Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

I’m scared.  Of the cookie monster.  Not the blue fuzzy one.  But the potentially crazed binging one that lives deep inside me.

Because in the coming weeks I will be baking a lot of cookies.  And brownies.  And all sort of other yummy treats that smell amazing as they cook and will tempt me horribly.

I am the person who would not only scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing bowl and lick the beaters with her tongue, but also take a few spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie dough to freeze for later snacking.  I think I almost like the dough better than the finished product!

I am the person who tried to freeze baked goods to keep my paws off them, only to discover that some treats actually taste better straight from the freezer!  Hello lemon bars and white chocolate chip brownies.

I am the person who discovered that “moderation” was not my middle name.

Given my previous digressions and current desire to eat well, I have mostly bid a sad farewell to my baking days.  Except for special occasions.  Like when my oldest comes home from college or when my youngest has a basement full of teens.  And I have gotten pretty good at resisting the batter.  But I don’t dare try to freeze anything anymore, raw or baked.

This is going to be hard.  Dozen after dozen after dozen, and a huge variety, and some new recipes that I hate to serve without first taste-testing.


So I need a plan.  And commitment.  And accountability.  And willpower out the wazoo!

My challenge goal for this week is simple.  Not one taste of dough or batter.  Not one lick of a spoon or mixing bowl or batter-splattered finger.  Not one nibble from the freezer.  Not one hot baked anything.  I will however, in the interests of not wanting to risk serving a less than delicious cookie, allow myself, if I feel that my son’s and husband’s reviews are not sufficient, to taste test one, and only one, of any new recipe that I try.  And I promise that I won’t use that as an excuse to choose new recipes:)

Yes, I’m a bit scared.  But I’m also determined.  And, I know that this is only one very long hurdle to get over before the baked goods are defrosted and a huge abundance of party food is served and then leftovers are, well, left over.  That’s another whole challenge and I’ll cross that treat laden minefield bridge when I get there.  So here goes nothing.  Putting on my metaphorical baker’s hat and sticking a piece of gum in my mouth.  First up: Rice Krispie treats.

Do you like to bake?  Are you a batter/dough nibbler?

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62 responses to “Bake Me a Cake as Fast as You Can

  1. I love to bake but also find it impossible to nibble.

  2. Oh wow, that’s a tough one. I’ve never been much of a baker (or cook of any kind!), but baking without sampling is probably more than I could handle. Just remember on Friday, you’ll have someone asking you questions about how successful you’ve been! How’s that for a friend keeping you accountable!

    • Karen

      That would be great if I got my act together and started the baking already! Keep putting it off. It’s time. I just pulled out a bunch of recipes:)

  3. I love to bake, but with the kids out of the house I don’t much. If I bake anything sweet, I will eat it. I couldn’t have cookies in the house and not eat them. I just couldn’t. I don’t have issues with bread though so I can bake bread. But what do I do with a whole loaf of bread with two people? Sometimes I even make hamburger buns. And I definitely make my own whole wheat spelt tortillas, but that isn’t really baking even though it seems like it.

  4. I love to bake. I am a big time batter eater. I will eat batter more often than the finished product.

    I do well with baking sometimes and then other times I binge (like at Christmas).

    • Karen

      I know some people find “healthier” ways to bake, much like some of your recipes. But too me, it would still be something I’d likely overeat.

  5. You are too frigging funny! I know this is serious stuff but you are funny when you write about it! I have confidence in you Karen – you can do this!! Course if I were there, I might taste test for you on the cookies!;-)

    I only bake my protein bars & cookies that are healthy & yes, good BUT NOT real cookie good so I am not tempted to eat more of them. I really try not to bake the yummy stuff cause I do want to eat it…

    • Karen

      See, I think I’d overeat those healthier baked goods too. But we are different this way – handling moderation.

  6. I love to bake! Next week is our neighborhood dessert social, so I’ll be making some new cake joys. Timing is everything. I have to make them early enough so that I’m not dashing around last minute, but not so early that I have time to over indulge. It should be easier this go round since I’ve learned how tasty cake joys are straight from the freezer. Not overindulging means I have more of a stash on hand for future nibbling. 🙂

    • Karen

      OMG a dessert social! Glad I don’t live in your neighborhood! I seem to remember some amazing looking little recipes from you, but they seemed like a lot of work. Honestly, I don’t even really like baking. (And I certainly don’t like cooking!) But I guess I do like that whole “showing love” aspect for my boys.

  7. I taste when I bake so I avoid it when I can! Good luck with your goals!!

  8. i bake, i nibble then i fell guilty. so i don’t bake then i feel worse so I bake, i nibble, i feel guilty. you get the picture it’s a endless cycle

  9. For the most part, I just don’t bake anymore. I’m just not strong enough yet to resist that kind of temptation. If I need to bake, I make sure I do it at someone else’s place or at least with people around.

    • Karen

      I was actually thinking I’d see if I could store the frozen stuff at my Mom’s to at least get rid of that temptation. I never thought to bake elsewhere though.

  10. Oh my!! I could have written that exact post. I’ve done every thing you mentioned. I’ve actually made cookie dough with no intention of baking cookies.

    In more recent years, I have baked something and not licked the bowl, eaten the broken cookies, or the left overs. You can do it too. All you have to do is make up your mind.

    • Karen

      I admit that in the past I so craved something that I baked it just to eat in that moment. Which, of course, leads to a massive “eat it all in one sitting” mentality. But at least I can say I have not done that in years:)

  11. Oh boy can I relate!!! When I was 250 pounds I did a lot of baking. It was a hobby and I was great at it. I loved creating new things. Once I started losing weight I stopped all baking. I didn’t trust myself to bake a cake and not eat the whole thing. Now? 100+ pounds lighter I only bake when I can TAKE IT SOMEWHERE! Work, potlucks, BBQ’s, parties…I can keep a small canister of treats at home for the occasional splurge and get rid of the rest. So much safer. 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Karen

      Such a great approach! Usually my only baking now is for events or other people. But the again, it was never a hobby for me – I do it and I like the product but not the process so much.

  12. Amy

    I love cookie dough far more then the actual cookie.

    I don’t have much control over this either.

    I would eat dough until I am sick.

  13. JourneyBeyondSurvival

    I’ve slipped like I’m on one of the dunes. Mountainous sand dunes. I’be been both ways, but the key is my state of mind. 🙂

  14. Yikes indeed, need to amp up your fortitude to navigate that gauntlet of baking. Gauntlet of Baking, now that would be a good title for a recipe book.

    Stay strong & taste/lick free!

  15. Baking has always been my downfall with serious ingredient snacking. Sometimes I arrange to have my boyfriend home since our kitchen opens up into the family room and its harder to eat oodles of chocolate chips with a voice of reason around. So though I do enjoy it, I have had to limit it. Good luck with the rice krispy treats and other batches that follow it!

    • Karen

      LOL my husband is no help there! Actually, he will bake things for himself after I go to bed at night while he is waiting up for our teen to come home, so that he can have them but not tempt me. I’ll get up in the morning and see the evidence left behind and sometimes even a remaining brownie or two.

  16. Yep, love to bake and love to eat the dough or cake batter. What works for me is just what you said: not a single bite or lick. In the case of cookie dough especially, many times I like the dough better than the finished product: so NO dough licking for me is the on;y way to get past the temptation. Good luck!

  17. Roz

    Love the cookie monster cartoon!!! And yes, very much like to bake and try batters. Maybe you can appoint one member of your family to be the “tester” for each batch? You WILL win the battle with the baking Karen! I have complete faith in you! Have a great day.

  18. I looove to bake and popping a stick of gum of 4 in my mouth is a must!
    I made brownies for my hubby the other day and don’t worry, I too scraped the bowl and licked the beaters LOL!
    good luck!!!

  19. I’ve surprised myself with how well I’ve handled baking cookies. One thing I do is make sure I’m not hungry AT ALL when I bake. I also have a fresh baked cookie and usually am okay with just one.

    But I’m not a raw-dough or frozen cookie/dough eater, so I can bake them and freeze them and be done.

    Good luck … if you are going to keep baking then you need to figure out how to do this.

    • Karen

      Fortunately I don’t miss baking. But I am procrastinating now getting started. I guess this is one more piece to my “normal” puzzle – being able to bake and enjoy a little morsel with no guilt and no binge. Sigh.

  20. You can do it!!!
    Rice krispie treats are the worst for making you fat. Don’t even go there.
    One thing that helps me when making cookies is to look at teh calorie count. It’s usually so high for one cookie that I do think twice.
    Also, I like batter, but don’t do it anymore if there’s raw egg in it.
    Good Luck!!!

    • Karen

      I don’t worry about the egg for myself but have NEVER let my sons eat raw batter. Despite my growing up and loving that treat from my mom when she baked and never getting sick. So my poor boys got my double-standard.

  21. Rae

    I bake, but in baby amounts. Like I cut everything down to a tiny portion, usually 6 cookies, or half of brownies. I can’t have anything more than that around! I find myself sometimes making brownies just to taste the batter. I don’t want the cooked stuff!

  22. They really do taste better or a good from the freezer. We lick the bowl and beaters at my house.

    I am now following you.

  23. Be careful with that batter! Raw eggs means REAL risk of samonella!

  24. Oh goodness that is tough! I’m sprinkling willpower dust on you! Good luck!

  25. Miz

    those first four sentences?


    I adore the way you write.

  26. Haha, well, I am the same way. Give me a bowl of cookie dough over the baked product any day! Usually I take so many bites, licks and tastes while baking that I have no desire to sample the finished dessert!

  27. Go to your nearest army/navy surplus store and buy a gas mask, and wear it 🙂

  28. Jan

    You are a brave woman to face all of that dough!

    I won’t tell anyone that one of my binge foods years ago was chocolate chip cookie dough – oops.

    No more baking for me. For you, tons of confidence to stare down the dough!

  29. Oh my – I totally could have written this! I am huge nibbler of all things sweet. I taste the batter several times, lick the bowl clean, have been known to get another spoonful of batter out of the pan that’s already started to bake in the oven! I also agree that freezing things does not keep me out of them. If it’s frozen, it’s still chocolate! And, seriously, how hard is it to thaw something if I’d prefer it that way? I have a microwave. I totally understand you, and good luck to you! I really think you have a good attitude and approach.

    • Karen

      One hope with the freezer was that out of sight would be out of mind. But my mind seems to be magnetically drawn to anything I’ve tried to hide away in there! I just found out that my mom has a freezer in her garage I can use – too far too nibble:)

  30. Karen, if you were not the teeny person you are I would think you were crazy to torture yourself with so much temptation. However, if I were your size (at or near goal), I’d go ahead and enjoy a few of those cookies. Not the rice crispy treats — ugh! too sweet (did love them when I was a kid though). And if you do indulge, enjoy every crumb. That’s what I do with ice cream — don’t have it often, but love every spoonful when I have it.

    • Karen

      I’d say that would be the “normal” thing to do. But, as I’ve shared before and I know you can relate to, I am not normal with any of this eating/food stuff. Sigh. Someday:)

  31. Karen, I am right here, and I mean right HERE with you on this. Baking is the one crutch I still hang on to, especially when I’m having an emotionally stressful time of things. My dad worked in a bakery, so I’m sure there’s some childhood memory thing going on there as well. All I can say is take it one step at a time, and if you need a diversion, Twitter or email me and we’ll talk baked goods instead of eating them.

  32. I can relate to this post! I love to bake and would much prefer to make dessert and eat dessert over a meal any day!

    But like you I have given up most of my baking except for special occasions or group gatherings so there are plenty of people to gobble up the goodies!

    I have found that if I don’t even take a taste I can get by with baking and not eating it. The trick is to not even have that first taste, it can be a slippery slope.

    Now I can even let someone else do the baking like the local bakery if it’s going to be too tempting for me! Do you really have to do all this baking, can’t you let Costco do the baking for you?

    Wishing you well in the baking days ahead.

    • Karen

      I guess I am partly cheap and partly feel like I should do the home-baked thing since I can. Somehow I guess it still is tied up with that showing love with food thing. I don’t remember what was going on when I did this 3 years ago but don’t think my eating was an issue then. Hmm.

  33. I am ALL the above you mentioned. I can lick the bowl, the spoon and come back for 5th and 6th. I do not have control over myself when it comes to chocolate chip cookies or brownies. If I take 1 bite its over and a monster is unleashed. Its pretty frightening truly. Be strong, if it were me I’d tell them TOUGH! 😉

  34. I didn’t bake for several years after getting into OA but then, around 5 years ago, I realized that I liked the process and started doing it again. It must be an OA thing, but I’ve never tasted one thing I’ve baked nor licked a bowl. It’s like the aroma is enjoyable but nothing triggers cravings anymore (yea!) If I was a dieter with this issue I’d tell the skinny son, who’d probably understand (!) that this year there wouldn’t be any home baked goods! 🙂

  35. I love to bake and I pretty much have to give it up. I do find that if I wear latex gloves while baking I will not lick my fingers!!

    That will not work for rice crispy treats, though – and I had no idea you could freeze those!!!

    • Karen

      Rubber gloves! I never thought of that. Yep, I did an internet search and found you could freeze them for 6 weeks. I haven’t tried it before so fingers crossed the texture is okay. Today I made cookies and that dough was way more tempting than the cereal. But I held firm. So far.

  36. Vanessa

    I love to bake and prefer the unbaked cookie dough to the actual baked cookie. Yum.

  37. That’s a hard goal. I love to taste when I cook… Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

  38. Donna

    So living your dilemma with regards to sampling the dough whilst baking!! When my son returned from university two weeks ago…I made his favorite snickerdoodles and Toll House cookies…biting down on a CHOPSTICK to keep myself from mindless tasting. It actually worked!

  39. I am cleaning out my inbox and somehow missed this in all the clutter! I’m guessing by now you’ve already done your baking–did you make it through and stick to your commitment? I too find it hard not to oversample stuff when I’m baking, and as you know I love to bake! A friend I have is constantly telling me I should try chewing gum to keep my mouth busy while baking, but for some reason I just have never done that! I probably secretly WANT to be oversampling and know gum would just get in the way lol.

  40. Yes, I saw that! Messy is OK, it still tastes yummy, right? Good job, Karen–dipping things is my biggest pet peeve–I know it takes patience! AND Kudos on not eating half the batch while you dipped. I may have done that a couple times. :/

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