Gold Rush

I’m off to California with my son to check out some college cardinal and gold.



Before I go, here is a quick challenge update.  My goal for the past week was:  no junk food or refined sugars, no white or refined carbs, no eating when I am not hungry.  I’m actually typing this post several days before the week is over and going to report resounding success.  It is my intention to become a self-fulfilling prophecy with this and not have to go back and edit this post to say otherwise!  However, what happens in LA stays in LA:)

My goal for next week:  work on my zen.  More specifically, get back into yoga or practice meditation at least three times this week.  Ahh, I feel more relaxed just thinking about it:)

Catch you later this week.



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27 responses to “Gold Rush

  1. Miz

    Have a safe and fun trip, Oh Woman Whos Goal I Share.

    OM off to wrangle my day.

  2. Have fun with your son! I was just in LA in february and LOVED IT 🙂 I definitely enjoyed my meals there.

    Great weekly goal

  3. Oh enjoy the California sun! Try doing one of your meditations on the beach…it is a whole different perspective

    • Karen

      I have to laugh because the only beach we visited was Venice Beach and it soooo does not strike me as a place to find any zen unless it is the drug-induced kind!

  4. Have a good trip! Is that Stanford? Or UCLA – I can google colors, but either way, that must be some slouch of a kid you have:)

    I’m going to friend you on FB – when I get home work. Our firewall is a behemoth – as it should be when it comes to social networking. Anyhoo – it occurred to me on my way to work that I wanted to do that – I was thinking about Monday being a Karen day!

    Congrats on resounding success – you’re inspiring me – a good influence as mom used to say.

    • Karen

      USC. My mother used to say,”If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump too?” Or something to that effect.

  5. You are going to be HERE?!?!?! We’re rolling out the SC cardinal red and gold great weather for you. 🙂

    Have a blast! 🙂

  6. Jan

    Stanford! Whoo hoo! What an incredible school to party, er, study! Does he have a major he is interested in? (Wish I knew someone at the undergrad level for you – only know folks at the med school, they haven’t retired 😉 )

    • Karen

      LOL – no that is just a rumor. It was USC. And he is interested in Computer Science from the video game perspective. They have a great program there.

      • Jan

        I truly enjoy video games. Yes, I’m one of the many (old) women gamers online. Roger Ebert has an ongoing Twitter debate that video games are not art. I don’t debate that topic (happen to agree with him) but the graphics are amazing in some of the games. LA would be a really fun place to go to school – hard to keep Mom from visiting…

  7. Ewa

    Welcome to CA, my state. Good time of year to visit.
    Have fun.

  8. You go Karen! LOVE! Wish we could have met up!

  9. Safe travels to you!

  10. Safe travels! Enjoy LA; I sure did. 🙂

  11. I work for USC! I hope you and your son have a wonderful trip to LA 🙂

    • Karen

      I might have even passed you walking on campus! Which was lovely, BTW. First time I’ve ever seen students skateboard to class:)

      • I actually work at the Health Sciences Campus at the medical school. But we may have crossed paths since I have to go the main campus for meetings often during the week 😉 Glad you and the hubs left with a good impression of the school.

  12. Travel safe and enjoy Callie (my home state!).

  13. Have a safe and happy trip! Great job on your success this week!

  14. LOL, I like the way you think! Have fun!

  15. Have a wonderful trip! I think it’s great to set your intentions before you go. You’ll be a healthy mama!

  16. No sugar or refined carbs for a weeek! That’s a big challenge, and I’m sure you’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you report back your success to us!

  17. Enjoy, bring us all back some gold please. I did say please!

  18. Have a great time! Too bad you weren’t coming down to San Diego we could have met up for lunch or something! 🙂

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