Thumbthing to Write Home About

Thumbs up: Tracking what I eat.  I’ve been pretty consistent at this lately and it’s been interesting to see the nutritional breakdown.  Someday, I suspect, I will tell you all about it.

Thumbs down: Blog technology.  Just in case you missed it, please read this post.  It will explain why you might someday (again) receive some very outdated emails from me.  Technology is great… when it works.

Thumbs down: More blog issues.  Slowness.  Something about my latest WordPress upgrade seems to have significantly slowed the load time for my blog.  So sorry.  If anyone has suggestions for how to fix this please let me know!

Thumbs down: And more technology.  Our photographer had some technology issues of her own, so we still don’t have the family and senior pictures we ordered over a month ago.  So you will have to wait a bit longer for the unveiling of the whole Waisting Time family.

Thumbs up: My abs.  Not the abs themselves – but the fact that I have done some kind of core exercise every single day since I got the post-surgery all-clear.  Crunches on the ball, planks, bicycles…  No hula hoop yet; I keep forgetting to dig it out of the closet.  But I’m slowly working my way back to what I hope will be at least a 2-pack.

Thumbs down: The mystery of Big Foot.  So the other day my husband noticed the roof of the car our teen drives was caved in.  Upon closer inspection we discovered large footprints across the top of the car.  Obviously some teen decided it would be fun or funny to run across the car and the result is not pretty.  Thumbs up for good auto insurance.  Thumbs down for being without our second car for over a week.

Thumbs down: Same son; same car.  His first, and hopefully last, speeding ticket.  He spent hours online researching how to fight it.  I asked him, “But were you speeding?”  He replied, “Yes.”  I said, “When you admit that in court what do you think is going to happen?”  He said, “I don’t have to testify to fight the ticket.”  And on it went.  Until he, wisely in my opinion, decided he’d just suck it up and pay the extra money to have his ticket changed to a non-moving violation instead.  Thumbs down that he is already broke and still hasn’t done much to find a job.

Thumbs up: Spring break.  This year there is no ski trip that might or might not result in another broken bone.  (My teen would consider this a big thumbs down.)  Thumbs up that my older son is coming home from college for a few days.  Thumbs up that the teen has two dog-sitting jobs lined up.  Thumbs down that it means he won’t get to sleep late even one day of his school vacation.  Thumbs down for tired teens.

Thumbs up: Chinese food.  Yum.   But when my husband and teen had carry-out recently I sat at the table and ate my “emergency” Kashi frozen dinner with a side of cauliflower instead.  Woo hoo for at least one food conquest to report!

Thumbs down: Cinnamon almonds.  I don’t know what screwed up thinking was going on when I bought them since I had binged on the chocolate almonds by the same manufacturer.  Somehow I guess I thought cinnamon would not be as tempting.  Or craving inducing.  Wrong.  No more flavored almonds for me.  Thumbs up that I have no trouble moderating the plain old salted version which I carefully weigh on my food scale.

Thumbs down: My husband’s various dry cereals.  Multigrain Cheerios, Kashi GoLean Crunch, Frosted Mini Wheats.  What do they all have in common?  Added sugar.  And calling my name.  Temptingly.  Taunting me.  Not too long ago I gave in more than once.  But, no more.  Just one more food to add to my red-light list:  sweetened cereal.

Thumbs up: Another dubious blogging honor.  Not sure how they come up with these things or choose the blogs featured.  You can check it out on the Guide to Culinary School’s list of Top 50 Food Addiction Blogs.  Thumbs down for being called an addict?  Thumbs down that I chose a blog name starting with a letter near the end of the alphabet:)

Thumbs up: New old TV.  Hubby and I have been watching the first season of Bones during our workouts.  A friend recommended it to us and we were thankful to have something to fill the time while we plug along, side-by-side, he on the treadmill, me on the elliptical, through two episodes a day.  Thumbs up for my new-found consistency with longer cardio workouts.

Thumbs for you to decide: My first two-part post series is coming soon!  Not intentional but I was even more long-winded than usual and just could not subject you to so many words on the page.  So I will subject you to two posts instead.  Have I peaked your curiosity?

Thumbs up: Life.  Had to add that on here because I know some of you will count the ups and downs.  Don’t worry – overall, life is good.  Two thumbs up.  Okay, maybe one and a half:)



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55 responses to “Thumbthing to Write Home About

  1. Karen’s list – A big THUMBS UP!!

    I love these lists. I think you should pick a time and do them regularly so we’ll know when to expect one. But then, I think you also like to keep us guessing, don’t you??

    • Karen

      I did once think about that. Maybe the same day every other week. But they are dependent on having something to say that might be remotely interesting and that doesn’t always happen in my humdrum life:) In many ways they are the easiest posts to write so more would be great for me too. But I only have about 5 title ideas left in reserve so I may need reader input eventually.

  2. Your son’s speeding ticket and all the research. Could be a budding lawyer. I can spot them a mile a way! I did the same things.

    • Karen

      Oh no that cracks me up! And reminds me of how many people used to tell me I should be a lawyer, the way I argued. If he did he would have to be a courtroom lawyer because he has become quite used to an audience and being in the spotlight with his high school broadcast show.

  3. Biz

    Yep, it’s hard for teens to find a job – it took my daughter more than SIX MONTHS and she was online just about every day – and just walking into places asking for a job.

    Loved reading this post – and great job on sticking with your Kashi dinner with Chinese in the house! 😀

    • Karen

      Love my teen but he sure doesn’t appreciate parental advice. He was walking into stored for applications while wearing his ratty pajama bottoms! So… he has not looked very hard. It will be a sad summer for him when he can’t even put gas in the car. Or maybe he is anticipating graduating gifts?

  4. Always love these posts, Karen. I am looking forward to your two-parter!
    btw, your blog loaded lickety-split. Maybe all is well in the blogosphere once more?

    • Karen

      Glad to hear that, Ellen. It does seem less slow this week. (Yep, I start these thumb post pretty far ahead and just keep adding to them until I have enough to publish.) So much about WP, and technology in general, befuddles me. Unfortunately I am still not getting all me emails so I know that has not been resolved.

  5. I always enjoy these posts Karen! You are doing so well, what changed for you?

    • Karen

      Oh, well, I’m not sure I am doing all that well, honestly. My cardio is great. My eating is, in theory, on plan most of the time. But, and this is a huge but for me, I still snack more than I should and when I am not hungry. Last night I had a dream in which I had a conversation with someone about intuitive eating and woke up trying to remember the details.

  6. Love this particular (now a) series of yours. Always brings a smile to my face. I love the way you truly post from your heart, and can be so unfiltered in what you produce for us. 🙂

    Have a great day! 🙂

  7. I am so glad my teen is not driving yet. Love your lists by the way.

    • Karen

      It is a very strange parenting rite of passage when you teach your child to drive and then when you send them off alone. Horrifying in many ways! But life sure does get easier when you can resign as chauffeur.

  8. Love these posts & actually, I never even thought to count up vs, down. I just like reading them.

    YAHOO for tracking & I am really curious! 😉

    Technology.. well, this morn is a perfect example for me too… well, some of it our fault BUT still, so many issues in general!

    Yahoo for your abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hear you on those cinnamon almonds! I made them one time… and I always see the ones at Trader Joe’s.. not buying them! 🙂

    • Karen

      Last time I looked for the almonds I wanted, at the grocery store, they were gone. And I noticed a very clear new trend of flavored almonds. All add in something that I guess I would rather they not add in. The almonds I really wanted seem to have been supplanted on all the shelves and now I am wondering if it is worth paying the high shipping cost to get them online. I hate when a product you like is no longer available.

  9. sunnydaze

    OMG re. the roof of your car!

    Great job on the exercise and tracking! 😀

  10. Karen, you put so much thought and work into each and every post you do! And it shows!
    I need to get reacking what I am eating. Starting right now. I keep saying I need to do it… and I don’t.
    I know what you mean, I couldn’t find any dishes I loved… and I found these at an antique mall.. a place setting for 27! PLUS… alot of extra plates, cups and a few other pieces! Marked down to 50 dollars! Can you believe that! And they are the perfect colors!
    I hope you find some you love soon! Five years… is a long time! ( :
    Have a pretty day!

    • Karen

      Thanks, Kirsten. I sort of gave up looking. You know the biggest problem to finding them? Bowls are bigger now and the few we bought to bring home to try were too big to fit in between the dishwasher tines! I hate to fill a load with like 3 dishes!

  11. I DID find it odd that you’d go THAT far back to reply to comments 🙂 Haha. Yes – thumbs down to the photographer. Were they issues with her camera? Profs should have back ups of EVERYTHING so that this never happens… 😦

    • Karen

      No. Something with new software they are using after that has the colors off, maybe. Everything is safe; she is just trying to get the colors right.

  12. Jan

    Another fun post to read.

    Great work on tracking your food intake, and it will be interesting to read when (if) you decide to share. What program/method are you using?

    • Karen

      Are you still in Hawaii! I hope you are okay.

      Right now I am using caloriecount. I am rather anal and started with 6 that readers recommended and cut them one by one depending on my wishes. None is really everything I want. I put together a matrix and compared features, even. AND – when I was using more than one, they sure varied greatly on how many calories they said I took in and burned. Makes me think about getting a bodybugg.

      • Jan

        Thanks for checking on our safety. We are home as ofSunday, but I spent the wee hours of the morning listening to Hawaiian radio via the Internet. So much devastation in Japan!

  13. Karen, congrats on the food tracking, abs, surviving the Chinese food and the blog honor (which sounds great and not dubious at all). Big thumbs up for these fun posts!

  14. Hi there!

    Looks like you’ve got a great tool for keeping yourself accountable for your health and wt. loss goals through your blog!

    My mother had wonderful success on her goals through “First Place 4 Health” She lost over 100 lbs. and has maintained her loss for several years now!

    I’ll be giving away a study guide for their program soon.

    Cheers to your continued success!

    ps – thanks for paying me a visit on my SITS day today. 🙂

  15. Karen, be on guard for “car surfing!” It’s a stupid dangerous thing that teens are doing. Speeding ticket also? Maybe it’s time to ground this guy. I’d rather tell you this than have something tragic happen to your family even if I’m completely wrong.

    • Karen

      We asked about car surfing. My husband also thought it could be dumb kids filming for youtube. But, after much questioning we are pretty sure our son didn’t know it happened and took no part in it. The car was parked at the high school at the time. I do worry about the stupid things kids can do. I did a few myself:(

  16. I love these!
    Great job not eating that Chinese food! That would be super hard for me.
    Dubious congrats on your blog award…
    And yeah for loving your life.

  17. Thumbs up for Karen! And I’m looking forward to your two-parter!!

  18. Ann

    I also enjoy these posts a lot. I think I’d like to steal them. Although, reading about your son’s antics scares me for what I have in store w/ my 13 yr old son. Ugh…I’m not ready for this.

    • Karen

      I have seen one of my bloggers “borrow” the format but she called them something other than thumbs. I guess imitation is the highest form of flattery:) What is the saying: little kids have little problems and big kids have big one? Actually, we are very lucky, knock on wood.

  19. frosted mini wheats is my crack. we don’t have them here in Oz (only blackcurrent and 5 grain???) so whenever i visit Canada i go to town. SO good and yet SO bad for you…sigh…

  20. So the tracking is working out? I think seeing the reports can be kind of fun and helpful. Big feet on top of the car – geez.

    Sound like things are going as can be expected with teens and hubby in the house – hang in and do enjoy the spring break visit!

    • Karen

      I am still considering what, if, I want to do about adding my tracking here. Either as a page or with screen prints. I have to give it more thought. I have some other ideas brewing too that come from the info I get with tracking.

  21. Congrats on the Blogger Award, Karen. You deserve as you do have a great blog. I always love reading your thumbs up and down posts. Makes me think (do not buy flavoured almonds) and makes me smile (Thumbs up to life).

  22. Better tell son to get on it! I’ve been searching for a better job for over a year now. Granted the job I want pays REALLY REALLY well and is very competitive a good job takes a while to get! I’m lucky to have the job I do right now but even this job took me 10 months to get from the date I applied!

    • Karen

      He needs to realize he can’t be choosy at his age and with no experience. If it means sacking at the grocery store or fast food, then he needs to just do that.

  23. Thumbs were up on all the truly important things, so that’s good!

  24. I’m definitely eager to how what you think of calorie tracking. It IS an eye opener, isn’t it (mostly to how lacking my nutrition is!)

  25. I always enjoy your thumbs posts and keep wondering if you’ll ever run out of clever titles for them! Congrats (I think) on the blogging honor! That is very cool to make it on that list (I think)! LOL!

    • Karen

      Me too! I have a list of about 7 more titles that have come to me over time. Eventually I may have to ask all or you for inspiration!

  26. Miz

    weve still gots the THUMBS DOWN here for technology too!
    do two thumbs down make a thumbs up?!

    • Karen

      Darn that technology! I hope it is nothing major for you. My second issues were foxfire related and got resolved. The weird blog stuff… not so much. The mass email mailing seems to have stopped but I can see that the new emails are again not all showing up. Oh heavy sigh. What will be next?!

  27. This list is such a neat idea! I loved reading it! I also give a big thumbs up to Cinnamon Almonds and Chinese Food. And tracking your food….it really is eye opening, isn’t it?! Your story about the foot prints on the roof the car was too funny! Also, congrats on the blog award!

  28. Good that you kept the list balanced. Ah teenagers- aren’t they fun? And trying to reason with them is like eating a full bag of Doritos and a Carvel ice cream cake in one sitting (did this recently) and expecting to lose weight

    • Karen

      Oh I haven’t had Carvel in years! I think they used to have some special on Wednesdays when I was growing up outside Boston. mmmm

  29. So much information I don’t know where to start. I am not sure if my son getting a speeding ticket would be a thumbs up or down. It would suck for him but hopefully it would wake him up and he would be more careful? Who knows they are unpredictable teenagers right!? This is a great way to look at thing going on in your life and appreciate the small stuff. Something I am concentrating on a lot lately. Looking forward to future posts you have peaked my curiosity. 🙂

    • Karen

      The truth is I think he does not drive very safely. Having driven with him, and from getting in the car and hearing the cranked music. Not much I can do about it anymore but cross my fingers.

  30. Words and Waisting… both of us at the end of the alphabet (sigh)… best for last? Yep!

    Bravo about the abs and cardio work!

    Yep, sugared cereals and flavored almonds are definitely on my high alert list too, especially my husband’s Flaxseed granola.

    Good for you, asking your son, “Were you speeding?” That’s the way to encourage a reality check.

  31. I totally agree with thumbs down on tired teens and sweetened cereal. Yikes on both. I can manage to keep Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I like it even better when I add it into a parfait with Greek yogurt and frozen raspberries. I haven’t, however, found anything to add to the tired teen to make him more of a treat!

  32. Did the teen admit to knowing about said footprints on car?

    My goodness sounds like you’ve had a time of it, even if the majority of thumbs are up. I’m very impressed with being able to resist the yummy food. That’s always my problem.

    Visiting from SITS!

    • Karen

      Unless he is a really great actor, he didn’t realize anything had happened to the car until we pointed it out to him. So he got off the hook and we paid the insurance deductible.

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