I’m Not Fooling

The joke’s on me – it’s April first already!

And all I could think about as I considered this holiday of pranks, was that I am no longer fooling around!  I don’t know why I feel different than I did a few weeks ago. But I do.  I am eating well and exercising consistently and I see a light at the end of the tunnel of ups and downs and round and rounds.

After months of stagnation and frustration, I feel like I am making progress. Slow.  But in a forward direction.  (Can progress ever be in a backwards direction?)

March flew by so fast; I expect the same from April.  I have travel and social eating to contend with.  I have outdoor biking to look forward to.  (I have a lot of prepositions at the end of my sentences.  Oh well.)  I have optimism.  Imagine that!  Me, optimistic.  And that is no April Fool’s Day joke.

And I have brevity.  Unusual, I know.

Welcome to April, everyone:)



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21 responses to “I’m Not Fooling

  1. How exciting! I love being optimistic!

  2. Look out, everybody – she’s on a roll! And so am I! How much fun to be approaching spring and summer with such optimism! There’s just something about the promise of sunshine and warmer temps.

    Happy April Fool’s Day friend of mine. And that’s NO joke!

  3. Congrats! How exciting!!! 🙂

  4. Great attitude. I hope it keeps going well. 🙂

  5. Wonderful! When I’m stuck, I’m stuck, and it seems to be a monumental task to get me unstuck. But once the movement begins, it just gets easier to stay unstuck. Here’s to Spring and Momentum!

  6. A good attitude makes all the difference in the world. I’m glad for you!

  7. Jan

    Yay on moving forward and feeling the momentum!

  8. It’s great that you are feeling so positive and optimistic!

  9. So happy to read this. You’re a winner for sure!

  10. that cartoon is too funny.
    And yeah for you!! I know how you’ve been struggling and I’m so happy to read that you’re doing so well. Exercise and eating well is really all there is to it. So simple, isn’t it?

  11. Karen, I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this post! I am so happy for you! Keep that good feeling going & you will be ready for summer & the pounds you wanted to get off will be history! YES! Happy day to you!!!

  12. Yeah baby!!

    But I have to answer this question in my own KCLAnderson way: “Can progress ever be in a backwards direction?” I definitely think so. I don’t believe in backslides in the way that most people think of them. I think we’re ALWAYS moving forward even when it feels like we’re not. We have these narrow definitions of what progress looks like…we believe that progress can only be positive, something that we *want* to happen. I think a lot of progress is made when things that we don’t want to happen, happen.

    • Karen

      Someone once wrote something about progress not being linear. Similar concept I think. Much more positive to look at all my struggles and stumbles and backslides as learning experiences that are progress of their own:)

  13. Excellent! Nothing like sunshine and flowers to make the world look better.

  14. Yay Karen!!!! This is when it all comes together and we make progress.

  15. I am so happy that April is finally here!~ Good luck-stick with your goals and remain optimistic! that is fantastic! Stopping by from SITS

  16. Can you believe the first 3 months of the year are gone? I can’t either! I’ve been dieting and working out for a month out and I feel pretty good, I know I have changed as well. Hang in there, you’re doing great! Happy SITS weekend!

  17. Aw…I love this post, Karen. I was just thinking about you actually, as I’m preparing my 7th of the Month Challenge for Thursday and just read what you wrote. Stop by on Thursday with your progress update and display it proudly!

  18. Cool to hear you are feeling progress from your efforts once again. April, a great month to own; Own It!

  19. Hey Karen! just wanted to let you know that I had to delete my blog because it caused some family drama. But I am still following yours to keep up with you on your journey!

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