One, Two, Three, Four; I Declare a Thumb War

Thumbs up: You.  Always:)  But special thanks today for all the well-wishes, thoughts and prayers about my surgery and for your great comments on my very honest posts about goals and searching for “normal.”  Also, thank you for the many suggestions for finding my zen.  I’m still looking.

Thumbs up: My eating.  Not perfect, but not horrible either.  And, as you so often remind me, it is about progress and not perfection.  So I can say that eating in January was better than eating in December:)  Now I’m shooting for an even better February.

Thumbs down: My eating.  This weekend.  I had already written this post, feeling pretty good about myself, but then somehow went on the first food bender all month.  It started with an unplanned dinner out.  I’m not going to bore you with the gory details or the “whys.”  I am just putting it out here to be honest with myself and with you.

Thumbs down: And, if I’m going to claim a thumb up for progress with my eating, I need to ‘fess up to a small thumb down for a bit of overindulgence still with crackers.  They seem to be an ongoing temptation for me.  So, for now, I’m going to take a little cracker hiatus.  They’ve been calling my name and keeping them out of the house is the best way to shut them up.

Thumbs up: Another blog award.  Thank you, Lori Lynn, for giving me the Stylish Blogger Award.  Since I got this one not too long ago, I’ll just include the link to that post for anyone who wants to check it out.

Thumbs making an observation: Is it just me or are there an awful lot of women in our blog community named “Karen?”

Thumbs up: My oldest son had a wonderful time on his college trip to Egypt.  Huge thumbs up that he made it safely back to the States before the craziness started.

Thumbs up: I could stare at my teen’s senior picture proofs all day:)  And my family has given me permission to post a shot of the four of us.  My boys surprised me at how easygoing they were about it.  I expected them to want to read the blog if they were going to be on here and I’m just not ready to go there.  So, coming soon to a blog post near you – the Waisting Time family.

Thumbs down: The great Tivo jinx apparently is not over.  My husband and I have just received our fourth replacement in as many months.  We have no idea why they keep dying on us; nor do the rarely helpful Tivo reps.  We’d give up if we didn’t love the darn things so much!  Thumbs up that after repeated past Tivo failures we have figured out the best strategy to lose the least amount of recorded shows.  Ahh, technology.

Thumbs up: Snow days.  My teen is very aware that as a senior, he doesn’t have to make them up at the end of the year.  And since neither my husband or I work, we didn’t have to battle the snow and lousy drivers to go anywhere.  Thumbs up to my husband for doing all the shoveling.   Thumbs up that we got very little snow compared to everyone out East!   Now we are under a winter weather warning for the next few days and I keep hearing the word “blizzard.”  Not sure which way my thumbs are pointing about that one!

Thumbs up: The end of the Girl Scout cookies.  They came; they went; they came; they went; they came again.  I didn’t eat any.  I actually only came close twice.  The second time was during my Friday night binge, when I was craving chocolate in a bad way.  And there was that last box of Thin Mints in the pantry.  Whispering to me.  If I had not committed on my blog to go “Girl Scout cookie-less” this year, I suspect I would have gobbled them up.

Thumbs up: So, remember that Hot 100 challenge that I totally bombed?  Remember me saying the best thing about it was the other hotties?  Well, thumbs up that I won the prize for “most supportive hottie.”  Which means a lot to me because this whole blog thing is so much about support and community for me.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me and everyone who supported me through my challenge struggles.  Since the prize was exercise stuff and I am on “surgery recovery exercise hiatus,” I passed it on to the next highest vote getting hottie, Debbi.  Thanks again to Steve for hosting the challenge.

Thumbs up: For winning more stuff!  Chobani yogurt on Michele and Josh‘s giveaway.  I’ve wanted to try Greek yogurt and I know my husband will enjoy sharing with me.  I need to go out and buy some Uncle Sam’s cereal to mix in:  I like my yogurt with something to chew.  Maybe with all this good luck lately I should pick up a lottery ticket while I’m out:)

Thumbs up: I walked on the treadmill.  Woo hoo for the first exercise in over two weeks!  I might have waited a bit longer but then I got to thinking that if I can easily trek across Target, I can surely take a slow stroll on the treadmill.  And slow it was.  Being cautious.  I told myself I’d just do 10 minutes and see how that felt.  It felt fine.  I told myself I’d do just 10 more.  And then I did another 10.  Reading a book.  Slowwwww.  But it was exercise and I’m smiling as I write about it.  Thumbs down to how few calories one burns going that slowly.  But it’s better than lounging  on the couch:)



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62 responses to “One, Two, Three, Four; I Declare a Thumb War

  1. Here is to a great cracker-less February.

    Lot’s of Lisa’s out there, too.


  2. I always love these Karen! Hey, dinner is over & you can move on.. no biggie on that down one. Like you, no crackers in this house. I learned that years ago with my fascination with wheat thins & triscuits & then my mom loved those friggin cheese-it crackers! Nope, no crackers!

    So glad your son got back from Egypt before the chaos.. scary!

    Can’t wait to see the family pic!


    Yahoo for treadmill walking!!!!

  3. Mmm, I love Girl Scout Cookies. I can’t wait to get some Thin Mints.

    I hope your TIVO works this time.

  4. So great to hear that you’re feeling better and actually moving about again, Karen. We are being threatened with ‘measurable snow in feet’ which always gets me worried since my husband works outside in this stuff. Still, you’d never know it now because it’s sunny outside (first time we’ve seen the sun in I don’t know how long). Congrats on all of your goodies – I think a lottery ticket is definitely in order!

    • Karen

      My husband and I were just talking yesterday about all the people who have jobs that keep them outside in some fashion. Yikes! Our current prediction here is for 8-12 inches, so we are expected to miss the worst of it.

  5. Sounds like a good week overall, I give you a Thumbs Up!

  6. I really enjoy the thumbs up/ thumbs down.
    congrats on your awards and walking on the treadmill

    • Karen

      Thanks, Susie. I usually get a positive response and like having an easy way to just update on all the different things in my life.

  7. I love this post format! It sounds like you’ve had a pretty good week, despite a few thumbs down here and there. Congrats on getting back on the treadmill too!

  8. Karen – Crackers haunt me too – ugh! I’ve found a few here and there that don’t call my name. Wait, who am I kidding? Unless they’re bran crackers that look like tree bark, which I generally have in my cabinet, I’m chowing on them.

    Glad you are discovering Greek Yogurt. My favorite brand is Fage, but Trader Joes also has a store brand that is pretty close. I will eat the fat free, but I prefer splurging on the 2%. My favorite is in the summer with a light drizzle of honey topped with a freshly cut up peach. Frozen raspberries that have been warmed up with a little sweetner are also mighty fine. Enjoy!

    • Karen

      I have tried lots of different crackers, trying to find one I could eat in moderation that was healthy. There are a few, probably the ones you tried, that I find just too unpalatable to crave.

  9. I love these posts with tidbits on this and that. Glad you’re getting back to some exercise. It feels so good. I’ve finally realized in the deepest core of my Being that exercise is the best stress relief!!

    • Karen

      It took me a long time to realize that for myself. I remember last spring when we were going through a very stressful situation with a family member having a medical crisis. I actually craved exercise instead of food!

  10. OMG I thought this was going to be about your doing thumb wars as a type, any type, of exercise while you surgery recuperate! hahahahHAHAHAHAHAHahahahaha

    Glad you got on the treadmill. I told you could walk! Slow is better than nada. Never forget that….in anything. 😉

    Glad about your son, too! I have always yearned to go to Egypt; so scary to think about being there now. 😦

  11. You and my hubs…when I make chili, he eats it with a full ream of tollhouse club crackers. Seriously. I don’t even want to do the nutritional math on that…and did I mention he loses a pound the following day? Ugh. Are there no really decent healthy cracker alternatives?

    Polar’s Mom

    • Karen

      I think there are many great, healthy crackers. I’ve tried lots of them. I like them too much. Funny how my taste buds have changed too. Years ago I might have said that Triscuits taste like straw; now I love them.

  12. A cracker hiatus sounds like a wise move in general. Not sure there really is a healthy cracker. Plus crackers are so addictive, not sure why, but you can’t eat just one box at a time.

  13. Well, jeeze, Karen! You are all thumbs today 🙂

    Since it’s mostly “Thumbs Up” stuff, I’m giving you two big thumbs up, because you are thumbthing special.

  14. There’s only one other Carla out there – and I think we all know who she is! (Mizfit) 🙂

    Karen, I can’t wait to see the pic of your family!

    Here’s to a great February for both of us!!!

  15. I LOVE your thumbs posts, and all the others. You should be writing for a magazine.

    You’re right about the Karen’s. I’ve noticed that too, because I always think it’s you.

    • Karen

      You are so sweet. Thank you:) I’ve thought I might go back to putting my blog name next to my name; at least one person told me she could not tell who I was without it.

  16. Love your thumb posts! Let’s see, how many things did I totally relate to today? Have to go back up and see…I also have not had one single GS cookie – haven’t even seen much of them because I’ve switched grocery stores from last year. My old store had those little darlings camped out puveying their evils for weeks, but the new one…nada.

    So glad you son got back before the Eqypt crisis – I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a loved one living there.

    Love Greek yogurt – it’s all I eat now. I also like it with “stuff” – I use Kashi Go Lean, or I mix it with no sugar added applesauce and 2 splendas. Glad the exercise went well!

    Sorry to do a post in your comment section!

    • Karen

      You have another name that is pretty common out here, IMO. Kashi Go Lean – used to eat that for breakfast. Now I avoid it, just one more food I would oversnack on. They have yummy stuff, those Kashi people.

  17. so happy to hear that your son got home safely. I’m not a huge fan of yogurt, but if I have it it’s always with something crunchy also. Crackers rank with chips in my world … you can never eat just one.

  18. Karen, it sounds like the crackers were driving you just that – smart move on the hiatus. Am glad you are feeling better and are back on thr treadmill. Can’t wait to see the Waisting Time Family picture soon. 🙂

  19. in the words of the very wise Dory “just keep swimming”

  20. Nicole

    Hi Karen, I’m so glad your feeling better and congratulations for walking on the treadmill (so baby steps) I’m excited to see a picture of your family, also glad your son is home safe.
    As for crackers, my husband and son love them. My downfall is Lay’s potato chips. Have a beautiful day.

    • Karen

      I would struggle with chips too if I ate them or had them around. For me, chips are a clear no-no but crackers were a food that I thought I could handle and was relatively healthy. Sigh.

  21. Nicole

    sorry take (slow baby steps)

  22. Are there really a lot of us? I know of you and me but I can’t think of any others. Most of us were born in the late 50 and early 60s 🙂

    And that reminds me…when I was in college, one year in our dorm it went like this: Karen and Teresa, Karen and Karen, Karen and Barbara, and Karen and Barbara.

    I’m glad you’re healing and able to walk on the Tim. And I’ve been a little more crackery myself lately.

    • Karen

      Oh that made me LOL! One day I commented on a blog and the two comments before me were both Karen! I used to sign with my name @ my blog name but eventually stopped. Might have to go back to that. Yep, I’m 1963. I hated how common the name was when I was growing up. You never hear a little girl with it now.

  23. Jan

    Wow, that’s a lot of thumbs. So glad you are able to be more active and feel better!
    Crackers – I really relate if you replace that with another starch… “bread”

    • Karen

      Well, I have not had bread in the house in months:( That might be worse than crackers for me. Clearly there is a trend with grains.

  24. A good month–especially the part about your son getting home safely! (But not the part where you won my Chobani yogurt.:))

    Believe it or not, there’s more than one Cammy out there, which is why I include my blog name on my comments.

  25. Is your Tivo on a surge protector? That could be what’s making it burn out?

  26. You will love chobani! And I will love it when you post that pic!

  27. My thumbs down lately is over-indugling in pretzels. Pretzels! Not bad by themselves. Really bad when you eat like four handfuls of them. Per day.

    • Karen

      Oh – don’t get me started on pretzels. Love the saltiness and crunch. We always have them in the basement in tubs from Costco for our teen and his friends. I try not to think about them.

  28. Thumb days are always fun for me to read… love the casual style and cheerfulness of them! Thanks, Karen.

    I don’t know how many Karen’s in this blogging community, but I do know you’re my fave!

  29. I think there are a lot of Karens and that’s a good thing, right? I really like the thumbs up and thumbs down posts you do. Hope you’re healing nicely.

  30. I counted 10 thumbs up! Awesome!

    So glad your son got home safely.

    Good job getting on the treadmill for a walk, no worries about how many calories it did or didn’t burn. You were moving and that is what counts.

  31. Thumbs up to you and your good January

  32. Glad it’s been more of a thumbs up than a thumbs down kind of month for you and I’m glad you’re on the mend after your surgery. Can’t wait to see your family photo. Always good to see the faces behind the names.

  33. sunnydaze

    Thumbs up for these posts that always make me smile 🙂

    HUGE thumbs up that your son made it back from Egypt safely.

  34. Love your thumbs up and thumbs down. Okay, Karen I have problems with crackers, too. Ugh. I mean I will eat the said amount then go crazy…telling myself just one more!!!! They taste so good…especially with cheese!

    So happy your son is home safe. What a MESS…a SCARY MESS going on over there!!!!!

    I appreciate your love and support of me and Skinny Me. I promise to keep supporting you, too.


  35. Your posts are always uplifting 🙂
    I have a lot of catching up to do! SO let me start by saying: I’m sorry you had to have surgery, but I’m glad everything came out ok!

  36. Chobani yogurt is YUM! My fav is the pineapple flavor…in fact, I had it for breakfast this morning!

  37. There are a lot of us Susans, too, that’s why I use my blog name.

    Hurray for getting on the treadmill and all the thumbs up.

    The SF Chronicle Food editors rated the TJ yogurt #1 and Chobani #2. FYI.

    Hang in – the time is going by fast and soon you’ll be up and going back to burning off those crackers!

    • Karen

      Susan was certainly another name that was popular when I was growing up but I don’t see it here as much. Maybe because it’s not mine:) I may go back to using my blog name too but it is not as cute as yours:)

  38. Glad you are healing well! I live in a crackerless household too. Funny, a friend and I were just talking about how we can’t have any in our respective houses. Kryptonite! My feet are better, but not great. Would like to be able to run again, but still have too much pain. Congrats on the treadmill time. You are right; nice and easy sets the pace, but I’ll bet you bounce back in no time.

    • Karen

      I will admit to you that just in my slow half hour I “feel” my feet. Not the neuroma anymore, that is pretty much a thing of the past. Just the aging aching arch stuff, I guess. Sigh.

  39. I’m still making my way through past posts. Only two more days of catch-up (thank goodness). I really like reading everyone’s posts, so I have been diligently reading everything — wonder if posters see ever see my very belated comments. Congrats on your honors and awards — as always, you deserve them. So glad your son is home safely. Did he have any inkling of the unrest while he was there? Glad you are continuing to recover from your surgery. Now stay healthy!!!

    • Karen

      I always wonder that too! I have my blog set up to send me an email when I get a comment but for some reason it only does it about 90% of the time. I hope I’ve never missed any:(

      I don’t think he noticed anything when he was there. Not sure if there was nothing happening yet or he was just oblivious:)

  40. Glad to hear you’re on the mend! Isn’t it frustrating how little calories we burn relative to how fast we can consume them? 🙂

    Hope you guys break the Curse of TiVo!

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