Green Thumb

Thumbs up: Spring.  Green trees.  Flowers blooming.  Thumbs down that it has been so slow in coming; I miss having a long run of beautiful, temperate days.  Thumbs down that neither my husband or I are gardeners; I have “fresh from my garden” envy to go with my purple thumbs.

Thumbs up: Biking.  Hubby and I woke our bikes from hibernation and have now had a few rides.  Thumbs down that hubby had to take his back to the shop to repair something that got messed up when they fixed something else over the winter.  I’ll share more about biking in another post.

Thumbs every which way: Social eating.  We were unexpectedly invited to dinner at the last minute a couple weeks ago and I went and chose a very healthy option.  Woo hoo.  But, thumbs down because last week book club rolled around again.   I have two words for you:  chocolate fondue.  Thumbs up that our monthly dinner with friends was canceled and I didn’t have to think about what I would or would not eat or see the scale move up the next day regardless of what I chose.  But huge thumbs down that I was a bit too happy at having dinner canceled – that doesn’t fit very well with my vision of “normal.”

Thumbs down: Breakfast.  I am a creature of habit with my first meal of the day.  But after over a year happily eating my current breakfast of choice, crockpot “refried” beans, I suddenly became un-enamored.  What to replace it with, this great combination of protein, fiber and carbs.  Thumbs sort of up that I have for now solved my dilemma by just changing the kind of beans.  Not loving it, but not hating it anymore either.

Thumbs down: The Muffin Man morphed into the Candy Man.  I never did eat even one of the tempting English muffins my husband brought home but I had less success with a package of Tootsie Rolls.  And my son just let it slip that my dear husband has hidden a Costco-size variety pack of full-size candy bars in our basement!

Thumbs down: Hello Costco Sample Lady.  Yes, you can offer me that chocolate toffee thing.  And that frozen yogurt bar.  And that chocolate granola bar sugary thing.  And those veggie sticks that are only pretending to be healthy.  Where was my usual Costco willpower hiding?  Thumbs up for the Costco apples that hubby and I have been eating in vast quantities lately.  Maybe the quantity of apples would be a thumbs down but the health factor is a thumbs up for sure.

Thumbs down: Hail damage.  Our roof is getting replaced by our insurance company after we pay a hefty deductible.  And thumbs down for the huge headache of getting the work done which I remember all too well from the last time we went through this just five years ago.  Thumbs down for crazy Kansas weather.

Thumbs up: For exercising alone!  My husband, aka cardio partner, was gone one day last week and I overcame my flagging motivation to get on my elliptical and put in my regular morning workout all by my lonesome.  Thank you, DVR and Desperate Housewives for helping out this desperate housewife.

Thumbs dirty: Spring cleaning.  In preparation for our son’s graduation party at the end of the month.  I’m trying to do little bits here and there that might not usually get done.  So far I have cleaned all the baseboards on our main floor and dusted all the wood blinds.  Yuck.

Thumbs up: Mother’s Day.  I had a nice one.  Woke up to find the “cleaning fairies” had visited during the night.  Had a delicious, healthy dinner of halibut (which was a splurge despite being on sale), spinach salad with strawberries and almonds, and asparagus.  There were also rice and rolls for those who wanted them; thumbs up – not me.  Thumbs way, way up that I did NOT eat any of the fancy chocolates that someone gave my husband that day or any strawberry shortcake with my husband and teen later while we watched TV together.

Thumbs down: I’m getting another cold.  Second one this spring.  I don’t like colds:(  Or maybe it’s allergies acting up.  Don’t like those either.  Whine.

Thumbs down: Appliance shopping.  Hubby and I decided to replace all our aging kitchen appliances with stainless steel, thanks to the recent sale of our jet ski (which is a long, boring story).  So, now the rush is on to choose and order and get them installed before our son’s graduation party at the end of the month.  My mind is boggled with all the options and we have spent hours and hours shopping and debating already.  I hate making big decisions like this.

Thumbs wriggling with anticipation: Just days away from meeting a blog friend.  She says, smiling.

Thumbs undecided: May is flying by!

Thumbs up: The baking report.  Forty-four Rice Krispie treats frozen; three in my teen’s tummy; zero for me:)  The toughest part was when I was stirring and pieces of cereal stuck to my fingers with melted marshmallow and it would have been so natural to lick it off.  But I didn’t.  One hurdle passed.



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41 responses to “Green Thumb

  1. I’m appliance shopping, too! There are too many choices. I’m lost in trying to find the “best deal.” Arrgh!

    I know your blogger meet-up will be awesome. It has to be, considering the participants. 🙂

    • Karen

      We figured out a few stores that will not only price match other local stores, but also guarantee prices for 30 days so if they go down elsewhere even we can get money back. Best news though… we went to buy and the refrigerator we had seen at the same store just days earlier, cheaper here than elsewhere, was on sale $500. That is huge!!! My husband’s still trying to figure it out.

  2. Sorry about your roof! We are in TN and had ours replaced a couple years ago after a big tornado blew threw. I hate, hate, hate those things!

    • Karen

      Wow! Scary. Despite living in tornado alley we have never had one that close. Lots and lots of hail storms over the years though.

  3. THUMBS UP – to this post 🙂 what a creative way to break down what’s going on in your life!

  4. Ah, the ups & downs of life! 😉 Sounds like there is good in ail of it though & that blogger meet up – fun!

  5. I always love you “thumbs” posts. You are kinder to the Costco lady than I am with my Sam’s Club Demon Sample Pushers!! Keep those thumbs wriggling!!

  6. Jan

    I always enjoy the saga of the thumbs. Appliance shopping actually sounds fun. Wanna borrow my Consumer Reports subscription 🙂

    • Karen

      LOL – we have our own. I wonder what the sales people think when they see us coming with a magazine in hand. Unfortunately by the time we buy the reviews are outdated enough that none of the actual models are to be found. But we heavily rely on what they say about brand reliability.

  7. Great post! What I like about it is the fact that all of the “thumbs” hit the nail on the head for so many of us. The realities of life are clearly there! Have a great day!

  8. Wow lots going on at your house all at the same time!

    Congrats on your non scale victories like not licking your fingers while making rice krispie treats. I never knew they could be frozen!

    Shopping for appliances is over whelming-too many options and choices these days.

    We have some household projects coming up in June and will have workers inside and outside of the house for a few weeks. I know it’s going to be crazy and disruptive!

    Good luck with all of your projects!

    • Karen

      The wonders of the internet – I googled about the rice krispies to find out they could indeed be frozen. BUT, I have never tried it so hope they the texture holds up. A smart women would probably thaw one to check. I guess I can do that and have my son eat it:)

      I hate having workers around. When we did tile work they were here forever and the worst is when they work in the bathroom or kitchen:( The roof is not nearly so bad, just noisy.

  9. Rae

    I love this season for biking!!! Def a thumbs up!!! I like apliance shopping… It’s sad but there is not one drop of shopping I haven’t liked yet. Even shopping around for a specialist doctor… Maybe it’s the thrill of the research..

  10. These posts always make me laugh and smile!

    Warn hubby to hide those chocolate bars!

    Maybe eggs with spinach and salsa would be a nice change from beans now and then?

    • Karen

      Somehow eggs don’t seem to keep me full. Or high fiber cereal. This has worked best which is why I am bummed that I am getting burned out now.

  11. I’m always a fan of the Thumbs up/down post!

    also, thank you for letting me know my blog wasn’t updating. turns out I found a fix and then blogger told me my blog didn’t exist and my n ame was available!! eeek, i am re-creating it. can you please go over and follow me again…thanks!

  12. Finger licking is almost a reflex for me. I really have to concentrate not to do it when I’m baking. I’ve always been a stickler for handwashing too, so I try to go straight to the handwashing without my own personal pre-rinse!!

  13. Tootsie rolls are one of my weaknesses. I definitely cannot have them in the house. I hear you on the roof repair/replacement. When we lived in Texas they changed the deductible from a flat rate to a percent of your home’s worth …

    I’m back to protein and vegetables for breakfast and it is so much better for me than the natural peanut butter on a sandwich thin, even though the calories are similar.

    • Karen

      I can’t even tell you that last time I had either PB or sandwich thins. Both were major triggers for me. I can’t imagine what I would have gone on to eat if I started my day with them!!

  14. sunnydaze

    Thumbs up to a cute post/recap.

    Thumbs up to new appliances.

    Thumbs down to the hail damage and having to resisit the candy temptation.

  15. It is sooo hard to say no to those Costco samples!!

  16. I was just at costco on Saturday…and the same thing happened!! Those darn ladies and their mini yummy goodies…

  17. major kudos for resisting yumminess stuck to your very fingers!!
    Try to enjoy the appliance process… you’ll be so happy with your new beautiful kitchen.
    I’m jealous of you blog friend who gets to actually meet with you…

    • Karen

      We plunked down our credit card and they are coming Monday, fingers crossed! I’m hoping this will be the first of many amazing bloggers I get to eventually meet:)

  18. I had to laugh that you thought it was a thumbs up that your friends cancelled dinner–that is so like me! Not normal. 🙂 I find that when baking, it’s best not to have even a little bitty taste of anything I’m making b/c as soon as I do, I throw caution to the wind and eat everything in sight. Good job sticking to your resolve! It also helps to chew gum so that your mouth is already occupied.

    • Karen

      And you bake a lot!! When I was doing cookies yesterday the voice in my head said that a normal person COULD like that last bit of the beater and move on. But then again, I am not a normal person:(

  19. So, regarding the appliances, I think there are just too many choices. We’re looking at a new dishwasher right now and the decision process is making me crazy. With so many reviews online I feel it is my DUTY to pick the best one, but do I really want to spend a billion hours reading every single review? Sometimes I just want to walk into a store, pick one out by how pretty it is, snap my fingers and tell the guy to load it into the car. Good luck. Wishing you a speedy decision making process!

    • Karen

      The dishwasher was the last thing we chose since it basically cleans the dishes and we use it less than all the others. At the very last minute, the fridge we had chosen turned out to marked down by $500! And I turned to my husband and asked if he wanted to get a more expensive dishwasher than the one we had settled on. He vacillated and I asked the salesman if he could help out with the price any and lo and behold the manager let him knock off enough to bring THAT down to the price of the less expensive one! I was pretty excited.

  20. I would say that you are probably more of a green thumb than you think. Green thumbs can be cultivated…

    Wonder if you are hooking up with Sharon?!??!

    Thanks for setting me straight on the commando style. My daughters and daughters-in-law and I were having pedicures tonight fro Mother’s day. I told them about my gaffe: they of course thought it was hilarious that I was so unsophisticated to not know what commando style was. So, thanks for enlightening me!

    • Karen

      Oh that really had me laughing out loud! I think it is a guy expression. I mean, really, how many women would think to go sans undies?! As for my blog friend, you’ll read all about it next week, I’m sure:) And… I really do think you and I will meet someday, given where you live and us having family up there. Actually, our MN clan are coming down for the graduation party.

  21. congrats on getting all new appliances! How super duper fun! 😀

  22. Miz

    I always love love these posts —and then look down at my poor need a coat of nailpolish thumbs…

    will you share who the blogfriend is or will it be forever secret?

  23. Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Sorry that you can’t get to my blog with the link on my comments. I don’t know why that is, but I will do some checking.

  24. Jay

    New to your space…happy I found you..great blog you have..nice posts..
    Glad to follow u..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  25. Roz

    BIG thumbs up on this post Karen! How fun! Yay you for not caving to the baking!! You are a STRONG woman!!! Have a great day!

  26. I must have missed who your blogger meetup will be with while I was on vacation or something — who are you meeting? And by the way, I’ll be in Kansas City in November… hint, hint.

    Hmm… Costco samples. Is it possible to consider them lunch? That way, you can enjoy without having to feel any guilt.

  27. Lovin’ your list of thumbs up and thumbs down. We don’t have a Costco, but since my gastric bypass surgery I sometimes go to Sam’s Club or HEB Plus and have samples for lunch. Free and tasty.

    Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. Come back any time. You’re always welcome at my place.

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