The Cookies Are Coming

Last year I got lucky.  Not one single cute little cookie pusher showed up on my doorstep.  So I didn’t eat one single Thin Mint or Samoa.  This year, the tides turned in a big way.  Ding-dong – Girl Scout calling!  Ding-dong.  Ding-dong.

That was last month.

And Sunday, the doorbell was chiming again.  Delivery time.  Cookie crack.

I don’t know if Thin Mints and Samoas are in fact the very best tasting cookies on the planet, or, if the taste factor is psychologically multiplied because of their limited supply and availability.  Whatever the reason, I am almost salivating just writing about them!

But here’s the odd thing, while my past experience overindulging in Girl Scout cookies would lead one to envision me racing to the door for each new box like Pavlov’s dog, this year I am oddly unaffected.  The other day I walked past my teen with his open box of Thin Mints, sitting next to my husband with his open box of Samoas, and wasn’t even tempted.  Well, maybe a little tempted, but not really.  I knew that I wasn’t going to eat any.  Not one.  I don’t know where that realization came from.  It wasn’t willpower.  It just WAS.  There was no little voice calling “eat me.”  No craving.  Odd.

Later, I thought more about the cookies, and about writing this post, and I knew that I would commit here, in print, that this year I will not eat any (zip, zero, nada) Girl Scout cookies.  One might lead to two and two might lead to three and three might lead to a whole box if I can wrestle it away from one of my men.  Or if I can find them.  Because seemingly all the boxes have already been secreted away in some stash of “Your Mom would want us to hide this from her” food.  But I still can’t get over the fact that I don’t actually wish for a cookie right now.  What’s with that?!

And just because I got a great laugh out of it, I’ll end this post by sharing this other part of the story.  On “Beware Girl Scouts Bearing Cookies” day, I was sitting here, in my office, hands on the keyboard, while my son and husband were watching football with their hands, unbeknownst to me, on cookies, when I heard the doorbell ring – again.  And then I knew.  “The cookies are coming,” I said to my men.  And my son replied, “That sounds like something you’ll write about in your blog.”  Smart cookie.

Note:  Congratulations to Shira – the scale giveaway winner:)



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60 responses to “The Cookies Are Coming

  1. Thin mints? Really? You can resist them? You’re a better woman than I am, Karen. I could never have them in the house, but I applaud your resolve.

    • Karen

      That is what is so crazy about me not even wanting them. And, if I had been cruising along eating well for ages it would make more sense.

  2. i’m all about the thin mints

  3. I have never been a fan of Girl Scout Cookies. In fact, I think I must be a little of a cookie snob, and that is turning out to be a good thing. I love to bake and I don’t think any store bought cookies compare to mine, so very seldom will I eat store bought cookies. I do buy Oreos frequently for my kids, but I may have 1 or 2 from a bag and I can take them or leave them. Thank goodness I am a cookie snob or I would be craving too.

    • Karen

      The scent of baking cookies is sooo tantalizing! That would really test my willpower. I also have a problem with the dough. I used to actually take chocolate chip cookie dough, when I was baking, and freeze a bit for me to eat later that way. Love it frozen.

  4. Mr. B snd I have already had this conversation. “If you buy them, they go to school and I’d prefer you not even tell me you bought them!” Now if I can just get past the little darlings planted out in front of Sam’s Club and Kroger!!

  5. Oh, those Samoas beckon to me with their sweet siren song.

    Last year, I bought a box to keep in the freezer and remove two on occasion — healthy indulgence — normal eating. But one stressful day, they disappeared in about 15 minutes.

    This year, my healthier coping skills are more securely in place… so much so that I’m not going to buy the cookies. It’s not worth the stress their presence can cause.

    • Karen

      So in my first draft of this post I actually had written about people saying you can freeze them and eat them over time and my amazement at that!

  6. Good for you for passing. They are sooo tempting though!

  7. I think it has something do with the fact that they are delivered to you. You’re right, they DO seem to be the best cookies on the planet. Maybe it’s because you can’t just go to the store and buy them. Who knows. Samoas are my favorite. I’ve been fortunate that they just don’t come to our door. They haven’t in years. I only see them in front of walmart or the grocery store and it seems ridiculous to buy cookies on they way IN a grocery store and then by the time we leave, I’ve spent way too much money and $3.50 or whatever for a small box of cookies seems stupid. So I haven’t bought them in years.

    Doesn’t mean that I still can’t taste the samoas! Yum!

  8. LOL, cookie crack well said. Congrats on not giving in. I’m going to try to not have them in the house again, just not quite there.

  9. I can not have thin mints in the house!
    Have a pretty day!

  10. Ewa

    Am I the only grouchy person on this planet thinking that selling cookies, no matter how yummy is NOT what girl scouts ought to be doing? Maybe if I ate a few (cookies, not girl scouts) I would be less grumpy.

  11. Such a funny post, Karen. I am lucky in that I don’t have anyone knocking on my door trying to sell me those things. My husband gets bombarded at work, however. He’s one smart guy because when delivery day comes, he leaves the cookies for the rest of the employees in the break room. Hmm… least that’s what he tells me he does with them.

  12. Um, hello…Trefoils are THE best…all buttery and sugary and evil incarnate. The cookies haven’t shown up here at all yet and so I’d forgotten about them. Maybe it’s me because I’m ancient, but they tasted a lot better when I was younger – I swear. They probably used real sugar and nasty lard then.

    Truth be told, there are many much better and more decadent cookies than these little darlings purvey. Nutter butters, Hydrox (they are MUCH better than Oreos in my book), Cameo creams. And of course the bakery and home made variety trump them all.

    I love your vow to not let one pass into your temple. I’m joining you on that, Karen. If I’m gonna cave (which I dearly hope I don’t) it’s going to be on something a lot more delectable and sinful!

    I should have known you’d be a fellow milk hater, but like you, I put it in coffee. 2 TBS of 1/2 & 1/2 are only 1 point. It’s the first thing on my tracker every morning, and it makes coffee so much better than 1% milk.

    Hey – I’ll be thinking of you Friday and sending positive vibes out into the universe on your behalf.

    • Karen

      Thank you:)

      Oh no – not Hydrox over Oreos! I do like cameo creams and, well, of course I like nutter butters, being the PB addict I am. But I think my favorite is Milanos. Yes, I have gone through a whole bag in one day before. Okay, enough cookie talk. Let’s go back to clementines.

  13. Cookie crack says it all! Last night, my adorable 8 year old cousin Sophie called to sell me Girl Scout Cookies. Couldn’t say no to the little sweetie and ended up ordering the kind that only my boyfriend likes. Just hope they aren’t delivered during a PMS attack, when I’ll eat anything chocolate. Also, THANKS for the scale giveaway – I was so excited to learn this morning that I won!!!!!!! Your blog rocks!

  14. I haven’t had one in 15 yrs, expensive little buggers. I will make my own cookies instead. Lol.

  15. sunnydaze

    I used to be a hog for Girl Scout cookies – not so much anymore. My favs were the samoas.

  16. Thin mints are the best cookie on the PLANET. I love them so much yum yum yum lol. But sadly the past few years I haven’t bought ANY- I just can’t- they are ADDICTING.

  17. Oh man…THANK YOU FOR THE WARNING! LOL I’ll be sure when I see them coming to run upstairs and hide under my bed!

    I know what you mean by thinking “odd” that you dont’ want them. I don’t either. I just don’t.

    I used to eat a whole stack of thin mints in a sitting..and a whole box of those peanut butter patty ones.

    I’m lucky that my husband doesn’t seem to care about them and my kids know nothing about them. Can’t they sell something nice? Like Vera Bradly agendas or something? LOL

    • Karen

      My husband and kids eagerly await the girls selling them in the fall. One year I tried to get my husband to at least write down what he was buying so he did not go crazy overboard. My own boys sold trash bags for years when they were cub scouts. Practical and zero calories:)

  18. You go girl! Thin Mints I can leave and not touch for ages, but Samoas, they are my Achilles heel. I can’t stay out of them. For this reason, I don’t buy them, just because I WILL eat the whole package if I have them.

    Luckily the GS don’t come my way much. I’m counting my blessings. 🙂

  19. Kim

    You are my hero! Thank goodness my daughter is not in Girl Scouts anymore so I have a better chance at not seeing the boxes. I am a sucker for buying them from the troops anyway though. And they set up at the grocery store! A lesson in huge willpower which I currently don’t have.
    I have a surprise for you on my blog today, check it out when you have a chance…

  20. We must be related cause that is exactly how I am about the cookies. Love them but have no interest in eating them. smile

  21. Kudos! I haven’t had GS cookies in a few years, but with a district office around the corner, I’m reminded of them ALL the time. Ah, Do-sido, my lost beloved…

  22. didn’t read everyone’s comments, but last year GS introduced low-cal cookies. They were good! Kinda cinnamon-sugary, but almost sinless! Good luck resisting the POISONED ones. 🙂

    • Karen

      A low-cal GS cookie! I had no idea! I just look for the ones my family likes. They cut out the chocolate covered animal cookies; my boys loved those.

  23. I am lucky because #1, I rather have a real big ole baker cookie than a boxed cookie, #2, I am not really tempted by them & #3, they cost way too much these days.

    Here, they Girl Scouts are outside every single grocery store & everywhere else. My hubby likes then though…

  24. This means my sister will be calling soon. But as I have done for the past few years I shall buy 6 boxes and have her deliver them all to the troops overseas. So cool the the GS facilitates that!

    • Karen

      I didn’t know they did that but am not surprised since the Boy Scouts do the same with the popcorn sales. My family doesn’t like that as much as the cookies so the popcorn goes to the troops.

  25. I finally solved my addiction GS cookies (mmm, Thin Mints) by giving $20 every time I walked past them selling outside the local market.

    Funny post, BTW!

  26. You can choose to give a donation to the troop rather than buy the cookies. Just a thought!

  27. Man I love those peanut butter and chocolate ones…and don’t you know those boxes are getting smaller and smaller. Thank god no scouts come around our neighborhood. I SO applaud your willpower-peanut butter in any form is danger in my presence. Damn these men and their metabolisms.

    Polar’s Mom

  28. I can resist the thin mints any day of the year, the Samoa on the other hand… A standing ovation to you for making a commitment and sticking to it. You’re one strong woman!

  29. Oh my gosh, you’re so funny!
    I’m so glad not to have nieces at that horrible age right now.

    • Karen

      These are neighbors. My nephews sell us popcorn but I don’t eat that, sticks in my crowns. Last two years we donated it to the troops.

  30. I really dreaded the cookie sale this year because a co-workers daughter delights in selling them, and I knew I couldn’t turn her down. When she showed up with the order form, I made my selection (tagalogs & samoas) almost begrudingly. I don’t really know where that feeling came from! We haven’t gotten the cookies yet, so that is not the end of the story.

  31. Maybe this is a sign of things to come? Maybe you are over some of the foods that tempt you? Maybe. Maybe.

  32. What?? Cookie time already? I haven’t seen that Girl Scouts out but am keeping an eye out for them since I am in need of one box of Samoa’s, those are my absolute fave!

    • Karen

      I think they time it differently in different parts of the country. Our timing is horrible – the come knocking when we are in the middle of holiday eating binges and want more but they deliver in the New Year when we, maybe, have committed to eat healthy!

  33. I’m so lucky I have no friends with little girls that sell these! I rarely end up with any boxes any more. I’m impressed with this decision and how it seemed to come to you almost effortlessly. Think your new habits are changing how you respond to temptation?

  34. LOL, the cookies are coming – very cute. Luckily my husband eats them so fast I wouldn’t even get one. He loves the Thin Mints, but we don’t get Samoas (Canada) and that’s probably a good thing 🙂

  35. nom nom. thin mints. nom nom. frozen with milk. nom. crumbs everywhere…nom.

    btw. Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping to make my SITS feature day wonderful!

  36. I am not Mimi Roth militant, but I don’t like the cookie sales for the Girl Scouts. If it’s a neighborhood kid selling them, I will just give them money and ask them to donate some cookies to whomever they want.

  37. The Cookies Are Coming! That cracked me up! I am not a big fan of Girl Scout Cookies but I know that many people are. Good for you for deciding not to go there!

    If I do end up buying some I set them out for coffee hour at church and poof they are gone in an instant!

  38. Congratulations on the lack of GS cookie-lust. I love it when the temptations aren’t.

  39. The cookie pushers (our cute neighbor girls) already showed up over the weekend…. thin mints and samoas are coming to our doorstep!

  40. I am one of the lucky few who does not like GS cookies at all. Last year I didn’t buy any for the rest of the family and I don’t expect I will this year either due to our new austerity program!

  41. When we come to this realization, that is when it hits “I am no longer a fat person in my mind I am a healthy person.” I for one loved it when that day came, not having to “have” something like the old Sheri did.

    Great job and thanks for sharing!

  42. It’s awesome that you’re feeling strong against the seductive lure of those addictive little cookies. As a chronic yo-yo dieter myself, and as the “cookie mom” for my daughter’s troop, I always find this time of year to be particularly challenging! Perhaps I need to find a new gig. Jenn

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