Emails Popping Up All Over

So, it appears I am having a bit of a WordPress meltdown today.  Thought I had better whip up a quick post to explain.  And apologize.

Several months ago I realized I was not getting all the emails I should have from WP.  I have my blog set up to email me whenever someone leaves a comment, for example.  And with a daily backup.  I could never figure out what was going on and adjusted by not relying on the emails.  I assumed they were forever lost in cyberspace or with the missing socks from the laundry.

I was wrong.

Starting last night the missing emails began arriving.  First a few in dribs and drabs.  This morning I awoke to 169 emails in my inbox.  To say I was overwhelmed would be a bit of an understatement.  Especially when I realized that mixed in with the administrator type of emails were some direct messages from readers that I have not previously received.  And I cringed as I imagined them thinking I had just blown them off.  I tried to find all those and respond, which probably thoroughly confused the recipients.

Then I heard worse news.  From a poor reader (thank you, Ewa) who had 30 emails from my blog show up in her inbox.  And I shook my head in disbelief and wonderment.  Not the good kind of wonderment.  The very bad kind of “how can this be happening” and “what am I going to do about it” wonderment.

And I heard from another reader (thank you, Michele).  Who forwarded an email to me that she should have gotten in October.  October.

So I suspect that many of you are sitting at your own computers today, much like I am, wondering what the heck is happening with my blog.

And I am sighing as I imagine all the times I responded to your thoughtful comments, thinking you would get that response as an email, but now realize that you might or you might not.

So the best I can do today is let you know that it’s not just you.  It’s not your computer.  I am pretty sure it’s not a virus.  I know it’s not malware.  What is it?  I have absolutely no idea!  If anyone out there can shed some light, please do!

And please accept my apologies for the confusion and inconvenience. For me, blogging should be my “happy place.”  Yes, I do a lot of questioning and learning from my mistakes.  But I want it to be about life, not technology!

P.S.  I suspect that the contact form on my “Contact Me” page got caught up in all this craziness so I have removed that for now.  The best way to reach me is to, ironically, leave a comment on my blog, or email me at  I am fairly sure this is a WordPress and not a gmail issue.  But who knows!  Next step, calling my host.  Sigh.

P.P.S.  If I learn more I will come back and update this post.  Otherwise, it is back to posting as usual but not sure what day that will be now.  Look for it!

P.P.P.S.  Please let me know if you ever experience any other strange issues with my blog.  I never know you are being impacted until someone fills me in.

Update:  So it appears that being hosted on a shared server has something to do with emails getting caught up in a queue that might or might not have been released when I upgraded WP this past weekend, and blah blah blah crone job something or other yada yada yada over my non-techy head.  No guarantees this won’t happen again.  Fingers crossed.  But at least I now know that if I am missing emails in the future it is likely not an unsolvable WP problem that I ignore, but something I should call my host about.  Onward.



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56 responses to “Emails Popping Up All Over

  1. I deleted the send me an email everytime I get a comment preference.

    I am very sure it was just wordpress’s message system not working properly.

  2. SO frustrating!!! I’ve had trouble with WP’s system NOT sending an e-mail anytime someone comments even though that’s what it’s set to do. Instead, it only sends when a new person comments.

    I hope you get these troubles worked out soon. You’re right that blogging is NOT supposed to be a source of stress!

  3. Wow! I hate it when technology doesn’t work as it should… I’ve had my e-mail do things like that on its own, without help of a blog! I’ve sent e-mails, which were “never” received, until 6 months later when they show up unexpectedly in the senders box! Needless to say getting an invitation to an August party in January is confusing! LOL

  4. I am laughing, laughing, laughing. Not at the situation, of course – must be extremely frustrating.

    Laughing at the thoughts that went through my mind when I started getting the significant number of emails that you’d commented on posts from last October. I wondered which one of us had been in the time warp – you or me????

    You are probably about to scream, but I’m laughing, laughing, laughing as I head off to the eye doctor whom I PRAY will tell me I can put my contacts in!!

    • Karen

      Well my big question, after I got over the stress of my poor readers being inundated, was if anyone even knew I had replied to comments way back when! So now I have been singing “Let’s do the time warp again” in my head. Do you know that one? Hope you are wearing contacts as you read this. Hope you actually get it to read!

  5. Darla

    I’m glad I haven’t lost contact with you. Very strange about your e-mails going astray. What would we do without our ‘puters?

  6. I got a WP notification of a post waiting moderation. But when I tried to get to it (two ways), it simply did not exist. So go figure. Sounds like perhaps WP was having some internal problems overnight? sorry about the 169 emails though. That sucks. I just leave a page at the top of my blog that says “Email me” and the only entry/post is my manually having typed the email addres to reach me. No auto-generated form from WP.

    :: hugs ::

    • Karen

      It was probably partially a godaddy problem and I think you are using them too. You might give them a call and ask if any emails are stuck in a queue.

      • I’m not worried. Like I said, I’ve always had a page at the top for ’email me!’ that I have given my personal email address for, so I’m sure anything coming to me comes to that. But thanks!

  7. isn’t technology wonderful?!? yes, that was said with sarcasm.

    • Karen

      Yes, I sarcastically agree:) And then to top it off I had all sorts of other problems with my computer, unrelated. It was one of those mornings.

  8. Jan

    Hard to believe that WordPress could cause an e-mail back up. I have had it mess up comments because that is an integral part of the software. E-mail queues are almost always “blameable” on servers/ISP. (Isn’t is nice to have something to blame 😉 )

    • Karen

      How did you know that?! Exactly who was at fault. Guess I should have thought to check into that months ago and not assumed it was WP or me. Sigh.

  9. I could only imagine what kind of hair pulling I was about to invoke as I was typing up that email to you this morning. Being told there is an ‘issue’ on my blog can literally ruin my day if I let it (because I know there will be hours tied up in the fix). So sorry to hear this, Karen. I am having troubles since the update but mine is of a different kind and fortunately only affects me (at least I hope!)

    • Karen

      My other issue since the update is that the time for my blog to load has slowed down noticeably. Had a reader kindly give me feedback on that one too. Thanks again, Ellen.

  10. sunnydaze

    I got two emails from you today – one was from August. I wondered WTH was happening… Good luck.

  11. HOLY CRAP! I was ready to say did GoDaddy do this! 😉

    You know this did not happen to me or to my emails as I would have made contact with ya! 🙂

    What a mess! Love that cartoon though!

  12. Oh no! I have not been bombarded and it seems like I get your responses very quickly. Hope it gets fixed soon!

  13. it sure does seem like you have more than your share of these troubles!
    I just clicked on manage subscription in one of the emails and unsubscribed from those old posts. Now, I’ll start fresh!
    Good luck, Karen!

  14. Okay – I’m laughing because you responded to a comment from me back in November. I figured you were just really behind with the holidays and such 😀

  15. Is your hosting site by chance Blue Host? I just got an email informing me they were going to migrate my site over to expanded servers. Maybe they moved yours which opened up a floodgate of comments and notifications that were stuck on the old server.

    Just a thought.

    • Karen

      Nope, godaddy. Have you been happy with Blue Host? I keep thinking I should make a change. But I keep figuring out how to do things with godaddy and hate to start over. I think I might have looked into Blue Host and thought that maybe they only save your blog backup for 5 days before it automatically deletes and I didn’t like that.

  16. stacy

    It might not just be you. I got 2 emails(responses to comments) from another blogger that I’m not even subscribed to anymore. The comments were made back a couple of months ago.

  17. What makes you want to host separately, rather than just use WordPress natively, wich seems to work quite well?

    • Karen

      I switched to last March maybe, from Ironically, partly because I was having issues with that platform too. Actually, I have seen that has many more bells and whistles than they used to, which is mostly why I changed over. In theory in you can add all sorts of cool things to the function of you blog. Like this little gizmo that sends you and email when I reply to a comment. In theory, of course:) Some days I wish I’d never moved; some days I’m glad I did.

  18. Bummer … don’t you hate when computery stuff makes your head hurt?!?

    Visiting from SITS! 🙂

    • Karen

      And it seems to happen all too often. I am so not a techy. Yesterday after this happened I had all sorts of internet issues that turned out to be tied to Firefox. Thankfully my husband helped me figure out the last of that one.

  19. New to your blog, thought I would just say hi!

  20. oh no! sorry you had that happen – that does not sound fun! hopefully it won’t ever happen again!

  21. Ugh, frustrating! Hope it gets all ironed out!

  22. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed reading the new mail. 🙂

    • Karen

      LOL – did you really read those! I figured everyone would just delete them without reading. Wonder what great comments they were missing:)

  23. Terrible! I’ve been having some issues with my host also. I’m dreading the call mostly because I never understand what the heck they are talking about!
    Hopefully you’re situation gets resolved soon!

    • Karen

      I will say that with as many issues as I have had to call my host about in the past year, most of the reps have been very patient with me. The guy yesterday gave me his email address to follow-up directly if I have more problems.

  24. That explains it!!! What a pain for you…so sorry that you have to deal with that.

  25. All I can say is technology – you just gotta love it! Hopefully, everyone wouldn’t mind a “better late than never” response =)

  26. Miz

    Im still yer sister in (technology)struggles too.
    this sucketh 🙂

  27. Ah, technology. It can get so screwed up sometimes. I can read how frustrated you have felt about this.

  28. Aww Karen, I say better late than never! And it wasn’t a big deal for me to hit the delete button. I was on WP for a while but it was to technical for me. I really need to take a class or something! 🙂

    • Karen

      I wish they had one! My big complaint with it, and blogger too actually, is that there is no phone support. No one to just voice a question to. I hate the support forums. Hate them.

  29. I hate it when stuff like this happens! For so many reasons! For one I never know how to fix it and it is never an easy fix! UGH! poor you!
    have a pretty day Karen!

  30. I went through something similar…emails resending out at later dates, or not at all, weird things. Annoying.

    ~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

  31. Did you ever watch Gildna Radner on SNL? Your post reminds me that it is always something… hopefully it straightens out soon.

  32. All I can say is UGH!!! With the stress going on in my life I am using the motto “Control the Controllables. Unfortunately the internet is not one of them. Things happen for a reason, we may not always see what that reason is but……I hope you get it resolved soon. Feel free to scream a lot! 🙂

    • Karen

      I would do well to remember that I can only control certain things and to not stress or worry about those I can’t. Just one more thing to keep telling myself:)

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