Another One Bites the Dust

Since I joined the blogworld, I’ve seen many bloggers come and go.  Lately, there has been a whole lotta going going on.

Truth be told I always feel a bit sad when a blogger quits blogging.  Whatever the reason.  And there have been some great reasons!  I’ve known bloggers who just didn’t “need” it anymore.  Who wanted to focus more on other aspects of their life.  Who were switching to a new blog with a new topic.  Who were trying to avoid family drama.  Who just no longer had the time to dedicate.

But then there are the ones who just stop with no explanation.  Some share in a post that they are quitting.  Or taking a break.  Others seemingly drop off the face of the blogworld with no warning.  And, honestly, I can’t help but worry a little bit when that happens.  And I debate if I should send an email, offering support and asking after the missing blogger, or if that is too big brother.

I love blogging.  I have no intentions of stopping any time soon.  If ever:)  But I do know that the day may come when I run out of things to say or ways to say the same thing or creative steam.  The day may come when I wish to talk about other things than what was once the narrow focus of my blog.  Or the day may come when I just don’t feel like thinking hard about the perfect words to capture the thoughts floating in my head.

So, because the recent bloggers-dropping-like-flies epidemic is heavy on my mind, I think maybe the time has come to take preventative steps against my own potential blogger burnout.  And pace myself.  Which means I might not post as often.  Or maybe I will.  But I’m giving myself the freedom to be flexible, much as it goes against my very inflexible anal-retentive over-organized nature.  Because, honestly, I’m just not sure I can post on whim rather than on schedule!

Anyhoo, I wanted to share what I was thinking so no one would wonder or worry if you didn’t see a post when you expected to see one.  I’m still here:)  And I’m not going anywhere.  Other than a little crazy now and then.



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78 responses to “Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Vanessa

    Good morning Karen,

    I’m a new blogger and I worry about running out of things to say too. I have been sad to see some folks stop blogging. You get to “know” them and then poof! Gone.

    I like your blog layout. Very pretty.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Vanessa. When I first started blogging I was amazed at how post ideas came so fast and furious. I still actually have a very long list of ideas but I need inspiration to do anything with them:)

  2. I’ve been a very sporadic blogger recently but I don’t want to give it up because i enjoy it so much when i get into a rhythm. I don’t think it matters how often you blog so long as you talk about whats important to you

  3. Welcome to my world. It’s tough to put so much heart and soul and brain into this. Several times a week is about right for me. Anything more, and it becomes a chore. HOWEVER, I also know that sometimes, I have to check myself for the real reason I’m posting less. More than once, it because I was faltering and I didn’t want to have to own that here. THAT always brings me running back. Blogging is very much near the top-of-the-list of reasons why I’m better at keeping my weight down (even if not perfect), than I ever was before 2009. 🙂

    (who’s left? I’m outta the loop on that, other than Eileen…)

    • Karen

      Oh too many to list on here! I actually started this post a while back and it seemed that every day another one was making an announcement about stopping. Crazy.

      I have noticed a trend with “weight loss” bloggers who go missing and return that often it was when they were struggling. I can identify with that because I still post daily on my “diet” forum but hesitate to do that when I am not doing well with my eating. This blog probably kept me going this past year when I was regaining yet again. I can’t imagine what I’d have done if I stopped blogging while all that was going on!

  4. This post is quite timely… we’re on the same wave-length so often. I was concerned about a blogger who dropped off the blogging planet about two months ago and e-mailed but never received a response. I hope everything is okay and that she just decided to bow out.

    I’ve been off the map recently too. A week of it was explained, but then when I returned from vacation, I just didn’t have the strength to sit down and immediately start writing again. I have several ideas though.

    Also, we’ve decided to just post once per day on our blog now. More than that is too much on the blogger and too much to ask of our readers to come back so frequently. When I first started my blog, it was supposed to be lots of healthy recipes. Then, it turned into a place to talk about eating and weight struggles and some self-care issues along the way. And now I think I want to continue with those things but also add some other things that are still along the healthy cultivations line but branching out a bit.

    I have no intention of ceasing blogging, but I know that over time, it will continue to evolve… just like I continue to evolve and grow as a person. Your blog will likely do the same.

    • Karen

      Sometimes I have emailed bloggers who vanished and sometimes not. Sometimes those emails got responses, sometimes not. Some missing bloggers I notice faster than others. I am impressed that you and other “working” bloggers can manage to post as often as you do!

  5. I too have been sad to see some bloggers quit their blogs and then never show up again even as a commenter on other blogs!

    I have sent emails and heard back from some and not at all from others. It makes me sad.

    As you well know I have struggled off and on with how often to post. After reading different opinions on this subject I have settled into a pattern of posting 3 times a week. Sometimes I toss in an extra post over the weekend if I get excited about a recipe or a product and can’t wait to share it!

    Cutting back on posting has not hurt the readership of my blog. In fact it has helped it! Since each post is up for at least 2 days (Fridays post is up all weekend long) more readers, read each post or recipe I share.

    The days I don’t post are days I have extra time then to read other blogs and leave comments. This has helped me find a better blogging balance.

    It is so time consuming to make recipes or review products, photograph the results, type the recipe, enter the recipe into Mastercook to get the nutritional information and then create a post out of it, and update the blog facebook page! I don’t want do it everyday.

    It leaves little time for reading other blogs and leaving comments. I am trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on the computer or in the kitchen. Sitting in front of a lap top doesn’t burn as many calories as other things I can choose to do! LOL!

    You have a great following and your readers will always come to your site to read your posts. With the Subscribe features you offer, your readers can sign up to be notified in various ways to know when you have a new post up.

    Do what works best for you and your readers will follow.

    • Karen

      That’s what I love about subscribing and can’t imagine not reading blogs that way! Up they pop in my reader and I never have to think my already overtaxed brain about which blogs to visit when. I have to admit that I actually appreciate bloggers not posting too often…so many blogs to read and only so much time. You are not the first one to have readership go up when posting less often. Not sure it impacted my own way back when I cut back.

  6. Biz

    I am the same way when people just stop, no explanation or anything. My mind tends to go to worse case scenario – did they get hit by a car?!

    I have one blogger in particular, she was struggling with losing weight – she just stopped posting. But I’ve left her comments on her last blog – the last 10 comments are just me over the past months, but I just let her know I am thinking of her – and I know she still reads my blog because of her blog roll – it will say “My Bizzy Kitchen” 1 hour ago. 😀

    Everyone blogs differently, and sometimes need a break. It’s my “me” time – I get up early and drink my coffee, listen to my music and blog in the morning – love it!

    Happy Friday!

    • Karen

      I think that it is common with “weight loss” bloggers who go missing that they are struggling. Several have eventually returned and admitted to that. But I know there are many other reasons why people stop. Yep, I worry.

  7. Yes, of course. You need that freedom. I don’t want you to burn out.
    I get sad when people disappear too. And worry sometimes…

    I hope you keep going and do whatever you feel inspired to do or write about next.

    • Karen

      So far so good. Some days I feel more creative than others. But surely I can’t talk about this stuff forever!!

  8. I, too, have been a witness to the dropping of many bloggers, especially lately. I usually check in with them, but seldom receive a response. I did receive one from some one I especially was attached too. She dropped out because she became quite ill. I don;t know if she will be back, but at least I know what is happening in her life and offer support.

    I like your healthy attitude about blogging when the inspiration hits or rather when you have something to say. I have to be careful how much time I spend blogging. Just like other social networks it is easy, really easy, to lose track of time. I am posting only 2-3 times a week, now, which feels just right. I may eventually go less. I do enjoy checking in with my peeps through, including you (!!, but limit my time (I set a timer on my iphone).

    BTW: I would love to hook up with you when and if you get to MN. I am looking into buying a real road bike now that I have decided cycling is with me to stay! We can bike on the many miles of trails!

    Have a great weekend!

    • Karen

      Your name so came up in conversation at my blogger meet up yesterday as someone we’d both like to ride bikes with up there:) I’d love to someday. And since we do have family your way, it is not unimaginable that it could actually happen.

  9. Karen, it is always a pleasure to read your blog, whenever it posts. Between my demanding job and trying to (slowly) work on my book on the side, I’ve had to drop down to one blog post a week recently (and am probably going to stop blogging for another media property soon too). It shows how lovely you are that you want to know what happens to others who drop off the blogging face of the earth. Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

    • Karen

      You are so sweet:) The great thing for me about subscribing to blogs is I never have to think about when they might post. You post and up you pop in my reader.

  10. sunnydaze

    I know what you are saying. My blogging is almost like journaling or something and just to touch base and hold myself accountable, even if I really have nothing to say.

    It is sad when someone just leaves with no explaination since we all have become friends here. Makes you wonder what’s going on…

  11. I LOVE THAT CARTOON! Yup, I say it anyway! 😉

    Karen, I am with you on this – all of it. I keep telling myself to cut back & I may do more. I cut out Sunday & do funnies on Saturday which I may stop at some point since readers are few…. as for the week – who knows.

    I would definitely tell people if I was leaving. If I find work, I would probably stop blogging as I am not a good multi tasker like many. It would be work, workouts and the need to do stuff… but no work yet… still poor!;-)

    Thx for sharing!

    • Karen

      I didn’t know you were looking! I am always impressed with bloggers who work… I don’t think I could do both. And I imagine I’d be sitting at a job so tempted to read blogs!

  12. Oh, Karen. I feel like you are pointing right at me. As you well know, I’ve dropped out for extended periods of time over the past year. I never mean to quit — but when I am ill or unexpected events occur, I generally stop writing. Then it takes a few more days to work back into it again, much like starting up healthy eating and workouts after a sojourn. Blogging has helped to keep me centered about my weight and fitness goals, and I always miss it and all of my wonderful blogger friends when I have been away for awhile. Except for kicking the bucket, I promise to never disappear forever without posting an explanatory farewell. Thanks for always dropping me a note to ask how I am when I’ve been on “holiday.”

    • Karen

      No finger pointing… I promise. But you know I did worry about you when you have gone quiet since you got an email or two from me:) Just wanted to offer support in case you could use it and be sure you knew you were missed but hopefully wasn’t too intrusive. I feel a connection with you, Marsial, and wanted to reach out.

  13. I don’t know what’s sadder: when someone stops posting or when he/she comes back months later and has not progressed in any way, even on an emotional or spiritual level. My inner Pollyanna likes to think those who have vanished are just out enjoying life and don’t really need our input into it. 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up! This will be a good exercise for you in thinking/acting differently than in your comfort zone. I should do the opposite and try to post by schedule. Hmmm, there may be something to that….

    • Karen

      I was also remember how last summer it seemed that the blogging slowed down. I guess people are enjoying the nice weather instead of sitting here at keyboards:) I have noticed, as well, that for many bloggers in our genre, if they do return they often admit to the absence being because of struggles. I guess my thought is that is when they should MOST blog.

  14. the day s i find i have nothing to say that’s when quotes and videos come in handy but mostly i find there are days i just nee a break from reading and writing in th blog world and hang in the real world

  15. I believe that it’s a great thing to blog with freedom. It’s hard for me to blog on schedule. The whole writing block things has me wired, but then again ME! NOT having something to say? HA! Really, I enjoy your writing. I’m glad you’re not goign to completely dissapear.

    • Karen

      Thanks, Lisa. I suffer from writer’s block too! So I try to write when I feel the creative flow and always have some post drafted for when I don’t or am too busy.

  16. I think spacing it out and having good content helps prevent burnout. I m so happpy blogger is back up. Although we seem to be missing thursdays posts.

  17. One thing I decided when I first started blogging is that I would only blog when I had something I wanted to say…for a while it was every day, then it became more like several times per week. I have no set schedule. I think the longest I’ve gone without blogging is about 10 days to two weeks. Doing it this way is freeing 🙂

    In related news, I heard that the Blogger blogging software has been down for a couple of days so any bloggers using that software haven’t been able to blog!

    • Karen

      When I first started I had no idea what this would be like and posted every day. I had so much to say! It was months before I decided to cut back a day. Eventually another. Then more. I love being able to subscribe to blogs because I never have to think about how often or when someone posts.

  18. I feel like this …the people at the very bottom of my lsit, who haven’t posted in months , and I feel guilty like i didn’t support, chat, encourage enough. I always post messages, emails if I know where to. One blogger had a bad couple of weeks off diet and I sent a couple of cheery messages and she did come back and get on track and I’d like to think those of us who did message may have helped. I understand those who want to go but wish a little explanatory post to reassure us was left…I promise I wont ever just dissapear without saying why

    • Karen

      I’ve sent emails to a few and some have responded or eventually come back and mentioned in post that they appreciated that. Some I never heard from. This community is so great:)

  19. Glad your sticking around Karen, I love your articles!

    For me I post when I feel like it, no other. It is about me…I know selfish, but that is why I started it. To be a therapeutic tool for my weight loss journey. I think your followers will be fine with it. I know mine know I am around and will do 1 or 2 a week. Just depends on my mood.

    • Karen

      I think blogging is all about being selfish in that we should do it for ourselves first and foremost. Why blog if we don’t get something out of it? That something might be very different for different bloggers, but still.

  20. I’m so oblivious I didn’t even know you had a schedule. I just was aware you posted frequently. Do what you gotta do, girl. Your content it always good and interesting, but we will survive if we don’t see it as often, I’m sure. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Karen

      Actually, Veronica, I have little idea of other’s schedules either:) That’s why I subscribe and use a reader. If you post, up it pops. No thinking on my part.

  21. I hope you don’t stop, since I finally rememebered to add you to my G-reader so I don’t miss any posts!

    I have a work blog that I make myself write for twice a week for, but I decide whether its Mon/Tues or Thurs/Fri, and will write more frequently if there is more that need to be said right away.

    For my personal blog, I write when the mood strikes, but then ends up being most but not all days. I do use themes to schedule posts that fit under “Wordless Wednesday” or “Three Things Thursday” but I don’t try to write posts that fit a schedule.

  22. I’m glad you’re not going anywhere. I took a “blog break” a few weeks ago, and at the time I was not sure if I was going to come back to blogging. I was beginning to get burn-out–with weight loss attempts and also because of the time commitment.

    Well, I did return. I found I missed blogging and my contact with the peeps out here. But I am pacing myself now. I post about two or three times a week. This gives me time for my “real life.” I think there is a bit of a risk for some of us to make the blogworld their “real life.” I just remember that blogging is a world apart, but it surprisingly provides support and friendship.

    • Karen

      The support and friendship is amazing! I never expected that when I started and it have been my favorite thing about blogging:)

  23. I see that you still can’t link back to my blog with just a click. I don’t know why. I will investigate.

  24. Sorry to leave another comment, but I cut and pasted another link to my blog in the “Website” box, and it now seems to work. I hope it’s fixed.

  25. I know what you mean, Karen. For a while there, some of the people I considered to be my main bloggy friends all just stopped, or lost their steam, or something. Of course, I did too, what can I say. And now we’re suddenly back again, en masse.

    I know when I didn’t have it in me, I just didn’t, there was only room for me to work on the book. And now it feels like there’s plenty of room. I just try to write down topics as I think of them because I know I’ll run dry right when I need a post. I Also believe that the more I post, the more I have to write about. Not that I’ve followed this for a long time, but still.

    I also wonder if, in the world of weight loss bloggers, with the high rate of diet failure, if there isn’t more of the blog ending when the diet ends?

    • Karen

      I remember when you did! And I wondered. I also think there is often a correlation with weight loss bloggers and struggling. I did NOT however even for a minute think that was why you had gone missing:)

  26. I post when I feel like it, but like Sunny I have to be careful that I’m not avoiding posting because I’m not doing well with my diet and exercise. Do what’s best for you … that’s really all that matters.

    There’s one blogger that I still worry about. She was young, didn’t have family support, and was really struggling when she stopped posting. I look for her every once in a while on 3FCs, hoping she’ll turn up again.

    • Karen

      Funny you should mention 3fc because I found when I was not doing well with my eating I tended to avoid joining in there. And, of course, my forum friends reminded me that is when I MOST need to be present. Maybe that works with blogging too:)

  27. Just found your blog!! I’m always glad to find ones of other married mom types, it seems the healthy blog world is filled with a lot of college girls!! I started my blog three years ago, the very day I committed to getting healthy and fit. I’m not sure what possessed me to do it, but I’ve enjoyed the creative writing outlet. I don’t know about you, but I get inspiration for my posts at the strangest times and places then am positively compelled to write them. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Karen

      I get a lot of ideas in the car and when I am exercising, actually. Must be because of the quiet time with my mind. I have notepads all over so I can try to write down ideas before I forget them!

  28. Roz

    Hi Karen, I very much enjoy reading your posts, and will do so as often (or as infrequently) as you publish!! Glad you’ll be around for a long time to come. (it is ODD when bloggers just “vanish” isn’t it??? I hope they are all ok!) Have a good weekend.

  29. Yep, you pretty much nailed it on the head, Karen.

    I know I cease blogging when I commence over-indulging. It’s an additional guilt trip for me when I think about my neglected blog as I go down the broad road of diet destruction with a cookie in one hand and a glass of wine in t’other.

    I’m back on it with my starting of South Beach for the third time. I’ve mused about my weight struggles here for about 4 years, and still haven’t broke into the 150’s. Sometimes I think I may be discouraging for other new dieters who are looking for inspiration and diet tips. “Cripes! She’s been doing this for years and has only lost the same 20 pounds over and over. NEXT!”

    I enjoy reading your musings, Karen.

    • Karen

      I saw that on your blog and tried to comment but I was on my laptop and couldn’t log in from there. I could write the same thing, Susan. About multiple SB restarts and about the same weight over and over. Here’s to us both being on track and staying there:)

  30. Great Advice! I had a burn out for a long time due to the pressure I put on myself to blog every day and comment all the time. It just got too much for me. I’m slow getting back into writing.

  31. This is really a good topic to bring up and help us be aware of our own “why’s” of not blogging.

    There was a time when I had to stop blogging, and a couple of people commented on my last post about my whereabouts. That lifted me up so much. I had just moved, was worn out, and lonely.

    Kindness never fails, even if you don’t get a response; the reaching out will be remembered. I keep “retired” blogs on my roll (most in dashboard) and check in with them once in a while, especially holidays. One responded after a year and said how much she appreciated being remembered even if she never responded.

    • Karen

      I love the perspective you shared about this! Your approach and attitude are exactly what I love about the blog world.

  32. Great post. I’ve recently recommitted to my blog – the one that I really want to write. I’ve started a couple others and they’re what the people around me think I should be blogging about. I guess it’s taken me some time to believe in myself and my blog. Have a great day!

  33. Thank you for your kind words and stopping to celebrate my SITS day with me.

    It is hard when you lose a blogging buddy and don’t know why.

  34. Girl,
    How ironic that you’ve posted about something that is so close to home for me. If I must be honest, I didn’t have time to post, but then lost the desire to. Though I wasn’t done with the things I needed to talk about, I didn’t want to be a random blogger that only blogged. I wanted to be a reader to, but let’s face it, that took more time than I had to give. So, I vanished :/ Oh well. I’m back now! I appreciate your kind heart and kind words! Missed ya!

    • Karen

      I get that, Corletta. For me since so much of this is about connections and community, it is important to read and comment. But I am sure not all bloggers feel the need. Welcome back.

  35. I know what you mean – it makes me sad too. I guess there are lots of reasons, but a lot of time it signifies a giving up or “time out” from weight loss. I’ve had quite a few people email me and tell me they quit blogging because of time constraints, but are still reading, so I guess you never know.

    • Karen

      I had a blogger email me privately not long ago to share her reasons for stopping. I really appreciated that.

  36. So interesting and so timely…. I definitely took a break – and since I consider myself a non-blogger – well – I didn’t feel bad about it until…I felt bad about it. Then I logged in again, amused my BF+ with taking goofy pics again, and SO LOVED connecting with everyone again! It’s weird, cuz I never really started to be “productive” but just to be goofy and do some digital therapy – ha! But I’m feeling this pressure to sort of find a niche. And if I’m not feeling super fit, the fitness thing seems weird. I’m learning how to cook, so I’m really not a non-cook anymore. And afterall, everything is ironic – ha! HUGS!

    • Karen

      Digital therapy – love that! Write whatever you feel like writing. Or not. For me, I have no idea what else I’d say. Someday I guess I’ll have to find out.

  37. Rae

    I love reading other bloggers experiences, it makes me sad when someone gives up. I’ve decided this time around I am blogging for me. If I have nothing to say – that’s OK. I have realized I enjoy blogging much more when I remember why I started instead of getting wrapped up in trying to be a popular or well known blogger!

    • Karen

      Good for you! I was just sharing when I met my blog friend recently that I always tell blogger who are struggling with writing to blog for themselves. Do it if you get something from it. And for each of us, that something might be very different.

  38. I have noticed this too, most recently with another blogger that we both used to read and I did end up emailing her just to connect; to say ‘hi’; to offer support if there was any needed. And I never heard back. This worries me as well but all we can do is just be, I guess. That, and hope everything is all right.
    I’ve recently given myself a little more leeway as well. I haven’t been posting every day like I used to, mainly because I want to blog when I have something interesting to say and that just hasn’t been coming quite as often as it used to. I’m not going anywhere either, though. Glad to know we’re both not 🙂

    • Karen

      Since I read so many blogs, it is actually easier when people don’t post all the time. Gives me more time to read and comment. I actually comment less than I used to, I think, because of time constraints. I love subscribing because there is no thought involved on my end; when they post, up it pops in my reader.

  39. Being unemployed made it easier to post regularly – now I have 2 jobs and I am either busy or feeling guilty about all the stuff I need to get done. I miss posting more and reading daily – but I am sure things will slow down and I will have more time to do both again!

  40. I have emailed bloggers who stopped blogging before, only 2 where I have feel like I kind of “know” them more than others. I just sent encouraging, miss you type of notes. I feel the same way when I see bloggers just stop, and personally I always wonder if they have just fallen off the wagon. I mean who is going to write every day about how they are gaining weight and back to eating poorly and all that? I have found blogging to be such a humungous help in my weight loss journey… so if I ever stop for a long time, you can email me and ask me if I am getting fat again lol 😉

  41. It makes me sad when people leave- I try to blog at least during the weekdays even if it’s just a few words.

    Most of the time I get in 5 posts a week but when I don’t I know that I’ll be back soon- I LOVE blogging too much to quit!

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