MAY I Show you my Thumbs?

Thumbs up: Grad party gauntlet.  Oh yeah, baby.  Went to a slew of parties this month and all that passed my lips were three cucumber slices and a bottle of water.  I’m calling this a resounding “thumbs up” despite being fully aware that a “normal” person could have gone and enjoyed a morsel or two or three.  But I’m learning what works for me and, for now, this worked like a charm.  Just a few more parties to go and I am feeling confident!

Thumbs down: Rain.  Rain.  Go away.  Don’t come back; it’s biking day.

Thumbs down: Cardio.  Things have been unusually busy around here lately and it’s cutting into my cardio time.  But I’m still getting some done, just not as much.  And thumbs down that my husband, aka cardio partner, hurt his calf and was side-lined for a while, leaving me to find the motivation to work out by my lonesome.  But thumbs up that I did pretty well getting going on my own.  Now if only he’d recover enough so that we can work out along to the season finale of The Biggest Loser.  Don’t you dare tell me who won!

Thumbs down. The end of the TV season.  I will miss you, Grey’s Anatomy.  And The Good Wife.  And so many more.  And don’t get me started on the end of the Oprah era.  Thumbs up that summer shows are starting soon.  Hello, Kyra Sedgwick:)

Thumbs up: Baking.  Dozens and dozens of treats baked and frozen.  I can count on one hand the tastes I had.  So… for those who want details, here is my baking confession.  I ate two Cake Joys (thanks to Cammy) on my birthday.  Had to see if they tasted better than they looked.  They did.  And since it was my birthday I splurged and ate two.  And I ate one gingersnap that was a new recipe and did indulge in “cleaning” the beater.  So, not 100% on this goal but pretty darn good if I say so myself.

Thumbs up: Graduation.  I interrupt this post for a moment of maternal bragging.  My teen gave a speech at senior class day and, in my totally biased opinion, he was great.  He and we have gotten tons of lovely compliments.  And he won an award for being one of the top students in his class!  It’s intended for the top 10 but because of how the GPA math worked, there were 17 this year.  Yep, I was feeling pretty darn proud.  But his best thumbs up might be from winning a 32″ flat screen TV at the after-graduation party!  Teens put things in perspective; graduation is over but the TV lives on.  Thumbs down that now we pretty much have to drive, rather than fly, when we take him cross-country to college in August.

Thumbs up: Other son.  Home from college for two weeks.  He brought a friend with him for the first week and she was very sweet.   Thumbs up she is one of my son’s housemates for the fall and she loves vegetables.  I’m hoping she’ll rub off on him.  Thumbs down that my son has to make the 18 hour drive back to campus alone next week but he’s an old hand at it by now.

Thumbs down: Kansas City BBQ.  Had it twice in the past weeks.  Once when we took my son’s friend, so she could have the local dining experience.  Once when we went for dinner at the home of friends.  There is just no healthy BBQ option.  But I can report that I didn’t have any of the bread or fries or onion rings or dessert that so often come with the meal.  Thumbs up for that, at least.  Thumbs down for the very heavy, rumbling in my tummy after my last BBQ meal.  Clearly my body is telling me something.  Thumbs down that our house-guest this weekend always wants BBQ when he comes to town.

Thumbs down: Busy.  Hectic.  Stressed.  Lots going on to get ready for my son’s grad party this weekend and our house-guests.  I’ll probably have little time to spend in the blog world over the weekend.  Thumbs up that the end is in sight.

Thumbs in my ears: We’ll be babysitting our three young nephews next week for a few days.  The noise level will be high!  The activity level too.  Must plan some quiet time.

Thumbs on the road: Family reunion.  My in-laws.  Could be lots of fun; maybe not.  Fortunately it’s only two days and the next state over, sort of.  Not sure how many will be there.  I know the food will be abundant.  Thumbs up that I am going with a sense of control over my social eating.  Now that is progress!

Thumbs up: The check really is in the mail.  We got two biggies this month:  for the hail damaged roof and for the jet ski we sold.  The latter, of course, is already spent on our new kitchen appliances.  Thumbs up that they look pretty spiffy.  Thumbs down for the huge learning curve that comes with four fancy new appliances the week before a big party.

Thumbs up: Teen un-privacy.  For Mother’s Day my uber-private teen, unbeknownst to me, unprivatized his facebook page so that I can actually see it all now.  I’ve been threatening encouraging him for months, saying that there would be no care packages sent to college unless I could see his page.  Mean mom.  Thumbs down that I now have to be very careful not to mention anything I see on there.  But I can live with that:)

Thumbs down: Tornadoes.  Major damage in so many places.  Fortunately, not here, despite having the closest one touch down yet since I moved to Kansas over two decades ago.  The sirens went off while I was at the gym and we just kept on working out as we waited for things to pass, with one ear glued to the radio updates.  Meanwhile my husband and sons were waiting things out in the basement at home.

Thumbs up: For May.  Yes, it flew by just as fast as I expected.  It was filled with excitement.  And stress.  But all in all a great month in so many ways.  The thumbs may not reflect it, but trust me, I had a very good month.  So, here’s to June.



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24 responses to “MAY I Show you my Thumbs?

  1. Vanessa

    Whew what a month 🙂

    I am glad you made Cammy’s cake joys. They looked really good.

    Kudos to your teen son and his speech and tv win!

    I was giggling about your son and his FB. How funny.

    Enjoy your upcoming parties and reunion.

  2. I’m so glad I could give you something for your birthday that you enjoyed. 🙂

    We’ve got our family reunion in a couple weeks too. Fortunately, we’re not hosting this year, so I can splurge and run. LOL

  3. So many things — tornadoes – so sad, and I’ve also seen many stories of amazing kindness from strangers that just renews faith in the world.

    End of the tv season — well, I was thinking about the beginning of the summer shows, planning what to set up to record in the DVR… and then I realized perhaps “tuning in to tv is tuning out of my life.” (Posts forthcoming on that) I’ve decided not to watch the summer season.

    And KC BBQ — I suppose when you live in a place famous for a food, you get stuck eating it every time you host out of towners. I rarely eat meat, but I’d indulge for some BBQ. I don’t know what kind it is in LR, but I wasn’t wildly impressed by the restaurant that’s won the Memphis in May BBQ thing many many times. I don’t like how you put the sauce on your own meat. I’d like it better if the sauce was hot too (temp not spice, though I like some spice too).

    • Karen

      My understanding is that true KC BBQ is a rub, not sauce. But I like sauce cooked on there too. As for TV, guilty pleasure that I could so not give up! And we watch a lot while we work out too.

  4. Wow! So glad the party went well – so glad the young one unprivatized – ha! I’m “almost” thinking about asking my spawn if we can be FB friends again – hmmmmm.

    And YES to the closer! I just love her – smart and human – just my type. And, uh, Fritz aint bad either 😉

    • Karen

      This is the last season:( The great thing about fb is you can get a glimpse into their private lives. Which I’m sure is why he didn’t want me on there!

  5. And as for the Kansas City BBQ, Mr. B has decided his life may not be complete unless he has some on our way back through Kansas City in June. Hopefully, we can make it a foursome!

  6. So proud of your diligence this month. Parties and party food are a hard thing to conquer – and baking? Forget it. You did it, though 🙂

  7. You continue to be such an inspiration on so so many levels. Glad all the grad stuff is going so swimmingly for you and your family! Thumbs up for that! 😀

  8. Wow that’s one heck of a month! 🙂 CONGRATS to son #2 on making the top 17!! That’s awesome.

  9. sunnydaze

    Congrats to your DS – how wonderful!

    Thumbs up for another fun to read post. Enjoy the holiday weekend! 😀

  10. Thumbs up to you Karen!!!!!!!!!!! I would say you are “winning”! I could not resist! 😉

    You seem to really have this under control now & very proud of you & your son too of course!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Wish I could get rid of TV for about a year. Getting a DVR was a big mistake! I record too many things. I suggested to my husband that we could cancel for a while and he thought I lost my mind.

    • Karen

      We probably watch way more with the recorders than we did without. So… true confession… we have three. Yikes. We had two, but then one broke and we got the third and hubby managed to fix the broken one.

  12. MO

    Thanks for sharing your Thumb moments with us all!!! Have a great weekend

    Staying MOtivated MO

  13. Karen you have had a full month and June looks like another busy time for you!

    Congrats to your son on finishing High School with such honors! Yippee to college, empty nest and all that!

  14. Loved reading these! I just asked you a question in your “cake” post that you can now ignore b/c you answered it here–good job and making it through all that baking without overindulging! I know that can be so hard! I hope your hubby’s calf is feeling better soon for both your sakes. Congrats to your son–he sounds like he must have gotten your brains, and ditto on the tornadoes! Boooo. Sounds like you’re living a hectic life right now–hope you get a break from it soon! Time to schedule some “me” time, woman!

  15. Wow, Karen. I am truly impressed with your eating through all the grad parties, BBQ’s and making all those goodies. Impressive. Don’t know that I could do that. Congrats, too, on being a great parent. Kids do not get to be “top” students without a very invested and loving family. Enjoy your own grad party.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Michele:) And we won’t talk about what I ate at my OWN party. Or maybe I will. Still deciding about that. Hard to think through my sugar coma.

  16. Can I just say — I love your thumbs thing. It’s such a great way to sum up your month!!!

    It’s AMAZING you walked away from your parties with just three cucumber slices — so impressed!!

    Hope your son’s grad party was great this weekend!!!

  17. I love the Closer! Can’t wait for it to start. I heard its her last though. 😦

  18. Roz

    Hi Karen, I just LOVE your thumbs posts!!!!!!!! Hope your holiday Monday is going well.

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