What’s Up, Besides my Thumbs?

Thumbs up: Happy dance, happy dance – the college applications are done!  My son has already gotten accepted at his safety schools so we know he’ll be going somewhere next year.  Now the waiting begins since he won’t hear from his top picks until spring.

Thumbs up: I got some great healthy living gifts for the holidays.  There is the hula hoop that will hopefully whittle my waist and the P90X dvd program that should work every part of me!

Thumbs down: Talk about Waisting Time.  Sigh.  I have not been able to do any core exercises for several weeks now as I waited to see a surgeon about my possible hernia.  I can’t remember the last time I went so long with not so much as a single crunch!  My waist is going to waste.  And, thumbs way down, I will be having hernia surgery next week.  More on that when it gets closer.

Thumbs up: My formerly picky-eating son came home from college and suggested we try making Dal.  Dal!  He has dinner with friends (who do the cooking) most Friday nights and since one of the guys is a vegetarian, my son has been experiencing many new tastes.  Thumbs down that the recipe he shared didn’t turn out quite the way it does when his friends make it; we suspect they must add some secret flavor-boosting ingredient.  Thumbs up for my first time cooking lentils and for planning to try Dal again with a different recipe.

Thumbs up: Gingerbread.  Hot from the oven.  Smells and tastes like Christmas.  Thumbs down:  Gingerbread.  Hot from the oven.  Need I say more?  Thumbs up:  Gingerbread sitting on the counter, uneaten by me, the day after Christmas and the day after that and…

Thumbs up: Tea.  Again, I know.  But I got a few new ones in my stocking this year and they are yummy.  Thanks to Nan for telling me about them so I could give Santa a little hint.  My favorites:  chocolate strawberry and coconut cocoa flavored!

Thumbs up: For the first time in several years I have been approved for individual medical coverage and am no longer a proud member of my state’s high risk insurance pool!  I’d do more happy dancing but I don’t want to risk breaking a bone and having to actually use that new insurance.  Big FYI for anyone who has individual coverage (not carried by an employer’s plan) – check with your insurance company to see if you should be changing plans to be eligible for the new changes thanks to health care reform.  We accidentally discovered that many people, like my husband, are grandfathered under their current plans so are actually ineligible for the new benefits.  Thumbs down for sneaky insurance companies.

Thumbs up: Two words:  Katy Widrick.  She is a social media and healthy living guru.  (My words, not hers.)  I have learned tons from her blog and appreciate the things she has done to grow the community.  Along those lines, Katy is looking for bloggers to participate in an anonymous survey.  You can read more about it here.  I already took the survey and am curious to see the results.  Interesting stuff; check it, and her blog, out.

Thumbs up: My first giveaway!  At least I think that’s a thumbs up.  Felt like a blog milestone, somehow.

Thumbs up, up, up: Thank you for the overwhelming and encouraging feedback when I put myself out here and posted my photo.  I was scared.  But I should have known that you would once again wrap your arms around me.  I cannot say enough about how warm and fuzzy you made me feel.



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69 responses to “What’s Up, Besides my Thumbs?

  1. thumbs WAY up for Karen! Woot!

  2. Warm and fuzzy, that reminds me, I need to wax my lip!

  3. What a great format for a post. As you know, I’m still new to your blog… and look forward to more. Great way to share recent tidbits of information!!

    • Karen

      Thanks, Michele. I’ve gotten positive responses to them so finally gave them a category of their own. I’ll eventually run out of titles though.

  4. Many more thumbs up than down, I’d say that is the way you want it. Stay in control and life should stay that way for you.

    • Karen

      Ah yes, there were many more up this time around:) I could have gone a different direction but must have been feeling unusually optimistic for a change:)

  5. Congrats on all the ‘thumbs up’s!’ I do hope that your surgery goes well for you, and that you have a fast recovery. 🙂

  6. Let me tell you about gingerbread… I made 3 or 4 batches of it over the holidays and ate a ton of it. While it was very good, it easily contributed to my holiday gain. No more gingerbread for me! LOL

  7. I always like when your thumbs do the talkin’! I laughed at Dal because when my daughter was working in Atlanta after graduating from Emory, she told me one night that she was fixing Dal for her friends. “What do YOU know about Dal?” I asked, ever the snarky mom. Apparently a lot, because I was told later that “everyone loved it”.

    Sucks that you can’t do core work when you want to. But if you didn’t want to, what an excellent excuse a possible hernia would be! See – reframing is always possible, esp. with excuse making.

    Glad the college apps are done, and great that he applied to some rolling schools so he knows someone wants him! That’s always their secret fear.

    • Karen

      The first acceptance he got was to a state school. He was very underwhelmed since, as he put it, “They had to accept me.” I think he has been more impressed at some merit scholarships that he’s gotten. Of course, none of his top picks give merit money:(

  8. How fun that you got a Hula Hoop. I am sure I wouldn’t be able to keep one up these days. Best of luck with the surgery and hoping the recovery is quick.

  9. Lisa

    I hula hoop all the time. I love it!! Put on fast music and dance dance dance (Lady Gaga!!). It’s an EXCELLENT core workout (not just your waist) and will work you from your shoulders clear down to your calves. It took three or four tries before I could keep it up.. now I’m pretty good and I can go for around 15 min… or until I feel like i’m gonna puke lol I use a 3 lb hoop at home and 2 3 pounders at the gym. Try it for a while and keep at it, you will be amazed at the muscles that will start showing up all over your body.

    • Karen

      Oh, Bad Romance! That one stick in my brain whenever I hear it. My challenge is going to be learning to swing it both directions; right now I can only keep it up going one way.

  10. Good for trying lentiils- I love them- maybe look up some Dal recipes and see if maybe an ingrediant was missing?

    • Karen

      He is going to ask his friend when he sees him. Meanwhile, I got on from 3fc that has lots more spices so that should be good since one of the problems was blandness.

  11. sunnydaze

    I’m sorry you have to have surgery – I pray for a speedy recovery for you. I love that you are so positive these days 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend! Oh yeah, I can’t wait to hear how the P90x goes. Good luck!

  12. Oh, I’m so sorry for the surgery! That’s scary *anyway* but then there’s the interruption to our routines to deal with. Sending you strong, healing vibes!

    I’ll check out the survey. Thanks for the link!

    • Karen

      So I keep trying to reply to this comment and my own blog won’t let me! What’s with that?

      One last try…

      Thanks, Cammy:)

  13. I gave my huband the PX90 with the idea I might take a look at it, too.

    Hope the surgery is the quick healing kind so you will be able to use that hula hoop really soon.

    Thanks for the link, I am always interested in new fitness blogs.

    • Karen

      I had talked my husband into doing it with me! But now he is doing other stuff on his own getting into better shape without me and will be really kicking my butt when we start the program!

  14. HOLY CRAP on the surgery!!!! Sending good thoughts your way! I guess that hula hoop might have to wait for a bit but think about how you will be able to do things again! Glad you have the insurance thing worked out but YES, the insurance companies are crooks! And they have all their lobbyists in Washington so it is always a hard battle there.

    I love me some gingerbread too but have to stay away in general. Good for you for doing that!

    Lots of ups for you & just wishing all good things with the surgery & all. I don’t know what that entails but hope it is not too long a recoup.


    • Karen

      So your last two posts just popped up in my reader tonight. They always used to be there when I got up in the morning each day. Hmm.

  15. Don’t be scared of the P90x, as everyone in it looks pretty intimidating, just keep that head douchey guy on silent for your sanity’s sake! And be forewarned-you will be sore for about 2-3 weeks STRAIGHT, but it is SO worth it!

    Polar’s Mom

  16. Karen, you are lovely! Thanks for sharing your photo with us. It is wonderful to “see” you in person now. Big thumbs up for all of your amazing milestones in the blog and personally. My thoughts are with you about the hernia surgery and I’ll be sending you mental chicken soup vibes to help the healing process. 🙂

  17. Hernia! Oh, noes! So many options for repair, be sure your surgeon is, well, you know to go with an exhaustive list of questions. And, be sure to ask about who your anesthesiologist will be – only the person who has total control of your body while you are being operated on! (My bias, make sure it is a physician.)

    Glad you are benefiting from health care reform. As far as insurance companies go, I have absolutely nothing positive to say. Too many years of dealing with them telling me how to practice medicine, ignoring the best evidence, and denying my family quality care. F*ck ’em. (Can I write that on your comment board?)

    Enjoyed the thoughtful post with much info!

  18. I like all your “thumbs ups” but sorry about the surgery. I hope your recovery goes well and quickly. I think it’s wonderful that you bravely posted your lovely photo!

  19. It’s so funny how, when kids come home from college, they’re all “open” to stuff that they used to turn their noses up at…

    Thumbs up to you my friend!

  20. BOOOOO on the hernia surgery! 😦

    I’ll be sending all the good healing juju I can. Goodness knows I didn’t use mine. 🙂

    And when you heal, you’ll have to tell me about the P90X…and how you like it. I’ve always been curious.

  21. Please let us know about the surgery. That is a bummer for sure.

  22. Great blog, supercute! Just found you tonight!
    Love all the thumbs up on this post and good luck on your surgery. Hope you have a speedy recovery so you can get back to those crunches.


  23. Lots of reasons for a happy dance. Sorry to read about your hernia surgery. Hopefully it will do the trick.

  24. Wow Karen, so many wonderful thumbs up to celebrate! Thanks for providing the links, I will check them out.

    I am terrible at the hula hoop, but what a great work out that will be.

    Sorry about the hernia,surgery and all that! I am so happy though when things can be fixed!

    You have hit the big time with give-a-ways!Wow, a scale!

  25. I’ve got two girls in college, and I have to say that college applications are almost as much fun as a pap smear. Or perhaps a hernia? Congratulations on getting them finished, and good luck to your son!

    Ah, tea. I don’t drink coffee, but I do love tea.

    I hope the hernia gets better soon.

  26. Woohoo for p90x!! I’m glad you got it for Christmas – you’d mentioned it on my blog that you asked for it. Yay! I’d love to have a P90x partner if you’d like someone to go through the workouts with you! 🙂

  27. Happy New Year! Congrats to the son accepted to college, and that the other is trying some new recipes! You sound like you are doing well, post-Christmas and holidays. Saw your pic — how lovely you are!

    • Karen

      Thank you. And I figured I had focused enough in my challenge update last week about the “bad” – time to move on and focus on the “good.” I need to pop over and see how you and your neuroma are doing.

  28. Yeah, there’s hope for me with my fairly picky eater…he used to be great. When he was little, people would comment about all the interesting things they saw him eat. Now if it’s not meat, fruit or crap, he doesn’t want it. If you have access to Penzy’s Spices (online too), they have a great sweet curry that is great with lentils. I made a lentil stew/dal with a ham stock and curry and cloves…it was really tasty.

    Sending good energy your way for the surgery.

  29. Thumbs up, up, up: hearing from YOU
    Thumbs up: taking the interesting survey
    Thumbs up: checking surveymonkey.com and thinking about possibilities for an art blogging survey
    Thumbs up: your comment on my most recent post
    Thumbs down: none

  30. How could I have pushed “submit” without first adding my wish for a speedy recovery from your surgery and a careful return to crunches?

  31. Whoa, you get a ton of comments. A good blog, that’s why. I love the thumbs up and down. As long as there are more ups than downs, you’re doing great. I love Dal too. I’ve never tried to make it but I’ve had some amazing variations – of course all by Indian cooks. Mmm, Dal.

  32. I hope your operation goes well. Great post, I love the thumbs up/down thing.

  33. hi! im new from LBS. Im loving your style and the thumbs up and thumbs down take. so fun!

  34. Stopping by from the Lady Blogger Tea Party!

    I’ve been thinking about doing something like P90X. I can’t wait to read about your experience with it! And good job on not eating all that gingerbread!

  35. Susie

    Hi, new follower 🙂

    Lots of THUMBS UP!
    My niece is applying to colleges too and we’re hoping she will be joining us in CA in the fall!
    Lentils, YUM, my hubby is peruvian and we eat lentils and rice a lot.
    PX90, I bought it and never really used it 😦 But, my brother is using it!!
    Hope you don’t have a hernia!

    You’ve got a new follower :), love your blog!

    • Karen

      Thanks:) And hopefully we’ll be eating lots of lentils too… once I figure it out:) My son applied to one school in CA but my guess is he will end up in the east.

  36. Always nice to see a post with more thumbs up than thumbs down!

    I’m glad your son has been accepted into his safety school. Getting into college/university is always a big thing and I’m glad he has a place to study. I wish him all the best with the other applications!

  37. Lot’s of thumbs up around here! How about another one? Head to my latest post – you should be well-pleased!

  38. 10 thumbs up when you hear from Steve. Congratulation!!!

    I love you post. You are doing wonderfully. Good luck with your surgery. I hope you heal fast, really fast.

    Take care and God Bless!!!

  39. Congrats on your big win!

    So sorry to hear about the surgery.

  40. Karen, congratulations on the very well-deserved win in the Hot 100 “most supportive” competition!

  41. Deb

    That’s a lot of thumbs! 😀

    I wish you well rre: the surgery. I had surgery Thanksgiving week. I am still not able to do any exercise that puts pressure on the pelvic area. So, I’m pretty much limited to strolls and arms. :{

    I hope you fare better!


  42. Thumbs up for a new year! I will pray all goes well with your surgery Karen.

  43. Love how there are WAY more thumbs up than thumbs down! Yea! Hope everything goes okay!

  44. Thumbs up! To … your motivation!
    Have a pretty day!

  45. Genie@dietof51

    We’ll be doing the college app thing next year with Sonny. Oh, the pressure.

    Sorry to hear about your hernia, and impending surgery. BUMMER!

    Thumbs up for a quick recovery, and more crunches.


  46. Miz

    Im late to this (thumbs down) but love the post (thumbs way way up)
    Hope you had a great weekend (*whispers* thumbs down one here) and lets ROCK OUR WEEK (thumbs up :))

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