Adorable? Me?

Well, my blog anyways.

I was so going to write about Oprah today, but I’ve just been too busy to pull my thoughts and words together to do her justice.  So if you, like me, are feeling a bit sad at her farewell today, check out Michele’s tribute.  And someday, maybe, I’ll share my own “ode to Oprah.”

Now, where was I?  Oh yeah.  Thanks to Safire for this adorable Adorable Blog award.  If you are looking to be inspired in your cooking, check out her blog Healthy Dreaming

Rules of the Award
*Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

So, what 10 things can I share that I haven’t already told you before?  Think, think.  Aack!  You probably know me almost as well as I know myself by now:)

1.  I have so many pet peeves I could never list them.  Top on my list might be hearing people eat.

2.  I’m looking forward to being an “empty nester,” but don’t tell my son:)  When he asked me what his dad and I will do with him gone, I replied, “Whatever we want.”

3.  I’ve noticed I have an interesting habit of writing without contractions but when I go back and read my drafts I almost always change that.  Funny how my writing is more formal than my speaking would be.  (For example:  “I am” vs. “I’m,” like in number 2 above.)

4.  I’d consider going back to work if I had any idea of what I might like to do.  And if the job allowed me enough time to do all the important non-work things like exercising and blogging:)  Kudos to those of you who do it all.

5.  I can’t remember the last time I ate peanut butter.  I heart it.  But I gave it up months and months ago when it became just one more food I was overeating.  Not sure when or if I’ll buy another jar.  Not really missing it, anymore.

6.  If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I’d probably pick pizza.  Not because it’s my favorite but because I’m being practical:  you can put anything on one and make so many varieties.  Fruit pizza, anyone?

7.  I never watch live TV anymore.  When someone references a funny commercial I have no idea what they’re talking about!

8.  I can’t sleep late.  I wish I could.  Now that my son has graduated I could sleep in any day of the week.  But know.  My circadian rhythms are not cooperating.

9.  I tend to be a creature of habit with my eating and there are certain foods I eat pretty much day in and day out.  Right now, all of those are healthy foods.  Once upon a time, not so much.

10.  I’d love to go to a blog conference sometime but I’m also, truth be told, rather nervous about the idea.  Fitbloggin next year, anyone?

And now to pass this on…

Cammy, who has the most adorable writing and often writes comments on here that crack me up.

Jody, who has mastered the art of being adorable while telling it like it is.

Leslie, who also has an adorable turn of phrase and all too often is writing what I am feeling.

Marsial, who created the most adorable blog award ever for me, that still warms my heart when I think about it.

Michele, who has an adorable way of taking a quote and making it meaningful.

Michele, who had an adorable response to me telling her to wear her bike shorts commando.

Patrick, who balances an adorable sense of humor with a more serious side.

Sharon, who is the only blogger I can attest is as adorable in person as I imagined she’d be.

What do you find adorable?  Anything in particular you want me to share if I have to come up with a future list about myself?




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37 responses to “Adorable? Me?

  1. Vanessa

    Congrats on your award Karen and to the other folks you passed it on to.

    I have a feeling you’d do well at a conference 🙂

  2. I can’t think of more deserving people to pass that award on to, Karen. And I just ran by that post from Marsial. Is she just the sweetest thing, or what? Love her, too. And, oh my…the funniest thought: after your meetup with Sharon and the anticipation of it all, I can only imagine what we’d go through if we actually had to attend a blog conference. I get secretly jealous, too. Maybe if two anxiety-riddled gals were to cling to each other, they’d actually have enough guts to attend one of these days….let’s think about it!

    • Karen

      I so was thinking along the same lines! I will be a wreck, no doubt. I’d love to have you by my side when I go. Notice I said “when,” not “if.”

  3. You are so deserving Karen!

    Thx so much for picking me to pass this on to. You know, I do LOVE getting awards & I do the main part – it is the passing on that I don’t like to do cause it is too hard for me to single out bloggers when I love them all. So, I will do this but most likely not the passing. 😉

    I am a creature of habit too. I keep saying I want to change that yet I always come back to it – a creature of habit….

  4. Congrats Karen. I had to giggle at some of your “10 things about you”. My jaw pops when I eat sometimes and it drives my husband bonkers. Sometimes I have to leave the room to eat in order to be quiet. Kinda funny. Oh, and I never watch live TV Either. HAHA.

    BTW, I posted a pic of my “monroe”. It’s an upper lip piercing.

  5. Thank you for your comment about what I do with the quotes. That means a lot, and I’ll be sure to post on this within the next week.

    I’m with you on pizza! And you’d be surprised how it’s possible to fit blogging in around everything else; if you’re considering going back to work, keep thinking about it. Everything works out.

  6. I make my own peanut butter. That stuff that is sold in the stores tastes like wax to me, even the good, organic type.

  7. I too could eat the same foods day after day, my husband thinks that’s just insane.
    Congrats on the award!!
    pizza pizza pizza, fruit pizza, not so much 😉

  8. I am sooooo a habitual eater. I get “into” my 4 or 5 foods and nothing will shake them from their places until I get completely & totally SICK of them haha.

    • Karen

      Me too! Suddenly one day, bam, I’m so over that food. I remember I did this growing up and it drove my mom crazy because she’d stock up.

  9. You are adorable and so deserving of this award!

    What a great sharing of tidbits about you!

    Secretly I too am looking forward to the empty nest but it is a couple years off yet!

  10. Biz

    I am with you on the pizza! I could literally eat it every day and never get sick of it – in fact this week I have a shaved asparagus pizza on my menu, hope it tastes as good as it sounds!

  11. Um, Fruit pizza? No, never, no way!
    Congrats on your award and Thank You for passing this award on to me; very kind of you!

  12. Thanks for passing on the adorable bloggy love!

    Funny you mentioned Oprah…I’m all set up here on the couch with computer in lap, carrots and celery with blue cheese LC lite to munch, and the remote at the ready – waiting for her last show. I’ll check out the tribute you referred to.

    Love your list – I’m with you on pizza and I have a fantastic fruit pizza recipe. Peanut butter (crunchy) has always been a yellow light food for me…occasionally morphing into a red light. Trust me – don’t even try almond or sunflower butters – the hair on the back of my neck stands up at their mere mention. Duh – lish-ous.

    Perennial early riser here – have been most of my life. And as I live about an hour and a half from Baltimore…yes to Fitbloggin’ next year. Hopefully I’ll go fit:)

    • Karen

      Oh now I’m really going… meeting you would be the icing on the blog conference cake:) What’d you think of her last show?

  13. Karen, you and your blog are adorable. 🙂 I don’t watch live TV anymore and when I have to see something without the benefit of a DVR, it feels like each commercial lasts 17 minutes. I registered for FitBloggin this year and then couldn’t go because of client obligations – but I’m definitely on for next year if you’d like to join me. BTW, any chance you’ll be at CR between 9/28 – 10/2; that’s when my group is our making our trip to the desert.

    • Karen

      We haven’t set a date yet; waiting on one SIL who should know more by mid-June. But my other SIL would rather not go that early; she likes to hike and prefers cooler temps. I’ll let you know once we get booked.

  14. Congrats on the award. Well, I’d say you yourself are adorable too! 🙂 I loved reading the 10 things about you. I can’t stand to hear my hubs eat but every one else I don’t notice. Prob b/c I’m around him more. Funny what you said about pb b/c I’ve eaten a ton of it today! Breakfast was apple and peanut butter, lunch was a honey-banana-peanut butter muffin. I meant to have a real lunch but I can’t resist a fresh-baked muffin. I find baby animals adorable. 🙂

    • Karen

      I love PB on an apple; about the perfect combination IMO. Yes, hearing my husband is the worst but I am sure it is exactly as you said – he’s here all the time.

  15. congrats on your award and you are as adorable as your blog

  16. Karen, I was determined not to feel hurt when you did not pass your award on to me, but I did feel a little pang of envy. Then I read through the names again and saw that you did give me an award! Duhhhhh….Now if you ever have an award for the dumbest blogger you will know where to send it. Thank you so much! It looks like Ellen and I will get together in Chicago one of these days. Join us?

    And the peanut butter thing…me too. I spent a lot of time this week in front of the natural peanut butter display at TJ’s. I had to carefully visualize myself bringing home a jar of the stuff and spreading it thinly on a couple of crackers once or twice weekly. Then I saw the real me sitting there with the jar and digging into it with a big spoon while watching an afternoon movie. I didn’t buy it. Sigh.

    • Karen

      I would have eventually emailed or left a comment on your blog to let you know:) Chicago? Maybe! Keep me posted. Depends on when and what it will take for me to get there. But definite maybe:)

  17. Oh, I am not ready to be an empty nester. I am not even ready to admit that my son is almost a senior (only 2 more weeks of school as a junior).

  18. Thanks for the award although when your own husband laughs when you tell him you’ve been called “adorable,” well, it kind of makes you wonder. He’s got a lot of nerve because we were hiking along a rim with a sheer dropoff to the right – I could’ve silenced his laughter quickly!! All kidding aside – thanks! And yes to attending a conference. We already talked about that, didn’t we??

  19. Well, I have a new great niece and great nephew who are pretty darn adorable and I’m admiring them a lot lately! Me, not so adorable, still coughing and hacking.

  20. Of COURSE you’re adorable! I wouldn’t be here if you weren’t! 🙂 Thanks so much for passing it along. I’m truly honored.

    I’m also so much like you in some of these things that it’s a little scary. Pizza, noisy eaters (or ice crunchers or gum poppers, etc.), sleeping late (hah!), pizza (including fruit pizza)–but not peanut butter. I can do peanut butter. 🙂

  21. Miz

    (heck yes you are adorable)
    and I can totally see living number 2 around here.


    so healthy.
    for all involved.

  22. A wonderful selection of Blogs to pass adorable awards to. Some I have been to, but just lurk. I hope they do a 10 things about yourself list. I loved yours (esp. the one about your son asking what you and hubby will ever do with yourself when he is gone! LOL For my entire childhood I ate raisin bran for breakfast to the exclusion of all other cereal (for breakfast). It ended abruptly when I barfed it up. Now I obsess over what I eat IN.

  23. Roz

    Hi Karen, LOVE reading your 10 things and getting to know you more. I think you and your blog are truly ADORABLE!!! Have a great day.

  24. I love learning more about people due to the awards. I despise hearing people eat, too. Except kids. They are adorable (maybe I will use this one in my award acceptance). My favorite food would probably me real good spaghetti, with home made pasta. I could live on that!

    Thanks for nominating me for an award. I will not to acceptance post for a while. I have to think for a while.

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