I Deserve Coal in my Stocking



December 20, 2010 · 6:33 am

37 responses to “I Deserve Coal in my Stocking

  1. Ron

    While I will agree to no chocolate, perhaps some fresh veggies would be better then coal LOL

  2. This totally made me burst out laughing! hahaha
    Reminds me of a conversation I had with my husband about this very thing last week – I was trying to hint that I would prefer “stuff” in my stocking and not “food things” we shall see if he figured that one out! lol

    • Karen

      Well, the bad thing is that in years past I really wanted this one particular chocolate. I only have it at Christmas time. I look forward to it. Yummmmmm. And… I know my husband, who took years to be trained properly for my stocking chocolate treat, has already gotten this little indulgence this year. So I am now debating what to do with it. Sigh.

  3. You are tooooooooooooooooooo funny! There is always portion control with the good chocolate! 😉 I know it is hard for you. You can make it Karen! YOU CAN!

    • Karen

      Last year my husband got me four different assortments from my favorite chocolatier. Four! I am pretty sure he got less this year. I guess I’ll know soon enough.

  4. Haha, love this! I’ve been extra good this year, so I’ve had the same discussion with Santa asking to fill my stocking with non-candy treats like sweatbands for working out and maybe a jump rope!

  5. How cute. Merry Christmas Karen. smile

  6. This made me sad. I know you meant it to be funny, and maybe I’m just innamood, but really? I know, I know…we’re all different and we all have different priorities and wishes and dreams. And different things make us happy…and our bodies and minds all work differently. All I know is that for me, once I stopped telling myself that I was bad for wanting chocolate (or whatever), and I allowed myself the pleasure…I allowed myself to experiment…I stopped restricting, I opened myself up to other ways of being and other ways of healing and the weight has been falling off ever since. Others might think I should lose more, others might not be happy to have my body, but I am. I am so grateful to feel the way I do right now, anxiety and all.

    • Karen

      I appreciate your candor. It actually makes me a little sad too… probably for different reasons. I would love to be where you are. I am not sure it is about labeling food as good or bad, but I am still in a place where I think food controls me more than I control it. And that is not how I envision a “normal” life. I have done a lot of questioning about a lot of things this year, much thanks to insightful comments here and blog post from very wise bloggers. I am still asking questions and wondering about my approach to this all. Which is way deeper than chocolate in my stocking.

  7. Coal is a good thing….as long as there’s a diamond buried within it. Smart cookie 🙂

  8. You are very funny!!

    You actually think that “calories in verses calories out” isn’t accurate??? No wonder you deserve coal.

  9. Chocolate-flavored coal….

  10. Right on Karen. I should send that to the elves in my house but I already happend across (I swear I wasn’t snooping) some peanut brittle from See’s that I am sure is being wrapped up for me…

  11. Being myself, first and formost, a chocolate addict (in a serious and totally unfunny, even ugly, way), I totally understand your note to Santa. I hope that the temptations are at most moderate in the weeks ahead. We can do this! Merry Christmas, dear heart.

  12. Now this cracked me up! I love it!

  13. anne h

    Squeeze that lump o’ coal for a few million years….
    and you get a shiny diamond!
    So it’s win-win!
    Just like your awesome blog…

  14. Biz

    Ha – love it! I have been suprisingly good around chocolate/cookies/pies – but I haven’t gotten my Aunt’s Chex Mix she sends every year – its so addicting! 😀

  15. LOL! Loved this Karen! I think you are dong remarkably well! Seriously you have come a long way and made such progress.

    No pre cheat eating! Bravo to you!

    Hope this week goes well for you. I think setting fruit out instead of cookies is an awesome idea.

  16. Amy


    Since I stuff the stockings, I actually bought myself a choclate bar. What was I thinking.

  17. You know, I don’t think I ever got anything edible in my Christmas stocking! I’m going to speak to my parents about this–there’s still time to make it up to me! 🙂

    • Karen

      The thing with candy in the stockings is it is easy to buy and cheap! (Well, the chocolate in mine comes from a specialty store so is not actually easy and cheap… but the other candy for everyone else is!)

  18. Funny! I’m right there with ya!

  19. Santa knows better than to put chocolate in my stocking, but he sure didn’t have any problem buying a box of chocolate, caramel, pecan turtle thingies at a Pecan Farm we stopped at yesterday in southern Georgia. This happened while I was in the bathroom. I didn’t know till we were back in the car. MIL bought a POUND of peanut butter fudge. This, before we ever made across the state line into Florida. And just think, I’m stuck with the two of them for two weeks. And this, despite the long talk I had with Mr. B before we left home about food, control and “helping” me while here. They both think it’s funny. Me, not so much!

    • Karen

      Oh no! Not funny at all. Sigh. Fudge… that is one that I would have a tough time passing up. Good thing this year my MIL, who is known for hers, only made enough to bring to the party and not, as in years past, enough to send us all home with containers filled.

  20. Isn’t it SO HARD to be good this time of year especially? Every time I try to cut back, there is a work potluck, a church potluck, a party or something or other with TONS of food!

    Thank you for visiting me today. It might take me until 2012 to get through them all, but I will visit everyone who came to wish me a happy SITS day 🙂

  21. How about no food items: just some tings to pamper yourself: like a pedicure?

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