Stuck in my Thumb and Pulled Out…

a  poll!

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Thumbs undecided: One December holiday down; several more to go – if you count each gathering or celebration.  Not sure if I am looking forward to them with eagerness or dread.

Thumbs down: Gift wrapping.   And more gift wrapping.  Crowded stores.  Traffic.  Bah humbug.

Thumbs every which way: Holiday house-guests begin arriving this weekend.  The house will be overflowing at the seams.  It will be fun, but a lot of work and a major disruption to routine.  I’m a routine kinda gal.  Lots of cleaning to be done, before and after.  Lots of food to be planned.  Air mattresses to be inflated.  But the holidays feel more holiday-like with house-guests.

Thumbs up: College son returns home late next Monday.  Thumbs down that he is not staying long, but thumbs up for the reason – he is heading on a school trip to Egypt for two weeks.

Thumbs down: Other son is still not done with his college applications.  I am so ready to be over this.  And while he has already gotten accepted by a couple of safety schools, thumbs down that he will have to wait until Spring to hear from his top picks.

Thumbs up: I was not embarrassed by my broadcast debut.  Because… it never happened!  Yep, the segment got cut because they ran out of space, or so my son tells me.  Maybe my latkes were just not photogenic or interesting enough.  All that stress and worrying for nothing.  Thumbs down.

Thumbs down: “Quit yer belly aching!”  Last week I had several days of undiagnosed abdominal discomfort.  Thumbs up it was not appendicitis.  But thumbs down that it kept me from exercising for several days while NOT keeping me from eating.  And, just so you know, I had a moment of panic that I’d be in the hospital and not be able to post on my blog so I wrote out instructions for my husband just in case!

Thumbs on the mouse and keyboard: My blog has experienced a huge surge in spam comments this past week.  Not sure why, but I have to be careful cleaning out my spam because every once in a while a “real” comment gets caught in there.  Other technology news… There have been two WordPress upgrades in the past weeks and I managed to make the changes without my blog blowing up!

Thumbs down: Outdoor biking season is over for this wimp and I have yet to get my butt back to indoor cycling class.  Thumbs way down at the crowds that will be joining me at the gym after the first of the year.

Thumbs up, up, up: Chocolate tea!  Thanks to Amy for telling me about it.  The one I tried is decaf Azteca Fire from Teavana.  Yum.

What are your plans for blogging over the holidays?  How are your thumbs?



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40 responses to “Stuck in my Thumb and Pulled Out…

  1. As usual, my plan is to go against the grain and blog MORE over the holidays. Our schedule is different this year and thank heavens, last night FINISHED all our entertaining and to the best of my knowledge, parties to attend! This week is quiet and we leave for Florida next Sunday afternoon. I am hoping for three sane weeks until January 1 and some good, healthy on-plan eating days with progress to report and plenty of time to blog about it. It’s been a tough month so far. Thumbs?? What thumbs??

    • Karen

      I look forward to reading those posts, Sharon. Florida sounds great to me right now. Brrr. Will you be trading in hiking for walks on the beach?

  2. I love these post Karen! Did you figure out what cause the tummy stuff? Always nice to know just in case you can avoid it next time!

    Like you, the craziness of the holidays is stressful but it is nice to see family & people. I have lost a few, others going this way & that, others not in the area so a very quiet one for me.. kinda sad really.. but I think I will be fine… just makes me thing more about family lost when I don’t have the distraction. On the good side, less drama.

    Not sure how much I will or will not blog. I will be cutting back in 2011 but not sure how much & for the rest of the year.. will see…

    Enjoyed this!

    PS: Getting lots of spam too!

    • Karen

      Saw the doctor again yesterday and she thinks I have a hernia. Seeing a surgeon after the first of the year when I may have better insurance. (Still trying to figure that out.) What is with that spam! Makes me wonder since it was such a sudden increase. I tried adding a plug in that blacklists senders once I “spam” them but they keep using new IP addresses and sneaking in. Sigh. Gotta take the bad with the good I guess.

  3. My thumbs are mostly up. My exercising thumb is a little tilted in that I’m only averaging 5 days a week so far this month, but I’ve been adding in 15 minutes or so on those days, so I hope it averages out. 😉 🙂

    Glad your tummy got better!

  4. Sounds like a tad of stress central coming your way. I can relate. I still have a good bit of shopping to do but am hoping it will be on line. The traffic within 3 miles of any mall/shopping district/remote farmhouse is making me CRAZY (wish there was a font with jaggedy letters).

    Regarding WordPress…I’m so tempted to investigate and switch my blog over, but don’t want to lose any of the content. Don’t know if that’s possible but hope to find out.

    I’ll be blogging over the holidays because we’re not having any out of town company. I’ll definitely be reading, and posting sporadically. But if I had a house full, probably not. I couldn’t manage it with just having a party!

    • Karen

      I briefly explored blogger ages ago and what I learned would suggest that you can indeed switch and not lose any posts. Not sure about comments but I think you’d have those transfer too. BUT, you cannot go from wp with blogger and keep stuff… that is a blogger issue. Let me know if I can answer any questions with my limited “expertise.” The problem with the full house is limited computer time.

  5. My thumb? I haven’t had time to notice, but it might well be in my mouth. I’ve had a lot on my mind and my routine is way out of whack. I need to sleep at night, exercise and eat well. That’s not happening right now. Maybe today.

  6. Of course I’m checking in with the blog as much as possible!

    Right now it’s thumbs down I have THREE more scarves to make and a blanket to finish before Christmas.

    Thumbs up my mom’s back in town but thumbs down cuz she’s already started with “why did you cut your hair short” and “the house smells funny…”

    It’s my hair dammit mom and the house does NOT smell funny!

  7. Ewa

    I am afraid to stop reading blogs over the holidays because then I will be totally overwhelmed with unread posts.

  8. I will take a thumbs up approach to blogging. I have a number of posts mentally written already (!!). But, if we continue to get more snow or other news in MN, my posts might reflect that instead of me (which they did with this past weekend).

    I love this time of year. All the Christmas lights and the beautiful music streaming on my radio. Here is the link: But I have had my share, with 5 kids, of Christmas craziness. Now, I just enjoy them for what they are. See, age does have its perks!!

    • Karen

      I’m thinking the big perk is grandkids! I actually have several post written already, I always write ahead and like to go back and edit and just have drafts out there. But when I publish one I like to write one to replace it. Yep, I’m a bit obsessive that way. Okay, I’m a bit obsessive many ways!

  9. Chocolate tea – will definitely check that out! We’re heading out of town next Sunday for a long vacation without much Internet access. Will probably write an advance post for early next week, but I won’t be able to read my favorite blogs until we’re back after New Years.

  10. I do intend to blog throughout the Holiday. I for one am not into it like most. It use to be all about food, and now that I’ve removed that love from my life I have to deal with the relationships and stresses that come this time of year.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love’em, but it can be hard.

  11. D

    Blogging is one of my accountability tools, so I plan to be here!

  12. I’m working through, not taking off much time, so no difference for me really.

  13. I don’t have any blogging plans so to speak. I will take it a day at a time. Post when time allows and read blogs if I have time. My focus is going to be on the family and enjoying our time together.

    I don’t have all my holiday chores done yet but I am also not stressing over it. It isn’t life or death, if I don’t get all the cards mailed, the gifts wrapped oh well, no harm will be done. I am doing my best!

    What I do plan on doing is eating healthy, exercising and taking care of me!

  14. sunnydaze

    Fun post! Thumbs down that I’m taking a small break. Thumbs up that I’m maintaining.

  15. Hi, Karen~
    I loved this post. I love all of your posts. First off, the tea: Teavana=Heaven. We are finally stepping up in my town and getting a store. Normally I have to drive to Indianapolis or order online. I am currently drinking a new favorite however, and it’s from Lupicia. Sweet Potato Pie. It is absolutely unbelievably yummy. They have really good tea there as well.
    Second, I have wordpress too, and usually my husband takes care of my upgrades (my biggest fear is losing all of my posts) but I had to buck up and be a big girl about it…so far so good, so thumbs up for me, too!

    • Karen

      Interesting sounding… I don’t like SP pie but I do love the sweet potatoes themselves. I tried a pumpkin tea I found at the grocery store and it was just okay. I wish Teavana did samples. Lucky you to have a husband to help with the blog. Mine helps with all other things computer related but doesn’t know about WP or the blog stuff. I’d be lost without him. I came close to losing my blog posts twice – so now I have a back up plug in that backs up daily. And I back up to my host weekly. Your hubby probably knows to do this but be sure he is backing up before he does the upgrades.

  16. Amy

    Love my Teavana. Thanks for the link love. I just spent a ton of $ at Teavana. Some reason I always spend more there than I intend too.

  17. Your thumbs posts are aways fun to read! I am with you on the thumbs down/not feeling well, but feeling well enough to eat. I reached for carbs while down with the migraine. I did not think it was possible to eat a day solely consisting of carbs, but I believe I accomplished it on Sunday. Yuck.

  18. I voted for you not to worry about blogging…but I wasn’t clear about how long “the holidays” lasts for you.
    I probably won’t have much reading time… I always check your posts if I see them in my RSS, but in general it’s been hard lately.
    I will probably be around writing and reading in general except for the few days of christmas eve and christmas day.

    I hope you have tons of fun with your houseguests and your big sons!

    • Karen

      My holiday starts Saturday… that is when my husband’s family is celebrating Christmas and guests arrive. We will have various guests through maybe Wednesday so that is when I anticipate the least computer time. After that we have my son around, my families delayed Hanukkah (waiting for that son and guests to leave), real Christmas…

  19. I SO need to find that chocolate tea … unless, of course, it’s what caused your stomach problems. I won’t be blogging much if at all this season … I’m in hotels for the next two weeks and won’t have my computer most of the day.

  20. I’ve got to try out this chocolate tea! I’ve had vanilla and think it’s amazing. There’s a sweet little tea house nearby with all kinds of cool flavors. I might have to swing by there tomorrow for a little pick-me-up. Thanks for the idea!

  21. Oh no! 😦 I’m so sorry to hear about your abdominal pain…and that it might be a hernia? OMGee! 😦

    What can I do to help?

    Having had my share of it, I want you to be taken care of and not to experience ANY pain! You’re the sweetest person ever!

    Any news on how they’re going to repair it or when? I have friends that have had hernia surgery and I can get their information for you if that would be helpful.

    I so hope that everything goes smoothly for you…and I will be here to read everything you post over the holidays! 🙂

    • Karen

      You are too kind:) It only hurt for a few days; now it is fine. So my doctor said I can wait to see a surgeon until after the first of the year. (I may be switching insurance companies. Sigh.) I’ll know more when I see him then but my doctor thought they do it as out-patient surgery now.

  22. Love your “thumbs” post! I’m very much in the middle of this issue. I’ll blog in between lots of other stuff if there’s time, but the kids will be home from school after this week and I will probably not have much time.

  23. Hi Karen!

    I am still reading my favorite blogs! I just don’t have the time to comment like I used to. Which sucks because then bloggers assume that I’m not reading…

    Oh well! I’m still here enjoying your posts!

  24. Mon

    Loved your poll, Karen – I didn’t vote,’cos I’m not sure yet if I am taking a break or not. I am off to the beach soon and have my mobile broadband organised, so will probably keep going…
    So sorry to hear about your hernia. Take it easy and I hope you do not have any more bouts of pain over the holidays. Positive thoughts your way….

  25. I tend to live in a “Tomorrow State” as well, but I’ve been trying to do better with not letting my “current choice” blow the rest of the day and give me the “It-all-went-to-pot” attitude! LOL

  26. This was good! Republic of Tea dot com has a – ready? Red Velvet Chocolate tea. I’m trying it this morning. They also have a Chocolate and Strawberry tea (yum) and dark Chocolate Mate, Coconut Cocoa (oh wow. Been shopping w/them since 2000; fast shipping & amazing tea. Thumbs up to this blog post!!

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