Holy Countdowns, Batman!

It’s just under four weeks until Memorial Day, which for many of us marks the unofficial start of summer.  But for me, summer will begin even a week earlier when my teen graduates from high school and my older son is halfway through his two weeks at home before heading back to campus.

Four weeks!  Three weeks!  I’m torn between excitement at the end of an era for our family and dread at the end of an era for our family.  Throw in a bit of tumultuousness at the notion of yet another summer when I will, fingers crossed, be at my goal weight.  The last two summers, both seeing me at my goal weight, didn’t end so well for this reforming yo-yo dieter.

Anyhoo, I’m not there yet and probably shouldn’t count my skinless chickens before they hatch but, I’m telling you, I am going to rock the coming weeks.  Tons of social eating to navigate but I have a new-found confidence with that and some recent success and momentum under my (ever loosening) belt.  And I am determined that this is the summer to end all summers.  Ending my years of mothering school-age boys and ending my years of yo-yo dieting.  Not that I am suggesting any correlation between the two, mind you.  And much as I will miss my sons being around, I have to admit that the empty nest is beckoning in an appealing way.

But I digress.

One more countdown to share.  My first blogger meet-up.  In only two short weeks.  I’m excited.  And truth be told, just a bit nervous.  But mostly excited.

May is going to be one fabulous, busy month.  A month of firsts and lasts.  A month filled with celebrations of many kinds.

How is your May shaping up?  Anything you are counting down towards?



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37 responses to “Holy Countdowns, Batman!

  1. Im excited for you and the meet up!!
    My May is superflyhectic.

  2. No big countdowns here-just biz as usual with a sprinkling of life’s little surprises I’m sure. 🙂

  3. with the coming of summer i am reminded that my son is yet another year older and going into another grade. It is both frightening and wonderful all at the same time.

  4. I had no dea that summer was here so soon! It felt like spring was so short! Thanks for the reminder since I want to stay fab for summer. Empty nest seems like a new beginning. Hope your meet goes well!

  5. Oh who are you meeting?! I’m jealous! It’s so rare when we get to meetup! Even when Sunny and I met up it was literally like TWO minutes cuz Comic-Con isn’t the best place to meet someone and talk lol.

    Enjoy the empty-nest- take up a hobby or something! 🙂

  6. I have my first blogger meet up July 16th. I’m so excited, it’ll be so cool, awesome and so much more. We are going to do some biking, hiking and eating and lots and lots of visiting.
    You are doing awesome and will meet and exceed your goals for Memorial. I have the utmost faith in you. I know you can do it.
    Take care and have a blessed day.

  7. sunnydaze

    How exciting for the blogger meet up!!! I love the positivity I hear coming through this post 🙂 I know that you will make your goal weight this summer and we’ll all be here to congratulate you when you do.

  8. I am so not looking forward to the school year to be over yet. It will be quickly though.

  9. Yep, countdown to the Tour de Cure bike ride. I am nervous that I will not be ready. It is finally warm for biking here, so I got to get ready quick!! I am also going to meet a fellow blogger this summer. Can’t wait. So, FUN!! how blogging expands your friendship virtually and now in reality. Have a great weekend Karen, michele

    • Karen

      I got on my bike this week and it was HARD! Working on a post about that. Can’t wait to see who you are meeting. Someday when I get back to Minnesota…

  10. Jan

    I’m looking forward to a visit with my family in Dallas in 1 week and hoping some surgical procedure doesn’t bump that long delayed reunion. Mainly I’m just trying to approach one moment at a time right now and wondering how much weight I would lose if I opted to have bilateral mastectomies. (Dark humor)

    • Karen

      Love that you are still finding your sense of humor in all this, Jan, dark or otherwise:) And… I am anticipating OUR meet up this fall!

  11. Karen, very excited for you with all going on – good stuff!!! What is the blogger meet up – is that Fitbloggin?

    You are going to be rocking an amazing Karen!

    Me – nothing too exciting. Come July – a family get together which will be fun!

    • Karen

      Nope, wish I could go to Fitbloggin. Have you ever been? A blogger in my neck of the woods and I are going to meet and hang out for a few hours.

  12. Great to hear you’re feeling positive and confident about the social events in the coming weeks leading to summer.

    Our youngest is graduating college in 10 days, so I relate to the whole next chapter thing. And I can say without equivocation that an empty nest is just lovely, especially when the birdies still love coming back from time to time.

  13. I am loving this new found confidence Karen! I am looking forward to the empty nest but it is still a couple years away for me as our college kids live at home and commute!

    No big plans for the month of May but June is starting to look busy!

  14. Roz

    Sounds like you have ALOT to look forward to over the next few weeks! All very exciting!!!! Have a great last weekend of April Karen!

  15. Between the Royal Wedding (yes, I admit I watched every minute of it) and hiking today, I’m just getting around to reading blogs. Yes, that blogger you’re meeting is real intimidating, she makes herself nervous! LOL!

    Big plans for May! Can’t wait.

  16. This is an exciting time for you! I have two in college and two still home so my summer is mostly filled with comings and goings.

  17. Oh wow! What an exciting/hectic/crazy time for you!!! I am…counting down to my birthday on May 10?? Does that count? haha. No kiddos here YET but when we have them., I intend to tie them down and forcibly prevent them from leaving 😉

  18. We have an upcoming vacation that I’m excited about, but no big graduations or anything this year. Now next year will be a different story!

  19. AFG

    What a nice picture Karen! 🙂

    My wedding anniversary is on Memorial weekend, so that’s something I always look forward to celebrating.

  20. I can’t believe my baby’s first year in kindergarten is almost over. The faster life seems to be happening, the more I try to live in the moment.

    I get excited for new changes, but I also mourn some days I’ll never get back.

    “Not that I am suggesting any correlation between the two, mind you” — I think there could be a correlation, at least I see it for me. No one made me compulsively eat, nor could I blame anyone but myself for my choices, but I found when I was in a place I didn’t want to be (mentally or physically), I used food to cope. Even though I love my family, I don’t love every minute of it. Fortunately, I’ve learned (am learning) new coping strategies.

    • Karen

      Oh I loved when mine went to first grade since that was the start of “all day” school. Much as I loved my little guys, I loved having some mommy freedom time:)

  21. It is a VERY exciting time! And having the spawn swim away means NO HONEYNUT CHEERIOS in the house 😀 HUGS!

  22. Four, three, two, one . . . counting down simply makes me nervous. I am encouraged by your goal setting. I’m tempted to stare at my waist for a time. Perhaps I’ll find it looking smaller after a time. -Just stopping by from the Lady Tea Blogger Party.

  23. Honestly, I am excited for the first day we hit 70 degrees. If that would happen, I’d be in heaven! That, and less rain – I’ve had enough, thank you 🙂
    I am feeding off your confidence, Karen. Here’s to a wonderfully successful Summer of YOU!

  24. Karen! Is it me you’re meeting?? That would be a wonderful surprise! Since I live in the Midwest, too, I guess it could be me….only….since we haven’t planned anything, it’s probably not. I’m jealous.

  25. Counting down to allot of things, most immediately is vacation in Hawaii at the end of June. Need to get my bathing suit body ready for the sands of Hawaii.

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