Hot 100 – Final Update


Soooo, the challenge was, for me… ahh… challenging, to say the least.

There were some highlights and some very low-lights.  Bottom-line, for those of you looking for one, and for those who might appreciate a bit of brevity and conciseness, I did not reach my goal weight (and most weeks I did not meet my challenge goals).

But one thing I learned this year, is that my goal weight is not my goal.  (And that is a post for another day, since Michele has been nagging asking so nicely.)

Actually, I learned a lot this year.  And sometimes I even managed to apply the lessons learned and sometimes I managed to learn from my many mistakes missteps.  I can say with certainty that I learned that challenges don’t work for me; don’t motivate me.  What they do give me is another support network.  And I want to thank you all for that:)  And I especially want to thank Steve for organizing the challenge and cheering us on and bringing us all together.

One thing I really enjoyed about the challenge was the weekly updates.  Who knew?!  Much as I also dreaded the confessions, there was something about that weekly post, summing things up and looking forward, that was so easy for me to write.  So, maybe I will find a way to incorporate something similar going forward.  Maybe.

100 days passed in the blink of an eye.  And I admit that I feel a small sense of regret that while my eye was blinking I was all too often eating crap.  (I wonder how many calories eye blinking burns!)  But, the past few days I have been eating well and remembering how much better that makes me feel, both physically and emotionally.  I have shaken off the pressures and onus of the holiday (overeating) season and maybe also of the challenge itself.  Who knows why I did what I did and ate what I ate – I certainly don’t.

So, enough of that.  Challenge over.  Moving on.

Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s to 2011 being our best year ever.  I’ll probably be ringing in the year asleep (until the neighbors start cheering).  Any fun plans for the rest of you?



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42 responses to “Hot 100 – Final Update

  1. You learned from the challenge, and that will make you better. So it was good for you! As for New Year’s, I , too, will be asleep. Until the damn neighbors start bursting their illegal fireworks again.

  2. Karen, you’re right about the best benefits of the challenge has been the extension of our support networks through new contacts. I’ve loved following your blog and will continue to do so (I’ve just added you to my blogroll, hope that is okay with you!).

    Hope 2011 is great for you, keep plugging away!

    And we too are having a quiet (hopefully) night at home for NYE !

  3. I’ll be ringing in this new year in peaceful slumber as well. I’ve had plenty of New Year’s Eve celebration in the past and would be willing to do something again, but this year, it’s quiet, tranquil, and reflective. That’s a good thing.

  4. I’m totally impressed that you not only have a post already up, but also comments! Holy Moly…it’s on 7:39…here anyways. What will 2011 bring. HUH…. I am thinking that it will bring awareness. Awareness of my choices and attitude. Man, I’m gonna be a completely different person! HOORAY 🙂

  5. Ron

    Lessons learned from this challenge means it was a success! Congrats! Happy New Year, hope you have a great 2011

  6. What an interesting thing to learn – that challenges do not motivate you. They scare me I think.

    I liked your thought that 100 days passed by in a blink of an eye. I always think it takes forever to get to my goal weight, but it’s really just a moment of time.

    Happy 2011 sweet Karen!

  7. Happy New Year to you – and congrats for sticking with health. It’s a struggle for most of us!

  8. Love that you’re more focused on a non-weight-based goal! Huge lesson that it only took me 25-30 years to figure out! 🙂

    I’m counting on quietness here for the New Year. I’ve got a gym workout scheduled for first thing in the morning, and I need my rest beforehand. 🙂

    Happy New Year, Karen!

  9. Very interesting. I think you’re right about the benefits of joining a challenge. Great and hallelujah if it motivates you to lose weight, but the social network (which Steve supported really well) and the weekly reports were helpful. I so enjoyed getting to know you this year, I’m tuning in tomorrow for another year of insights and inspiration.

  10. Yes…I agree about the challenges NOT motivating me JUST like the scale movement doesn’t motivate me but it IS the people, blogs, and support that kicks my butt every time!

    Happy New Year Karen!

  11. I agree with you…reaching goals is not the only goal of challenges for me…learning something about myself is. So challenges aren’t your thing, but encouraging others is, and I really have appreciated the time and comments you gave to me over the past 4 months. So best of luck and good health to you and yours in the coming year.

    Polar’s Mom

    • Karen

      Thanks for the kind words. Since, for me, the community is such a great part of the whole blogging experience and this “journey” that I’m on, I try to reach out to others as they have to me. Of course… the more connections I make the less time I have to comment!

  12. It is all about making progress Karen and not being perfect! You made progress, learned some new things about yourself and you posted your updates and stayed in the game! That is success.

    I often fall asleep well before midnight and wake up when the neighbors start making noise!

    We are celebrating at home with our adult children and their college friends. It will be a night of playing games and enjoying good food! I love it!

    happy New Year to you and your family.

  13. Karen, I love your honesty! YES, move on & keep trying & never give up. I have been saying that too.. move on & don’t dwell on it or it will bring you down. Even have another post coming up on that & I am sure my readers are tired of reading that from me! 😉

    I am eager to hear that your goal weight is now not your goal…. Karen, just find that thing that works for you.. so much of it is mental so work on that… meaning the mind wants this food or that food & it is up to us to work on that mind.

    Also focus on how good it feels to eat better & feel physically better. Heck, put on a pair of tight pants every time you want to give up & remind how it feels to wear those pants that used to fit… hard but it may work…

    Karen, whatever works for you….. find those things & hold dear to them & stay consistent!

    HUGS and happy new year. I will probably be asleep too!

  14. Hi! Happy New Year

    “… is that my goal weight is not my goal.” — I love that. I recently celebrated my blogoversary, too (Oct), and have come to the same thoughts. (I even removed my scale).

  15. If you have goals you want to achieve, then make them and do it. Make failure not an option if you really want it. I think if you fail, then you just didn’t want it enough. I spent the first part of the challenge “not wanting it enough” so I failed. Now I WANT it and am DOING something about it and I am now finding success. I wish you success. 🙂

  16. Happy New Year!

    I realized the only weight loss challenges I’ve ever succeeded at have involved a monetary prize … I would say the good thing about that is that I lose weight for myself or money, not just because somebody told me to. 🙂

  17. Your insights about you and challenges, about the support network they give you and the fun in your weekly reports, made it worth participating. But most of all I love your wisdom this year about goal weight not being your goal. That is such a valuable position from which to live your life!

    How are you feeling now, in retrospect about showing your face to us?

    I look forward to the new year running beside you in cyberspace! Cheers, PB

    • Karen

      I feel good about it:) Strange, but good. And… drum roll… I asked my family how they’d feel about me putting a photo of us all on here someday and they were all fine with it. So… someday. Thanks for your support and friendship:)

  18. It’s all about the learning curve, Karen, and that’s what has made this whole Challenge so precious. We have learned about ourselves, and we end this Challenge better than we started it. Isn’t that grand? Makes me excited about where the next 100 days are going to lead us!

    Happy New Year!

  19. It did pass by quickly! And like you I’m happy with the added support buddies that found us. 🙂 You learned something about you and that counts. Have a HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

  20. 100 days flew by didn’t it? The great thing about challenges is that they are not only for accomplishing goals, but to learn while doing them – which it sounds like you did! Happy New year!

  21. Happy New Year!!! Sounds like you learned a lot in 2010, so did I. See you next year!

  22. Happy New Year, Karen!

    I echo most of your sentiments about challenges. It was worth a try and definitely worth the connections…

    Let’s have a great new year!!

  23. You learned, you’ll move on and keep going. That’s what’s important. You want it bad enough you’ll keep trying and that’s the part that counts.
    Take care and Happy New Year. God Bless you and yours my friend.

  24. Well i’m proud of you! At least you finished the challenge 🙂

  25. Well, at least you learned from the experience and enjoyed parts of it! I’m looking forward to hearing about what your goal is! I will be posting a resolutions blog today but first…I’m going to sleep until 1PM. I stayed up until 3 AM cuz I’m crazy! Happy new year–let’s make it great.

  26. lol I also slept for new years- I just don’t feel like celebrating it I guess. I like my sleep!

    I have also learned so much this year that I will apply to next year- happy new year- 2011 is our year 🙂

  27. Happy New Year, Karen! Sounds like you’ve learned a lot about yourself through this challenge (and sorry, I don’t think the calorie burn from blinking is ever going to amount to much) 🙂 We just go back from Hawaii yesterday and I’ve spent much of the New Year sleeping it off. Can’t wait to keep following your blog in 2011.

  28. anne h

    You are an awesome blogging force!
    Best of everything in 2011
    to you and yours!

  29. Hi, Karen,
    Happy New ear, too! yes, I believe this will be the first year where I regain my health! Exciting prospects. But, I too, am thinking about my own goals (especially since I asked you!) and will be posting about them soon. I, too, like the summary of my week that I write about because of Steve’s challenge. I think I am going to keep this up. Michele

  30. I stayed in with the boys and hubby for NYE. After all the Christmas celebrations I was just too exhausted to do anything else!!! We did the countdown and hubby and I had a glass of champagne and then we all went to sleep! It was great! 🙂

    • Karen

      When my boys were closer in age to yours, we used to spend the evening together, playing games, eating, heading out to a late movie to keep me awake! Then they drifted off to do their own thing.

  31. Count down complete, deep breath, here we go – Happy New Year!

  32. OK – so I’m a bit of a dope – but I’ve been really enjoying your challenges and didn’t know what it was all about!

    Being perfect is soooooo Cleaver-esque – and quite frankly, dull. Being human is so much more becoming, interesting, and rich.

    Can I be human with you? xoxoxo

  33. Happy New Year! All the best in 2011 Karen! Been offline for pretty much all the holidays but better late than never I guess!

  34. I do better with short challenges like 30 days or less. I get bored easily and any challenge over that would be very hard to maintain.

    The best thing is that you learned that it’s not for you and there’s nothing wrong with that. At least you met some people that can help you in other ways.

  35. I am like you – challenges don’t challenge me. I was doing a 7 week holiday one (to keep from gaining weight during the holidays) and the only thing I liked about it was the weekly check-in via a post on their site. I am not quitting – will keep going – but need to add some steam to my effort. Sort of meandered through the program instead of DOING it right. I will just keep working on it.

  36. You are welcome Karen! I have to admit, I am especially happy you joined in and stuck with it until the end. Another congratulations to you!

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