Where the Magic Happens

A is for alphabet. As you will see…

B is for Bowflex.  Over the years, my husband has used it in fits and starts.  Right now it mostly serves as a shoe rack.

C is for cardio. For me, that happens seven days a week.

D is for DVR and DVD. I couldn’t work out without something on TV to distract me.  Some afternoons when I do a slow walk on the treadmill my distraction is a book instead.

E is for elliptical. The elliptical was a 40th birthday present to myself, almost 8 years ago.  At the time I was diagnosed with neuroma (nerve damage to the ball of my foot) and needed to find a non-impact exercise alternative.

F is for feet. Hubby and I both have various aches and pains in ours and have multiple pairs of exercise shoes and inserts.  F is also for fan, which is standing just outside the picture, pointed right where I elliptical.  The treadmill has built-in fans:)

G is for glow. My husband sweats but I glow:)  Wait!  Does that mean I’m not working hard enough?

H is for husband. My number one workout partner.  Most days you can find him by my side doing intervals on the treadmill while I elliptical away.  Any day now we’ll move outside and start biking again instead.

I is for iced tea. For a while I was drinking water while I worked out but, since my cold a few weeks ago, I am back to drinking something flavored so I hydrate more.  Some days I have decaf Crystal Lite iced tea and other days I have Powerade Zero.

J is for jiggle. As in what certain body parts are prone to do during exercise.

K is for Karen. Obviously:)

L is for log. I have tracked my exercise hours on Fitday for years.  In April I logged 3039 minutes of cardio over 27 days.  I missed two days while on a college visit with my son and one day I gave in to my cold.  For those of you who like numbers, it works out to an average of 112 minutes per day of cardio performed.

M is for motivation. Some days I have it and some days I don’t.  The best thing about working out with a partner is that usually at least one of us has just enough motivation to get us going.

N is for nose. For some reason mine seems to run when I workout so I always have tissues handy.

O is for obstacle course. We have to navigate one to work out in this tiny, jam-packed space.  To get on the treadmill we squeeze between the elliptical and Bowflex, gingerly step behind the former trying not to knock out the cord, carefully avoid the row of dumbells in the back of the space, and voila.

P is for potty. There is one just to the left of this photo and hubby and I have gotten into a habit of taking back-to-back potty breaks mid-workout.

Q is for quiet. Not.  My teen complains that when we work out we blare the TV so loudly that it wakes him two floors overhead.  Poor baby.

R is for remote control. Could not live without this.  Most mornings hubby and I put in 90 minutes of cardio together which is just over the running time of two recorded episodes of TV.  Actually, to give him credit, he is a bit of an overachiever and puts in 98 minutes.

S is for strength training. Which doesn’t take place here for me, usually, but at my mom’s gym where I work out with her and our trainer.  We’ve been doing that together weekly for over seven years and in the past few months since my post-surgery all-clear have bumped that up to twice a week.

T is for treadmill. This particular unit is relatively new and I had to talk my husband into spending the money on himself after our last one broke.  It is a huge investment but, IMO, money well spent.

U is for underground. This little section of the basement is windowless for a reason.  The other, much larger spaces have tiny little windows that are just above ground.  Oh for a daylight or walkout basement.

V is for Vaseline. My lips get so dry when I work out that I always put on a thick coat before I start.

W is for weights. Those dumbbells hiding behind the cardio machines get used only rarely.  As does the tubing stuck away in a drawer.  My exercise ball gets rolled out a bit more often for crunches.  Hubby also has a balance board somewhere and we both have push up stands that we rarely use as well.

X is for nothing. Who came up with this letter anyway!  Okay, let’s go with excellent, exciting explanation of my exercise space:)

Y is for yoga mat. You can’t see them in this picture but they are hiding, rolled up, in the corner of the room, waiting for my husband and me to use them again.

Z is for zero. Because I don’t like to see the numbers on the display when I’m working out so I cover them.  Time passes faster if I don’t peek.

Your turn.  Pick a letter, any letter, and share something about your own exercise routine.

Challenge Update

Woo hoo for my big news!  I won the challenge prize for this week!  Happy dance.  (Counts as cardio?)  You might remember that I joined this challenge just for that fabulous prize.  Can’t wait, can’t wait.  But I’m going to keep on setting weekly challenge goals.  So far, they are sort of working for me and at not, as in past challenges, working against me.

Last week my goal was to do strength training at least twice and ab work five times.  Done and done.  Although, to be honest, my strength training could have been a heck of a lot stronger.  I’m going to keep the same goal this week since my mom, aka strength training partner, is still out-of-town. 



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42 responses to “Where the Magic Happens

  1. Lee

    My Hubs pushed me out of bed this morning at 4:30 to get my workout done. How’s that for a great partner!?!? LOL!!! I’m exhausted–but did my 30 Day Shred dvd. Feels good knowing at 5AM, I’ve done the main exercise for the day–and everything else is bonus. I have a tread mill, stationary bike and stepper that I first used on my exercise challenge. I’ll be doing that again once the Shred DVD 30 days are up. It’s in my basement….but like you–it’s underground. I wish I had a dream walkout basement/workout room.

    • Karen

      I read about people doing that 30 day shred and should probably check it out sometime. You are such an early bird!

  2. H is for hiking.
    W is for walking.
    B is for biking.
    T is for the treadmill in my basement when none of the above are doable that day.

  3. Y is the place I work out. Last night was water aerobics and tonight is pilates.

    I really thought about X and came up with XX for my chromosome make up since I am a Girl!

    • Karen

      Oh I haven’t done pilates in ages and miss it! I thought of another one for X… Xbox. As in I wish I had one for the Kinect exercise game thing. I think that’s right.

      • Denise

        I have a Wii and have not used it as much as I should. Heck I have not used it much at all since I got down to below the fitboard weight limit. I use to love DDR for the Playstation. I have it for Wii as well. I am just prefering at this time working out at the Y. Home is just so hard for me.

        • Karen

          I used to like the gym better than home. For years. It was much more motivating. I guess it got easier at home when my husband started working out with me. I’d love to try the Wii someday. My boys had DDR ages and ages ago and it was a hoot!

  4. OMG, my nose runs too! I always have to have something handy when I do cardio! And my feet, well, lets just say, I am having probs but I do have the motivation! And my love – weights!

    • Karen

      I once read the scientific reason why that happens to so many people but, darn memory, can’t recall what it was.

  5. LOL, husband sweats but you glow. I’m going to tell my wife I glow but she sweats and see what response I get. Of course I will first out on my bicycle helmet.

  6. I LOVE having tools at home! And you have some seriously cool stuff! And, uh, 118 average minutes? MY GOD WOMAN! Are you mortal?

    PS K & X were my favorite – although my K would b e different 😉

    • Karen

      LOL. I got tired of trying to eat less and decided I needed to exercise more instead. And, since I don’t have a job, I have no excuse not to!

  7. Of course, K is for Karen, but KB is for kettlebells and kickboxing!!

  8. Jan

    Love it, love it. Especially jiggle, which most women of a certain age and/or weigh loss can relate to. (Dang you do a lot of cardio!)

  9. C is for clever post, and congratulations on winning the challenge!

  10. W is for WTF 118 minutes a day?!?!?!? Who ARE you? I will now call you Super Woman!

    D is for Dance. best.exercise.ever.


    • Karen

      LOL. I don’t have a job so no excuse not to do more than I used to. And, you know how there is only so much food we can and will cut!

  11. Very clever. I’ve been considering getting an eliptical. Any suggestion on how to get the right one? So many choices. I don’t want to waste money.


    • Karen

      Wish I had advice for you. I simply went with the one that felt best to me when I tried out a bunch. The pedal positions and angles are different. I think I liked mine because it was the same brand my gym had so I was used to the feel. I don’t have arms and some do which would give you a better workout.

  12. I’ll go with W for Wish I had a home gym. I know I would work out more if I didn’t have to drive, park, check-in, get a locker, go up the stairs and deal with the whole gym thing.

    And I’ll add N for NuStep which is still my favorite aerobic machine and if I could have one at home I would be the happiest person around!

  13. Hooray for winning the challenge and getting the cool prize!

    I’m with Sunny … 118 minutes, wow. YGG.

  14. Yeah for the challenge win! And good job feeling successfull while participating in a challenge.
    Love this post.
    Hurray for doing cardio 7 days a week.
    If I’m just picking one letter, I’ll choose E for Energy, because that’s what I get from my workouts. (not funny but true and great).

  15. Roz

    So fun! Love the alphabetic post. Have a great day Karen.

  16. Karen this was a lot of fun! Oh I miss having basements, the houses here in CA don’t have them! I would love to have that kind of space for a work out room!

    G is for garage where our weight bench and free weights reside.

    M is for missing – me that is from working out with said weights this week. Well the week isn’t over so it could still happen.

    H is for happy, which is what I am when I exercise more.

    • Karen

      I’m happier too. Not while I’m doing it… but that I’ve done it:) I don’t know what we’d do without our basement. Space for teens and our office and a lot of junk storage.

  17. Oh goodness, I’m tired just thinking about all that cardio. 🙂

    Say, if you’re not using that Bowflex, I have an empty living room in which you could store it. 🙂

    Awesome week with your challenge!

  18. N is for nothing at the moment BUT B is for brilliant post- I love it! 🙂

  19. That’s a great list!

    How about X is for excel? Because we want to excel at our fitness goals?

  20. What a fun post! And yowza – that is a lot of cardio. I couldn’t handle that much for sure.

    And agreed – who cares about the letter x?

    • Karen

      Ah, but I have no little babies to take up my time:) Actually, when my boys were babies I hadn’t even started exercise in my life yet!

  21. Nice room!! Great equipment, I would like to own a treadmill myself, but would rather run outside.

    • Karen

      I’m not much of an outdoorsy person, never have been. Like biking outside but only if the weather is nice. And now and then I like to walk with my neighbor and have some girl talk:) Never alone though.

  22. You are very “C” for creative! Love all of your wonderful workout equipment!

  23. J is for Jazzercise – sappy, 22-year Jazzercise addict here! I love your alphabet thingy, Karen! And especially love that you cover the numbers on the machines. My god, how they drive me nuts, especially on the treadmill, which is probably why (yes) I only do Jazzercise and haven’t been back on a machine since last summer!

    • Karen

      I have a SIL who did Jazzercise for years. Wonder if I’d like it, since I like class workouts, or feel too uncoordinated:)

  24. Miz

    LOVE THIS as again I see how alike we are
    right down to the “Z”

  25. sunnydaze

    C is for congratulations!

  26. Hi Karen. I loved this post – super cute doing the alphabet thing! I just started exercising again a few weeks ago so about the only thing I do is walk, treadmill, elliptical and bike.

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