Hot 100 – Week 11 Update

Week 11!  Yikes.  How did that happen?  The challenge is flying by and I have so little to show for it.  Sigh.

Oh well.  No use looking backwards.  Except to update you on my week, that is:)

So, my week was fine.  Nothing to write home about.  Nothing to confess.

My goals were:

  • Eat more vegetables.
  • No junk food or sugary treats.
  • Water, water, water.
  • Curtail snacking.

Veggies – check.  And I got back to my afternoon roasted green bean habit.

Junk food and sugary treats.  Honestly, I can’t remember.  I did have a few licorice sticks but that may have been last week.  Guess I should go back to writing things down.  I did NOT have many other junky, sugary things floating around me.

Water – Better this week.  I am counting decaf tea and my morning Crystal Lite.

Snacking –  The bane of my existence.  Definitely better this week but there is lots of room for improvement.

Oh, darn.  I just remembered that we went to a holiday party and I did indeed partake in junk food and sugary treats.  Knowingly.  (Sorry Jody.)  Crap.  Pun intended.

This coming week is my last before our holiday festivities really kick in.  So I am sitting here thinking that means really committing and buckling down.  Now to translate thinking into doing.

How was your week?



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49 responses to “Hot 100 – Week 11 Update

  1. Knock off the snacking and write down everything and you WILL see success. No more hoping for a good week, make it happen.

    No sugary treats, they aren’t worth it. Not. At. All.

    Only YOU can make it successful! 🙂

  2. Vee

    I find when I don’t write things down, they really didn’t kinda happen. I know… these mind games we play.

    Vee at

  3. I keep forgetting to try the roasted green beans, so thanks for the reminder.

    My holidays kick in starting Sunday, and I’m starting it off by having a fairly stellar week. By my definition of stellar, anyway. 🙂

  4. Water, water, water… don’t ge afraid to grow gills. As long as we don’t have to resort to eating dried fish food flakes i say keep the water coming!

    Have a great weekend/week!

  5. I think Debbi said it perfectly!! You can do it!

  6. Way to go this week. Better is all you can ask for because no matter what we do, there will always be room for improvement. Happy Friday! 🙂

  7. Not too bad so far- the medifast is tough! I’m literally staring at the clock waiting for my next meal time! lol.

    Maybe you could try to do something that will take your mind off snacking? Good luck.

  8. translating thinking into doing is exactly what I’m working on too!!
    I have tons and tons of “thinking” stocked up. More doing to come.
    It looks like you did well with your goals. Holiday party aside….
    Still, life will include indulgences at parties.
    Have a great week!!

  9. You are too funny mentioning me! 🙂 The water.. yes, the experts say we can count in the water based fruits & foods & crystal light is cool too. I just mentioned elsewhere how you can make tis, freeze into ice cubes & throw in your water for flavor….

    Hey, how come you have that “memory loss” before you are even my age??? 😉 Maybe writing down OR taking cell phone pics of the food for logging may help you. I hate to say this but you know it is coming from my mouth & probably expecting this from me…. you may not log cause you really don’t want to know & then it is in black & white what is actually causing why you gained the weight & why it is not coming off.

    I know, I am a spoil sport! Hit me virtually! 🙂

    As for that rule about junk food/sugary treats, maybe you have to modufy… I know this is hard for you.. saying you will allow maybe 2 per week or whatever it is… ONE treat per party but eat everything else healthy which is what I do. It has to be what works for you Karen but something to think about…..

    • Karen

      Oh you crack me up. AND make me smile. And – you make me a healthier person. Really. Because you not only have great advice but are an amazing role model and balance being honest with being supportive. Thank you, Jody.

      I actually debated starting another blog just to post my food. But I got hung up on what to call it and the idea of committing even MORE time online. Maybe.

      • Maybe skip the blog & just do it at home on paper or the computer but not a blog or take cell phone pics of it… Knowing the feeling of spending too much time in the blog world… that might make you crazier, :-), but I bet it would help even if it is a pain in the arse!

        Back when I did a post on my youngest stepdaughter… she was gaining weight. She logged her food for a few weeks & it was quite eye opening for her on the calories & such she was actually eating. She thought she was doing good but the stats were not that. She used an online tracking program that gave her calories, carbs/fat/protein/sugar/fiber…. good info!

        • Karen

          I just thought the blog might be more fun than the other ways. I have used fitday off and on and that is interesting because then I see the calories and nutritional breakdown. It gets hard though when I make something like a casserole. Another blogger got smart and had a notebook she carried with her; mine was tucked away at my desk.

          Okay, I am going to start now. Right now. Off I go. Really!

  10. Hi Karen – I think that sounds pretty good! You’re still reading, right? Sigh…. Still working on a book I started 2 weeks ago.

    My week? Not stellar, not a failure. It was very stressful with the son (long story re his NERVY GF) – but I managed to cook myself a couple of dinners, go on a couple of wogs, and not drift into a nasty funk.

    Water? Geesh! I’ve got that same thing too – I’ve really slacked on that – and since I fainted a while back… well… it should be higher on my list.

    Shall we sip together?


    • Karen

      Fainted? Yikes!

      Stressful with my teen too but mostly about the darn college applications that are hanging over my head… and his. And now we are butting up against finals and house-guests so he needs to get cracking. Ah, teens.

      Reading… funny you ask. I have not read much this week at all. Hmm. Maybe the book you started is not worth finishing if it is taking that long. If I start one and find I have no interest in picking it up for days I usually decide it is not worth the time and move on. I have a huggge stack waiting for me.

      • Yes… fainted… After all the tests worked out, they said I was dehydrated. Kind of funny (cuz I was mortified and when I’m mortified I make fun of myself) – but kinda not. My sis & BF stood in the doorway of the ER with their hands on their hips giving me that “look”. I made them leave cuz I’m 43 and I didn’t need them glaring at me LOL

        Books? Well… I sort of like tweeting LOL. Sigh…

        College? EEEEK! Mine is so anxious to leave he did all his apps without me. And I’m the kind of mom that just “shrugged”…. We’ll see – he has gotten one acceptance letter so far… so I’m guessing he didn’t totally mess up – ha!

        And in case you want to join me in making fun of myself:

        Really? How does an educated woman get chronically dehydrated? Geesh – it’s not like I live in Africa for crying out loud!

  11. Hi Karen! My big issue this week was holiday baking! Your post is a good reminder for me to chug some water right now. Sounds like you are doing great considering the temptations of this time of year. 🙂

  12. good job, Karen! this week i’ve been living with my in-laws, so it’s been challenging not having my usual diet. (especially when they make you feel guilty for not indulging with them. sigh…) still trying to figure out why we have to explain ourselves when we eat healthy, does that seem backwards to you too?? 😛

    • Karen

      I would so struggle with what to do if I was staying with someone else. Wouldn’t it be nice if they respected your desire to be healthy and had great options for you?!

  13. Girl, You haven’t even gotten your P90X yet and I can already feel your pain. No, seriously. Ask for the bulk size of Ibuprofen from Sam’s/Costco while you are at it. Seriously. Can’t wait to hear what you think after legs/back DVD. WOOHOO!!!!

    Polar’s Mom

  14. Your goals have been my thoughts the last few weeks. I slowly see my smart choices and being in control being thrown right out the window.

    I can easily blame this time of year, but the fact of the matter is I am just not trying hard enough.

    Thank you for reminding me how to do it.

    • Karen

      I can appreciate that honesty and it makes me realize how often I am not honest with myself. I blame all sorts of things… even crackers! But it really all comes down to us, doesn’t it?

  15. …and as the calendar moves closer to the days ahead it will indeed get harder for me. I of course realized today that I am going to HAVE to up my anxiety meds a tad over the holidays. Especially after realizing that I was so scatterbrained at the restaurant my husband and I were at that I left my purse there without thinking twice. In the car almost a full hour between there and back (at least they had it before someone took off with it, so count my blessings!) We will survive these here holidays, Karen!!

    • Karen

      Oh no! Glad you got it back safely. And the sad thing is… we will turn around in a few weeks and the holidays will have flown by.

  16. Better is good!! Bravo!

    Me? Well, I’m having a little trouble with snacking on nuts. I don’t want to be abstinent on nuts, but I may have to keep them out of the house, at least for a while,

    Thanks for asking and here’s a high-five for next week.

    • Karen

      It kills me that I will cut out something that I am overeating, and suddenly start overeating something else. Kinda suggests it may not be about eating at all, doesn’t it?

  17. How does time fly by so fast????

    I hate when I set a goal and then I get near it AND haven’t done 1/2 of what I wanted to!!! Yikes. I wanted to lose 50 pounds by February. It almost makes me laugh that I ever wrote that. There is no way I will make that. But I guess I will make the best of it. Good luck to you, too.

  18. AFG

    My week has been so-so, just been super duper busy. Now battling my third cold of the season. GRRRRR

  19. Oh the joys of dieting! Visiting from LBS

  20. Just dropping in from LBS. Your post reminds me of all the things I SHOULD be mindful of, particularly at this time of year. Thanks!

  21. The Fat Mom

    Logging your food will definetely help! Sometimes it sucks to see what we stuff in our pie holes, but it make you realize all the unneccesary calories you are consuming. Makes you more accountable. You can do it! No more snacking!

  22. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers’ Tea Party. Snacking and sweet treats are always my downfall. I admire your ability to set goals and work hard towards meeting them. I need to get better about that!

  23. Hello Karen and greetings from a Wonderfully Snowny MN!
    As I read that post above, I got to wondering more about you (I am naturally curious). So, I went through some of your old blog posts (see someone reads them)looking for something that might hint (for me) at what your overall goals are for yourself toward better health, not just teh Hot 100 challenge. I can not find anything. I may have missed it. I did learn that it is almost your one year anniversary of this blog. I know you are a self proclaimed recovering yo-you dieter. But what are your goals for regaining or achieving a healthy life style including weight you would like to shed? Just wondering. Michele

    • Karen

      Well darn… you caught me. Yes, it is almost my blogoversary and I have been “ruminating” about that a lot lately because I am not at all where I wanted or expected to be. I am not at all sure what I want to say on that big post.

      I have not really been one to write goals, except for challenges, so it did not even occur to me that they are not here for anyone who is looking. It would take some serious thought to put them into writing, but, since you asked, let me try the short nutshell version. I want to have a “normal” relationship with food. (That is a whole long blog topic for another day that has been on my list of things to write about.) In the back of my mind I also think about increasing my exercise but that is much less of a problem for me so not so much a goal. Where I tend to not have any goals are outside of the eating thing. And one way my eyes have been opened this year (thanks to you and other bloggers) is that this might be something I need to really think about for myself. Wow… I clearly need to think about this and write more about it.

      I had seen the snow on the new and my niece mentioned it to me on facebook today. (She’s coming my way next week.)

  24. Kat

    I’ve come in from the Lady Bloggers Society. I so understand you on the snacks – they are the worst to combat…

    Good luck on getting through the holidays!

  25. Visiting via the Lady Blogger Tea Party – your blog name caught my eye! I am on a 49 day holiday challenge in order to curb crazy eating during the holidays – so I feel your pain (hoho). Yeah, I see where I need to write things down, too. I always think I’ll remember… I don’t. I’m your newest follower! You’ll make it thru the holidays!!!

  26. Stopping by from the tea party. I’m attempting to lose 6 lbs by mid-January so your blog is great to read. Thanks!

  27. Stopping by from LBS’s tea party. You and I are both trying to lead healthier lives. Good luck with your weight loss!

  28. Stopping by from Lady Bloggers Society:

    Thanks for the commentluv
    Having small meals every couple of hours, drinking pleanty of water and making sure you get off to a good start with exercising either a walking program or something that you like to do can help.
    My hubby and I have changed are eating habits and eating more healthy and exercising too.


  29. uh oh! I better go do some water gulping right now

  30. I love Jody’s idea! The tracking works like a charm for me. Even if I am the only one who is going to see it, just writing it down makes me think twice about eating and causes me to ask myself if I am really hungry.

    What do you want more, the feeling that the food gives you or control, losing weight, being healthy and treating your body well?

  31. My week was fine. Channukah ended and our party meant that we ended up with tons of sweets in the house. I don’t eat these but my children and husband could practically inject them!

    I’ve now been abstinent so long that I ran out of the weight watcher diaries I’ve used for 10+ years! (I am a big believer in writing down my food) I have one remaining one that I’m using for endless copies but it’s not the same. Still I’m happy and grateful that I’ve woken up each day without my crazy obsession for ten years and 20 weeks. That is weird!

  32. My week was pretty good. I’ve been going to the gym and only went out to eat once. I drank water like there was no tomorrow.

    I think you had a good week. It’s hard to survive parties. You become distracted and start eating or in my case drinking.

    I really wish I was one of those people that could write down what I eat for longer than 2 days. It would help so much but then I start resenting the fact that I’m at a place in which I have to write down things and I rebel.

    Week 12 will be even better!

    • Karen

      I don’ think I resent writing… I just forget. Honestly. So, another new habit to make as I break the old ones. Fortunately, drinking is not a problem for me… don’t love the taste and would much rather EAT my calories!

  33. One of my strategies is just to really be mindful and not bake. That and drink water.

  34. annnnnd flip side of the weekend.
    off to see the fundamentalist inlaws next week.
    plan THIS WEEK is to find my zen and box it up and bring it with me!

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