24. I so lied. And when I gave the number the man at the DMV gave me a look like you are no 186 (I think that is the number). He sneared and raised an eyebrow, but did not lift from his seat to lean over the counter to get a full body shot. Turns out they just put in the number you tell them. I checked afterwards to make sure he put in what I told him instead of what he thought I weighed (which was probably 60 more pounds than what I said). I have the nerve don’t I? Hey, I don’t lie about my age. Throw me a bone. Woof!

    Congratulations for your candor with the DMV lady. I am guessing she does not get it all that often. AND I wonder if she lies on HER license.

    BTW – I lied on my dog’s city license too (since this is confession time). I said she was 60 pounds when she is a whopping pork chop 74. We girls have to stick together!

    • Karen

      Oh that part about your dog cracked me up! I don’t think our dog licensing had weight on it. But I remember when we were told we had to put our dog on a diet it was a lot easier for her to lose weight with us in control of the food than it has ever been for me to lose!

  25. I don’t look ANYTHING like my license. People look at it, then me, then it, then me; then hand it back with their head shaking. My hair was super short and all artsy looking with big earrings, and really dark brown. Now, it’s got highlights and is shoulder length and I’m about 25 pounds thinner. I could pass for just about anyone else, probably!

  26. No weight on Michigan licenses, either. If it were required, I’d tell the truth, but I’d probably whisper, or maybe scribble it down on a scrap of paper before folding it up and sliding it across the counter.

    • Karen

      Could you imagine if we had to step on a scale rather than self report?! I remember having to do that before flying on a helicopter once.

  27. When I was heavy, I had my heavy license weight (what I’d admit too, but vastly less than what I weighed) and my thin license weight (which I really never got to). When I finally lost weight I had this really awful driver’s license that was valid for 15 years and had my fat weight on it and a horrible picture. It couldn’t actually identify me any longer so, four years after losing weight, I went in for a new picture and weight. Now it’s been seven more years and while my weight’s the same, I look much older!

    • Karen

      15 years seems like a long time! I had to get a new passport too and that photo of me looked quite different than my new one; younger and with short hair.

  28. I loved your line about being more concerned with the eye exam. That’s what bothered me the last time I renewed my license because I’m so adept at lying about my weight that I don’t even blink when asked if my weight is the same (the same as it’s been since I was 20, by the way!).

  29. I weigh 13.5 pounds more than what my drivers license reads. When I’m asked if everything all the information is still correct during my license renewal, I say yes without batting an eye. I am going to lose that weight any day now.

    Stopping in from the tea party.

  30. I don’t even have to look to know it is not accurate. I figure I should put down what I look like I weigh since it is for ID purposes! And I am shrinking, too.

  31. honestly i never knew they listed your weight guess i wasn’t paying attention that day. i can say this year my weight will be lower then the last time i got my ID renewed

    Everyday Life

  32. I have a non-driver’s ID from NY and my weight is not listed. Actually, it almost makes no sense to me to list weight on a state ID. I mean, that’s like listing hair color: it changes.

  33. Roz

    I admit, I’ve lied about my weight when I was asked at licence renewal time. Ours in in kg, so I’m not even sure how much that is in lbs. I hang my lying head!!! 🙂 Now that I’ve lost some weight though, I don’t think I’d mind fessing up! Have a great day Karen.

  34. Nope. My license says a lower weight than I am, but it is still an ‘obese’ weight, not some hoped for weight. It was only about 15 tears ago that my weight reflected an obese number vs the imagined. Next year I have to renew. I am hoping for the first time in 20 years that I will be a ‘normal’ weigh for my height.

  35. No weight required in TN either! I would have used it as a license to lie if I was still overweight. Why? I’m not sure!

  36. js

    Got my driver’s license 40 years ago. For much of my life I’ve been much heavier than the weight listed on the license. Now I’m over 50# lighter than the listing and still losing. My license doesn’t expire for another two years and will probably automatically renew.

  37. Isn’t it amazing how long a minute feel when you’re holding a plank? LOL! It must have been really hard to get back to it after the hernia surgery. Good luck!

  38. I won’t have to lie this time for the first time in many, many years!! I can’t wait to say my current weight….that’s as long as I continue doing the right thing by my eating.

  39. my license is so old I don’t think I’ve updated the weight since I was embarassed to be 160! Now that’s my goal weight.
    I don’t think you can consider anything within 2 or even 5 pounds lying at all.

    • Karen

      Coincidentally my goal weight is now also a number that I used to weight and wish I was less! Funny how that changes over time. Sometimes I think if I’d just been happy with my weight then I would not have started all this yo-yo nonsense.

  40. The last time I renewed my license I had to fess up. There was no way I was anywhere near the weight it said and no way I was ever going to be again. That was worse than the photo on the thing. Well, that was until I saw the photo!

    If you get a chance stop by my blog on wednesday, I have a blog hop for boomers.

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