Annie and Scarlett – Right or Wrong?


How many times have I (or you) said, “Tomorrow?”

For many “dieters,” tomorrow is a good thing.  A chance for redemption and optimism and a new start.  In the words of Scarlett O’Hara – “tomorrow is another day.”

But for some, tomorrow is a bad thing.  Tomorrow means letting go of today.  Yes, that can be a good thing too, when we think about moving past our mistakes and going forward.  But it can be a very bad thing.  Today can be filled with eating in anticipation of tomorrow’s fresh start.  And today can repeat, over and over, as tomorrow doesn’t come or doesn’t meet up to its promise.  Today should not be a throw away. Tomorrow should start today.

I appreciate Annie’s optimism.  (We redheads have to stick together, after all.)  That the sun will come out tomorrow.  That it’s only a day away.  Yay for something to look forward to and for optimism and maybe even for planning.  But I have to stop giving up on today.  I get it – the notion of moving on if I stumble, picking up and dusting off.  Tomorrow.  If the day is over, or if I end whatever craziness the day has brought to my life, then putting today behind me and moving towards another day is indeed a good thing.  But I can’t just tell myself that today doesn’t count so I can live in the moment (aka eat whatever I want) in anticipation of the new day.  Today is now. Today keeps happening over and over again.  Tomorrow really never gets here.

Gotta live in today, not tomorrow.

Does this make sense to anyone but me?

P.S.  Today was a perfectly fine day.  Yesterday too.  This post was written once upon a time, some day not today.  It’s my thinking in general… not necessarily my reality in this moment.  Just clarifying.



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34 responses to “Annie and Scarlett – Right or Wrong?

  1. Great post, Karen (as usual!). Don’t you think Annie and Scarlett would both remind us to forget about YESTERDAY? They’d tell me to quit reveling in PAST successes and ways of doing things that may no longer work or even be relevant! I think they’d say forget about yesterday, tomorrow is unseen, today is a GIFT! Make it count! And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

    • Karen

      Interesting. I agree… but I also think they may tell us that sometimes looking at yesterday can teach us about what might make today a success. Maybe?

  2. Makes sense to me. Completely. It made sense to Scarlett O’Hara, too, so that makes 3 of us. Well, 2+1(fictional). We need to do and experience NOW, not in the anticipation of a tomorrow that will never get here. How I wish I had learned this 20+ years ago. Oh well, you’ll have that.

  3. I like this reminder, especially this time of year, when the temptation is not even to wait for “tomorrow” but January 1st!

    The decision that matters most is the one that you are making right now.

    • Karen

      You are so right! Last year I started what I intended to be my last ever “diet” on December 28. I kept thinking about how much more damage I could do if I waited those few extra days.

  4. While I am grateful for every tomorrow that I have coming in my life, I need to remember that today is the real gift. For me, tossing today aside as something that isn’t really important is to remain overweight, disorganized, isolated, etc. Planning ahead is helpful, but today is where it’s at! Thanks for this reminder…

  5. anne h

    I was kinda in a Bah-Humbug mood,
    until I read your post! Very insightful.
    Tomorrow? I’ve got enough to do just for today!

  6. LOL, the cartoon said it all, words were not needed. But then again you wrote so well I am gald you did add words… everyday counts. Today is the most important day in our lives, absolutely the most important. We need to respect that and act like we know it. Yes, you are making sense to me 🙂

  7. Yes! I do understand and it is so true. Dieter’s do have a way of tricking themselves or looking for excuses to eat more or eat wrongly. This was excellent info – focus on one day at a time – TODAY!!

  8. It makes perfect sense. A big thing you hear a lot in AA is that you can start your day over at any moment. Right now. They’re not just talking about drinking – also thinking. Stinking thinking that sends us in the opposite direction from where we want to be going. Because we truly don’t know if we’ll get a tomorrow, so best to do our best today.

    Now why is that so damned hard?

    • Karen

      That is very wise advice – starting the day over right now. And the thinking part. I often get caught up in the action but maybe my mind is what needs the start over.

  9. The Fat Mom

    Yes, every dieter knows the old “I’ll start fresh tomorrow” saying. In that comes a binge-fest and a feeling of guilt later on. Every single day I take it a meal at a time. If I screw up (which happens every so often), then I start fresh the next meal. Not the next day, or the following week, or the next month. Start fresh the next meal!!!

    Great post! And love the cartoon.

    • Karen

      I will admit that I struggle with this… starting over with the next thing I put in my mouth if I went off track. I once heard someone say that no one gets fat from one piece of cake. So true.

  10. It absolutely makes sense. And not only for what we put into our moths, but for enjoying and taking pleasure! If we’re not enjoying it today, who knows what tomorrow might bring?

    • Karen

      Thanks for the reminder! I know I focus too much on the eating part of my life right now and the piece I most forget about is the “living.”

  11. Ewa

    I had years and years filled with tomorrows. Nothing happened until I started living in today.

  12. sunnydaze

    LOL at the cartoon. 🙂

    RE: “Today is now. Today keeps happening over and over again. Tomorrow really never gets here.”

    I totally get this and I never really thought about it before until I read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth”. He explains exactly what you said – that all we ever have is this moment, the present, and that tomorrow or the past does not exist and all we really have is this moment, right now.

    Deep stuff but very interesting. Interesting to apply it healthy living, as well.

  13. So true. That is why we should never do the old “I ate this so I might as well eat that” thing!

  14. I read a lot of blogs about weight loss and getting fit that remind me of the movie, Ground Hog Day, that’s for sure!

  15. I think Presence is highly undervalued today with our techie always linked ways. Good on you for pushing against it!

  16. Karen, you know this is a very common theme on my blog. I am not perfect for sure & I cam tell you about many aspects of my non fitness life where I am not the best role model BUT when it comes to health & fitness… TOMORROW IS ALWAYS TODAY! Even if I “screw up”. I don’t wait till tomorrow saying I did this or that so I might as well eat the rest of the day.. NOPE, I am right back to it the same day!

    Karen, you really can do this! The one thing I always liked about exercise & health is that I was in control of it… my days of Corporate work.. I had no control over management or bad bosses or politics in there.. BUT in the gym & at home with my food, I was in control & I loved it & still do!! Hmmm, I best write a post on this! 😉

    • Karen

      You know what has struck me as strange before… I am a control freak. Yep. So, how odd that I have such trouble controlling this particular aspect of my life.

  17. It’s one of my most common pieces of advice Karen. If things aren’t going well one day, don’t wait until the next day to start again. Start that day over mentally right away!

  18. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow… there’ll be sun….
    That’s way to peppy…
    Do over….

    Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, creeps upon this petty place from day to day….

    Wow – I pulled that one out of the vault – your post took over my brain!

    Hugs Karen – lovely as always 😉

  19. makes sense
    and good question
    with two right answers
    the day IS a new beginning
    at the same time
    it’s good to visit yourself
    in the moment
    “just checking in…
    what’s happening right now???”
    easy to say
    hard to do
    we win a few
    and we miss a few
    we do not have to be perfect

  20. Great Post!
    I think we tend to live in either the past or the present but don’t spend enough time enjoying today!
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I work for a woman who is going to be 91 years old this month. When I come over to her home, all frazzled and filled with anxiety over what is going to happen in my ‘tomorrow’, she uses the same mantra for helping me get through the day: she holds out her soft, delicate hand palm side up and points to it; she says, Ellen, the only time we have is right here, right now. Enjoy it because it will soon be no more.’ Something so simple yet so profound, and it always helps to center me….even if for a little while.

  22. I think you are right and it makes total sense! We should always be optimistic about tomorrow, but be careful not to let that keep us from living in today. Very good point!

  23. Love the cartoon. I have long been a “tomorrow” kinda gal – something that led me to regain weight time and time again. Trying to put the skids on a small regain right now. Thanks so much for the timely post, Karen.

  24. I used to always say the “tomorrow” thing. Then, if my “tomorrow” didn’t go smoothly it would be put off another day. Then another. I really try to focus on each day and make it the best I can. Today is just as important as tomorrow.

  25. I loved Annie as a kid…and I think the great thing that you could still use her for is to think about what you want to be like in the future.

    Want to be strong? Well, tomorrow is just a day away – so you had better get started getting stronger today.

    Hmmm…that was a bit of a reach… 🙂

  26. I LOVE this post!! I’ve tried telling friends and family that are planning to start getting healthier with me “tomorrow,” even though some of their tomorrow’s aren’t until January or later… There will ALWAYS be a reason to start later, but you end up wasting days, weeks, months, or longer of your life that could be spent doing the things you want to do rather than simply dreaming about them. Two thumbs up!

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